Are Democrats border-line Communist?

Are Democrats border-line Communist?

Created by Concerned Veteran on Feb 14, 2008

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Carl A

Mount Holly, NJ

#21 Sep 29, 2010
Most if not all of the postings are from people who have never lived under communism or socialism, and only have a narrow 'Fox' view of the world. If you consider big government as communism, then consider this:

I buy a car and pay purchase tax. I register the car each year and pay the State, I drive down the road and pay a toll, a policeman ( that I pay for our of my taxes) watches me to see that I don't go over a State or Government mandated speed limit, if I do, the state or goverment mandates the cost of my crime. I need to get my car inspected at a government facility, The garage in my house attracts increased property tax. I park my car at a meter and pay local government. I am mandated to get insurance.( and I can not go across state lines to get it) I also have to get a drivers licence from the State.

Now lets see the big socialist/ communist health car takeover. As far as I can tell in the future my doctor will not be a goverment employee, neither will the nurses, specialists or any other care giver. The hospitals will not become goverment buildings, nor will there be a death panel. I will not be victimized because I am a slob....What!!!! I have to pay into a health insurance to cover the cost of fixing me!!!!( No more charity care where it used to be free) as I under stand it the cost will be substatially less than the car insurance I pay.

Big government healthcare...grow up and change the channel on your TV. Or better go read something that doesn't have pictures on every page.
Grow down

Mckeesport, PA

#22 Sep 30, 2010
Not even close.
Jersey Jeff

Venice, FL

#23 Sep 30, 2010
I could not say it any better Carl.
dee de dee

Lansing, MI

#24 Oct 8, 2010
DRW wrote:
It’s funny to see people ask this ridiculous question. Don’t you people know the meaning of communism, or what it is to be communist?
Anyone who thinks the US Democrats are communist needs to go check a dictionary and find out the meaning of the word, as they are clearly dissimilar.
Communism is as likely to be as popular in the USA as turd burgers would be if they started selling them at Mc Donalds. So, stop the Bull Sh*! and quit showing your stupidity by asking such garbage.
Look up Muslim are they different than the written word? Not all but some are and the ones that aren't never speak out against the ones that are! Funny sound familiar? It Should especiallly to you, again lets look at the written word of our for fathers, if we have the right to bear arms why are there so many gun laws? The written word is crap its the actions of those that hide behind it that count ie terrorists!
dee de dee

Lansing, MI

#25 Oct 8, 2010
I know 1 L and bare correct me if im wrong thats all you got LOL!

Lubbock, TX

#26 Feb 11, 2011
Hey Jeff i haven't read anything being racially said about the president in this forum. It's pretty sad that people like you are the real racist by using race against other people because they have a different opinion. I'm pretty sure you've bashed Bush so should i call you a racist? I'm against Obama cuz of the socialist agenda not cuz of skin color so lay off the ignorance, besides i would've voted for Condaleeza Rice if she was running for president, you want to talk about making real history, FIRST BLACK WOMAN as president. She would've done a better job than any democrat"SOCIALIST,COMMUN IST"LOL. I also have a bad ass job too and i'm happy as i can be and i dislike the way the democrat party is today. that's just my take i hope everywhere have a great day:)

Pennsauken, NJ

#27 Mar 9, 2011
Stupid democrats always throwing the race card....Democrats are just another word for PIGS!

United States

#28 Aug 2, 2011
To all of you who think Democrats are not border-line communists, look at all the facts.

1)We now have Nation Wide Health Care

2)Democrats are pro-Taxing the rich and middle class
support #1-Just look Gov. Dan Malloy (CT), he intends to raise taxes and the income tax all over Connecticut to throw out the window on useless projects

3)Democrats keep pouring out unemployment funds, which are VERY abused and taken advantage of and all of the money comes from us tax-payers.
example #1-One of my girlfriend's co-workers from her work recently was fired, but she asked her manager to have her "layed off" and that was 1 year ago, yet she still receives our funds?

4)Obama recently closed down NASA and all of those 4000-some workers are going to be unemployed. I.e. Obama and the democrats care about a homeless man on the street who is too lazy to get a job at a fast food establishment, yet he doesn't care about a man who has kids and a family with a unique specialty who now has no job.

5)In Russia, after Lenin and Trotsky came to power, the first thing they did was defame the other political parties. What do Democrats constantly do to Republicans?
-So far, we have been called
All because we don't want to let the government continue spending and raise the debt ceiling. No one likes the guy who tells people that they can't spend anymore, so the Democrats use this in their newspapers, new articles, and other such things to consistantly defame us.

6)When China had a democratic party after WWII, the communists took over by a storm and used the bad times/economy to their advantage.
Before WWII, Mao had 1000 supporters
After WWII, Mao had 1,000,000+ supporters
-What was the change? All the middle class people who lost property became jealous of the others who retained their property

It is the EXACT same thing with Democrats. We are in hard times and all of those less fortunate join with the democrats, thinking they can leech off the wealth of others. That's not even remotely correct.

My statement is over, any democrats here are free to flame me now, as you always do to us Republicans. Good Day.

United States

#29 Aug 2, 2011
@DRW, We have actually been called
How come you don't defend us republicans when democrats defame us?

Chennai, India

#30 Aug 10, 2011
Democrats do not have to be communists. Democrats are economically left wing, and communists are extremist left wings. Calling a Democrat a communist is like saying that Social Conservatives are all right wing extremist fundamentalists.
Also, socialism and communism are completely different concepts. Communism is a society with no classes or economic freedom. Capitalism is a society with big class disparity and complete economic freedom. Socialism has classes, but without so much disparity, and though it allows for economic freedom, it's still left wing enough to support lower classes. So socialism is the middle point between the two extremes. They are all totally different things.
Also, communists reach for an impossible utopia. Please don't say Russia and China were communist, they were the failed versions of communism, because communism is impossible. Russia and China is communism when it goes horribly wrong, because it can never go right on a large scale.
Plus, you guys complain about taxes, but you forget that the taxes are going towards things like public service and welfare. What matters more to you: your tax money, or the lower class people who's lives depend on it? Okay, that was kind of hypothetical, since politicians often care more about spending tax money on war and health care reforms than spending it on lower and middle classes, but seriously, it's not just people trying to take your economic freedom, they're doing it for a reason. They're doing it because if you can afford to give up those taxes, that shows that you have managed to find a place in society, and left wing politicians believe that the least you can do is give back to society by giving up some of your paycheck for less well off people.
BTW, I think it's dumb to make a health care reform right after a Recession, especially when the majority of Americans don't care about universal health care, but they aren't doing it to turn your country into a fascist communist machine, they're doing it so that people who cannot afford health care can live longer. Try to understand.

Chennai, India

#31 Aug 11, 2011
Funding can be abused, but it can not be abused. Do you want people to go without basic needs just because you know it can be abused? That's not the best excuse if you want to stop unemployment funding after a Recession.

Also, do you know how insanely insulting it is to presume that homeless people are homeless just out of laziness? Have you forgotten that factors like mental illness, drug addiction, lack of education, poor childhoods, debts, and discrimination exist? Do you think we should ignore those who need money, because from a utilitarian view, another person who has a greater opportunity to get a job is worth more? Do you think a person's worth is determined by their productivity? Do you realize how inhumane it sounds to ignore the problems of the lower class, just because their individual situations are not productive to society? Would you be talking the same way if you grew up in a poor neighborhood and didn't go to a proper school?

Also, people of different viewpoints have been insulting each other since the dawn of time. Take a look at Michelle Bachmann's supporters, who sometimes call democrats "evil" and themselves "good." Democrats and Republicans insult one another equally viciously. If you were going to debate about a subject, the least you could do is avoid mudslinging.

Also, Mao's communist party focused less on the plight of the poor, more on screwing up the poor and also destroying the rich. Mao isn't the best example for your argument, because he doesn't represent left wing politics, he represents a mass murderer who betrayed a population who thought he would bring them out of economic chaos.

Democrats want to avoid economic disparity. To live in society, you occasionally give up freedoms, whether economic or social. Rich people give up more economic freedom, but at the same time, they are thriving in the society which made them rich. When the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and lower classes get oppressed- a left wing person wants to keep that from happening by leveling the playing field. You are right- by calling the lower classes "leeches," you have prepared yourself for a mega flaming.*ninjas leap out of a shadows*

And stop playing the poor insulted Republican. It should be given that political opponents insult each other, and that your side has insulted Democrats to a huge degree as well- instead, you prefer to paint an image of your side as a victim. It is the lowest move I have ever seen in any argument, and I have seen a lot of arguments.

Chennai, India

#32 Aug 11, 2011
Also, I'm only in India for a visit, I'm actually American. Sorry if that was confusing.

Also, Ranger, I thought the irony of this was funny, but right above your comment where you were claiming that Democrats insult you Republicans, PattyNJ called Democrats pigs.(Or PIGS!, to be specific.) It made your argument all that less convincing. I don't want to be rude (because I realize that I've been acting that way), but you might want to notice that stuff before you make a point.

United States

#33 Aug 16, 2011
Democratic Party News – Obama following Lenin’s Inflation Strategy?

9. November 2010 by Democratic Party News – The News of the Democratic Party.

I’ve been wondering when Barack Obama would get around to the inflation portion of their program for wealth re-distribution in America. In the short run, an unhealthy dose of inflation seems to be the only cure for the raft of American homeowners languishing underwater on homes that are no longer worth what’s owed on them.

After pitting the unions against the capitalists and bankers, Obama continues to draw his economic policies directly from Lenin’s playbook, albeit indirectly so, with the policy imprimatur lifted right out of Keynes, citing Lenin in paraphrase:

Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily, and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth. Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become ‘profiteers’, who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflation has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds, and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.
 - The Economic Consequences of the Peace (p.235-6) J.M. Keynes

Hasn’t this been Obama’s economic approach in a nutshell? From the vilification of bankers and Wall Street, to the undermining of the relationship between homeowners and mortgage companies, to the surreptitious, nearly symbiotic relationship with the most underhanded currency speculator in history, George Soros, our nation has been under constant economic attack since January 21, 2009.

Again, in the short run, inflation reflates the lost value in the housing market. And in the long run, our country morphs into Venezuela and then, in its last gasps, Cuba.

Written by: Ralph Alter
Source: American Thinker

Posted in Marxism, Marxist Government, Economics, Communist, Treasonous

Chennai, India

#34 Aug 18, 2011

America is unchallenged in capitalism. The vast majority of private property is not government owned, and America is a strongly capitalist country. Also, for a democrat, president Obama is very strong in terms of compromise. Many in the right wing support him, and he has often sided with the right wing in a lot of situations, including the decision about the debt ceiling. While the democrats and republicans are completely at odds, and American politics is in shambles because of this sort of war between the parties, he has managed to make them compromise often enough to get things done. In the process, he actually HAS repaired the economy to an extent. True, he obviously didn't fix it completely, but he did a pretty good job, anyway.

Why, then, are you and others claiming that he wants to destroy the capitalist system and turn America into some failed regime? In a time of this much economic hardship, there's no way even the most hardcore left wingers would try something as crazy as destroying capitalism. On the contrary, he has been very favorable to the right wing, he has partially fixed the economy, and it's clear that America capitalist. We're not under attack, we're being repaired. So where is this paranoia about communists coming from?

Although, if you're right about the inflation thing, that would suck. That's like an economy having suicide.
I am a proud Republican

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#35 Aug 28, 2011
Yea, I bet you Dems are still proud of your president! 4 Trillion dollars later. Wake up FOOLS!!

Camas, WA

#36 Sep 12, 2011
The pure retardation of this comment conversation is staggering.

Let me briefly explain to you what communism is. Believe it or not, the ideologies of the various forms of communism are vastly more complex than a 2 sentance dictionary entry can offer.

The focus of Communism is primarily dismantling the structure of private economic hierarchies in order to allow the fruits of labor to go to laborers, rather than going directly to shareholders and executives to then be distributed to laborers as they see fit.

Many communist thinkers advocated a social structure that revolved around communities taking care of and supporting one another collectively in various ways. This second aspect of social structure is not new, as many societies have implimented this in a mild form, today as well as before communism was even a thought. It is most prominent in bands, tribes and chiefdoms.

The original framers of communism believed that this could be done via a centrally planned economy managed by a non-democratic central government. Needless to say, they were short sighted.

There are a number of ideologies that could be considered communism (the american democratic party platform not being one of them), some of which advocate small to no government, such as traditional Anarchy, market socialism or anarcho-syndicalism. A large central government does not make a society communist, but rather was the by-product of the attempted implimentation of communism.

If you place most democrats on the political spectrum (if you can do this without bias), you will find that they sit somewhere near the centre-right. You will be hard pressed to find a democrat who is against private property, private ownership of a company's assets, consumerism, or against capitalist markets in general.

Stop being so fanatical. You might, MIGHT, be able to get away with saying that the democratic party VAGUELY resembles mild fascism, but if you went there, you would have to apply it to the republican party as well.

Fascism is a whole different can of worms.

My point is, you can't take such a simplistic view of political thought and action, because it is enormously complex and takes a humble attitude to properly understand it.
Not an idiot

Portland, OR

#37 Oct 5, 2011
@DRW and the other people who are defending the president, thank you. Even if you don't agree with him, you don't have to go crazy. To you people are against him, answer this question, have you actually read the communist manifesto? Obviously not. Communism has little to do with your whole healthcare idea. In short, communism is equal distribution of wealth and power. Obama continued the Bush tax cuts. More equal distribution I think not.

Bronx, NY

#38 Oct 16, 2011
If you call yourself a Democrat, don't call yourself a American. Your a Socialist which = Communists without the violence but use other shady tactics. If you don't like someone talking against your policy: call them racist.
- Don't want to enforce border or balance the budget call those against you racist. This is a common thing for Democrats.

Obama only made President so democrats could have something as a weapon for anyone who disagreed with him.

Woodbury, NJ

#39 Nov 29, 2011
Democrats have mental issues... everytime a "mentally ill person" states something about "us" it goes back to the issue of "Obama is black so your racist." I am sick of this. Democrats are trying to take away what America was years ago. These "mental" people need to stop being lazy and find a job rather than collecting welfare checks and contributing NOTHING to society. I feel sorry for people who would rather sit at home, collect and complain that "I should get more money because I am "American." These are the people that are going to lead to the destruction of what the United States stands for. And for you "mentally ill Americans" Communism is a form of government where everything is shared equally with all citizens. Everyone earns the same wage regardless of position, no one owns property but the state, and everyone lives at a similar level. No poor, no rich.... all middle class (which is complete bullshit and the opposite of what our country was founded on.) So just because you didn't go to college and you are living paycheck to paycheck, doesn't mean that all other Americans should suffer from your choices.

You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.---Rush Limbaugh
JobAndPaycheckOr Career

Pottstown, PA

#40 Jan 28, 2013
The Democrats and left are communists and/or socialists in so many ways. Particularly in education and the working world.

One of the things propelled by the leftist agenda in particular is the concept of a "career". They create a false sense of entitlement to a "career" through things like unions. Unions operate under the premise that the work is theirs like a territorial dog. It's not wether they are the best qualified or cheapest they just feel entitled to that work.

This wouldn't be possible if the concept of a 'career' was not perpetuated by the leftist residue of the hippy kumbya 60s. Leftist and socialist think they know what's best for YOU. Leftist think you should be happy at all times including a job you like to do, not a job you have to take to pay bills and buy stuff you want. The leftist want you to live to work and not work to live.

But in order to findout what you 'like' or 'do best' this means alot of testing and/or labeling of children in a public school infested with unions and hippy draft dodging residue from the 60s. Many have retired but they had an entire generation to leave their mark or stain.

The communists/socialists love to 'test' and prelabel and/or channel children into lifetime careers before they are even in their teens. This is why countries like China test 6 year olds for gymnastic ability. You think they also fast track child prodigies into math and science.

But this is why the US is lacking in math and science skills and/or is an obese out of shape nation. This is why many can't cook, swing hammer , walk a hundred yard , balance a check book etc. "Specialists" thinley disguised from a predetermined testing and labeling system called the public school system. " Well you didn't test good at this so you should take this cirriculum or don't worry about those pesky things like using math to balance a checkbook or figure out a percentage-you can hire a specialist to do that.

Look story short-self sufficiency including diverse skill sets are not emphasized or taught. Why because there will always be a specialist to do what you do want to do or can't do. "The System" will take care of you. Just like in a communist/socialist nation state.

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