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Louisville, KY

#1 Jul 13, 2011
Is the Williamstown school a lot better than the other public schools in Grant County?

Frankfort, KY

#2 Jul 26, 2011
Not really. Very liberal that a bunch of democrats run and protect. But it is not as bad as some of the schools that are liberal. Some of the teachers will try and teach your kids left wing crap and tell them not to let the parents in on the left wing plan.

If you raise your children conservatively you can counter their left leaning crap.

They take care of their selves and hide things that should be taken care of. The staff is very protective of their own self well being.

There is a band there that all the money goes to. Which is about all they have.

Their sports program has gone to hell. The basketball program has been hijacked by men hating lefties. It was good but it's gonna suck from now on.

There is about 4 families that run the school and the board is a bunch of idiot left wing nut jobs.


But all in all compared to other schools it is OK.

If you can afford it send your children to a private school. If not just keep on top of their studies and you can head off the left wing crap.

It is not the school it used to be and not worth the extra taxes you have to pay.
WHS Grad

Lexington, KY

#3 Jul 27, 2011
Yes, Williamstown school is a great school and is far superior to GCHS. Some of the teachers are questionable, usually the daughters and sons of previous teachers in the system. Not all are that way, but the political pull got them where they are and it shows in the classroom. This kind of stuff goes on everywhere but is limited in this school system. The board of education is dedicated to the education system and the welfare of the students (all parties involved). The school is safe, well funded (look at your tax bill)and dedicated to education and life skills. The best thing for you to do is place your child in the school and keep them there until they graduate. This school will shape your child into a distinguised level student and will be well prepared for college and life tasks, you will be pleased. Also, your child will make life friendships that will hold thru time.
WHS Grad

Lexington, KY

#4 Jul 27, 2011
The left wing side of things are stressed but tell me a school system where it is not. Also, that is where self thought and rationalism comes into place and childern begin to learn to think for themselves. Remember, this is a life skill that they will have to face anyway; in deciding on what they believe and not always what they should believe.

I went thru this school system from K-12 and sometimes I had to bite my tounge.

Louisville, KY

#5 Jul 27, 2011
No difference between Williamstown and Grant.

Since: May 11

Cynthiana, KY

#6 Jul 28, 2011
Left, left, left, left. Sounds like you're giving directions to the next Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck public gathering of bible-thumping, gun-toting, deer-slaying, tax-hating wahoos.


None of you probably even know that word.

Have fun at Creation Land.
to Tommy Dax

Frankfort, KY

#7 Aug 8, 2011
Just a liberals adore killing babies and stealing money from tax payers that produce to give to those who do not work.

Just a liberals are the first to play the race card while keeping minorities down.

Just as liberals scream about wanting more high taxes while not paying their own taxes.

Tommy I sure hope you have a tingeing up your leg, and if you want to know what is wrong with America just look in a mirror.
Leroy Jenkins

Xenia, OH

#8 Aug 8, 2011
Ntheno wrote:
No difference between Williamstown and Grant.
Very big difference. The test scores speak for themselves.
The Grant County News publishes them every year. Williamstown scores well above the state average and in the top percentile of the state on a year to year basis. Grant County continues to receive poor scores.
It is my honest opinion that Williamstown students are not necessarily "smarter" than Grant County students.
I believe that Williamstown is such a smaller school, that their students receive more attention from their teachers and faculty which ultimately leads to higher GPAs, graduation rates and State scores.

Louisville, KY

#9 Aug 9, 2011
1. The untold secret is that Williamstown accountability scores for the middle and high schools have declined since 2007.
2. All schools are funded in a per pupil basis. Class sizes are the same. Obviously Williamstown has fewer classes.
3. Grant now has pre-engineering, biomedicine, ROTC, etc in a state of the art facility
4. Williamstown has a great band.
Leroy Jenkins

Belvidere, IL

#10 Aug 10, 2011
Why is the secret untold? Do you have a legit reference to these statistics other than "hear say"? Serious question. Let's just say for the sake of argument that your source is correct and that the middle and high school has declined since 2007. I'm curious whether Williamstown students STILL managed to score higher than Grant County students DESPITE the decline since 07 you and/or your source claim. Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm only stating what the Grant County News has been publishing every year and that's decline or no decline, Williamstown has better test scores then Grant County. That's a fact.

Louisville, KY

#11 Aug 10, 2011
2010 statistics

Percentage of students scoring proficient or above in reading:
Crittenden Mt Zion. 84
WIlliamstown El. 82
Dry Ridge. 79
Williamstown High. 79
Mason Corinth. 78
Grant High. 67
Grant Middle. 64
Williamstown Middle. 63

MCE. 83
WES. 79
CMZ. 78
DRE. 78
GCMS. 65
WHS. 53
WMS. 51
GCHS. 45
Leroy Jenkins

United States

#12 Aug 10, 2011
This tells me nothing but what a percentage of kids scored in a specific grade range and not their actual grade itself. Let's just say for example that a proficient is a grade of 90%-100% and we have 10 williamstown students test and 10 grant co students test. Let's assume all williamstown students score a 100% and all grant students score a 90%. Going by your statistics, they all scored proficient however williamstown scored higher.

Louisville, KY

#13 Aug 10, 2011
Let's try once more. Using your criteria, the percentage of students scoring at the very highest level established by the state dept of education -distinguished:

CMZ -26

Leroy Jenkins

Xenia, OH

#14 Aug 10, 2011
How convenient. You seemed to leave out Science, Social Studies, Writing aaaaaaaaaand THE WHOLE ENTIRE SHERMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. LOL!

Let's try once more. Using your criteria, the percentage of students scoring at the very highest level established by the state dept of education -distinguished:

SE (Sherman Elem)-8.2

Williamstown Elem School Reading AVG-21.5

Grant Co Elem Schools Reading Avg-18.8

(CMZ+MCE+DRE+SE=X) X divided by 4= Grant Co Schools AVG


Williamstown Elem School Math AVG-34.7

Grant Co Elem Schools Math Avg-37.3


Williamstown Elem School Science AVG-41.8

Grant Co Elem Schools Science Avg-29.3

Social Studies

Williamstown Elem School Social Studies AVG-17.7

Grant Co Elem Schools Social Studies Avg-7.1


Williamstown Elem School Writing AVG-8.9

Grant Co Elem Schools Writing Avg-4


Leroy Jenkins

Xenia, OH

#15 Aug 10, 2011
I was going to factor both middle schools and high schools but it's too late and I'm tired. Maybe over the weekend when I got more time.

Louisville, KY

#16 Aug 11, 2011
Both districts have good schools. Have a good weekend.
Went to both school

Memphis, TN

#17 Aug 13, 2011
The elementary school of grant isn't a terrible place but after that they dont have much to offer after that. I have literally witnessed a single teacher at the williamstown high school get down on her knees with tears in her eyes to have a student do his work so she could give him a grade. This particular student soon dropped out. The teachers genuienly care about their students educations at williamstown. I dont feel the same about grant middle or high. I feel like most of the teachers there are there for a paycheck and nothing more. Just my personal opinion no sites to refer you to
Leroy Jenkins

Frankfort, KY

#18 Aug 29, 2011
ACT Scores published by the Grant County News.

The very first line reads, "Williamstown High School celebrated while Grant County High School was left disappointed with recently released ACT scores."

bball for life

United States

#19 Nov 8, 2011
I went to Williamstown and I was too busy trying to get in my teachers pants to do any school work!!!! They were sexy and I wanted to get with them... One In particular I almost had but the principal walked in on us dry humping in the library media room... God she was sexy.

Louisville, KY

#20 May 20, 2012
mom wrote:
Is the Williamstown school a lot better than the other public schools in Grant County?
Williamstown has smaller classes than other schools, so students can learn better and the teachers can give them more help if needed. We were always about 20-25 per classroom. Williamstown was a pretty awesome school and I couldn't have asked for more. I had some great memories and amazing teachers there. I went there from (2nd-Graduated from there) and I will never forget most of the teachers. Literally there's probably only a couple I didn't really care for one early on and one later. Of course that was new teachers that came in and thought they knew us students and the school which they had no clue! I think it's pretty cool you can start in daycare, go to pre-school, and then K-12 all in one school! Us older kids would kind of look out for the little ones (our graduating year anyway) and we knew not to talk bad if we seen them walking through the hall. I always thought they were so cute standing in line because I remembered I did that once and looked up to the older kids. Plus if you got older and younger children they can go to school together. Your older ones can look out for their younger sibling. One thing you should be aware of it's mostly snobby students. If your not part of the "snob" crew, then you aren't seen as being much there. Even if you work your ass off. That's not by all the staff but most of them anyway. They always had their favorites and ignored the rest. If you wasn't up in the teachers face and sitting on their lap (not all) then you were ignored.***ALSO BE AWARE OF MALE TEACHERS/STAFF THERE*** They love sleeping around with female students in high school. I know this for a fact Everyone knows Mr. Gregg (was GC principal don't know about now or not) was sleeping around with M*** R. and no telling who else. He would get a room for them at Knights Inn when it was still around. Another one was Mr. Mefford but I don't think M*** went all the way with him, even though he would have she said. Substitute Mr. Parker was another one that was sexual towards the high school girls. I really hope these staff members aren't in any school system now. Also whoever posted above with the comment "About four families run this school" hit the target right on bullseye! The band will always be a big thing there because their awesome but other school programs shouldn't get ignored. I can't get over the fact there's no football team! What school doesn't have a dang'on football team? I would have loved going to football games! Also the proms and graduation were always pretty stupid and poorly done. Nothing fancy ever, almost always in the gym or somewhere cheap! I guess all the money went to the band. This was a few years back so I don't know about how it's ran now, but could only imagine probably not much has changed!

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