Police chief quits after punishment f...

Police chief quits after punishment for prank

There are 12 comments on the Journalgazette.net story from Aug 31, 2012, titled Police chief quits after punishment for prank. In it, Journalgazette.net reports that:

ATTICA, Ind. An Indiana police chief has resigned rather than accept a week's suspension without pay about what he said was a harmless prank of giving a friend a piece of duck jerky made for dogs.

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Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#1 Sep 3, 2012
Bobby Bass quits
Great were left in the hands of a bunch of dumbass's who couldn't find out who's dog crapped in there own front yard behind a gate! I mean really how many screw ups does this dept have to have before they are shut down. This isn't his fault, why because a woman who thinks Snoburger should have his job back. well I guess if you whine and stomp your feet like a lil girl you will get what you want.
Does anyone remember when his daughter UNDERAGE sexted all of those nudies of her doing things to herself. Ok, how about when those pups were killed and he left out the lil bit about all the drugs and other stuff he had to hide so his own daughter wouldnt be busted!
Let's not forget about good ol Aaron French who was the high school teacher who had sex with his female students then same stuff when he was a officer.
Or how about good ol Ed Durnail we fought so hard to get him back into his post and what did I find out and not through just hearsay but he has killed 2 people and had sex with over 4 13 to 14 yr olds "wow" really
lets see
Farrar boy over in warren co, oh it was a hunting acc. really then why didn't he tell them he was screwin his wife...
2 He was driving his E.M.T. truck through a intersection at over 70mph and killed a father of 3 and husband...
then lets move on to the town lier and bully Askren what a f*t piece of sh*t he is pulling people over for nothing and lieing to people about other people, my question is how the heck does that man make it from yr to yr through the physical.
then we have the rape of a 13 yr old no one charged but everyone knows who done it but can anything be done about it why heck no wasn't investagated right and evidence had been tamperd with..thanks Snoburger
Then we have Leafy's murder same thing evidence to screwed up to do anything about it.... god know wonder why this town has gotten a bad rep.
we should make Gallaway the new Chief or beg and ask Sheer to come back since Swift screwed him out of that job by Snoburger letting his son Chad out of jail for beating the crap out of his wife but what do you expect from a man who tried to sell the silver war cannon out at the cemetary on Ebay.....
This town is a lie and every jackhole in it!!!
not scaird

West Hamlin, WV

#2 Sep 3, 2012
oh my god you forgot to mention the carrie hutts incident where gene snowbuger screwed up the investigation so bad that the perp was never caught, but this bacically boils down to sharon negel and dennis macintosh, they are trying to take over attica and the town is letting them fucking idiots all of them that town will go to shit again with bobby gone
Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#3 Sep 4, 2012
Sharon Negel
come to find out a whole lot more about all this she is the third party they talk about on the WLFI news report. She wanted to put Snoburger back into his position as a political tie. She is planning on running for our district and thought this would help her pinch out Bass. Bass is being blamed for the Attica Police Dept. not being able to investagate anything. "really" so who is to blame before him or how about when he was Sheriff for 2 terms he has always been someone you could be proud of and extremly good at his job! I'm not trying to be one sided on this and not trying to use this web site as a gossip gallery but this is stupid. Our mayor wasn't elected in he was put into place after Swift passed. He should have had this brought before a town meeting before he spoke up about all this he said she said crap. But I guess he learned this kind of investagating from A.P.D. personal and thought he'd go with it. Sheer was a awsome Cheif of police and he didn't run stuff into the ground nor did he lack his intrest in helping people just like Bass. From my personal judgment and others who I'm going to try and talk into coming on here Larson, Grimmit, Galloway should get some kind of award for hafting to put up with all the crap that dept pushes out. They have great attitudes and are worth the tax payers dollar. The rest should be fired and gagged...
Lets move on to some other news like how about that Attica has a sewage leak under main town and they could afford to fix it with over 2.5 million for a rainy day acc. but wont, so what do they do release it into the rain drains and straight into the wabash... Honestly who wants to come to the festival when you have to do it right next to a outdated sewage plant that on a nice humid day you feel like bringing up breakfest or lunch. Does anyone remember when it was celibration for the Indians and not some unkown radio host who's house burned down and became a parking lot for a church. I wish other people would get on here and post what they know...I'm sure people would flip over this town so lets go international so maybe we can get something done and done right...
Till Bob either or is back in or even a Galloway I'll be typing... Hey that would be something if David came out of retirement and was Chief or maybe Tim.... good ol day's
Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#4 Sep 4, 2012
Dennis McIntosh
The second party and owner of Wolfe's Candies was the one who reported to the Mayor also... Wow he must of felt like he had to get into the action because there Jerky Machines are down. Sorry if dog treats taste better than your candies...
Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#5 Sep 4, 2012

Sharon Negele
I was wrong she is the owner and works in the Attica Clerks office. Sorry I was Corrected by a friend I am in hopes that everyone considers Dan Young for the position because he grew up in Attica and also he still lives in Attica. He didn't come here from the outside he knows all because he has lived here for so long. Sharon was the 1st party to talk to the Mayor and Dennis was the 2nd. Party to talk to the Mayor...
Sorry for the mistake at least when I'm wrong I don't hide it, Right Snoburger!!!
Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#6 Sep 6, 2012
Back Story from FEB

Gee how it all plays out

what is really going on in attica? its commen knowledge that dennis macintosh, husband of sharon negele commonly refered to as ms. neglect was convicted of a dui, now this man was appointed by gene snowbuger to take dave galloways place on the police meritt board, what in the hell is wrong with you people? dave galloway has been a citizen of attica for years with a spotless record, this husband of ms. neglect, has also called the chief the village idiot, bobby bass was a st. police officer for many years and the sheriff for 2 terms so hes far from a village idiot,how in the world has this shit went on in attica? who is responcible? its obvious the real village idiot gene snowbuger, he is now demoted , which should have happend years ago, but the damage is done, attica take your town back get this idiot dennis macintosh off the police meritt board, he does not belong there,and for god sakes DO NOT VOTE FOR MS. NEGLECT.........ENOUGH SAID.........
Not Happy at All

Elgin, IL

#7 Sep 6, 2012
I guess snoburger got his way after all, he stomped his feet and whined like a lil' girl again too bad we have to pay for his stupidity!!!

Come on Galloway or Grimmit run for the position don't let dumbass 1 or 2 get it. How about shut the damn place down and let the indiana state police take it over but hire in "Galloway, Grimmit, Larson...

Heater jr. sleeps to much on work and off and is in poor health.

Askrin is just a big mouthed lier and bullie with a small penis and thats why he try's to push people around to make up for a weak mind and small nature.

Ed. Durnil stop texting so much and quit having sex with underage girls and pull his head out of his ass he might be a good cop, ahhhh who am I kidding fire them.
The A P D are crooks

Elgin, IL

#8 Sep 8, 2012
Gene Snoeberger
Attica Mayor Robert Shepherd read a statement to the city council during its meeting Tuesday night from Snoeberger.
In the statement, Snoeberger said he feels that it is in the best interest of all that he steps down.
Mayor Shepherd said he is just beginning the process of searching for a new chief of police and will name one by December 31, 2010.
Snoeberger's statement is below:
I remain proud of my almost 20 years of law enforcement service to the citizens of Attica, the last nine years serving the community as Chief of Police. I have enjoyed taking part in the many training, certification, educational opportunities and professional development opportunities afforded by the Attica Police Department throughout the years. I have taken great pride in watching many young law enforcement professionals' careers evolve due to the training and experience gained as a member of our professional police staff.
I am particularly proud of the current members of our police department, my family and friends who have honorably supported me in this very difficult and hostile political environment. It is because of these politics that I must reconsider my role in the leadership of the police department and put first the effects these negative politics will have on my family, our great community and the fine professional men who serve with me in protecting our community and enforcing the law.
Therefore, after careful consideration and consultation with Mayor Shepherd, my family, the fine men I serve with and leading members of our community, I feel it is in the best
interest of all that I step down, effective December 31, 2010 as Chief of the Attica Police Department.
I want to thank the late Mayor Butch Swift for his strong leadership and confidence in the leadership role he gave me, I am honored to remain on staff as the assistant chief and will, to the best of my ability, do all I can personally to help the new chief.
I agree with you on everything period... I moved out of Attica in 2006 because of Gene and his dumbass Officers. Then just when I hear things are getting better they slam Bobby Bass for a freakin joke and it wasn't even pranked on them!!!
Wow all kidding aside sometimes you have to horse around just to break the uneasiness. Police Officers are no different, Bobby had his hands tied when he came into the job because guess who was second in charge Ex Cheif Snoeburger wanting his job back. Anyone around that town including my relatives can tell you he wasn't happy giving up that post and threw a fit till he was given a second in charge position. Wish I could tell everyone as many lies as he has done while cheif and smile behind the towns back. Maybe they should shut it down completly like the other girl or guy said and let the I.S.P. take over
Now as for Eddie
My lil 16 year old cousin was approached by him a little over a year ago and was made very unconfortable when he was looking down her shit and asking her if she was single. "FUCK ARE YOU KIDDING ME", her father and I almost went to Attica to do some cleaning house for the I.S.P.
I believe Attica isn't a lost cause, I believe if they would get rid of the people who cause the problems in there own department they might have a chance.
1. get rid of Gene
2. get rid of Eddie
3. get rid of Sharon
4. get rid of Shepherd
5. get rid of Dennis
Sounds like a good start.........
Oh and it wasn't leadership skills that got Snoeburger his job as chief it was like the comment before. He let Swift's son out of jail after he beat the shit out of his wife, and Bob Sheer wouldn't release him. The said mayor at that time made Bob leave on vacation and Snoeburger released him to his dad.
All that shows is some people will do anything to try and make themselves powerful when they are actually weak and weak minded....
Go Back and fight Bobby!!!!

Land O Lakes, FL

#9 Sep 12, 2012
I was born and raised in Attica. I feel the mayor sure jumped the gun on this one. First,you must hear all sides, evaluate the situation, and then apply the pros and cons in regard to the effect your decision will place on the community as a whole. This is an officer that is an asset to the community and deserves a little humorus indescretion now and then. So Mr. Mayor be careful all eyes are on you now. Don't laugh, don't joke and above all leave the duck jerky alone. What a guy huh?
Dennis McIntosh

Chicago, IL

#10 Sep 20, 2012
Not Happy at All

Orland Park, IL

#11 Oct 13, 2012
Once again I find more proof that bobby was booted because he was trying to help the community and not Sharon negele, Dennis McIntosh, and good ol boy Shepherd.

Fight bobby.


Chicago, IL

#13 Oct 29, 2012
Quitter's never win. Winner's never quit. But how could you possibly understand

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