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Judge Dennis Mikko Traverse City Michigan family law judge.

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Thornton, IL

#1 May 15, 2010
I personally don't care what he did...As long as he did his Job and He Did It Well>>>Prayers are with you mikko.
J Barker

East Lansing, MI

#2 Jun 28, 2010
lmr5311 wrote:
I personally don't care what he did...As long as he did his Job and He Did It Well>>>Prayers are with you mikko.
You should care - he didn't do his job - he's known to always rule in favor of fathers - when valid evidence of pornography and abuse - were major factors in his decisions in family court - he disregarded, dismissed and did not protect children. His whole record should be reviewed.
wendy maddy

Traverse City, MI

#3 Jun 29, 2010
Judge Mikko cheated my children of their proper child support, refusing to award back child support, or to investigate piles of evidence I submitted as to the actual incomes versus the faked up partial "evidence" submitted by their fathers. He also blamed ME for being unable to locate my daughter's father, an Israeli citizen, prior to the invention of the internet and my learning how to use search machines on it, ignoring the fact that four counties in California and Leelanau and Grand Traverse County authorities had also been unable to locate him either in this country or Israel. Later on, when my brother kidnapped our mother from her hospital bed in Munson where she was ready to go home after recuperating from a sepsis infection, and stuck her against her will and against the instructions in her will and trust, into hospice and ordered her food and water stopped and took her phone and her bedside desk out of her reach, and then my brother locked me out of her condominium where he was staying with his girlfriend, he signed a restraining order that my brother got by making false allegations that I had threatened to kill him, his wife Judy, and his girlfriend! He complained that I had harassed him with a letter sent him on his birthday without reading it prior to ruling, and without ordering Judy and the girlfriend to appear in court or Dick to produce written statements from them. I had to endure this defamation and Dick's deliberate locking me out and refusing to allow me to at least follow Mom's will ordering us to take turns choosing what we would like of her things, so I didn't find out until too late that he had taken for himself numerous very valuable items from our mother's home during her illness and after her death, secreting them away, prior to auctioning off everything of value belonging to both of our parents without ever letting me even see the items beforehand, let alone select anything.
When I appealed the order, which defamed me egregiously, since I have never in my life threatened another person with any sort of mayhem, another judge actually read my birthday letter, commenting that it was a kindly, friendly letter, suggesting that Dick get some counseling for his anger problems, and referring to blind and deaf Helen Keller's book regarding a philosophy of life, quoting passages from the book, and wishing him a happy birthday. Since Dick had no evidence that I had actually threatened anybody, the judge reversed Mikko's restraining order. In fact, my family's car tires had been spiked, usually all four tires, sidewalls and treads, with nails and screws on four separate occasions, by someone, and three of those had occurred at either my mother's home where my two kids and I were staying, or at the NMC library parking lot at night, and my brother had attacked me physically twice with vicious ferocity, once using a weapon, and had threatened both me and my daughter April with clenched fists at my mother's home, where he kicked us out angrily, apparently for interrupting his date by calling him to see when he could come to relieve us, while we were visiting with and caring for my mother during his shift while he was still out on a date. I knew from these two decisions that there was something awry with Mikko as a person, and that he was a lousy judge who didn't do his homework and blamed the victims rather than try to do the just thing, favoring the male wrongdoers. His removal is long overdue, and he should be prosecuted and all of his decisions made while on the bench should be reviewed and retried for the protection of the women left holding the bag and the children being left out in the cold without adequate or back child support!I feel so sorry for all of the victims of his unjustifiable and arbitrary, prejudiced rulings while he was on the bench! We need to band together to file a class action lawsuit against Grand Traverse County and get our day in court again, properly tried this time!
Where is Mikko now

Bentley, MI

#4 Jul 5, 2010
He is awaiting trial on the beaches enjoying the Blue Angels at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan. Judge Mikko was Anne Avery-Miller's referee the entire time of the divorce from Lance and for their child custody case for their daughter. Mikko NEVER made Lance accountable for his wrong doings and NEVER made sure Lance went to the counseling her was ordered to go to through Friend Of The Court. Sam was so pissed that his mother was being denied protection over and over again and again every time Anne tried to find protection for him and his little sister from Lance and Baker. Sam wanted to kill Lance to protect his mother and sister because Judge Mikko wouldn't. There is no law in Northwestern Michigan.

Mikko is the one that allowed the child custody case to go to a lower court from Grand Traverse to Antrim County where Charles Koop is the Prosecuting Attorney. Charles Koop continued Mikko's abuse of power to help Lance frame Anne again so Lance could take the little girl away from Anne. Lance wanted to remove Anne's name off the birth certificate. He wanted her permanently removed from his and the little girlís life.

Anne Avery-Miller hung herself while under suicide watch in Antrim County Jailhouse on May 3rd 2010 while WAITING OVER 6 MONTH for a trial where she was falsely accused, once again. Charles Koop admitted to more than one person that he made a wrong choice in rescinding the traffic ticket that eventually was used by Lance to frame her for the tanning bed larceny by conversion. What is it called when you arrest someone for one reason and then charge and convict them of something else?

Judge Mikko failed to protect Anne, Sam and the little girl from Lance's alcoholic abuses. Charles Koop failed to protect Anne's mental health by stopping her counselor from helping her and made her suffer in isolation while she WAITED over 6 months for the trial.

I wonder if Mikko liked the Blue Angels?
Where is Mikko now

Bentley, MI

#5 Jul 5, 2010
After 5 years of a custody battle with Lance, Anne Avery-Miller hanged herself the night before Judge Hayes of Antrim County Family Court was to permanently remove the full custody Anne had of her daughter for Lance. How is this possible? If there is no evidence that she abused her daughter and no evidence that she killed Sam? None! How is this possible? Oh yeah, Judge Mikko is a friend of Judge Hayes and Charles Koop. Charles Koop used the little girl to force Anne to sign a plea agreement about the tanning beds, even though she was in jail from his wrong legally bound choice. Charles Koop promised Anne if she signed the agreement she could get out of jail and see her daughter, and he lied, again. He forced her to go through court procedures again, having to pay more legal fees, in order to see her daughter for maybe an hour a week. That is if Lance brought the little girl to the safe meeting place on time. Lance would get angry and aggressive if the meeting went a minute over schedule. The little girl would be scared and cling to Anne, her mother....who is dead now. Lance got what he wanted.
Some more questions

Bentley, MI

#6 Jul 5, 2010
Madam Fo

Traverse City, MI

#7 Jul 15, 2010
lmr5311 wrote:
I personally don't care what he did...As long as he did his Job and He Did It Well>>>Prayers are with you mikko.
Seriously?! My rosy ass he did it well. With mounting evidence against this corrupt man and the hanus acts he let happen and did to the Grand Traverse Co. people, let this bureaucratic piece of trash get his punishment.
There is no justice in Northern Michigan, and I for one as a tax paying citizen demand that something be done. It's time for those who don't do anything to meet the new generation who will do anything for justice.
Mikko should get the book thrown at him, figuratively and litterally. He was sworn to protect the public and uphold the law. This isn't embezzlment. This isn't Tax Evasion. This is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, possibly the sickest crime a human could commit short of raping a child.
Mikko, you're disgusting.
long breaks long day

Interlochen, MI

#8 Jul 15, 2010
Lawyers make more money if the hearings last longer. No wonder the hearings lasted so long and Mikko took so many breaks. He had more important business reading the special files instead of protecting children and people. Mikko assaulted every child and family that went before him as a referee for protection. He failed to protect and assaulted instead by looking the other way when he knew his decisions were wrong and would perpetuate the abuse further.


As quoted from the Record Eagle newspaper in Traverse City, "He acknowledged that the activities that he did, although not illegal, MIGHT not have been appropriate for his position at the time," Elhart said.

MIGHT? Making decisions about abusive fathers receiving more time with scared abused children should not be left up to a male who has an addiction for child sexual abusive pornography.

MIGHT not have been appropriate?
THAT is sick.


#9 Jul 16, 2010
Well, the piece of wasted oxygen is free now. I hope the judge that dropped all charges can sleep at night. It's only a matter of time before this piss poor excuse for a human rapes a child. I hear his ex wife supports him. *Hurl*
Judges dont get judged

Montrose, MI

#10 Jul 16, 2010
Deputies obtained a warrant to search his home and office in August after a tipster told them Mikko engaged in sexual conversations with a person who identified himself as a 14-year-old male on the website MySpace.
"He acknowledged that the activities that he did, although not illegal, might not have been appropriate for his position at the time," Elhart said.
It's not appropriate for any adult to engage in sexual conversation with a minor. What position makes it appropriate, Elhart?
Code Of Silence

Montrose, MI

#11 Jul 16, 2010
"Mikko, from 1997 until his August resignation, handled CHILD CUSTODY matters in Grand Traverse, Antrim and Leelanau counties, along with CHILD ABUSE and juvenile offender cases in Grand Traverse County.

Judge Philip E. Rodgers, Mikko's former boss at 13th Circuit Court, said Mikko won't be back to work there.(But you won't stop him from working elsewhere as a judge?)

"The photographs and materials he had in his possession ... whether or not they rose to the level of a criminal felony were wholly inappropriate and completely inconsistent" with his duties, Rodgers said. "Whether or not the criminal case is going forward is irrelevant to his resignation."

If his actions were completely inconsistent with his duties, maybe he is psychotic or bipolar and a danger to society and should be locked up for our protection? Is he all of a sudden NOT interested in sexual talk with minor males and child abusive photographs of girls that he made judicial decisions about? His court system has a wide spread problem with sexually abusing children. From Grand Traverse to Leelanau to Koop's Antrim County, they favor fathers and ignore their child abuses. For over 13 years, and then one male Charlevoix judge closes his eyes to the bigger picture and says he sees nothing felonious with being brought to sexual peak during working hours by child sexual abuse pornography while making decisions about childrenís' and families lives. Gross.

Judge Rogers, what were you doing for 13 years as Mikko's supervisor while was doing something "completely inconsistent" under your supervision? What does that say about your observation skills as a judge, Judge Rodgers? 13 YEARS!

How many fathers greased your condom smelling palms for their favor in your court, Dennis? I hear you favor males. Nothingís wrong with that unless you are lying about it and misleading people. Is your life a lie Dennis? Are you a liar, too? Not good behavior in a judge.

How many of Mikkoís judgments were "wholly inappropriate and completely inconsistent" with the law he was paid, and trusted, to uphold? After 13 years I donít trust him, or you any more, Judge Rogers.
System Of Abuse in GT

Montrose, MI

#12 Jul 16, 2010
After the charges were dropped, "(Mikko) was ecstatic. He's very pleased that his nearly one year of troubles are done with."

Thatís nice Dennis. Sick, but good for you that you think your troubles are done with. BP Executives just want to go home, too. Iím not sure if you realize you are now stuck in The System. I wonder if those children you made poor judgments about are done with their troubles. Science tells us their trauma will last a life time unless they get serious counseling from qualified persons. That is if there is money for it. So sorry you were troubled by the system. Did you even spend a day in jail or was that too much trouble and would cost too much for the taxpayers to be troubled with?
Judge Cockwanker

Lake City, MI

#13 Jul 18, 2010
The record eagle reported, "Charlevoix Circuit Judge Richard M. Pajtas on Wednesday dismissed a lengthy list of felony charges against Mikko, his attorney said."

The judgment by Pajtas was far more abusive than anything Mikko ever did. What is more abusive than when an abused child or woman goes to authority for help and they are ignored and the abuse is perpetuated further? Then when the abuser is caught and charged with 15 counts of child sexual abuse, the charges are dropped by one MAN's judgments? Reminds me of what happened to Anne when she went to her parents for help at age 6 after being sexually assaulted by a stepbrother shoving his penis in her mouth and the parents didn't protect her but made her feel ashamed and guilty for it happening. All her life she was made to feel ashamed. What an abusive legal system in Grand Traverse and Antrim Counties. The SYSTEM is SICK and Mikko is now stuck in it.
Antrim County Blows

Traverse City, MI

#14 Apr 4, 2012
Antrim County Court system is one sick, perverted, corrupt, pile of s...! Money for Judges salaries is the ONLY consideration.
Koop is a bag of s..t. As is Judge Hayes, one corrupt pile of human waste. Anyone going before these piles of human waste should get an OUT OF TOWN ATTORNEY that has some balls.
A Mikko Affected Family

Traverse City, MI

#15 Jul 10, 2013
I am APPALLED!!!! After recently finding out about this, I most certainly had to find and read everything about these SHOCKING accusations against Mikko! However I am NOT surprised! In a post divorce matter several years after being granted, Mikko totally reversed Judge Rodgers ruling against my abusive ex husband, that he no longer have "supervised" visits and then overturned custody of my son granting my ex full custody! Mikko implied that my son would grow up to be gay being raised by a woman.
Do you understand the great difficulty in handing your child over as he is screaming and crying to help him and not make him go to an abuser?! To rip a child from the placed where he was loved and felt safe?? I cannot begin to describe the devestation that was felt by us.
The fact that these charges were dropped against Mikko when there was absolute truth in eveidence against him, clearly shows that the saying on Northern Michigan rings so true-"It6's not what you know, but who you know." The good 'ol boys club clearly exists in this matter! I certainly hope that NO ONE takes any of thier lawyering business to Craig Elkhart's office and that certainly not any woman of child requires paramedic help while Mikko is on duty! God help us all.
Torch Lake attorney

Grosse Pointe, MI

#16 Sep 1, 2014
The Michigan Bar Association, Attorney Discipline Board, Grand Traverse County Hearing Panel #1, suspended Mikko's license to practice law for one year, plus other conditions, effective June 28, 2014. (See Michigan Bar Journal, August 2014, page 74).

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