drawing disability and working for cash?

drawing disability and working for cash?

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just me

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#1 Dec 22, 2011
how many people in williamsburgh are doing this and getting by with it?if they are able to work under the table,getting paid in cash,why dont we all just quit our jobs,have 2 incomes,one from the social security,or ssi,and work for cash?we should have extra money then dont you think?

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#2 Dec 22, 2011
yes,so many people do this,thats why when someone is so sick,they have all the trouble getting help,so many people are frauding and lying.and whats going to be left for us that are working every day and paying it in to social security?what are we going to do,i say there needs to be more people getting on to our senators and reporting these thiefs to social security,if they are able to work part time for cash,let them get over here in the factories and go to work.
Come On

Winchester, KY

#3 Dec 22, 2011
With any system of welfare or assistance it is going to be abused. I feel sorry for people who live that way. Do you really think their is anybody who recieves SSI and works for Cash that is living well. I have yet to see a case like that.

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#4 Dec 22, 2011
but,is it right,why dont they go to their regular job,like me and mine have to do?like i said,i am 55 yrs. old,i dont know by the time i get old enough to draw my social security,will there be any thing left,and mostly because of these people that are lying and cheating!and if u will notice in families that do this,its an ongoing thing.get out people and get a real job,yes u can get up to an alarm clock,just like we do!
oh ya

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#5 Dec 22, 2011
yes they are living pretty darn well,if u can keep them out of the bingo halls,they draw lets say 700 a month draw food stamps,get hud.and then their own money is simply to blow.why didnt i think of that yrs. ago.but then i never was any good at lying.

London, KY

#6 Dec 22, 2011
Well I'll tell you this they might not live well but I know for a fact that some like it. I have some family member's that live on SSI, food stamps and HUD. I ask them one day don't you all get tired of living like this they said NOPE. They can work and do, do some little odd jobs for cash and they think they are living the high life because they don't have to work a 9 to 5 job. So what do you do.
Come On wrote:
With any system of welfare or assistance it is going to be abused. I feel sorry for people who live that way. Do you really think their is anybody who recieves SSI and works for Cash that is living well. I have yet to see a case like that.
so true

Somerset, KY

#7 Dec 22, 2011
Alot that is drawing has nicer homes and better vehicles than the working people.They don't try to hide it either they work for cash and brag that its easy money and untraceable.They draw for being disable and they keep having more kids so they can draw more.If your unable to work then be unable to reproduce.I know a girl in redbird she draws and she has one baby around 1year and she's pregnant again she was saying at the doctor well they will let me draw more so i can take care of this kid tooo.Her husband is older he draws as well she has never had a job and whats sad is her kids probably will be just like her.Get a job so when us working one get tired we can draw as well!
oh ya

Winchester, KY

#8 Dec 22, 2011
well,people when are we all going to wake up and start reporting them! its as much our fault as it is theirs,ss is going to be gone,then were going to say were blaming the gov. not true,it is our duty to report these liars and cheats,u would be surprised how many of them claim to be living right,go to church on sunday,knowing their doing the devils work,oh no i said work,ya work,but not under the table!
my call

Winchester, KY

#9 Dec 22, 2011
i know a couple of senators,that i was told are working with social security,that if these people are reported in ky. that it diffently will be investigated! they are determined to stop this abuse at least in their state1 GO SENATORS!!!!! then they will owe the gov.lows of money,because their going to have to pay back every dime they have ever got from ss or jail time or both!!!!
just me

East Bernstadt, KY

#10 Dec 22, 2011
I think it sucks that we are told it is a free country but you have to work to take care of the disabled. the truth is if we like it or not a lot of these people really are sick and working a few hours here or there is alot different from holding down an 8 hr aday job. I say cut them down even if they are disabled their quality of life already sucks. I am not disabled stop taking my money to support a bunch of fruit cakes so my quality of life can improve.They are all a bunch of fruit cakes they want miss a couple hundred bucks took off their checks.And you know what this might slow down the cheats they may think twice before they go looking for a Dr. to fool into putting them on a check.
ho ho ho

Winchester, KY

#11 Dec 22, 2011
bet they are having a better christmas that most of us working jerks,and look at the time they get to spend with their loved ones,i get monday off,and then only if i work the day on friday and tuesday,i could go in with a drs. excuse it would do no good. no they need me at work,so i can keep up the liars and cheaters,but u know what they say about a cheating man or woman,once a cheater always a cheater.this is born and bred into them.but they will make sure they get up on sunday and go to church,pretend like their good people.oh ya,got your back!

United States

#12 Dec 22, 2011
Don't hate someone else's hustle cause u can't do it!
get real

Madisonville, KY

#13 Dec 22, 2011
did you know that if you are on disablity you can make uup to $25,000 with out it affecting your disablity. you do not have to be bed ridden to draw disablity. but i have never seen anyone drawing that was well off, they bearly get by. believe me it is a hard way to live
no way

Winchester, KY

#14 Dec 22, 2011
shos song are you singing,call the social security and ask if you can work while being on disability,stupid you,now you can work and draw your social security if it is regular social security,that you draw at retirement age,that is the most stupid thing i have heard hear in williamsburgh,work and draw disability,those senators are going to love that one.why would we all not be on the draw?answer me that one stupid.
Straight Talker

Dexter, MO

#16 Dec 23, 2011
The government needs to invest in a fraud squad to bust all of the fraud throughout the country, it would end up in the black on that line item of the budget. There are soooo many people that lie to get assistance of every kind. The sad thing is that the government allows it to go on and makes it nearly impossible for a working person to get help even if they really need help (notice I said HELP not SUPPORT). I think it's a pitiful shame that our country has created this big of a mess! I'm not down on people that draw and deserve SSI and yes I do know that it is nearly impossible for them to live off a measly $600 a month (if its that much) but if they take part in all of the other government assistance (HUD, foodstamps, FREE medical coverage, car repairs and child care) they are doing far better than me! I've worked since I was 13 years old when I was hired for my first babysitting job and because of this I will NEVER get any help with my rent or my medical coverage and people with a degree are even told (even if they are really disabled) that they are too educated to get assistance, I have seen it happen! I have often thought about just giving in and sitting on my ass because I know I could live better than I do now! BUT I THANK MY MAMA AND GOD FOR MY SELF RESPECT AND PRIDE!! Makes me sick how we support people that really have never contributed to society in any way and the fact that some of them expect it as a way of life! GRRR! Sorry but this is definitely a "soap box" topic of mine!

Since: Dec 11

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#17 Dec 23, 2011
Anyone that does this is a parasite on the economy and should be imprisoned. While in prison they should be forced to perform house repairs, car repairs, and weatherproof homes for low income working households since those people were paying their check for so long. It is only fair they work it off untill they have paid back every last cent. While they are out there they can mow lawns for the elderly who really cant get out there and do it on their own.

And on a seperate note if you can spit kids out you do NOT need a disability check. Working a job isn't nearly as difficult as sex if you are doing either one right. Close your legs ladies and keep it in your pants checkies...the last thing we need is people like you making more people like you so that my kids will have to pay their way some day
you to

Winchester, KY

#18 Dec 23, 2011
people,get your cell phones out! i called social security yesterday,this is what they told me,turn in their names,but a video of them working under the table will do the trick.they will be cut off ss,and they will be made to pay back what they got.but a cell phone video will get them right there and then.i know some people are drawing and working under the table,you have to use your head,we here in williamsburgh no who most of them are,i know when we work,its hard to see them at work,but we can do it.just call and give names,and a lot of these people are in church,know it for a fact.

United States

#19 Dec 23, 2011
who ever wrote in and said that about cell phones,they have the answer,ss says that if you hear them talking about their under the table job,to remember their exact words.dont forget their exact words,try to find out who they are working for,because they will be in trouble to,because they are soppose to keep records,so social security can be taken out of the money that they pay these thiefs!

United States

#21 Dec 23, 2011
i still cant get over the one that was stupid enough to write in and say u could work and make 25,000 and still draw disability,now tell me working people,wheres your check?do u believe for 1 min. that u can do this?when u draw disability youre soppose to be disabled. period,not able to get out and work for people!still mad over that one,must be one of them that are in church and think their doing no wrong,well i got news for u,its stealing,and u dam well know it!

East Bernstadt, KY

#22 Dec 23, 2011
Cut it down and take the food stamps too. they are giving these people way to much money to live on. and you know what else I bet everyone of you posting on here is on a check yourself you are just jealous because some of your family is working and drawing a check too.Well us working people are sick of all of you.You think you are safe because you are at home well keep right on comeing on here and bashing the other people whom are drawing and maybe if they are lucky make 20 dollars on the side. the more you do this the closer you are getting to loseing your own check.And I can't wait.disabled my azz they aren't crap wrong with 95 per cent of you guys.whether you are working for cash on the side or not every sorry azz one of you guys need cut off.

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