saw one too

Richmond, KY

#21 Aug 10, 2010
If you know these mountains around here you know that it wouldnt be hard at all for a big cat like that to roam from Rockholds to Woodbine in no time at all. I saw a cat almost that big, up a road not far from baldknob in Rockholds. But the color was black. I know these mountains and there are plenty of caves for big cats like that to make a home in.

Bulan, KY

#22 Aug 10, 2010
BowHunter I am glad someone older than myself came forth to tell what they saw I still tend to wander if the one I saw solid black was from the same species or different breed only it was slick coat and had no mane but the same body size you described and done just as you said made eye contact for a while and then leaped off as if it had not encounmtered a human or danger there after. What year would you say your sighting was?

Mayfield, KY

#23 Aug 11, 2010
I am guessing 2006. I am an avid bowhunter and in the woods before daylight, and after dark almost everyday in the fall and spring. I can tell you I have experienced some exciting occurences! One morning I was about 4 miles back on the mountain, and I was dismounting my 4wheeler, when I heard a deer running at me up the hill. I had my bow ready to shoot, when a big mature doe, came running right by me. Her tongue was hanging out, like she had been run hard. Expecting a big buck, I was suprised to see a beautiful black coyote! He popped over the ridge and seen me and just froze. Having him right in my sights, I just couldn't release the arrow. I have encountered coyotes on many hunts before and wouldn't think twice about taking one out, because they do a lot of damage, but this one was just beautiful and I had done saved the doe, so I let him go. Its just amazing the experiences you can have, in the wild right in our area! But, so far, nothing has compared to the one on one meeting I had with that Majestic Beast on that day.

United States

#24 Aug 11, 2010
Nice story Bowhunter.........thanks everyone for sharing. Does anyone else have any stories?

Johnson City, TN

#25 Aug 12, 2010
wondering wrote:
Nice story Bowhunter.........thanks everyone for sharing. Does anyone else have any stories?
Not being rude but why are you so interested in the big cats in the williamsburg, ky area? I know where Butler is its not far from Kingsport....Go up on Roane Mtn....I know theres lots of wild animals up why are you looking in KY?

Winchester, KY

#26 Aug 13, 2010
wondering wrote:
Nice story Bowhunter.........thanks everyone for sharing. Does anyone else have any stories?
I live in Corbin and about two years ago I was on my way to work it was about 4am and saw a very large solid black cat(panther)with a very long tail going through a open feild....
saw 2 B4

Dallas, GA

#27 Aug 13, 2010
I saw 2 Huge Black cats , very long bodies and very long tails and black as coal. I call them panthers.At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing, at first I only seen one and it was standing in the field on top of the hill and I was standing in the yard watching it and it turned and looked back toward the wooded area and another one walked out of the woods and walked up to where the other one stood and they both took off walking on across the field and I watched them until they where out of sight. I was amazed at what I had just saw. Just a few minutes afterward I heard every Dog in the neighborhood over the hill raising hell. So if this is impossible as some people say, then the impossible happened to me cause I know what I saw. This was about 12 years ago on Craig road.

United States

#28 Aug 13, 2010
lopo wrote:
<quoted text>
Not being rude but why are you so interested in the big cats in the williamsburg, ky area? I know where Butler is its not far from Kingsport....Go up on Roane Mtn....I know theres lots of wild animals up why are you looking in KY?
I started the post and even mentioned it in one of my posts that I saw something not long ago and wasn't sure what it was. When I typed in the features a cougar popped up in the search box. I was in such shock that the animal I saw wasn't what I originally thought it was that I had to look up and see what it could have been. Logically this is the only thing it could have been but I can't say 100% that is what I saw. I live in W'burg and saw this "creature" in Wburg. That's why I'm asking, to see if I'm crazy or if its really possible. I do believe it is possible but still can't imagine. Bears hid here for years before coming out in the open in the last 2 or 3 yrs.

United States

#29 Aug 13, 2010
JOJO wrote:
<quoted text>I live in Corbin and about two years ago I was on my way to work it was about 4am and saw a very large solid black cat(panther)with a very long tail going through a open feild....
I also had a black bear in my yard about a month ago....I think this is cool....

Claremore, OK

#30 Aug 13, 2010
My neighbor said she seen a huge black panther cross the road less than two weeks ago. This is in the Meadow Creek Community about ten miles from Rockholds.

Bulan, KY

#31 Aug 14, 2010
So wondering I don't know bout yourself but, based on what I saw with my own very eyes and fellow neighbors from Woodbine to Williamsburg I think that we all have seen the same black majestic animal the mountain lion or panther and its like mess with one of us you mess with us all and I know all of us isn't crazy just yet so are you a believer yet?
Donna Carter
#32 Nov 10, 2010
My mom and dad live in Ohio County, Ky. About ten years ago my mom said she saw two panthers on their property. She said that their dog was barking at something across from their yard on the hillside. Their dog would not go out of the yard. She said there was no doubt that they were panthers. She said that they walked close to the ground, like a cat. She also said they had long tails with a curve on the end. My dad also said there has been a couple of times he has heard growls and screams in the woods. I also know a couple of people that also had seen panthers in Ohio County. I live in Daviess County, Ky. and I know of a couple of people that have saw panthers there. My aunt sent me a picture of a cougar picture took on a trail camera. It was took in Muhlenburg County, Ky. I have always heard stories of panthers or cougars in Ohio County.

Elkhorn City, KY

#33 Jan 10, 2012
Its hard to believe if you havent seen a cougar or panther...but im here to tell you..a panther has lived around my area for some time until new road construction has run it from its home...for nearly 2 years now it had been making a path through my yard...i thought maybe it was a deer going to the creek for water..well one night while waiting for the gates on this property to open i saw a hugh black cat with the silkest black fur i ever was just sat there until the gate got close to it and it was off..mean time i was looking for my phone to take its picture..but it ran off...well 3 months later i heard what sound like a woman screaming for her life running through my yard...when i opened my door i could hear it still running and screaming..i realized it was the panther..but during this time i told everyone i knew and found out that everyone around here had seen this was at least 4 ft in length and was as tall as a great dane dog. I already knew that cougars were in the area because i have pictures taken by a hunters cam...and more and more people are getting pictures of these cats too..for those of you that dont believe..well i didnt either until i saw it with my own eyes..and the pictures people are taking here lately are proof...people wonder why no one has killed one..well as soon as they see you they are gone and most people dont go around 24 7 with a they dont try to attack or anything..but they have tried to attack small pets in this area. Cougars dont seem to be afraid of humans..they will walk within 200 ft of they dont even know you are there but you know they do...guess here in eastern ky we have a lot of food for we're not part of the food chain yet.
yes they are here.

Corbin, KY

#34 Jan 10, 2012
Yes they are here. I have seen three in the past 4 years. One was brown and on my back porch in a chair. One was behind my moms in the drive way, it was black. And the last one was down town corbin on the hill by the new bridge on ky st and it was brown. So yes they r here.

Sikeston, MO

#35 Jan 10, 2012
Saw a panther over at 312 bridge,laurel county,not long ago.They are around.I put on internetmy description of animal,panther popped up.

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#36 Jan 15, 2012
wondering wrote:
Do you think there are really cougars/mtn. lions/pumas in KY? Give me your opinion or stories.
Are you looking for the 2 leged kind or the 4 leged kind ??

Richmond, KY

#37 Jan 17, 2012
About 10 yrs ago myself and 2 friends where in my jeep on what i call King's mtn. (you acess it through highland park, willaimsburg) we where idlin along in low range when we spotted something about 40 yrds ahead of us. it was unmistakable a cougar. we contiue to idle along proberly 50 yrs or so and it walked in front of us not knowing we where their till i hit a small hole and my spring skeeked. it turned and looked as leaving the road and went to a clump of bushes and layed in them and watched us. we sat and watched it for about 10 min. it was amazing how well it blended in with the shallows. It's body was about 4 ft long, it's tail was 2.5 to 3 ft. it was a brown, dingey yellowish color, it's face, down the spine of it's back and tail was very dark brown. i would say 140lbs. no b.s., no mistake, and no dought, as to what i seen.

Guston, KY

#38 Jun 5, 2012
I saw a black cougar in my field and I called Kentucky FIsh and Wildlife to report it and the guy told me that we don't have them here. Well, I know what I saw. I hunt and am a counrty girl so whatever buddy. I know what I saw.
ky fan

Maynardville, TN

#39 Jun 6, 2012
My husband put a fence up for a man near Pikeville KY. He gave him a copy of a picture that was taken from one of those auto shoot cameras that hunters put on trees. It appeared to be a yellow blonde cougar dragging a buck deer. My father saw a black panther a few years back in Faber KY. People up 92 east in Mulberry. Have talked for years about the Mulberry black thing. That supposed to be about a black panther.
Blood River Bandit

Chicago, IL

#40 Jun 19, 2012
Kentucky does have cougars/ panthers but the Ky. Dept of Fish & Wildlife will tell you that they don't exist in the state. This is a lie... I seen a cougar in New Concord, Ky. in the daylight hours of the late afternoon & it was running down a doe deer. This past winter Feb. 2012 I captured a pic on my trailcam & I'm certain its a cougar. I sent the pic to the KDFW and guess what... they said its a deer ! lol. No BS here..they don't people to know the truth that these big cats roam or woodsland. I'm telling you Ky. has cougars & I have a pic to prove it.

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