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#81 Jan 19, 2011
coachingDVD, I have to say, that was awesome. You hit it right on the head at every level. Nice job. Can't wait to see the DVD.

Madisonville, KY

#82 Jan 19, 2011
You are very knowledgeable about the sport of basketball. I agree with you 100% and i told a man at Corbin not to worry because when Baker starts coaching, it's all over for WC. I guess Lonnie and the board members wished they had listened to that Lawson woman that had over 3000 signatures to get rid of Baker.
Coaching DVD

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#83 Jan 19, 2011
All jokes aside, I just hate seeing such a talented team lose due to coaching and poor judgement. Baker does not have a clue and everyone knows it. This team should walk through the District period. I also hate the fact that WC has lost so many quality players due to Baker. Something needs to change - Baker needs to GO!

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#84 Jan 19, 2011

Madisonville, KY

#85 Jan 19, 2011
lmfao wrote:
You are very knowledgeable about the sport of basketball. I agree with you 100% and i told a man at Corbin not to worry because when Baker starts coaching, it's all over for WC. I guess Lonnie and the board members wished they had listened to that Lawson woman that had over 3000 signatures to get rid of Baker.
I sure hope those 3000 people get out and vote for a new board member the next time around if there is a person that thinks enough of Whitley County to file for board member. We need board members that will listen to the people that put them in and do something about it. If the present board would have listened to that Lawson woman, we could and would win the REGION for a change. I am a 1974 graduate of Whitley County and a supporter of the players but not the Coach.
Coaching DVD

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#86 Jan 19, 2011
We all support the players, but the coach needs to go. WC has lost too much talent becuase nobody wants to play for him. Ask around - there are several middle school and elementary players that have already said they will either quit or move schools if Baker is still there when they get to high school.

Plus, this year's team even with the players we've lost is still the best in the District and possibly the region. Clay is the only team that comes close. Imagine what Harris, Petrey, Goins, the Butcher brothers and Akins would accomplish with a good coach. Other schools would kill for just two of our players this year. These players deserve better and the upcoming players do too.
Scott P

Madisonville, KY

#87 Jan 20, 2011
Wow!The Central Office is all abuzz about the DVDs.We are calling a special meeting to approve buying these for ALL of our coaches.We will incorporate these into a wonderful PD for all our staff.Larry is already wanting them to go with his dribble drive offense.Delmar and JE have been called already Bobby couldn't be located but this will not hinder us.We talked with Coach Baker last night about watching these on a big screen with his team the next day we are not in school and he said sure PAPA was up to any new learning experience Thank You Mr. Anderson.

Dandridge, TN

#88 Jan 20, 2011
A few thoughts:

I deeply believe in the freedom of speech. Millions of lives have been given to protect this most precious and sacred of rights.

Perhaps more than any other personal right, freedom of speech becomes scarcer as the suffocating hand of authoratory moves each day to silence those brave enough to raise a critical voice. No such concerns reside with the soothing voice of praise since even the most hardened of authorities enjoy the smoothness of lips at their anus.

It is a sad case when, Americans, forget that the seeds of this great nation were planted by open discussion. If this mighty "Oak" that America has become were seeded by "open debate" she has surely been nurtured by the positive rectifying actions yielded from publically expressed thought of the multitudes comprising her population.

The internet is an excellent forum for the cultivation of such expression within the population. What better instrument for teaching the power of word and thought to the masses than through the magic of this powerful forum.

The magic of this forum is not simply its ability to deliver a personal thought to the masses at literally the speed of light. No, the magic lies in the desire this forum has re-ignited in the public to rejoin the in the dialog of daily life ranging from class rooms and football teams to the very sanctity of the creator.

Not unlike other instruments of revolution, caution must be taken with this forum once thought of by most (my self-included) as nothing more than a toy for inconsequential verbal jousting and the passage of idol time.

Indeed, words, delivered, most efficiently, by this amazing forum are delivered in brute force without the lubricating benefit s of facial expression, inflexion of voice, or human context.

Without such softening reinforcement, words are most often interpreted by the human mind in the most negative of ways. It is most unfortunate that we have yet to discover a method of delivering the “word” with the intended emotion whether it is humor, sarcasm or indeed scorn.

My last sentiment regarding the usage of this most powerful forum is accountability. History and personal experience teaches us that words are often sharper and more painful than the slashing of a sword or the blast of the gun. In light of such power, we should all strive to be accountable for the expression of our words and thought. Man has been given no greater means of representing his personal accountability than through the attachment of his signature.

The signature is composed of mere ink and paper, but its meaning stands for one's very identity. I henceforth pledge to 1) render my words to the internet more thoughtfully and 2) tender my electronic signature with complete accountability of my words.

I challenge others to 1) consider the implications and effects of their more carefully and 2) stand with courage behind their words and 3) likewise express the credibility of their words with the attachment of their electronic signature.

Kindest Regards

Johnny Lawson
Chuck Wynn

Mayfield, KY

#89 Jan 20, 2011
Johnny,I have nothing much to do nowadays,so I read whats going on in the community,and nation. I agree with what your thoughts have sometimes been. Some have been funny,some have been intellectually stimulative,some plumb ridiculous!But,I strongly agree with your above comments, ESPECIALLY the one about credibility !!! Although, I don't always agree with your comments, I look forward to your imput on our areas problems and concerns. Keep'em coming so I have something stimulating to ponder!
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#90 Jan 20, 2011
Question from Common Sense

"Has there ever been a coach in the Whitley School system that hasn't screwed one of your kids over. From football, basketball, cheerleading and any other sport your kids have tried to play, you think that they weren't getting a fair shake...

Answer from Johnny Lawson

Yes, my daughter has had excellent cheerleading coaches through out her school days. Karen Paul in elementary did a super job. Jill Bryant did a fantastic job at the middle school. Mrs Black at the high school has done an extra wonderful job. In fact, I would like to especially thank Mrs. Black, her daughter and Jim for doing an outstanding job with Taylor. They have gone the extra mile for Taylor even though Jim and I did not see eye to eye on football when Ed played for him.

Yes, my son had several good coaches during his school days.
1. His grade school basketball coaches did an excellent job. Ed’s team won three straight county championships and several AAU events during that time. I would say that he won approximately 99% of the games he was affiliated with during that time. His coaches, me,Mike Jones, Tommy Greer and Rich Prewitt.

2. His grade school football coaches also did a great. Ed’s team was 1st or 2nd every year that he played. His team won the county championship his 6th grade season. His coaches, me Mike Jones, George Davis, Coach Stewart and Coach Root

3. His middle school did a great job. I would guess that Ed’s teams won about 80% of the games he played in. John Siler, Patrick Bowling, and Brandon Anderson were did a fabulous job and should be the High School Coaches now.

4. Mike Campbell and Coach McKiddy did a great with Ed his freshman year of football.

Jerry Heron and Vaughn Hatcher did a great job with Ed as a junior and senior in high school.

I do not think any of the coaches above would say anything other than “ Johnny was very supportive”. These coaches also did a great job as teachers, mentors and winners. They won 75% or more of their games .

Then came No Coach Guffy with his incompetence, arrogance , border line child abuse and a 12-52 record.

You will find a common theme in my rantings. Whitley County kids are as good as any in the world. As such they deserve the best possible teachers and coaches.

To be the best, you must aim high and most of all Demand the best. Look 12-52 is not even in the shooting range.
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#91 Jan 20, 2011
.Statement by Common Sense:
“ If you are as intelligent as you claim to be, why not use some common sense and stop blaming everyone from Lonnie Anderson, Scott Paul, Cris Baker, Jim Black, David Lennon, Alan Ysidro, and Brian Lawson. The reason for your kids not being picked to play is not because of them......it's because of you. No one wants to put up with you, including your kids!!!!”

Response by John Lawson:
I am going to take the time to respond to each of your questions because 1)I find it entertaining and 2) my actions that you referred to were for the most part correct, justified and in the best interest of the students in Whitley County.

1) I have made zero comments regarding my intelligence. You are simply assuming that I am more intelligent than you are. Thank you for the compliment.

2) I have made no comments regarding my children being picked (whatever picked is). My children have never been cut from any athletic team or squad. My daughter has only participated in cheer leading. My son has always been a both a starter and an outstanding player on every team he has participated on. Outstanding being based on statistics, merit awards, media accounts and accolades from fans

3) A coach’s job is not to put up with me. A coach’s job is a) maintain the best possible players within his program and b) win ball games. Herein lies a big problem with “WHITLEY COUNTY SPORTS” and is a “PRIMARY REASON” Whitley County has underachieved in male sports throughout its history. A player’s parents should not be a contributing factor as to: who is on the team or who is getting playing time. If a coach does not select or choose to play a particular player based his personal feelings towards the player or the players family, that coach is unprofessional and is likely to be a losing coach.

A coach’s job is to maintain/develop the best possible players and to WIN ballgames. Personally, I feel these are the only criteria that should ever be used to evaluated a coach. Of course on the high school level, the coach must also be a competent class room teacher and adhere to school system’s rules of behavior. Many so called coaches are terrible with regard to winning in sport but are quite competent as school teachers. These coaches should give up the whistle and stay in the class room.
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#92 Jan 20, 2011
Statement By Common Sense:

“ If you are as intelligent as you claim to be, why not use some common sense and stop blaming everyone from Lonnie Anderson, Scott Paul, Cris Baker, Jim Black, David Lennon, Alan Ysidro, and Brian Lawson.”

Response by Johnny Lawson:

I have never blamed anyone for anything. I do not acknowledge the concept of “blame”. There is action and reaction. There is effort and result. Blame is abstract and has no physical meaning. For example, I might say the coach did not prepare himself to be a winning coach by studying the game thoroughly (effort), he therefore is not capable of building a winning program (result).

Now that I have cleared the matter of blame, I will be happy to address each of the gentlemen on your list.

1) Lonnie Anderson- In my opinion, Lonnie is a very good man who did an excellent job as superintendent. He has given his life’s service to the Whitley County School System. My family and I have supported him in every election by voting for one of my best lifelong friend’s J. E. Jones. As well as I can remember, I have never had a cross word with Lonnie. As I stated previously, his son Brandon did an absolutely excellent job with my son both on the court and off.

2) Scott Paul- Scott and I have been friends since grade school. We have always gotten along very well He did an excellent job as an assistant principal with another of my good friends Kenny Powell. Scott did an excellent job as Head Principal. Scott fully knows that the Lawson’s will be 100% behind on election day or for that matter anytime we can be of help. You might be surprised to find that Scott is quite affiliated with the family tree that you mention above.

3) Al Yacidro- I do not know Al all that well but I have always liked him. We have never had cross words. I think he was an excellent football coach and that he is an excellent principal. I have always admired Al for his “God Given” ability to both bond and communicate with high school students. He is a great asset to our school system.

4) Chris Baker- I do not know Chris all that well. I do know that he would not allow my son to tryout for the JV team in 2008. This despite the well known fact that my son was clearly one of the top 2 or 3 players in the district (whether he is my son or not, the kid could play). Baker also denied Justin Goins a tryout that year at about the same time. His reasoning may have been due to his feelings towards me.

Whatever the reason, it did cost him several wins and resulted in Whitley having to start 2 or 3 freshmen in varsity ballgames. Considering the fact that my son was a very athletic 6’– 205 lb and was known to be a very skilled player, one would think that a JV tryout would have been encouraged by Baker if he really wanted to win.

In summary, I do not Baker because of his actions toward my son and his similar actions in dealing with some other very good players. Austin Ponder(an athletic specimen) and Zack Powers (best 3 shooter in the district) being two that come to mind. In addition, based on what I have seen out of him, he is not a very good bench coach and therefore does a disservice to Whitley County students.


Johnny Lawson
Coaching DVD

Pikeville, KY

#93 Jan 20, 2011

Good points. Don't forget about players like Jarred Powers, Tyler Sears, Paul Siler, Nathan Cole, James Faulkner, Dalton Sizemore, Derrick Lovitt who went to Williamsburg and about beat WC by himself last year.

Plus, Dakota Nance, Skyller McCully, Sam Walters, and many others. You can't build a program when you lose players like Ponders, Powers, and all the others. Plus, you leave Judd Goins on the bench and take him out for actually hitting 3's - one of these were in the Corbin game that cut Corbin's lead from 10 to 7. Goins would be scoring about 20 a game at any other school and so would Harris and Petrey. WC and its players deserve better.
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#94 Jan 20, 2011
Brain Lawson-

Brian and I are closely related and our families have been close for well over 100 years. He and my son had been raised together. When, I asked Brian if he participated in the vote to throw my son’s belongings out, he said that had voted with Jim to do so. Of course, the situation angered me but it hurt me even more as it still does today. My words to Brian were simple. I told him that my wife had done more for him than anyone on earth other than his mother. I told him that he had no better friends than Ed and myself. I told him that blood was thicker than water and that I hoped he would never have to find that fact out on his own. I also told him that there was no possibility that I would have taken part in the situation if it had been his son. The same holds true today, I would stood by nor condoned the same actions if Brian’s son was involved. That being said, I forgive Brain and hope that someday we can patch things up. Brian if you read this, whether you ever try to make amends with me or not, you should definitely make amends with Barbara and Edd. I think they both deserve some explaining from you.

David Lennon- First of all David Lennon is a radio announcer and school security guard. He is not a coach. David and I were pals for many years. Our sons were good friends as they have probably spent 60 nights of their lives under the same roof. In short David betrayed me and worse he betrayed my son who really thought extremely highly of David. David and I had been trading e-mails regarding Coach Black during the 2007 season. We had differing opinions, but we still had a dialog. When my son transferred to Williamsburg in the spring of 2008, David sent one of emails criticizing Coach Black to the KHSAA in an effort to get my son declared ineligible to participate in high school sports for the 2008-2009 season. Per their written bylaws, the KHSAA initially declared my son ineligible to play while they investigated his case. My son spent 5 months thinking he would not get to play football his senior year. He was literally sick the entire summer. Of course eventually, the KHSAA declared him eligible and found David Lennon to be a busy body. It worked out athletically for my son but David’s betrayal and the worry it caused him are very difficult to forget. Sadly, the most prominent lesson Whitley County sports taught my son is that people that people seeming very close to you will betray you for nothing more than a slap on the back from one of their idols.

There is a theme throughout my story and that of many folks that have gone through the Whitley County School System: Some coach’s will screw your kid over, but such coaches are rarely winners.
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#95 Jan 20, 2011
Common Sense Wrote
“What did your Dad do when he held an administrative position at that school? I don't see his name on a plaque anywhere? The biggest accomplishment your dad is known for is marrying his first cousin. Is that to blame for the way you are? You talking about a fair shake. Shake your family tree and see what you get.
Crawl back to Mudcreek with the rest of your inbred family, for you have no place in society.”
Johnny Lawson Responded
The comment about my dad and the school system is very telling of your very apparent lack of intelligence. My father is much eloquent to participate in this kind of gossipy correspondence. If everyone in the world had the character that my father has demonstrated throughout his lifetime both the world and the Whitley County School System would be far better off. I doubt anyone been more dedicated or has taken greater pride in the Whitley County School System than my father.
Well, my mom and dad are third cousins, not 1st. Like most great studs, I suppose I am somewhat of a pure breed. Thank you for the compliment.
The Lawson family tree may not have many branches, but I promise you, it is one the tallest trees in Whitley County. You will find that a handful of families (Lawson’s, Moses, Andersons, Prewitts, Silers, Taylor, Bryant) make up over 80 % of the Whitley County population). If you are from Whitley County the odds are extremely good that you are related to one or more of these families (most likely two or three of them). There are other family names, but you find most other names are married into this handful. You really do not want to piss either of these families off if you are business, politics or plan on maintaining employment in Whitley County. When pissed off these folks stick like together like glue and can be very vindictive.
Why don’t you shake my family tree and see what you get. It might be a nest of hornets. Indeed, Mud Creek would be a great place to initiate your adventure. Try and see.
Society, howl, heee-hawwww. You need a wakeup call my friend. We are all living in the dugout coal fields of Eastern Kentucky. Sociologists, geneticists and archaeologists continue to spend their lifetimes trying to figure out our society. Hell, every year new documentaries and new 10,000 page academic volumes are developed about our unique and enduring form of northern European culture. We are yet to be figured out. You are no doubt tripping, dead cold stoned or just plain stupid. Society, howl, hee-hawwwww.


Johnny Lawson
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#96 Jan 20, 2011
By the way, did I mention that I suffer from a rather severe case of OCD. My primary symptom is the compulsion to continuously read or write.

My secondary symptom involves anti-social behavior and the compulsion to defend my family and myself. This often involves obsessive thoughts of justified violence and mayhem. Justification in my case is totally subjective to my mood which swings radically day by day (sometimes hour by hour). Ask around!!! Its true!!!

I thought this help you maintain your "common sense".
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#97 Jan 20, 2011
Oh yes, I flibbed a little in the previous post.

Please forgive me.

My mood is actually controlled by popular vote amonst the ten voices in my head. Six of which are currently compelling me to forgive you for saying what you said about my father without any provocation.

Two others are suggesting that I tell you to "kiss my inbred ass".

The two remainders have decided to abstain from voting until I stop pleasuring myself while fantacising about kicking your ass.


Johnny Lawson
To Common Sense

Dandridge, TN

#98 Jan 20, 2011
S To Common Sense
Knoxville,.Sense Stated:
“ If you are as intelligent as you claim to be, why not use some common sense and stop blaming everyone from ……….., Jim Black, David Lennon,, and Brian Lawson.”

Response from Johnny Lawson:
Jim, David and Brian, well these fellows have all crossed my path but not necessarily in the manner that most people would think.

Jim Black-
I think Jim is a good man. I think he works really hard at what does and I think he genuinely likes kids. I am still undecided as to whether he is a good football coach or not. His first two years at Whitley he should have won 14 ballgames with the talent he had. He went 4-17 trying to run a bazar offensive scheme that produced more turnovers than touchdowns. After his most embarrassing loss, a 36-6 thumping from a Lynn Camp team that was beaten soundly by a mediocre Williamsburg team the following week , I decided that despite the fact that I liked him personally I could no longer support him as the football coach. Of course my calling for a new coach led to some ill feelings between Jim and myself. Truthfully, however that was not the actual basis of my worst feelings as I will discuss below.

Before going any further, Jim did eventually wake up to the fact that Whitley is a power football team (as myself and others had screamed for two years) consequently he did win 13 games along with Whitley’s only regional title in 2008. I certainly congratulate him on his realization.

The real point of contention that I had with Jim, involved his treatment of my son following the 2007 season.. My son had been a two year starter, an all conference player, an all district player, lead the district in interceptions (I think he set a single season record that year) and would have been the leading returning tackler. In short my son was a good player and had put a lot of effort into playing for Jim. Despite the fact that he was a good player, Jim took all of my son’s personal items from his locker, placed them in a garbage bag and tossed them outside the locker room. He did all this without a word to my son. He sent another student to tell my son to come pickup his garbage .
The garbage theme continued for a while. As I inquired about was going on, I was informed that Jim and his assistants had taken a vote on whether to kick my son off the team or not. When I inquired of one of his assistants Coach Davis (not George the younger one) as whether or not this story was true, Coach Davis told me that the team obvious need to clean up some garbage and that my son was a good place to start.

Well obviously, the whole matter really angered me and ultimately I moved my son to another school. I think 99% of the parents in the world that care about their children would have felt the same

Ripley, TN

#99 Jan 20, 2011
Answered wrote:
I guess Coach Evans had no talant when Matt Anderson and Micheal Petry were seniors and only finsihed 13-13 when they were picked to win the district and rated #1 in the region. If you think coaching has nothing to do with a team then you are dumber than your posts. I have yet in over 40 years of watching high school basketball, see a coach make a basket, pass, assist or a turnover. Coaches can only put kids in situations to succed the rest on them.
Of course the alternative to elevate a middle school coach who only coached so his son could play, or a coach who gave a play book to an opponent...of maybe a elementary school coach, as we all know that is where all the coaching talant is....
Baker won a Breathitt, and Green County his prior coaching stops, an now he is at his almater where he is continuing to ressurrect a program which has not had a district championship since 1981.....Get serious, when you undermine the coach you are undermining the team as kids hear this stuff. Face each time the haters post something it is shot down with facts, not BS hater stuff.
Ain't this post the truth! It's a joke listening to the former "coaches" (dads that played their sons) ramble on.

Ripley, TN

#100 Jan 20, 2011
sad wrote:
WC's players are better than this and deserve better than Baker. WC has simply been out coached the past two losses. This team has enough talent to accomplish some amazing things this year, if Baker would just leave.
He does not have a clue on how to play to this team's strenghts and he for sure does not understand momentum or transition basketball. Keep your heads up players, because you are way better than what Baker allows you to show on the floor.
It's time for WC to hire someone who has actually made a team before and played in a game. You wouldn't hire a flight instructor who has never flown before to teach pilots how to fly - so why hire a coach that has never played the game before to teach these young men how to play basketball?
If the boys need to be "taught" how to play ball in high school, they are destined to lose anyway.

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