Tax plan helps homeowners, would hurt...

Tax plan helps homeowners, would hurt some businesses

There are 163 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Nov 18, 2007, titled Tax plan helps homeowners, would hurt some businesses. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Businesses in three of five metro-area counties would pay more property taxes under Gov.

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United States

#1 Nov 18, 2007
Halt giving property tax abatements to bsinesses!
Dennis_Daviess Co

United States

#2 Nov 18, 2007
The way this is going there is going to be a lot more losing their office because they just can't get the concept of cutting spending. The only thing they know is spend spend spend. They have been feeding high on the the hog for so long that having to cut spending is just not in their book. Well they better learn what it is like because if they don't we can always put different people in there that can. Read our lips. CUT SPENDING and get out of the taxpayers pockets. It's that simple. Cut the fat and special interest lobbyist out of the picture and it is possible. They also need to cut their pay raises and let the people decide if and when they need a raise. They do work for us you know. It is not the other way around. Also local spending can be cut too. It seems like here in Daviess Co. there is more chiefs than there is Indians that really do the work on jobs that I have watched being done by the city of Washington. And everybody and their brother driving a county or city truck around just wasting gas. And driving them home and back. They could cut a lot of that by driving their own cars. Gas cost too much today for the taxpayers to be paying to haul them back and forth to work. I could set here and name all kinds of places that local spending could be cut, but it would take up too much space. So learn the concept of cutting spending or we will replace you and put people in office that will.

Panama City, FL

#3 Nov 18, 2007
Hmmm lets see.

Daniels plan= Property taxes cut by one third

Kenley's plan= Property taxes cut by one half

Both proposals are almost identical, so how could Daniels be better?

I say lets mix and match some of both plans with us getting property taxes cut in half. But better yet lets cut the unnecessary spending and eliminate (sp) our bloated government.

United States

#4 Nov 18, 2007
I think that the analysis behind this article is very flawed. What is wrong with the concept that whomever is using services(ie: police, fire, schools, facilities upkeep, library, and poor relief) should be paying for those services. AS of now a minority of taxpayers(homeowners) are providing for these services. This is onerous and very unfair.!!! It is time to change to a consumption tax to support our services and state.
Good Republican

United States

#5 Nov 18, 2007
Bait and switch, you pay property tax or you pay sales tax or you pay income tax all the same taxes. daniels plan sucks, the taxes are going to remain the same or higher. No vote for daniels, send him and his rich buddies on down the road.
jilly bean

Clayton, IN

#6 Nov 18, 2007
So businesses pay higher taxes. Gee, d'ya think they might increase the prices of their goods and services to cover the additional taxes? So in the long run, who pays more? Bend over.

Since: Dec 06


#7 Nov 18, 2007
"For Marion County, we used Daniels' revised 2006 tax rates in a formula with 2006 assessment data, not 2007"

But 2007 assessment is coming soon so there will not be a 33 % savings. If you assessment goes up 50% or 100%, from the 2006 assessment, you will still be paying the whole one percent cap.
Mine will cap out at 1% anyway you look at it plus I will be paying the one percent sales tax plus if they raise the county income tax. How they say we will be paying less is beyond my thinking unless there is a big increase in the homestead deduction.

Since: Dec 06


#8 Nov 18, 2007
"Subjecting all significant local construction projects to a public referendum."

This is a must pass and it would put the subject of spending in the public's hands. That is if the people took the time to get out the vote.

No more 14 million swimming pools for schoold and no more big stadiums for the millionaires.
Time will tell

Euclid, OH

#9 Nov 18, 2007
I too believe we need to look at down sizing government. Stop some of the waistful government welfare programs. Stop supporting special groups. If politicians want to stay in office next ellection, someone better have better ideas that do not include raising one tax to off set the loose of property tax without first cutting expenses. And cutting expense means ending political appointment for the sake of repayment of support, ending or limiting abaitments, making people do there jobs and not have "extra" staff around just for the "in case" we need them. Heads up Gov, we the people are finially awake and are finished being walked on.

Newport, KY

#10 Nov 18, 2007
Indiana! Land of Taxes

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Nov 18, 2007

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Nov 18, 2007
Good Republican wrote:
Bait and switch, you pay property tax or you pay sales tax or you pay income tax all the same taxes. daniels plan sucks, the taxes are going to remain the same or higher. No vote for daniels, send him and his rich buddies on down the road.
This is true. However, you now have a choice to pay taxes. They more you buy the more you pay. However, this is why the country needs to get behind the 'Fair Tax' plan that is starting to heat up. No property taxes, no income taxes. That's a lot more purchasing or investing money in your pocket...but YOU choose.
Rishawn knows zero

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Nov 18, 2007
Halt wrote:
Halt giving property tax abatements to bsinesses!
This won't happen. Corporations run the world especially this country. Some call it captialism others call greed run amuck. Corporate talk radio is everywhere and trying to dismantle things like education for profit motives. Speedway has NO property tax problems. Maybe we need to look at how they do it. Plus all of their fine public schools aren't falling apart and have air conditioining. Big money will always win and will lie to make you believe that the problems lie elsewhere, eg. unions, poor people,commies,television, immigrants etc. Get smart.

United States

#15 Nov 18, 2007
jilly bean wrote:
So businesses pay higher taxes. Gee, d'ya think they might increase the prices of their goods and services to cover the additional taxes? So in the long run, who pays more? Bend over.
Bingo. That is EXACTLY what I will have to do in my business and I suspect that I will not be the only one. The amount that business owners pay in property tax is outrageous, despite what some individuals might think. If Daniels has favored businesses with property tax breaks, he skipped over mine.

The big picture is that he and other lawmakers just do not "get it". I have yet to hear just one of them utter the words "we need to cut spending". It's their wasteful spending and PORK that has caused this hemorrhaging of our money. None of us, whether a business owner or not, will ever be able to get ahead if politicians refuse to STOP WAISTING OUR MONEY.

I'm done with Daniels. He is a buffoon. The "Blade" my A$$! The amount of palm greasing and campaign contribution favor returning that is going on is sickening. Most of it blatant and the average Hoosier is either too busy, unaware or complacent to do anything about it. Our money is being funneled back into an elite circle in the form of paybacks for campaign support. If anyone cares I will provide the latest money trail and cash funneling amongst the circle of elitists.

Columbus, OH

#16 Nov 18, 2007
Time will tell wrote: stay in office next ellection...

...limiting abaitments...

...making people do there jobs...

...stop some of the waistful government...
Yeah, darnit! Stop some of that wasteful government education. Who needs it?
Carl Hoffman

New Albany, IN

#17 Nov 18, 2007
Do away with the property taxes for everyone and allow people to own property, business or othewise period. Cut spending and raise the sales tax.Tax real eastate when it is sold and value is known. Fail to cut it completely will see the elected again revisit it and raise the assessments to meet their needs to spend. Do completely away with it and taxes saved by owners will be spent in some form and boost sales tax income. We the people have the means to make it happen we need to be out in force come election time.
Carl Hoffman

New Albany, IN

#18 Nov 18, 2007
We can and must also look at the huge increase we have in welfare. I once worked in FSSA and the faud was out of sight. We need to find ways to spend less and get more for what is spent. Elected officials will find a way to spend every dollar that we allow them to take and ask for more. Tell them to do away with property taxes for everyone, business or personal and everyone wil have more to spend. Sales taxes are fair and we as citizens can and will decide what to purchase and when. Let the elected find ways to cut cost or toss them all out come election time

Independence, KY

#19 Nov 18, 2007
Last time the sales tax was raised it was to keep property taxes down.
It obvously didn't work then, why the Hell should I believe "My" man Mitch that it will work this time?
This is just a shuffling of taxes. It won't save homeowners one red cent. I think it will cost me more. Mitch is an idiot.
Ed Godard

United States

#20 Nov 18, 2007
Daniels shows his commitment to big government. Shifting the bill solves nothing. Cutting the size, scope, and cost of government is the only solution, and apparently Daniels will have nothing to do with it. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Indianapolis, IN

#21 Nov 18, 2007
If this isn't the biggest bunch of bull, Star never told you how much of a waste of the many layers of Indiana Government spends.

What were they spending before the big increase in 2003 and now in 2007, it called we got the money coming darlin & we can spend it anyway we want (look at the schools & sports stadiums being built)

Whether its not the mayor or the govenors fault for these high property taxes, I do not care, I am paying you to run this state, city etc & if you can't do it get out & let us elect someone who can get the job done. Politicians seem to always have a way of getting things done when they want.

At least with Daniels plan he seems to be trying to do something (one saving his job) to help get these outrageous property taxes in line, We have to have the right to live in our homes without fear on someone knocking on the door, even though it is our home & saying leave because the taxes on the home we live are so high we cannot pay them.

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