McNoShame, wifey dumping for heiress billionaire.
7 or 9 homes, 13 cars,$500 shoes, ACORN / AYERS / REV Connections small potatoes
as the world's economy tanks. Wakey wakey.

Desperation - those RC celtics who were whipped
like dogs are so perverted that they wish to whip
others till the bitter end. Holy Mary mother of
one who killed himself for all of us. The Saviour
left us a mixed up humanity.

Erratic loose cannon souls birds of a feather
is this Palin McInsane team. Were the sheep to
bleat them home I see the USA being really in
the toilet, done, finished. Only way out would
be to A-bomb someone.

The boogy man scares the crap out of rooted in
the past whiteys. The stuck on Israeli bent
fear the billions to shore up the occupier
statlet will be impacted with an Obama win.

A fixit pair for an e pluribus unum future