Ordered 12 Laboratory Training Videos series. Videos were obsolete, up to 17 years old and not fit for business use. Vendor refused refund/replace.
Located this vendor via internet search at http://www.la btrainingvi…. Website promotes Laboratory Technical Training Video series of 12 videos for $144 each or the entire package for $1728 ($1913 including tax and shipping).
The primary Capital Communications contact identified himself as "Jim Springer." After inquiry, vendor did not allow preview of the videos due to "piracy risk" but did provide a demo video via U.S. mail that showed a few clips from the video series. Upon the review of the demo, the decision was made to purchase the complete series as part of a company lab training program.
Received the complete lab video series in Early August 2012. Upon review of the videos by laboratory professionals, it was determined that the videos were outdated, and demonstrated a number of techniques that are obsolete or simply incorrect. Therefore, the video series was unusable. There are no copyright dates for the videos on the website or the product itself. Jim Springer was contacted about the obsolete content in the videos. He claimed that the videos were up to 17 years old and were filmed beginning in 1995. Upon informing Jim Springer that the video series was unacceptable, he refused to provide a refund, replacement or concession of any sort, and kept the entire amount of money.