KIRBY VACUUMS SCAMS-ACE company in mu...

Los Angeles, CA

#309 Oct 6, 2012
I was interviewed today and later was told that i was hired and needed to come to orientation on wednsday. i have been reading all the comments and it seems like they are bad people i need a job ive been unemployed since august this year and im desperate. my wife might be pregnant and i dont want to waste my time with these people if theyre no good can anyone give any info on this place is it legit. i would really appreciate it my email is please let me know any info please
Mishell Robinson

Oceanside, CA

#311 Oct 8, 2012
shawn bernard wrote:
<quoted text> hi im due for an orientation next thursday. They advertise and even told me at that they pay 1800 dollars a month. And its not based on sales. Is that true? Is base pay really 1800 regardless if u sell or not. Dont want to waste my time and money. Ur help would be really appreciated.
I was hired and due for orientation on wed. as well. I was also told that I would receive 1800 dollars a month base pay, plus bonuses. I would really like to know if this is true too. Thank you.
The Kirby Company

Cleveland, OH

#312 Oct 12, 2012
Hi Diago and Mishell. The Kirby Company is the manufacturer of the Kirby cleaning system and related products. Kirby sells these products to authorized distributors, who are independently owned and operated direct sales companies. Salespeople affiliated with independent distributors of Kirby products sell the Kirby home cleaning systems to consumers through in-home demonstrations. The salespeople, or dealers as they are known, have the flexibility to create their own schedules and to decide how much and how often they work. The more they demonstrate and/or sell, the more they make. Check out to learn more.
New DT

Dousman, WI

#313 Oct 25, 2012
kirby the sweat shop wrote:
Kirby is **** worthless as a job. First of all the ad in the newspaper said equipment assembly inc. not Kirby vacuums not even Riverland Development which is their name on the outside of their building. So I show up and saw where it was in a tiny building I thought I was in the wrong place I was just a college kid looking for a summer job in a factory, so I go in and they tell me that Iím at the right place and when I try asking what the job is the woman their just gives me a paper to fill out. So I feel it out still having no clue what the job is and then the guy who owns the company who is what they call a ďdealerĒ takes me to his office and just talks the entire time. He doesnít tell me what the job is or ask me any real questions besides stuff do you like making money and do you like working when you want to, hmmmÖ no ******* I like working Iíll do it for freeÖ stupid ****! Now thatís what I wanted to say but of course I didnít because my parents raised me right and I was respecting this man who if I would of know what he was really doing at the time I would of just left. So the interview gets over and he says Iíll give you a call tonight around 7 and let you know if you get the job or not. Well 7 comes around and their where a lot of names on the list when I signed in so I think, ok their where a lot of people he has to call so ill give him an hour before I go out and start my night. He doesnít call so I figure ok I didnít get the job so I go out and at 10 my phone rings it him and he tells me that heís sorry that he called me so late he just had to call a bunch of the other people on the list before he go to my name and that there is a three day training pried before we start and he tell me when and he says ok Iíll see you then and hangs upÖ before I can ask him what the job is. Are you seeing a pattern her? Now you would think that you would call the people that you are going to hire first but I guess not maybe thatís just me. So I show up and theirs about 15 other people there and the room is just empty besides chairs and some posters and some stuff in one corner. There is nothing that says Kirby anywhere! Then the guy comes in and just talks to us for about 2 hrs before he even starts to hint of what the job is. Once he does bring the vacuum out one guy just gets up and walks out he was an older manÖ a smarter man. Even once he does bring out the vacuum he doesnít even touch it for the entire time it just sets there. We were in their for 8 hrs. the rest of the time he just talks to us about how much money we can make,[which is the biggest part of this ****ing scam] and tells us about the trips we can go on. If you have kids or are young enough to remember school fundraisers, this is what I compare Kirby to. They get you so hipped up on all this money we can make and all these trips you can go on you forget what you here for. I was there for a summer job to make money I completely forgot that. Well this gets me and most of the rest of the people to come back the next day. Day two comes around and the entire time it is one big demo. We the apparent feature salesmen of this product still donít touch it, and there is only one day left. But by the end of this guys demo I was ready to sell my sole for this thing because he is that good; he is that good of a scam artist. So day three gets here and we mess with it do a demo blah blah blah and then at the end he tells us that we have to do at least 5 demos before we can start on Monday and tell us we should do them with people we are conferrable with like friends and family. Pretty people that will want to give us a chance and encourage us so they buy one just to boost our confidence even if they canít really afford it.
I worked for riverland development for 3 years. Made $1000 every week. Went on 7 vacations. And now run my own distributorship in Baraboo WI
kirby lover

Walnut, CA

#314 Oct 31, 2012
lol Thats because you never met me doris i encourge you to call them specially with someone like you is rude and discourging. Because they dont anything but ask you to leave =) and Doris its not tresspassing because you "invited" us in this is why people hate on us because people dont have there facts straight. free country your right free opinion oh well to each there own

United States

#315 Nov 10, 2012
Tha people are Tha scam.. true its free but wen they get n ur house they'll do anything 2 sell that 2000$ vacuum my Hoover is just as good.. I'll never work for them again.. no1 wants a 2000$ vacuum. If I was a millionaire, still wouldn't want it

Lake Elsinore, CA

#317 Nov 13, 2012
amanda wrote:
when i got the job for kirby the lady who interviewed me made it sound GREAT!$18 an hour, paid vacations and not to mention durring training we were told we would make at least 1800 a month, but the second they took us in the van out to camp penelton (note theyve gotten in trouble many times for trying to sell kirbys out there in the first place)it started raining!! and the person that dropped us off wouldnt pick us up till we made a sale, i could not stop crying!we stayed out there all day long, worst experience everr do not work for mr. cooper! all he cares about is ripping people off not his employees.
did they have an ad on craiglist and asked you to be a customer service rep?

Lake Elsinore, CA

#318 Nov 13, 2012
ok so i just got hired by a company called qcis are they kirby in disguise? The ad on craiglist said they needed customer service reps and i'd be a receptionist and i don't want to be in a van selling vacuums!!!!
sneaky snakes

Canoga Park, CA

#319 Nov 30, 2012
I'm the owner of Kal-care. I am a millionaire. I use people. I have no shame. God forgives.

Oceanside, CA

#320 Dec 17, 2012
I was scammed by a rep who works with this company and out of the Murieta office. He took our down payment and put it in his pocket and we started getting calls from the finance company after he never turned it in, he also brought a demo Kirby that we were NEVER supposed to get and gave us our cleaner in a coffee-mate bottle saying he had to keep the Kirby bottles etc! It was shady from the get go and I told him for almost a month that I did not want this Kirby. After finally calling and getting the main guy at this office he offered a brand new Kirby and when the lady brought it she told us that after all of the trouble we had she would just get out of it! She took it back and we are waiting on our refund check for the money we gave this shady rep as a down payment that he obviously spent! This place should not represent Kirby and it is sad how they do business!!! I see so many people on here who say they are needing work and didn't get a job due to this email me if you really want to work!!! !!

Westlake Village, CA

#321 Jan 26, 2013
I have a friend who applied for this job, and everyday it was more and more of a nightmare! First they say you are not selling, you a merely demonstrating the product to "warm" customers who are already interested in purchasing this "cleaning system". They ask you to "practice" the demonstration on your friends and family. Later, they want you to sell to family and friends and get 10 names and numbers from each of them! What happened to the leads they said got every week from "warm" customers?! Next, they have you selling door to door! When my friend finally quit he requested to be paid for the training. They lied! The training is not paid like they promised. These people should be Slapped, Tarred and Feathered for scamming people who are desperately looking for employment! Mr Ellis and his gang are full of shit!!!

Long Beach, CA

#322 Feb 6, 2013
I just started to work at the murrieta one recently. and yes the base pay is 1800 but they tell you at the beginning that this is not a door to door job. then you come to find out that your knocking door to door and you setting your own appointments and your doing the demos and i worked there a whole week without getting on damn demo cause everyone knows what shady lie they are committing. If you ask a lot of "negative" questions during the orientation then guess what? you wont be coming back and they will give you a hundred bucks for working Ur ass off during orientation. This is a scam and the only people who work there are previous criminals and sluts(you work 14 hour days and 6 days a week,you have no life whats so ever besides work food and sleep, so a lot of the people working here tend to have sex with each other. hence the slut comment and young people who have no morals whats so ever. I have never seen any worse group of people in my life. I am only there because i need the money. and I have doubts about the 1800 a month guarantee but i am sticking it out so i can pay bills and in the meantime looking for work that i desperately need.
If you were to buy this machine.....its really easy to get them to lower the price. they get them for 500 and its worth 1390 but they sell it for 3400. What bullshit.
candace pena

Honolulu, HI

#323 Feb 15, 2013
I went to there orientation on thursday feb.14th the guy Mr. Ellis is full of shit nothing he said made sense the people in orientation did not understand what he was talking about. The base pay is not 1800 dollars a month its 150 dollars a week if you dont make sales. This was a wast of time. They want you to get your friends and family to buy this vacume. When i went to the interview the lady Mia said you will be doing appoitment setting what a bunch a bullshit this company is a scam the blake guy Ellis full of shit. Good luck if you go to this orientation. QCSI SCAM
previously scammed

Perris, CA

#324 Feb 22, 2013
I went to orientation 8 hours for three days and wwnt to first actual "work day" i got dragged in a van to chula vista(border of mexico) with an asian lady who cant even drive! Never been soo scared in my life!!! All of these negative testomonials on here are true!!! Mr ellis the black trainer dude really sucks u in but dont let it get to u! I even sold a kirby to my family in a demo 24 hours of training and a 14 hour work day with no pay!!!! Cooper, ellis, all of them are huge scammers and i honestly dont know how they sleep at night. I calculated how much you supposedly make... 14 hour days 6 days a week 1800 dollars you are making about 5.50 an hour. Better off working ANY fast food job. You are videotaped the whole time you are in "orientation/training " i got out of there asap was not home until almost 2am absolutely no pay. Please dont be fooled by these peoples lies!!! You are better than that i promise take it from someone who already went through it!

Lithonia, GA

#325 Feb 23, 2013
I bought a brand new Kirby online used about 7 years ago it was a sentra one or something like that. It was 1000 dollars. It was nice but the transmission on it was starting to lose power. Anyway I had some Kirby people come in. They saw it and asked where I got it. I was honest. I saw the new sentra two. They sold it to me and gave me 1000 off on the new one and another 350 for some canned food and coats to donate to some boys and girls shelter. I found that since I bought it new it came with an unlimited lifetime warranty that passes on to my children. Just some kind of 70 dollar factory handling charge. Apparently the sentra one had that too but since I bought it used it didn't transfer because im not family. But the warranty impresses Me. Definitely I'm only buying new Kirby products now.

Charlotte, NC

#326 Mar 16, 2013
Dysonfan wrote:
Let kirby saales man in my home a long time ago...would NOT leave. He called his boss(on my phone-which I put on speaker!)and boss starts telling the dude basically not to leave til I buy one...then starts insulting ME!!!...Dude wouldn't leave no matter what I said!...Finally told him if he wasn't out of my house in TWO minutes, I was calling the police and having him arrested for tresspassing!...He went out the door crying about how he ws going to loose his job..blah blah...and it was ALL MY FAULT for not buying this dumb ,over priced vacumm!...
KIRBY pushes too hard!
Buy a Dyson.It works. Period. No hassles!!!P.s. I bought mine @ bed/bath/beyond cuz they will take it back if I am EVER unhappy with it!!!-supposedly no time limit!
I will agree wit most posts I am a current independent kirby distributor in oregon but that dyson comment come on ppl have some common sense flip ur dyson over and reply to me where the dirt is supposed to go if it has a ball even better all plastic vacs are designed the exactly the same

Lahaina, HI

#327 Mar 18, 2013
Yeah your a low life scam artist who earns money my duping folks on lies. I had you guys at my house and had to make you leave at gun point. Total Trash. Sat outside my house smoking weed until their Van an hour later came to pick them up.

Broken Arrow, OK

#328 Mar 24, 2013
After reading the post from the Kirby Guy that ironically posted under the name "Lame" referring to the complaints here, but after reading his post obviously refers to himself I'm glad I said no to the guy that showed up around 8pm asking if I wanted a free carpet cleaning. I told him no because my friend was sick and in bed, he still persisted. Just based on the post from Das Lame Kirby Guy and the pushiness of the guy tonight I will stick with my current carpet care methods. Thanks.
As for my favorite part of the post:
Lame wrote:
Oh and the guy was saying he made 1800.00 in a week me and my sister make 2200 plus in a week and get free paid vactions and my sister currently lives in hawii and makes more then 2200 a week .. id like 2 see u all do that in a week not a month a week...
First of all money isn't everything. Secondly I pull in close to that much weekly and I get vacations, great insurance and various other perks from our clients in the form of thank you gifts. Best part is I don't have to scam, sweet talk, pressure or be at all dishonest to do it.

Winchester, CA

#329 Apr 11, 2013
OMG i literally almost got into a fist fight with this idiotic blob that kept pushing me to come into my house and sale me a vacuum and i said no so many times she even offered to wash my dishes! and split $50 dollars that she would make just by letting her come into my house and plugging in the vaccume. obviously she had other people with her waiting out in a van, thinking that she was going to come in my house and spend hours trying to sell a vaccum that sucks. I finally closed the door on her after telling her no many times and she stayed outside yelling that she needed the flyer she handed to me, I finally opened the door again and walked outside and told her she could not go around to peoples home and try selling items that no one wants. I told her that if she didn't leave I Was going to call the number on the flyer and she replied go ahead I will be the one answering the phone anyways. This upset me so much that I looked up the phone number on the web and wanted evryone out there to know about these weired people trying to sell kirbys. Please do not open the door for them they will never leave and they will ripp you off.
to do the dirty work like coming into your home and was going to call the number on the flyer and she told me to go ahead because she was going to answer it anyways i wanted to slap her so bad. These people are nothing but big time scammers that want to come in your house scope out what you have and come back later and rob you. So do yourself a favor and don't even bother giving them the time of day even if it is a cute young teen ager.

Woodland, CA

#330 Apr 13, 2013
I just had a creepy white van circle my neighborhood, see me, and drop 2 young girls off right in front of my house. The girls seemed nice enough until I did not want the "free demo so they could go to cancun". The remained nice but very pushy. I asked if I could keeo the flyer and they said no, they needed it back. Wierdest thing I have seen in a while.

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