Riot At Euclid High School

Riot At Euclid High School

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United States

#1 May 30, 2008
How is it that 500 students riot at Euclid High last night before prom and it doesnt make the papers.

Whats worse is the ignorance. Ignorant people go to thier school parking lot before prom in order to line up and show off thier ghetto outfits.
Euclid mom

Cleveland, OH

#2 May 30, 2008
At least my "ghetto" children can spell "their" correctly. I won't even go into the fact that they aren't bigots!
Euclid Resident

North Royalton, OH

#3 May 30, 2008
This riot and what I heard about the current state of the Euclid School System are exactly why my children live with their father in N.Olmsted. The system is not providing an education. I am not prejudice because I was a foster child with 62 brothers and sisters of every race. But I have heard that most of the white children left the prom early due to the music being played. Prom is for everyone not just one race. Share in what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life.
white guy from euclid

United States

#4 May 31, 2008
what is wrong with people blacks white just grow up life is not about a rap video close euclid high school and let the kids get a below par education some were else. the break down of the family unit is most of the problam

Vermilion, OH

#5 May 31, 2008
The locusts have come to Euclid, locust's will strip a city of its resources, lower property values and raise the foreclosure's. I only hope they dont come to Lake County. Euclid is a lost cause.
What to do

Vermilion, OH

#6 Jun 1, 2008
Euclid Beach Park, Euclid Square Mall. Euclid is the fallout of Collinwood and will soon be slum property. What do do, keep moving east.
Beach Clubster


#7 Jun 2, 2008
Being a 2007 Alumnus of Euclid High School, and a resident of Euclid, I am extremely disappointed in what Euclid High School has turned in to. From 2003-2007, that high school alone has made a huge dive for the worst!
Lucky for me, I live in one of Euclid's gorgeous lakefront neighborhoods. One of the few prosperous neighborhoods in Euclid, and I certainly hope, that Euclid does not turn into a ghetto cesspool of destroyed houses and careless citizens. That's what we're turning into, and somebody better be stepping up to the plate to stop this insanity! FOR A GEORGEOUS LAKEFRONT SUBURB, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!
Thank God that it hasn't reached the lakefront (except for those high-rise apartments) or anywhere near the Euclid-Willowick, Euclid-Richmond Hts., or Eucld-Wickliffe borders.
Anyway, on the topic of the brawl for that prom at Euclid High School. Do the people, who are the catalysts behind these fights have nothing better to do than start fights like this? Why not save the fight for another place other than the front yard of a high school. Are they purposely trying to destroy Euclid?
Come on, people! Get real! If you're moving into Euclid, are you moving in to destroy it? Or to live in it?
sick and tired

San Jose, CA

#8 Jun 16, 2008
I lived in euclid almost my whole life and the ghettoness runs deep. it is mostly the parents that encourage ignorant, arrogant, filthy behavior. We may not be able to own pitbulls because of the ignorant street thugs who the police do nothing about. Yes this is a slum, i carry a gun everywere I go cus every lil punk on the street has one. I have never met a more prejudice race in my life. I am hated by everyone in my neighborhood cus i'm not a wanna be thug who sells drugs and drinks 40 oz's, and I was here first, lol its a lost cause that guy was right, and the funny thing is that they strive to be ghetto, i mean this is euclid not east cleveland, but i guess it is now...
Beach Clubster


#9 Jun 26, 2008
It is true, isn't it sad that only 10 years ago, Euclid was a proud city to live in, and it took less than 10 years for such an element to come in to Euclid to destroy everything in their path.

They DO srive to be ghetto. It's funny how these ignorant people work. They move here from East Cleveland. They were afraid to stand up for theirselves in East Cleveland, and now they move to Euclid and they think they run the show.

It is disappointing! I would be DAMNED if I have to leave my georgeous lakefront neighborhood if Euclid dipps deeper into the ghetto abyss! There better be some private beach access in Lake County!
Beach Clubster


#10 Jun 26, 2008
PS: Pardon my improper grammar: In first line of the second paragraph, I meant "strive" not "srive."
euclid graduate 1980

Cleveland, OH

#11 Jul 5, 2008
Way to go, you trashed another City!!!!
Beach Clubster


#12 Aug 5, 2008
To you, who say that "Euclid is a lost cause." I've got something to say.

That is, if you stick to certain parts of Euclid (e.g. the lakefront, or the Chardon Rd. area), Euclid isn't really that bad. Every city has it's grey areas.

I go to college in Painesville, and I've seen Painesville's ghetto, and I'll have to say that Painesville's ghetto is worse than Euclid's. Why are you gonna say that Euclid's ghetto when Painesville is in some cases worse than Euclid?

What's the matter? Are you too narrow-minded to figure it out? Lake County is no different!
euclid loss

Orlando, FL

#13 Jan 1, 2009
i grew up in euclid for 26 yrs since i moved out of 1991 there was blast life in euclid and it was beautiful county and clean then years coming later the blacks moved to euclid to destroy the place the stores are closing as euclid square mall ,super k-mart , industries too why they robbing , stealing and destroying what wrong with blacks they are acting like a apes who like to destroy euclid who carry genes from collinwood and east cleveland nobody stopped blacks cuz they are scared and left from blacks destroyed their lives and city of euclid i missed city of euclid and old friends too
Beach Clubster


#14 Jan 1, 2009
Don't lose faith in Euclid. In fact, the downtown area of Euclid (along Lakeshore Blvd.; between E. 218 Street and E. 232 Street) is actually getting better. Businesses are moving in, the facade of the shopping centers will be refurbished. It won't be long.

The problem was the economy between the Bush years. Did you see what happened to Cleveland between 2001-2008? Starting with the steel mill? Several industrial titans shut down, and many are suffering. Because Bush never paid much mind to urban industrial giants along the Western Reserve (Cleveland, Youngstown, Cincinnati, and Detroit). I'm sure, that with the presidency of Barack Obama, it will change. Ever read about the Great Depression? How many cities around the United States fell into major economic slumps and were rebound during Roosevelt's administration? I'm sure, that this will hold true for Cleveland as well.........especially for its inner-ring suburbs like Euclid, Parma, Lakewood, etc.

Euclid isn't the only one suffering; the other inner-ring suburbs bordering Cleveland are suffering as well. Plus, the "criminal element" is beginning to make their way out of the city. It's really not a bad city to live in! It just depends solely on the neighborhood that you move in to. You can't be too narrow-minded about Euclid.

By the way, robberies happen in other cities as well.
EHS Student

Brunswick, OH

#15 Jan 15, 2009
I go to Euclid and I love it!
Frog Hill

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#16 Apr 28, 2009
Beach Clubster
Are you SERIOUSLY blaming these Thugs actions on Bush ?
If so this makes YOU part of the Problem, blaming someone else because these worthless idiots can't control themselves?
They probably want Obama the Great to come bail them out too.
I am sure the Military would straighten them out but then again, why should the Military have to put up with these "Self Entitled" Morons?
These Morons will run up against the wrong person one day and it will all be over except for the crying and the dying
Beach Clubster

Lorain, OH

#17 May 5, 2009
Frog Hill,

I understand that you have a point, I value your opinion, but I believe it rather rude to assume that I am part of the problem? I am not a thug, I just simply saw the sequence of economic events that seemed to have happened during the Bush years. Ever notice what happens when a city's economic base declines? The crime goes up. If Cleveland's economy was thriving again, imagine how many thugs would be off the street.

Euclid is an urban community and we are faced with the challenges of that which exist in any urban community. Things are improving, slowly but surely in the area. It's up to the other communities outside of Euclid to not judge us.

Now, again, I value your opinion, and I know where you are coming from. However, I did not find appropriate that you blamed me for being part of the problem. I am a student studying to become a teacher, and am hoping to receive a Masters in Urban Education Administration. Perhaps you speak from a pessimist's view of what's happening right now. You think I don't know the reality of the situations happening in the greater Cleveland area? I can see as plain as day how things has changed in my knack of the woods. I'm just simply suggesting ways we can change it.

Sorry if my opinions are not up to par with yours. In a country like ours, we have to agree to disagree. I just find it awfully rude to be blamed for being part of the problem.

Here endeth my response!
Frog Hill

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#18 May 5, 2009
Beach Clubster
You can not blame this on Bush, Jobs or the economic environment.
A thug is a Thug is a Thug, a Thug is not going to get a 9-5 Job, even if it paid $30 an hour, why, because Thugs don't want to work 9-5, it isn't glamorous enough for them.
They want to walk up to people and put fear in them with violence, either for the thrill or to take their belongings and one day they will do it to the wrong person and suffer the ultimate price, death.
Then we will hear the soundbytes of the parents and relatives saying their baby was a good boy, but the Govt. didn't care, yeh, it's Ole Uncle Sugar's fault, that's it.
Blame the PEOPLE for THEIR actions, there are plenty of people out of work and they don't riot, rob or have mass fights, so why are you excusing these acts because of jobs or the Govt ?
You say you want to be a teacher, I truly hope that with your "Blame Game" you don't get some kid killed or put in Prison by teaching your "It's the Governments fault" for what you do, you are giving people an excuse for their screwed up actions at a young age, when they hear it enough then it must be true huh?
Please, if you become a teacher, then TEACH these kids that THEY are responsible for what THEY do, don't teach them that for everything bad they do, then someone ELSE is to blame for their short comings.
Especially since these "Kids" hear the same garbage from their Parents and Rapper Role models.
And it saddens me that Socialist are infiltrating our education system to teach this Liberal Doctrine and I am glad I taught my kids that they, and them only are responsible for their actions
Beach Clubster

Lorain, OH

#19 May 5, 2009
Frog Hill,

Good point about the blame game. Perhaps it was my own frustration about the situation that happened in city (this one happened almost a year ago, and I don't know why people are dwelling on it, myself included). Yes, people are responsible for their own actions.

Sorry if I worded everything wrong.
Frog Hill

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#20 May 5, 2009
No Problem Beach Clubster.
I hate what has happened to our Govt. as well as you do but I hear people do bad stuff and blame it on other people or entities.
Every bad or ornery thing I have done was my fault and no one elses, when I was a kid I would TRY and blame it on other people and when I did, my Dad punished me more because I tried to push it off on someone else.
My concern here is the "Yutes" of today are going to tangle with the wrong person and be shot, and rightfully so when people are attacked, beaten and robbed.
Maybe one day we will get this Country back, but probably not in our lifetime.

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