Whittier Varrio Locos Gang
Marie Whittier ca

Whittier, CA

#22 Jul 1, 2007
I live in whittier in the ghetto and i have 3 kids i had no choice to live here i could getting in anywhere else. when i was younger i was young and dumb i changed my life when i got with my husband he showed me a better life i was raised in east los angeles one day all these little gangster will learn there lesson when they are shot or died they dont think about there mom, dad, brother, sister, husbad, wife, or kids they just nothing will ever happen to there ass, the only people they hurt our there familys and none of there so called homeboys/girls will be there for there familys onces your gone you dont have no more homies. do u think they are going to help your family out? no. my cousin was killed due to gangs my aunt hurts everyday the homies told her they are here for her and they will help here out. do u think one of them has came to help her out? or to visit my cousin no it will be 11 years on 08-31. so all this gang shit needs to stop!!!!

Santa Barbara, CA

#23 Jul 2, 2007

Carson, CA

#24 Jul 2, 2007
I am amazed that these Kids have a death wish at such a young age. My profile says Los Angeles, but I have been living in Pico Rivera since I was 4 years old. I have been blessed to live through gang violence and I was one of the chosen few who made it out alive. For all you lil gang bangers, remember this in 30 years from now(if you survive) you will be reading this blog and think to yourself what a shame. Pico Rivera is a good town, and in the end the gang violence will end, and all will be well. But as you keep killing yourselves the only person who will be at your gravesite regularly will be your mom. (if she doesn't die from a broken heart). You truly disrespect your familia and your culture by doing what you do. But most all you truly break your mothers' heart. I respect my mother today beyond any gang, any person, or any place. My single mom worked hard to give me a good life and I threw that back in her face the day I became a banger. Today I have been given a second chance and my mom deserves to have a child look after her in her time of need. I am blessed to be here for my mother as she is getting older and cannot take care of herself.I wish I had staighted out along time ago. So she did not have to kill herself working 2 jobs to support us. You children are fools and I feel sorry for you. Those who do not end up dead will not be at to attend their mothers' funerals. They will be locked up and unable to pay the overtime rate for Prison Officials to escort them to the funeral. Because you bangers are young, you have not seen the future and believe me when I say if you continue the violence you won't have one. To all the mothers out there call the cops and put your lil banger away, you might get lucky, he or she may get lucky and their hair may turn grey. If you you are blind to your lil banger, don't expect them to be around for too long.
puro upt wvlokotes

Whittier, CA

#25 Jul 7, 2007
whittier doing ese
puro upt wvlokotes

Whittier, CA

#26 Jul 7, 2007
whats up dick eater i rememer u f lops when u called ur selfs 8 ball posse now u think your hard u laims

Glendora, CA

#29 Jul 14, 2007
Gansters/taggers are garbage from the same pile. Most are products of unwed mothers who we continue to support on welfare rolls. The punishment for tagging should be swift and severe so that future criminals will think twice before bringing their cancer into our neighborhoods. Parents should be held accountable and should pay for the damage caused by these urban terrorists.

Since: Jun 07

Orange, CA

#30 Jul 16, 2007
Ray Ray from Tampa bay

Oak Creek, WI

#31 Jul 18, 2007
Apache and Thumper....where are you brothers?
Ray Ray in Lancaster CA. 1991....remember?
Just wanted to say what's up.

Chino, CA

#33 Jul 19, 2007
this is og klip loksta

Downey, CA

#34 Jul 19, 2007
>>>>>>>R. I.P RISKY<<<<
huero loko

Puebla, Mexico

#36 Jul 20, 2007
whittier 13 rules all vatos by the way any hyna than want's talk wit me this is my mail [email protected] ya saben hynas firmes

United States

#37 Jul 20, 2007
These morons don't know what an IP address is.

LOSERS, grow up, get a job, and stop embarrassing yourselves. The rest of CIVILIZED society laughs at you. Pull your pants up, wear a shirt that fits, and walk like you don't have a dump in your shorts.

West Covina, CA

#38 Jul 20, 2007
first of all what kind of human beings are you people how can you talk about your own skin color like that, raza!!!! nobody knows how the other or why the others are the way that they are. for example why a hater is a hater (maybe they are ugly but nice and dont get pretty chicks), or why a cholo is a cholo (and despite their looks or how you think they are, they get all the cutie pies), e.t.c, whatever the case maybe. every one has a different story, but anyways you are not god so therefore stop acting like a judge!!!!!! love me delilah from walnut but originally from east la and whittier, woop woop!!

West Covina, CA

#39 Jul 20, 2007
and by the way im 5'2 112 pds brown hair light brown eyes with a little bit of green in them light brown colored skin with chicana tatted on my neck and i attend mt sac (mt san antonio college) this my second year and not that far from receiving my as degree (associates in science)so dont trip oh and if any one knows where they barried huero from whittier varrio locos can you please let me know so i can take him some flowers thanks delilah

Since: Jun 07

Orange, CA

#40 Jul 20, 2007
wtf man this girl is dumb!! seriously .. this isnt no gang love connection on here lol go to myspace!!

United States

#42 Jul 23, 2007
Our school system is truly screwed. If someone can be close to receiving a degree, yet use "barried" in place of "buried," our future is pretty bleak.

United States

#44 Jul 23, 2007
sweetnsassy wrote:
and by the way im 5'2 112 pds brown hair light brown eyes with a little bit of green in them light brown colored skin with chicana tatted on my neck and i attend mt sac (mt san antonio college) this my second year and not that far from receiving my as degree (associates in science)so dont trip oh and if any one knows where they barried huero from whittier varrio locos can you please let me know so i can take him some flowers thanks delilah
What a sad world

Los Angeles, CA

#45 Jul 23, 2007
To all you Homies, Gang Bangers...PUNKS!!! Get a life and quit being so juvenile. Most of you think that there is no other way in life. Quit being a loser by taking the low rode. Make something of your life, you are the only one that can make a difference for yourself. Don't blame society or your families, it's your life do something with it. As for your "hood", when was the last time you paid taxes? The streets belong to the good people who pay to maintain them, not some punk ass kids running around defacing it with you bullshit graffti...you all make me sick!!
True Latino

Cerritos, CA

#46 Jul 24, 2007
Cholos are pretty stupid,

*they claim to fight for "raza".. then why do they tax the illegal street vendors that are trying to make an honest living?yes these are the people you see selling flowers or friut on the fwy exit, next to the young white homeless man w/ the "homelsee please help" sighn.

*they all dress the same, which makes them generic....think about it, if they were a cereal box at the market, it would be the cheapest one, "stater bros. cereal", no sense of identity

*they are so worthless to society, that if a cholo moves in next door to me, MY PROPERTY VALUE GOES DOWN!!

*most of them have kids, and promote the lifestyle to them, causing the cycle to continue, yet we dont do anything about this..maybe we should make a law, you cant have no more kids if your on welfare.


*They make allot more peole hate latinos and especially Mexicans, with their negativity

*They are starting a race war with the blacks, which makes black people in general hate us

*they kill the spanish language, and dont even know it

*in all our pro immigrant marches, they show up and kill the presence we are trying to show,

United States

#47 Jul 24, 2007
I hate Cholos. I always have. I grew up in Whittier and have seen it become mini Mexico in some areas. You people destroy neighborhoods, families and lives. You're all morons. None of you can spell or write a sentence worth a damn. Your worhtless pieces of trash.
By the way, Whittier isn't the "hood". It was a nice LA suburb and you're slowly destroying it with your vermin that you call family. If I *HATE* you all so much that there really isn't even a word to describe it. I hope you all die and leave the world a better place. You're all ignorant and stupid (except for the ones who wisen up and stop living the lifestyle). The girls need to keep their skanky legs closed and stop having babies at 13. I'm tired of paying for your food stamps and welfare checks. The men need to have all their dicks cut off. I hope all you cholo's die and rot in hell where you belong.

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