Review: Adams Towing & Recovery

Greensboro, NC

#122 Oct 25, 2011
lovely company to work 4 jusss sayyin :))))
Make me laugh

United States

#123 Oct 26, 2011
Define stupid: Wendy Woolard thinking Doug Adams is committed to her!! Please?? What a joke to be the blind bitch you are!!

Sharon, SC

#124 Apr 21, 2012
Thanks for the pool bro. Can't wait to enjoy in a couple of years because my ass has taken a beating.
Pooper Trooper

High Point, NC

#125 Jun 10, 2012
Adams Towing wrote:
ATTENTION: ALL People Who Post on This Blog: From now on anyone who has something to say LEAVE YOUR NAME. If you are big enough to slander someone's name on this web site then leave your name as well. Also, we have spent thousands of dollars to track any postings on this website and you will be sued for SLANDER.
Continue on to your sorry ass miserable lives, we are gonna get back to work.
LMAO!!! Now THAT'S funny. Track this. I run behind a Proxy Server. Good luck.

Greensboro, NC

#126 Oct 25, 2012
TO ALL THE ASTRONAUTS....Why is there a need to bash Doug or Wendy?? I work for Adams Towing and there is no drug trafficking...He is a hard working man and Wendy works her ass off as well...Do you hate on him because he made something of his life?? That has to be the reason because Doug doesnt bother anyone...What you write on here doesnt affect him at is really sad to know that you all would judge him and his company...If you all owned a company of that size people would talk shit about you too...Its called JEALOUSY...You HATERS!!!
Two White Crows


#127 Dec 11, 2012
Insurance Agent wrote:
<quoted text>
Unknowingly by adams towing. I work for an insurance company based out of another state and was here visiting. I needed at tow while broken down on the I-85 corridor, and they arrived. For clarrifacation on a few things. first and formost, they do have great equipment, clean trucks, and are fast and reliable. BUT, and I say again, BUT, the customer service level of the in office operators are piss pore, there drivers arive lookin tired and worn down. The one that arrived to pick me up said he hadnt been asleep in appx 21 hrs. He was running off of coffee and no-doz, and I smelled a hint of marijuana. So when I arrived back to my hometown I did my research on his company and found out that he is actually one of our clients. After reviewing some of his cases, I have come to find out that his employees are for the most part drug users, ex-cons, and he is very shady through a lot of his practices. He dosent realize now, but im sure he will after one of his flunkies reads this, that he has been under investigation by more than one goverment agency for quite sometime. Pretty soon, his time will come for his chickens to come home to roost, he's just not aware. Also his contacts at AAA are being watched also... So why am I wring all this, because it is operations like this that make it hard for other small bussiness oweners to operate because of high workers comp insurace premiums...
Ive recently had a car towed by admams towing.They employ a tactic that is commonly called bait and switch where they quote you one price over the telephone and the driver demands a totally different price once the car has been delivered.

The company has no ethics nor any honesty whatsoever.

What ever you do stay far and away from those idiots.
Two White Crows


#128 Dec 11, 2012
michelle wrote:
TO ALL THE ASTRONAUTS....Why is there a need to bash Doug or Wendy?? I work for Adams Towing and there is no drug trafficking...He is a hard working man and Wendy works her ass off as well...Do you hate on him because he made something of his life?? That has to be the reason because Doug doesnt bother anyone...What you write on here doesnt affect him at is really sad to know that you all would judge him and his company...If you all owned a company of that size people would talk shit about you too...Its called JEALOUSY...You HATERS!!!
Taking up for someone that is clearly dishonest makes you also to appear as such.

You may want to repent and turn around from your sinful ways.
Burlington NC

Charlotte, NC

#129 Jan 28, 2013
check us out on facebook, Adams Towing & Recovery, LLC
soon to be x employee

United States

#130 Feb 23, 2013
I work for this company now ... if I had another job already lined up I 'd quit now.. I have to clarify some things with certain agencies for the customer service I provide with this company.. I do my job fairly to the customer and do it well.. but when it comes to him and/or Wendy I feel they could care less about us drivers out here actually doing the work.. but in my world Karma is a B***H and it bites back... so look out Adams Towing ..... Karma is a coming!! No one with authority will give you an answer that you can trust!!!! What a joke this company is!! And as for AAA your blind and stupid for contracting with this company...

Greenville, NC

#131 Mar 31, 2013
Very suspicious wrote:
Does anyone know where Mr. Adams gets all of his money? He has bought 74 properties in Alamance county alone and countless other properties in North Carolina!
he does not pay his employee';sexpecially when you qiit....he wont pay you..i been owed 3 checks from adams towing...for over 5 months now..

Dunn, NC

#132 May 11, 2013
For a Company to have such a large number of negative reviews there's obviously a reason why......Believe All that's written.....Adams Towing Full of Lies and Deceit.....Treats Employees' like Garbage, pay is 25% to work 6 days a week 24hrs a day, will over charge non AAA members for services, doesn't file insurance claims if employees get into accidents with work vehicles so he can take $150.00 a week from employees to pocket for himself, batteries sold are refurbished so purchase them elsewhere....Treating and disrespecting employees, lying to customers and doing deceitful shady shit will only last so long......Karma does exist and what comes around goes around!
Your new best friend

Bowie, MD

#133 Jun 8, 2013
You pushed enough, now its time to push back, watch the news boys and girls, its bout to get interesting round here...more to come

“A mask to hear the truth !”

Since: Sep 08

Kitty Hawk, NC

#134 Jun 12, 2013
How is it that ADAMS TOWING is still a AAA contractor when they give ETA's that far extend over others? Two hours? for a five mile tow? Their Sterling reports are bad or rigged! AND I BELIEVE WHOLE HEARTEDLY THAT GEORGE FIGERADO AND ROBERT SPARKES are accepting money from Doug Adams so they give him the calls and place him and his company in more locations. KARMA'S A BITCH... AAA Caroline's decisions have nothing to do with customer service, call acceptance or excellent ETA`s! Their only interest is lining the pockets of their slacks.
adams sucks

United States

#135 Jul 18, 2013
Check their bbb profile. who would have guessed its a big fat F. they lie and overcharge and dont pay up when they need to. give your money to someone else.

Asheville, NC

#136 Sep 9, 2013
Tonight on 09/09/2013 I called my AAA to have my daughters Jeep Towed that I was riding in that had broke down in Weaverville NC on interstate 19/23 Hwy 26 heading into Asheville N.C. We pulled off the ramp because our Jeep was smoking and we were not familar with the area and drove to the nearest business that happened to be a car Lot. AAA spoke to the owner of the car lot we pulled over at to make sure as their policy that the place had not done any reapirs & there was no money owed to this place. The owner told them that they had not worked on the Jeep and we owned no money as we had just pulled off the interstate. This was around 5:00 pm as they were closing. AAA called your towing company to come a tow us to a safe area giving you the okay and a code that it was clear to pick up. I waited with the Jeep until the Driver arrived He was Rude and unfriendly and said we did not have to wait as we gave him the address where to tow the Jeep. He told us to go ahead in front of him and he would met us there. I had called my other daughter to come and pick me up.!10 min later I got a NASTY call from the Tow Truck Driver almost yelling at me that I had not gotten anything from AAA and he was called and told to Drop the Jeep and not tow it that I was stealing the Jeep!! He was Rude and hateful and acussing me of stealing a car off this lot where I broke down. I was called his by Wendy Woolard, Human Resources/Office Manager, yelling at me stating they were not in the business of stealing cars and they were not towing my Jeep until in the morning when she could talk to the owner of the car lot to make sure I was not stealing the Jeep. I told her to call AAA that AAA had called them and they dispatched the RUDE driver and I was NOT stealing any car! She was the most un-professinol person I have ever dealt with and How dare her accuse me of stealing when she was told by AAA to pick up the Jeep! I had to go back to the Jeep and Called AAA back which are reporting you and your company ADAMS TOWING to the Better Business Bureu and filing a complaint againist your company out of Candler NC. They are taking you off their AAA and I will see to it that your business never acusses anyone of stealing again! How dare they not have done there paperwork correctly and listened to AAA about the break down, and being so RUDE and uncaring of our needs, accusing us of stealing. When I tryed to explain we had called AAA and I had pulled the Jeep off the interstate she just yelled stating they were not in the business of Stealing Cars!! I ask her what was I suppose to do I was standard and in need to be towed. She said I dont care what you do! Stating I would have to wait till morning until the Car place opened back up and she could talk to the owner to make sure I wasnt stealing the jeep or that I did not owe him any money! I again told her AAA had talked to the owner and I had as did she the ticket # that gave them approval to tow the jeep to a safe location. She agured with me still yelling I was stealing the Jeep and she was not having it towed. I called AAA so upset and they Blocked your company from ever using your service again in that or the surrounding area's. They said your company was Dead wrong and had no right treating me and my daughter the way we were treated! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureu and the small as well as many others in your Candler area and Asheville area! My husband is in Law in Asheville NC as my whole family is in Law inforcement and I am appalled by the way I was talked to and treated by your Driver and supervior in Candler NC. AAA called another towing company and Thanks to them I made it home safe as did my Jeep that by the way was not a stolen car and was not owed money to the place it had broken down at. I will see to it that your company in Candler will not put anyone eles through what my daughter and I were put threw tonight !
The email of the caller
[email protected]

United States

#137 Sep 11, 2013
Everyone be nice!
use to drive 54

Jamestown, NC

#138 Sep 17, 2013
You know when you start driving a tow truck its got crazy hours and most people cant stand the hours but to smash wendy or doug is just stupid I worked for them for a year and over all they treated me good instead of gossiping on here be nice thats what's wrong with this country people running them suck holes and dont know the real deal. Thanks and be positive. Old driver of truck 54

Dobson, NC

#139 Nov 12, 2013
the business is a shitty one I know they don't support the military and treat there employees like shit my friend was one for a wile and when he was called up on orders for the military they fired him and offered to pay him off to keep quiet I am not sure if he took there money but I know there was an investigation launched by the U.S. labor board and the state that showed that Adams towing was in the wrong and I don't know about yall but anyone that don't support the troops shouldn't be supported but AAA and I also know that Doug Adams doesn't own all the new trucks he has but that AAA is leasen them to him it comes with the AAA contract to be able to lease new trucks to hold up the AAA image but he don't maintain any of them worth a dam and that most of the trucks are in bad shape but still on the road and that most of the of the flatbeds he has require a CDL license witch I know almost none of the drivers have and they also take money out of there workers checks if a car is damaged and they clame it on the insurance as well
Frustrated in Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

#140 Jan 31, 2014
I called AAA to come out to change my tire and everything seemed fine. I had my mother's car so my car wasn't beeing used. I decided to let my son use the car and after a couple of days of driving the car the tire rolled off and caused major damage to my car. I was told on December 18th 2013 that because it had been 3 weeks since they changed the tire that they were not liable for the damages.

I called the office today December 31, 2014 to get the address and the lady answering the phone like she didn't want to give it to me when she found out who I was. When I asked her if the address was a secret I was told, " No, I just wanted to make sure you get the right place, but I have to do it without your MOUTH!" I asked her who she thought she was talking to and she stated for me to never call Adams Towing again. I called back to get her name and she threatened to press charges for harassment if I called back.

Right now I feel like I am in a bad dream and I desperately need someone to wake me up.

Frustrated in Greensboro
Frustrated in Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

#141 Jan 31, 2014
I'm sorry that was January 31,2014, not December that I called for the address.

This thing has my nerves so bad I probably need to go to the doctors.

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