my adive is to evic the writer of the bounced government check, not the person/persons who put faith in the writer of that check. Having put faith in or gov only to burned as often as putting faith in bussinesses that cheat and steel form us all, their is no way to justify the out come of this unconstutional law existing in sighning statments only since the 70's.

People have pushed DSO's out of their homes, out of their jobs, out of their minds by greedy worthless lazy community orginizers taking homes to filp and the thought was to get rich off outher peoples pain thinking the justification is the pain they have caused. Too worng are much worse than one. Who are you to think you know how to solve anything when your track record is getting worse each day.

Georga is sutck in a rut with the hope to cause more pain just like years ago they thought life would be better by killing black civil rights leaders, now trading off one hate for another they are still worng. Geroga is good at that swamp thing.

This whole thing boils down to will they tax churchs or not? Some churchs do not want people going through their record and by all means do not want to share their hat take with anyone.

Abuse rises out of heavy handedness and where can you find people being controlled by others? Truth is controlling is not all there is to love. Especially when the trip that has been forced upon us has been missinformation for years. The lowest rate of re-offence of all crimes and now the fabric unravils soon to revile the strands of decete and lies used by the designer of this cluster of Hey let get these guys for life by idiots who can't get past their own self blootedness and short sightedness long enough to see the money has run out.

Thats right we are talking abut our countrys bankrupt state left by controlling people who use greed to forward a fools game on you and me.