ACLU alleges 'medieval abuse' in LA jail

ACLU alleges 'medieval abuse' in LA jail

There are 70 comments on the LA Daily News story from May 5, 2010, titled ACLU alleges 'medieval abuse' in LA jail. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

The Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles fosters a "culture of violence and fear" that allows guards to routinely deliver brutal beatings to prisoners, resulting in broken bones and other severe injuries, the ACLU alleged in a report released Wednesday.

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Do you Question Me

Aiea, HI

#1 May 5, 2010
If the ACLU wants to see medieval abuse they should go to Russia or better yet Mexico.

Santa Ana, CA

#2 May 5, 2010
This is horrific. USA is supposed to be land of democracy. Even if these inmates are guilty of whatever crime, nobody has right to beat them like this. How is anybody supposed to come out better out of jail if this goes on there? What about people who have not even been sentenced yet? District attorney must stop this violence or get fired.

San Marcos, CA

#3 May 5, 2010
A very good story about the truth of LA county jails. Especially the twin towers. I was abused as well. I was awaiting exrtadition for not showing up for court in Wi. I never got these notices so they turned into felony warrants. I say this cause a lot of people say that everyone in jail deserves to be there and that's not always the case. My face was slammed into a wall by this black ashole named deputy Simson. He stripped me and beat my head into a wall repeatedly while squeezing the hell out of my neck. He then stripped me naked and made me walk back to my cell. Why did this happen you ask?? Because I was asking for more insuline cause my blood sugars were running over 500 and sometimes they didn't even register. So when the nurse refused to give me more insulin I said that that was rediculous. That's when deputy simson proceeded to humiliate me and torment me. And I hope someone reading this will let me know how to file charges. Cause when i got back from Wi. they told me that the statute of limitation already ran out and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it....

San Marcos, CA

#4 May 5, 2010
By the way..I lost my front tooth due to this idiot of an officer. And I have the police department in appleton wi. to verify this cause they asked what happen to my tooth..He slammed by head so hard that it chipped by front tooth. 3 months later the whole tooth broke and I had to get the root pulled....Thanx LAPD and DEPUTY SIMSON. I hope everyone remembers this name and files suite against your putrid as s

Orange, CA

#5 May 5, 2010
The whole LA county jail system is segregated. The County segregates the inmates which further promotes hate and violence. In a nutshell its One big gang (Sheriffs)dividing and conquering others. Unfortunately this mentality is carried over in our neighborhoods once the inmates are released from jail. The abuse is taught behavior at the sheriffs bootcamp(LA county jail) Bingo!!!!
DRW Los Angeles

Winchester, CA

#6 May 5, 2010
I don't often agree with the ACLU and I know many of the people in the Towers are not the cream of society, but these deputies are clearly out of control. In many instances the wrong people are behind bars.

If our leaders were not so worthless, they would investigate the situation (with undercover agents, cameras, etc.), but they'd rather pander and boycott other states about how they run their internal affairs.

United States

#7 May 5, 2010
I was on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's dept for many years and worked in those jails. These allegations from the ACLU are TOTAL LIES!!! I cannot believe the the extreme level of lies the ACLU is making about the Sheriff''s dept. I am HIGHLY OFFENDED!!!! I am disgusted!!! This is sickening and makes me down right angry. You see, I know what goes on in the Los Angeles County Jails and I know how the system works. there are checks and balances. There are very strict polices about how things are done in the jails and I can tell you from experience Sheriffs supervisors,sergeants and lieutenants monitor what the deputies do VERY closely to ensure no policies or laws are violated. To hear the ACLU say these things is absolutely an outrage! This proves to me once and for all and to many others who work on the Sheriff's dept that the ACLU is a criminal organization. The ACLU Lawyers that are saying these LIES are clearly in total violation of their code of ethics and every code of ethics every writen! They should be disbarred! These people arent lawyers, they're total sleeze bags. I dont know how they sleep at night knowing full well, everything they are saying in court documents and statements to the media are complete lies. Sickening!

Since: Aug 09


#8 May 5, 2010
ACLU yeah right! Here is a trustworthy organization believing all these innocent criminals of these abuse charges. Violence is everywhere in society. Even more so in prisons and county jail lock-ups. Jailers and Correctional Officers have a job I know I would not perform. Raised straight of Compton I have seen violence and have family that have been victimized by violence of criminals. I have served in the military and went overseas and visited some unfortunate friends imprisoned. Let these criminals that are complaining serve time in a Turkish or a Moroccan prison. Not even these card carrying ACLU members will venture there. There is no money in it for them!

San Marcos, CA

#9 May 5, 2010
Hey Keith I don't know what kind of drugs you were on while serving with the sherriff's dept. but they must have been good ones. I was treating without any respect and almost died cause they didn't want to give me enough insulin. And You have the nerve to say that everything is done legitimately??? You have some balls..AT least that's what i hear from the gay community...

San Marcos, CA

#10 May 5, 2010
Thank God for the ACLU....Amen. And why do you think that they were called...Keith??? It doesn't occur to you that many inmates were and are mistreated??? I remember when i fight broke out on the way to court. All the deputies dropped the clip boards and ran like a bunch of pu ss ies...And that's what they are in my book. I lost all respect for the cops and am going to bring up my kids to not trust cops...At least not LA county cops...

United States

#11 May 5, 2010
Yeah, itís a tough and dirty job but someone has to do it, and when it gets done all people do is complain about how you got the job done. I am sure that some people donít deserve to be in jail and are just awaiting trial and some would love just to be left alone. But the majority of these prisoners behave like wild animals that would not hesitate in killing a deputy or a fellow prisoner so you have to be badder meaner to keep some form of law and order. I am sure that if a member of the ACLU was a prisoner-awaiting trial or just found them in jail for whatever reason they would appreciate the purpose of the deputy boldness and iron handiness in dealing with prisoners.
George W Bush

United States

#12 May 5, 2010
Lets once again feel sorry for the criminal instead of their victims..If somebody robbed or beat you or somebody you know you would be helping that deputy put his foot print on that guys face..screw the ACLU somebody needs to stick their foot up their a$$es

San Marcos, CA

#13 May 5, 2010
Hey Geore Bush..When did you get to catch your breath, after blowing your girlfriends Dad, to write that nice piece????

Lytle Creek, CA

#15 May 5, 2010
If these were such good outstanding people in these jails they wouldn't be in there in the first place getting the crap beat out of them. I think they should put them in tents out in the desert barefooted and dare them to run......As for the ACLU, what are they going to do when one of their loved ones get mugged, raped, or robbed..... Pat them on the back and tell them its ok and not to do it again..... Those in jail deserves what they get or they wouldn't be there............

Riverside, CA

#16 May 5, 2010
Violent imates, sadtuth, and the ACLU are reasons that in this day and age, everything is video recorded in jails. They are lying sacks of s*%t that file frivolous lawsuits. Sadtruth hears the truth and has to comeback with some derpgatory gay statement instead of admitting he broke the law and couldn't get away with it. I'm sure he was in protective custody, because he surely couldn't hang in general pop.
UR notsosmart

Bangkok, Thailand

#17 May 5, 2010
Jails should be for punishment,torture all so they won't want to come back.
A Reptile Dysfunction

Los Angeles, CA

#18 May 6, 2010
-- "I routinely see injuries on prisoners when I go to the jail," said Mary Tiedeman, the jails project coordinator for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. "I routinely see black eyes, broken ribs and other broken bones. I see boot marks on people's backs and long marks on their bodies that look like they are from flashlight (beatings). I see that a lot." --

Well, Mary, how do you know these "boot marks" and "long marks" were inflicted by deputies ?

Isn't it possible they were done by other inmates and the "victims" are looking for sympathy and bases for lawsuits against the sheriff's department ?

Get back into the real world.

San Fernando, CA

#19 May 6, 2010
DRW Los Angeles wrote:
I don't often agree with the ACLU and I know many of the people in the Towers are not the cream of society, but these deputies are clearly out of control. In many instances the wrong people are behind bars.
I bet ya, many of these inmates are gang members, members of the Mexican Mafia, members of Mexican drug cartels, members of the Aryan Brotherhood, murderers,.... who kill and maim their victims and leaving them for dead. Yep, the absolute scum of society who should've been given the death penalty.

They got what they deserved. I don't care if all of them get broken bones. If they don't like prison life, don't break the law, period, end of story.

Palmdale, CA

#20 May 6, 2010
Somehow I don't think medieval abuse includes TVs, recreational time, weight lifting, 3 square meals a day, showers, cell phones or health insurance (of which a lot of people out of prison can't get).....quite frankly I don't have much pity for them. They are in prison for a reason.

Whittier, CA

#21 May 6, 2010
the biggest gangs in the country are the cops.

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