Greensboro, NC

#21 Feb 8, 2009
Jose wrote:
I think WHAY should go to A Mexian format.
they might get more listeners that way,,,,haha
Jack Meoffer

United States

#22 Feb 8, 2009
I think they sould lock the doors cause they suck.

Wartburg, TN

#23 Feb 8, 2009
Adam Phillips wrote:
Allow me to respond to this thread as someone who once hosted swap-n-shop and is still working for WHAY. First, to Walter...I always got along fine with you and therefore will not say anything negative, except to say that it was indeed budget cuts that forced your dismissal. WHAY has struggled from day one to get by financially and so it would be understandable that budget cuts would be needed now and then. Furthermore, at the time you were let go, swap-n-shop was basically the only thing you were doing for the station, so wouldn;t it make sense, if you had to let someone go, you would let the person doing the least go? I know Walter has told many people that he was let go for other reasons but this is the bottom line.
As for swap-n-shop, let's look at the fact that swap-n-shop is offered as a free service for listeners. You can air items free of charge. Why would you complain about something you don't even have to pay for. I know that when I was doing the program, we had a good time slot(12-1) and I tried to get all items posted on the website, but that is just not possible at this time. Items that are e-mailed in are still posted on the website.
Finally, there is always room for improvement and if you e-mail the radio station([email protected] ) all suggestions will be considered. Oh, and as for the format, I suppose we could play the same 50 country songs that most other stations play, but I don't think that will happen. Let;s also consider that some of these stations, including Z-93, use satellite formats and do not have to do much more than push a button to have the music, the personalities, the contests, etc. WHAY uses no outside formats by satellite and offers a variety of programs from local people(comedy, gospel, bluegrass, classic country, rock and more).
Just a thought!
why is it that swap n shop is posted on the web when u feel like it?
here is the last dates that it has been posted on the web,,some has been 6 days apart.not complaining about getting it free just want better service..also there are times we try to listen to hay 98 while on the way to somerset and can't get station very good...

by the way is hay98 swap n shop aired 5 days a week for an hour or just for 15 mins 3 days a week?

here is the posted web ....

On Air weekdays at 8:00am
(All items posted as received by e-mail.)
(Not responsible for misspelled words, typos or incorrect information.)

Click here to download the list from February 2, 2009

Click here to download the list from January 28, 2009

Click here to download the list from January 26, 2009

Click here to download the list from January 21, 2009

Click here to download the list from January 14, 2009

Click here to download the list from January 12, 2009

see we can't even get what we email in on the web..I know,,, u could have gotten it posted if u had not been posting on this site hmmmmmmmm..

Walter u are right you did a very good job..and Thank You...loved being able to have time to get my items on as well as your humor.. very pleasant..

Oakdale, TN

#24 Feb 8, 2009
Oh, what a tangled web of opened canned worms we weave.
Adam Phillips

Wartburg, TN

#25 Feb 9, 2009
The fact is, every radio station has its own format and not everyone is going to like it. That is why there are choices. If you do not like it, don't listen. As for pleasing people in other countries, I simply mentioned we have listeners in other countries. That is not our primary target audience. The fact is, we have lot sof listeners in areas like Somerset, Corbin and Monticello that we hear from all the time. I am sure if WHAY played an all country format we would have more McCreary County listeners, but then how would we be different from any other station on the dial. As for playing classic county artists....WE DO! We have shows on Tuesday and Wednesday night as well as Saturday morning that play those artists.

Swap-n-Shop items are posted on the web as they are received by e-mail. We do not post the called in items because the whole point of that program is to have people call in and listen. The reason other stations can update swap-n-shop listings more often is mainly because they have a larger staff to work on such things.

Finally, to the comment about playing stuff you have heard of...that is a pretty narrow minded view. First, you wouldn't have heard of that if some station didnt play it in the firts place. Plus, the artists played on WHAY are talented singer-songwriters who deserve airplay.Are you saying you have never heard of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Asleep at the Wheel, etc? Because those are just a few of the artists in the current playlist.

This is my final post since it is obvious there is no changing minds. People like what they like and don't like what they don't like. As long as the owner of the station likes what is on WHAY, then that is the way things will keep going. That is the bottom line.
Adam Phillips

Wartburg, TN

#26 Feb 9, 2009
One final response to Elmer's post which I missed before...

The music WHAY plays is not "piped in" as you suggest. In fact, all the music on WHAY is locally programmed. In fact, most stations around here use some form of satellite or computer automation and do not havea staff of local djs. I think WBNT in Oneida is the ionly real exception to that. WHAY probably has more "local" programming with the various shows hosted by locals than any station around.
Former Listener

London, KY

#27 Feb 9, 2009
I moved out of the county about 2 years before Walter left the station but I still listened but I quit listening when Walter left, to me when he was on was the only time the station was worth listening to. I now listen to 99.5 KD Country in Corbin or Sirius.

Here's an idea that apparently the brainiacs running the show now apparently hasn't thought of. When you TRY to appeal to folks in other counties to get their advertising you are doing NOTHING but running the money from McCreary County into the surrounding counties. There is NOTHING in McCreary County the folks from other counties would want to come into the county for (well except for drugs) So why not TRY to appeal to the folks of McCreary County so you can keep their money in McCreary County to possibly help the economy.

When you run advertisements for businesses in Corbin, London, Somerset, Monticello, etc. you are DRIVING McCreary counties money into those counties.(but hey we appreciate it, and I like seeing my old friends in our local stores)

You really need to do for your county instead of trying to drum up business for the surrounding counties. Buy HAY if that's how you want to do it it's fine with me, I don't live there anymore and darn sure don't listen to WHAY anymore.

Oakdale, TN

#28 Feb 9, 2009
The reason WHAY plays ads for other places is because that's who buys ads. Is not a matter of WHAY supporting local businesses, it's local businesses supporting WHAY. A radio business eats money. Transmitters, sound boards, payroll, maintenance, etc... cost thousands of dollars. WHAY is locally owned by one man and from day one he has constantly spent money on the project because he wants McCreary County to have a radio station. While the format may not be the best fitted for the people posting on here, it is a functioning, fairly well equipped radio station and the staff strive to give their all their best and are proud of all their hard work.
I, for one, applaud their efforts and hope they keep up the good work.

Sunbright, TN

#29 Feb 9, 2009
I absolutley HATE WHAY. Our radio station is such a joke. My husband sets the clock radio to go off with it playing because it's the only thing I can't sleep through. It ruins my whole day. Somethings gotta change..

Helenwood, TN

#30 Feb 9, 2009
WHAY is a embarrassment for our county. People that visit our county laugh at it. Sounds like a bunch of drunks down at the state line trying to sing and play music. I personally don't listen to it. Listen to 99.5 corbin.
just me

Wartburg, TN

#31 Feb 9, 2009
There you go, there's your solution, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. It's that simple. As for our station being laughed at by visitors, I would think our county's drug problem, unemployment rate, etc. would draw more attn. than our radio station. There is no solution, as it's too hard to please everyone, and impossible to do it at the same time.
Ole Moe

Robbins, TN

#32 Feb 9, 2009
Well I have read all these comments and I still don't no WHAT KIND OF MUSIC you want to here....Every one should say what they want to hear and maybe they will consider it..Then we will no what you all want..As for me I like country & gospel.Now you no what I like.
New Music

Oneida, TN

#33 Feb 9, 2009
Old Country, New Country & Soft Rock! A few more items on the web on swap & shop. The time swap and shop comes on i always miss it, but when i go to the web not many items on there. Maybe if the swap and shop program could be replayed later in the day for the ones that work that miss it.
me too

Oliver Springs, TN

#34 Feb 9, 2009
Question to Adam, you said as long as the owner likes it thats all that matters. How do we get hold of the owner. Please make that known...
I think

Wartburg, TN

#35 Feb 10, 2009
I think its Tim Lavender his office is above the station behind the court house....

Oakdale, TN

#36 Feb 10, 2009
Contact information can be found at Hay98.com .
Dave Shelly is the manager. His hours are very early. He has the morning show and his day is ending before most peoples are beginning. Mail or email is the best contact method. All suggestions are are forwarded to the owner.
swap n shop

Dyer, TN

#37 Feb 16, 2009
the only reason it sucks is because adam is to damn lazy to do nething i've worked with him personally and all he wants to do is set around and take credit for someone elses work mabye the county should invest money into someone who will actually do their job

Oakdale, TN

#38 Feb 16, 2009
swap n shop wrote:
the only reason it sucks is because adam is to damn lazy to do nething i've worked with him personally and all he wants to do is set around and take credit for someone elses work mabye the county should invest money into someone who will actually do their job
I have to beg to differ with this statement. I've worked in and out of the radio station around Adam for the last 15 years. Not once in that time have I seen him idle. He's always busy. Why would you think the county should be involved in paying someone at WHAY?
Adam Phillips

Wartburg, TN

#39 Feb 19, 2009
I appreciate the comments from "Confederate". As for the other comments, I would be interested what work they feel I am not doing or what work I am taking credit for I am not doing? I have no clue what they are talking about??????

Winfield, TN

#40 Feb 19, 2009
My friend and I would like to have our own talk show on the radio. Who would we contact to do this?

Or any ideas on how we could get this going our selves?

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