Beaverdam mom drives daughter to fight

Beaverdam mom drives daughter to fight

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Whiteville, NC

#1 Feb 18, 2011
Whiteville- On Wednesday a Beaverdam mom drove her 14 year old daughter to a knock-down brawl with another teenager.
The mom, who works in the local school system, invited her 12 year old son and 15 year old niece to the melee. The crowd of onlookers which Whiteville Police estimated to number as high as 40, shouted obscenities while the 2 teenage girls faced off. Vulgar obscenities could be heard from the 50 year old mom as chunks of her daughter’s hair lay on the ground.
The fight which lasted a total of 4 minutes was cut short as Whiteville Police arrived.
The crowd scattered in a matter of seconds one onlooker said. The mom who was stopped by Officer Jackson claimed that her daughter had been attacked while leaving Big Lots.
Thursday found Whiteville Police investigating the ‘Planned Melee’ of the mom which could very well be deemed as child endangerment. Magistrate Ava Marlowe Ward after refusing a parent a warrant, later explained that she didn’t have the whole story. As Whiteville police and Columbus County Social Services investigate further, let’s hope that justice is served.
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Whiteville, NC

#2 Feb 19, 2011
Whiteville PD is investigating a 40 person fight ring where 2 moms pitted 2 teenage girls in a local parking lot. This happened Wednesday 16 Feb in Big Lots parking lot. 15 videos were made by school kids and onlookers. One of the moms works for the local school system and has been suspended while DSS and Whiteville PD continue to investigate. The mom that was stopped fleeing th scene as Whiteville PD arrived initially gave Officer Jackson a false report. The premeditated fight lasted for 5 minutes and is very graphic. The FOX News affiliate and several reporters along with the whole community have copies of the video known as the Fight Ring. Local Senator RC Soles is attempting to sweep the incident under the rug as some pretty powerful families are involved.

Clayton, NC

#3 Feb 20, 2011
the way i see this fight is no one wants to look at why the fight started in the first place. it is total neglect from the father for not confronting the issue of bullying over and over. and neglect from the principle and the school board. the numerous times the mother and daughter begged for help with the principle and the school board for five months. from what i hear the student doing the bullying has previously been suspended for three days for pushing the vise principle. the student told her mother i must handle this the only way i know how, stop running. i have no help from my father or the school system.

Clayton, NC

#4 Feb 20, 2011
who set the mother up was it the father or the woman who sped away who dropped her child off who i hear is a nurse. seems to me the mother who works with the school system was framed. is it that you need to be a large contributer to the school.

Whiteville, NC

#5 Feb 20, 2011
attorney Grady will sue the pants off of the father the principle and the school board for this frame up. The mother is liked by all that know her and has friends on the school board so they better think twice if they plan to cost her her job. all that is at play here is that they needed to make space and lay some good people off or fire them. look at the cut backs. call it what it is.
other side

Whiteville, NC

#6 Feb 20, 2011
dont know about the father but only 1 mom was present and jeering. she was reported to have looked like a cow. there are 2 sides to every story and no 1 mom isnt a nurse but is a hard working woman that knows nothing about what was about to happen. but the mom that planned it and led the way most certainly did. it is a shame that a mom could shout 'we will meet you anywhere you /#$%&*.' looks like she had her 10 year old son there for support as well. shame on her. she can explain it to the police as her 55 year old butt was the only adult there. a man was just killed by hitting his head against a table.( ) both of the young girls could have suffered the same fatal injuries for the 5 minutes they went at it. in the end the girl standing was the victim but she overcome her fear and the huge cow of a mom lurking in the shadows snorting and farting.
this huge cow has bullied others and looks like she has beaten her husband many times and even been convicted. just go online and run her record. so why would our school system hire her anyway? before its over some of the parents that had kids misled down this illegal road may own that nice house and big garage that the huge cow owns. quick someone call 911! the huge cow is going to attack!
Super Cop

Gastonia, NC

#7 Feb 20, 2011
Crimes Committed:
1) conspiracy
2) child endangerment
3) neglect
4) child abuse
5) giving false info to an officer
6) contributing to the delinquency of a minor

News 26 Fox Affiliate in town

Now, maybe she can get lucky or the right judge. she has been charged and convicted almost a half a dozen times only to receive a pjc each and every time. it has been a waste of WPD's time to even do a report on her. NC Law says only 1 pjc in 2 years. count hers. her and her husband think money is everything and she has gotten by with a lot.those kids will end up in foster care.

Now there is a new DA in town and he aint with the local Rex Gore corrupt program. And now I hear DSS is involved. So I am thinking it might not go so good for all of these parents. Between WPD, the new DA that looks to be an honest and not-from-here Billy Bob type these parents might just face the music. After all and until the kids 18th birthday ALL parents are responsible for their actions. No I bet this doesnt go away. I will bet they all go down.

Times, they are a changin.
Super Cop

United States

#8 Feb 21, 2011
Well I say chargem 'em all including the powerful dad. He should be charged for allowing his daughter to be with that crazy woman. I believe the proper charge would be neglect. WPD and CCSD has wasted so much time investigating this woman only to have Barefoot and Rex Gore give her a free pass. Everyone knows how the story goes, a family or friend of a friend will call and bingo, she may get convicted but nothing ever happens. All she receives is a pjc and the lawyers or liars get paid. This family thinks they own the town and have wasted a pile of resources in the court system. It is sad that this time it involved so many other people and the only adult was a mad woman that should be committed. Two kids could have easily lost lives here and the 5 videos I viewed clearly proves it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will it be like before? While there is a new DA, Rex Gore still has some ADA's on the new staff and maybe he will call them and defraud the court some more for his family and friends.
What for

Whiteville, NC

#9 Feb 21, 2011
Why charge the dad? He didn't have primary custody of the daughter as he was forced to do so 8 months ago. Thanks to a deputy appearing to be acting as a bailiff and a doctor from Wilmington that determined the mom to be 'Ok' a consent order was agreed to. The dad had both kids you speak of for almost 6 years. A deputy that should be fired who attempted to influence a judge through a clerk is the first to blame. Next look at the doctor that acted if he could care less about the woman's past criminal and mental history. That's just how it is. When the dad had the girl, she was an "A-B" student with an excellent conduct record. Since residing with the referee mom, she has failing grades and has been both suspended and expelled. She hangs out in parking lots with 19 and 20 year old adults and has started cursing. Judge Barefoot and Rex Gore gave this lady numerous pjc's when she was found guilty and violated court orders. Despite NC Law allowing only 1 pjc in 2 years, they disregarded justice and the Law and did as they pleased. Why they did such is anyone's guess. So again, why blame the dad?

Whiteville, NC

#10 Feb 22, 2011
I will tell you why to charge dad. Because he should have taken that child out of Columbus County 8 years ago. The Gores and his crazy x's connections made a joke of the judicial system. That woman rammed into all kinds of things, having dozens of accidents with those kids in her vehicle and took a butcher knife in the kids presence threatening to kill herself while locking herself in a bathroom. A half a dozen convictions for DV and nothing done to her and much later and that stupid dad still has the lack of brains to stick around this county? It is his fault for not leaving with his child. Columbus County needs all of its judges changed cause they all knew about this but since Mrs. Gore called around the court didn't do its duty and the lady justice looked the other way. Changing DAs was a beginning but there is so much more dirty underware to throw out. This case is just one in point. Probably because this family is who they are will something finally happen but what about the other things that have gone on. What about the video poker operations of the Gores? How can Jim III get charged for a few years of violations while the Gores remain untouched for 30 years of racketeering in their amusement business? How can the byrd's return to the throne after the 80s? And to the new DA that everyone agrees is honest and a welcome change, why do you still keep Rex Gore's thug DAs in office. Hire your own.
Robin Hood

Whiteville, NC

#11 Feb 22, 2011
dont blame Rex as hes long gone or at least until the indictments start to roll in. if you need a go to person to fix things in Columbus just see the trial court coordinator slash machine money raising birthday party throwing squeeky voice behind-the-scenes otherwise shady character that should be thrown in prison 7 countem now times over guy. This single individual alone is responsible for 80 percent of the corruption in that courthouse. the parents that turned out in huge numbers in the late 80s calling for his expulsion and resignation with the south columbus land deed scam should know that he does nothing but acts as a corrupt LT of an infamous senator. in his created job he does nothing but hang out in his wife-judge's office and raise money. we have a clerk of court elected by the people. we are getting rid of many employees that are necessary to the function of the court house yet we pay him 70k a year while we have an elected clerk of court? i say get rid of all of the judges and him. keep all of the clerks and move on.
Columbus County

Whiteville, NC

#12 Feb 22, 2011
Welcome to our County. It is run by a few and has for over 3 decades. These men, politicians and bankers, lawyers and businessmen have corrupted every single facet of the resident' daily life, sadly and unfortunately our justice system has been bought and sold.
SCHS Stallion fan

Charlotte, NC

#13 Feb 22, 2011
Where are the videos? They online?
Super Cop wrote:
Well I say chargem 'em all including the powerful dad. He should be charged for allowing his daughter to be with that crazy woman. I believe the proper charge would be neglect. WPD and CCSD has wasted so much time investigating this woman only to have Barefoot and Rex Gore give her a free pass. Everyone knows how the story goes, a family or friend of a friend will call and bingo, she may get convicted but nothing ever happens. All she receives is a pjc and the lawyers or liars get paid. This family thinks they own the town and have wasted a pile of resources in the court system. It is sad that this time it involved so many other people and the only adult was a mad woman that should be committed. Two kids could have easily lost lives here and the 5 videos I viewed clearly proves it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will it be like before? While there is a new DA, Rex Gore still has some ADA's on the new staff and maybe he will call them and defraud the court some more for his family and friends.
Fed Up

Whiteville, NC

#14 Feb 22, 2011
Well, the father it seems filed for an emergency custody order or ECO in September. It appears that the mom of the teenager had dropped her off after she had wrecked a 4 wheeler. The teenage girl, with swollen leg, was complaining that her leg felt broken and she was crying. The father immediately took the child to urgent care to learn that the child had suffered a severe sprain. She was required to have a soft cast and ordered to take pain and anti-inflammatory medicine. In the ECO, it was alleged that the mother offered no treatment whatsoever. Such was eventually substantiated by the child. It was also shown that the mother had allowed the child to operate on the highway; the child having been stopped by a Highway Patrolman. The ECO also alleged that the daughter and son had heard the grandmom bashing the dad and making lude sexual comments; "xxx is going to have to wear a diaper cause your dad's scxxewing her in the axs, and that's why your dad and mom broke up cause she wouldn't let him do her in the axs." The daughter and son would admit being told both statements by the grandmom which was taped and recorded. Judge Sherry Dew Prince Tyler refused to hear such and ruled in favor of the mom. The son testified that he had returned after being with the mom and required 3 stitches from a laceration that was dirty and bleeding profusely. The mom was inside of the house and watching RAW(wrestling). Way to go Judge Tyler.
Billy Bob

United States

#15 Feb 22, 2011
This looks like Jerry Springer stuff. Whiteville Coach fired and South Columbus soccer mom fighting her teenage girl.
Janas Smith

United States

#16 Feb 22, 2011
I moved from Columbus County due to this same stuff. The District Attorney's Office and those judges have always ran the system as they see fit. You just cannot get jsutice down there. You can go to court with a completely true blue case and think it is bullet proof and final and watch other attorneys go in the notorious back room. Columbus County has a true Banna Republic and is one of the last prime examples of why term limits are cried for. You can get more done by making a phone call than sitting 2 hours in a courtroom. I see where there is a new District Attorney and maybe that will help. However I still see the list of long time judges and judges that were and have always connected to the local bar. These attorneys eat with, play golf with and often sleep with the judges. Yes I would say that Columbus County offers a prime example of all that has gone wrong with a corrupt system. Until there is term limits and all judges have been replaced, it will never truly get better. I cannot speak to the above situation and have only heard nothing but rumors. There is much more going on and more serious issues, not saying this isnt bad enough. However justice should be blind and I am wondering just how many cases were shredded or files destroyed before the new District Attorney took office.
The FBI should go in and do some looking and do it now. There are some really nice citizens down there and they deserve much better.
Janas Smith

United States

#17 Feb 22, 2011
Here is a prime example of one of the reasons I left: !57C67D21BFBFAD82!1358.entry

Janas Smith

United States

#18 Feb 22, 2011

R. C. Soles was first elected in 1968 to the North Carolina House before moving to the Senate in the mid 1970s. He's thought to be the longest-serving representative in North Carolina's history. He is currently the chair of the Senate commerce committee and a member of several appropriations committees. Over the course of his legislative career, though, he's faced tough times, most of his own doing.

The 17-term senator from Columbus County, who also represents Brunswick and Pender counties, survived a federal indictment in the early 1980s tied to an investigation into corruption in his home county called Colcor. In August of 1983, charges of conspiracy, vote-buying and perjury were dropped for lack of evidence, then he was acquitted in federal court of aiding and abetting bribery.

Now, the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating an allegation Soles molested a 15-year-old boy. Soles has said he's confident he will be cleared, and his accuser has since recanted his statements about Soles. Plus, he shot one of two intruders in his home. While you and I may think the latter was the right thing to do, I'm shocked because Soles is against anyone owning a gun even if it's to defend our homes, but it's OK for him to defend his home. He is a fierce opponent to gun ownership, but owns a gun himself and used it for protection...another classic "Do as I say, not as I do" moment from a Democrat.

I've got to tell you, with all this stuff I've been hearing lately, the Democrats are definitely going down in November. Incriminating stories are everywhere about what the Democrats have been up to, and some of the Republicans as well, but the news doesn't get out. Just about every corruption story that is uncovered revolves mostly around Democrats. Why is that, and why are they protected?

I recently received this in an email and I had to check to see if all this was true, and it is! I can't believe I didn't hear anything about it. I never heard it on the news...probably because it's about a Democrat, it was hushed. Apparently, R. C. Soles, the 74-year-old Senator from North Carolina (the longest-serving legislator in the state), has a laundry list of "misjudgements" on his résumé. It's been one of the biggest stories of the year in eastern North Carolina, yet it didn't receive the attention it would have if he were a Republican. State Senator R. C. Soles is under criminal investigation following a series of stories that broke out on WWAY. It's nice to know someone's doing their job of reporting! Soles is being investigated for allegations of child molestation and for shooting a man in his home. For years, residents say, state Sen. R.C. Soles' questionable relationships with young men in Tabor City were an "open secret" in the small Columbus County town. The latest is his indictment on charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, on Jan. 7, 2010.

On December 30, 2009, Soles announced he would not seek re-election in 2010. That seems to be the mantra among the Democrats, isn't it? The Democrats are falling like dominoes. This idiot ran for 17 terms! Time for us to demand a term limit so they won't have too much time to get corrupted and drunk with power. There have been a lot of Democrats who are stepping down, and you have to wonder why. Is it because they know something that we don't or is it because they don't want their dirty politics unveiled by the American people come election time? Take a look at these stories on R. C. Soles. A hearing is scheduled for 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in Columbus County, NC court in the state's shooting case against Soles, a Democrat whose district includes Brunswick County. It seems like Democrats are no better than sewer rats, feeding off the American people, and in the process are driving this country right into the ground...

James Ball

Fort Mill, SC

#19 Feb 23, 2011
It is sad that so many people have been denied justice in Columbus County. Having been afforded the benefit of moving away in 1989, I have on occassion returned to be with friends. I was shocked to find that the Gore's had a polling place for voters and that a position was created for a former Superintendant of Schools. In hard economic times as these which we live, $71,000 for a trial court coordinator is a waste and a sham. There has always been corruption in the County and it will eventually need to be addressed. The fact that the Bar controls all of the judges proves the need for change. I never would have thought that a Republican would have been elected as DA or Senator. I caution each of them; avoid Mitchell Tyler and stay as far away from the local Bar as possible and avoid any Gore. This is especially true for those involved in the video Gambling trade. God Bless the honest of Columbus County.
Amy Gore

Whiteville, NC

#20 Feb 23, 2011
Why would a mom do this? Why would a mom in her right state of mind do such as this? She is not in her right state of mind of course. Her and her mom, the little girl's grandmom that is, have some issues but we should not throw stones. Instead lets
pray that they fix whatever is in their heads and move on so that this community can heal without looking like a bunch of Jerry Springer nuts.
The grandmom and mom have a history of character assasination and telling lies and all you can do is pray that they will find peace and know God. And pray that they will quit telling things on Mr. Norris as he is a good and hard working man and shouldn't be put in this in the first place. I mean the issue happened off of school grounds. Also everyone knows what happened here. The other girl that was bullying Shelby and at least 10 others even hit the asistant principal and was not even expelled. This girl needs counseling and praying for. Shelby, like Mr. Norris is quiet and bothers no one. Alex and Shelby's mom and grandmom are loud mouthed and trouble makers and we should all pray for them. You can push even the quiet too far sometimes.

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