Letcher county board of education

Letcher county board of education

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a mad citizen

Macon, GA

#1 Nov 30, 2011
how does everyone feel about how the board is doing using our tax dollars for school and wanting to raise them even higher to pay for made up positions just to get a big named coach in the school system i think as parents we need to stand up and tell them enough is enough wasting tax dollars on foolish stuff like this and voting themselves raises behind closed doors. what do you all think about it?
a mad citizen

Macon, GA

#2 Nov 30, 2011
i forgot to mention that this is the letcher county school board doing this and wanting to close schools to have more money to waste.

Lexington, KY

#3 Nov 30, 2011
Sadly, the priority of your superintendent Anna Craft is sports. That area is already soo poor and deprived, yet those poor kids are being done wrong.

Oh well, trophies are more important to Anna Craft/kincer/Caudill (she can't keep a man can she?)!

Manchester, KY

#4 Nov 30, 2011
I dont even have kids. Im so sick of the board doing whatever they want and wanting even more and more money.
That whore anna craft is now driving a vehicle with FARM plates, a luxury SUV, avoiding taxes, while we pay her fat asss more and more.
I've had enough.

Prestonsburg, KY

#5 Dec 1, 2011
we need a complete new school board. a couple of them are my friends but they do not need to be in this position. we need a new boards and super. they only push sports because 90 percent of the parents want it. pittiful, washed up people trying to live their pittiful lives through there kids
An upset parent

Macon, GA

#6 Dec 1, 2011
Harddollar, and a mad citizen, you are exactly right. All Anna Craft is worried about sports, but she is also worried about money, money, money. I think shes more worried how much money each game can bring it and you know she gets her hands on most of it. The Letcher Board of Education is nothing but a BIG DAMN JOKE if you want me to be honest with you about this!!!

Winchester, KY

#7 Dec 1, 2011
Time to vote people!

Whitesburg, KY

#8 Dec 1, 2011
Just look how Will Smith acted other night at the meeting,it was killing his sorry ass to have sit through it and if the camera hadn't of been there it would of been a lot worse and yea just look how ole smart ass Spicer man acted,i say vote them all out and run them out of the county.

Richmond, KY

#9 Dec 2, 2011
I agree, we need new boad members! We need ones that put the kids first, not sports or money!

Whitesburg, KY

#10 Dec 2, 2011
It's letcher co.
Complain but don't do anything.
No one wants to get involve.
You do know that (ANY) official in Letcher Co. has an educated BOSS elsewhere that makes all decisions. But if this educated boss only hears one side, thats the decision they make. Your voice has to be heard even if you have to go to every source available to man.
Has Letcher Co. considered going to Frankfort to protest instead of a small group of 25 protesting in downtown Whitesburg where no one see them or hear them or cares.
Try just once to GET INVOLVED.

United States

#11 Dec 2, 2011
There are certainly on target comments here! Finally, people want to talk about something that is really a concern. Our high school ranked one of the lowest in the state. Jenkins beat our rank!!! Not one person has addressed this in the media or otherwise. That is a reflection on our entire community. Our children are the customers at these schools and the are being failed and let down. School taxes are the highest they have ever been.... Twiyla messer and sandy hogg wants to be the next Anna- are you joking??? More of the same shit?????we gotta get serious if our students are going to improve!

Lexington, KY

#12 Dec 4, 2011
Thats all it is. Talk. People in Letcher County to worried about their self absorbed life. They want to go to the mexican place and eat and drink. You all moan and complain but come friday night were you at. Watching the cougars. Citizens of letcher county havent got the brains to protest in Frankfort.That means they would have to get up and move. Most of the people there dont even get out of bed until 2 or 3 in the evening. Accept Nurses coal miners and Teachers. You know people with degrees. You complain about Mrs Craft and how she gets the money. Have you seen the schools she is trying to get rid of. It would cost more to remodel the 100 year old then to build new. You parents and citizens are the ones who elected her. So dont point fingers. She is not the ones who failed. You failed your selfs. She is trying to give those kids a reason to go to school. Meaning that she wants a better school for the future instead of putting them in a school were there parents went 20 or 30 years ago.

Casey, IL

#13 Dec 5, 2011
I'm guessing the last post was her daughter ;)

Whitesburg, KY

#14 Dec 5, 2011
hey if you think your taxes are being misused, you should check out the county extention office. those guys have 6 vehichle and not a soul on that hill works. check your taxes and see how much $$$ they are getting. and for what???

Lexington, KY

#15 Dec 5, 2011
Last time I checked I am all man.

Whitesburg, KY

#16 Dec 6, 2011
is there anywhere we can go to protest how our tax money is used?? is it true that the ext office has 6 vans?? I just looked at my taxes and I am appaled..

Winchester, KY

#17 Dec 6, 2011
it is the parents fault, for every person protesting these schools shutting down they are ten other parents pushing it, they are more sports crazed parents in this county than you can shake a forked stick at. the board is doing what they are getting pushed to do. colson school would be in fine shape if all the parents would not take them to whitesburg to look like a big fish. the same goes for eolia school, they all take them to whitesburg to look big and play sports, they think there kids are too good for colson or eolia. to prove this point look at whitesburg's football, basketball and baseball teams and count how many of them live in another district while the other kids do not get to particapate because the big fish show there reaR ENDS at schools with pizzas fpr the kids baskets for the teachers and so on. go to some of these games and look for yourselfs. not just the games look at the drama teams and the kids who get to do the tv productions none of them live in whitesburg district, while the other kids ghet the backseat to the money parents so do not whine because 90 percent of the other parents follow the big fish parents around sucking up to them, they are more easily fooled than little kids are. the buses are over crowded and they have to stand or sit in eachothers lap becasue of the kids riding the buses out of district. this whole county is a joke starting with the grandparents to the parents, plus dont forget nitts make lice.

Winchester, KY

#18 Dec 6, 2011
the truth hurts dont it

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