I can't believe how well buried the recent murders in Seattle by this state's media has been, must be that redneck mentality, out of sight out of mind. Is this the new product of redneck? with it's presumed morality and commandments in check? When I was in Idaho, where I grew up, often times I thought to myself, these kids with guns in the back windows of thier Ford pickups could at any time decide that their gun can solve any problem. This was evident in Seattle recently. I am a hunter and have many guns and I hear that many people are willing to teach their kids this lawless disregard for the police and other authority in areas that claim to be the backbone of the principals of Christ and morality are just as susceptible to raise a freak as any society which you claim to be above. You hate Californians, you hate peace seekers, you hate tree huggers, you just hate and you're teaching you kids to hate, seems to be the redneck way, cowboy up! Bury the news, bury what you know is wrong because it is the "country" way to just not talk about it and it'll all go away!