Honesty means to me that you are truthful in everything, not wavering because of any reason or for any reason no matter what.
If you feel that you are right stand up for it, regardless of the situation, don't be afraid and hide behind something. Sometimes your consequences are tough, but don't worry, being truthful is always worth it, stand ready to take the medicine, whatever it is. Being truthful, it is better to have tough consequences for it, than have tougher consequences for lying or staggering when confronted with something you have done. Being truthful in every thing. you won't have to try to remember which statement you have made, as you only have to remember 1,(the one you made) Being truthful is about who you are in all walks of life, whether it be of work, school, relationships, etc. etc. I'd rather be known as an honest & truthful person, than a liar and a hypocrite, and an evil doer or someone that hurts people constantly, none of us are perfect for sure, we all have our faults. There's a song out " You must stand up for something or you will fall for anything" has always stuck in my mind. I was taught that being truthful formed your character. This is why I believe truth is everything to me, and I will stand for it, and not waver!