Jeff Kmiec- Greenbrier Vice President
Its typical

Princeton, WV

#24 Feb 12, 2011
Hasn't registered his vehicle in WV after living here for almost 2 years?
Kmiec is another of those people who thinks the rules just don't apply to him. It fits his profile, just like his inability to do basic things like show honesty and extend courtesy.
Jeff, here's a clue: it actually IS possible to make a business profitable and bring about change without being a colossal prick.
Say Who

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#25 Feb 13, 2011
Wouldn't it be easier for the entire ex employees of The Greenbrier to meet at the unemployment offices instead of crying on the computer? Perhaps you could start a support group "I lost the greatest job in the world and want to blame everyone but myself". Better yet, go meet across the mountain: I hear the Homestead is hiring (not). Do you really think complaining about occupancy figures, basketball players, license plates and coal mines will get your job back? Let me guess, you also don't like the golf tournament, the concert line up, gambling, Christmas lights, Itaian food, sushi and toys. It takes a carpenter to build a barn that any jack ass can try and kick down.

Whether you deserved the ax or were part of the bloated middle management who got cut; wake up. This isn't you versus The Greenbrier. Read the newspaper; this is you versus the new economy. Companies everywhere are trying to become lean and competitive in order to survive. Is it sad that loyalty is sacrificed as a net result? Absolutely. That's life.
8th graders

Princeton, WV

#26 Feb 13, 2011
It's obvious reading these posts that some of you need to grow up. Tossing insults, making crap up for the sake of trying to keep this lame argument going is pathetic. Do you really think anyone believes you haters don't have a hidden agenda? You're either an ex employee or working for the competition. Either way, leave the valley to adults with something meaningful to say and do.
Say what

Oakvale, WV

#27 Feb 13, 2011
Dear Say Who and 8th Graders,

If you don't like what you're reading then stay off the site, this forum or this topic. If you want to read praise for Jeff Kmiec start an "I love the Greenbrier and Jeff Kmiec" topic. Or better yet, just lick my balls.
OK Then

Princeton, WV

#28 Feb 15, 2011
I'll tell you what - when JJ pays the money he still owes vendors, then we can call it even, OK? Until then, we have a right to call him on it.

"Say Who":
1. self-employed people don't collect unemployment. There's no benefit to hanging out at the unemployment office.
2. Vendors aren't employees, nor are they "bloated middle management", they are local business people who supply(ied) goods and services to the hotel. Most are small, and all have gotten horrendous treatment since the takeover.
3. There is a responsible way to downsize, and there is JJ/Kmiec's way. It wasn't the vendors' fault that the Greenbrier went into bankruptcy, neither is it the fault of the vast majority of the people who were forced out through the various disinformation and intimidation campaigns.

Even Kmiec has been forced to acknowledge that all stick and no carrot isn't an effective way to rule. Otherwise, why would he be vainly trying to explain himself in his semiweekly propaganda sheet with phrases like; "When we eliminate a position, we aren't eliminating the individual" "You have to trust me" and "I am trying to earn your trust". Jeff, try treating people they way you'd want to be treated and you might actually EARN that trust.

8th graders - "Haters"? LOL!!! It looks like you must be in 8th grade using that elementary school lingo. Making crap up? You haven't got a clue.

Helping your balance sheet by not paying for stuff you took delivery of is not a responsible way to do business, help the community or burnish your public image. It will all come out in the wash... eventually... after they've pushed out and replaced the remaining locals with foreign contract labor.
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It just goes to show

Princeton, WV

#30 Feb 23, 2011
Someone who would go by the handle "8th Graders" has the collective intellect of an 8th grader's shoelaces. Keep drinking the Kool Aid, idiot.

United States

#31 Apr 11, 2011
he is a wonderful man

Independence, WV

#32 Apr 27, 2011
say who-great idea,till your ass gets the door

United States

#33 Apr 27, 2011
what happens when they kick all the locals out of the greenbrier, and we are all competing for jobs and housing with the foriegn labor that has been brought in? i dont think it will end good for the people who have lived in this town their whole lives, and dedicated the best years of their lives to that hotel.

United States

#34 Apr 27, 2011
i know a guy being foreclosed on right now because after working at the hotel for thirty years, they have cut his benefits, hours, and gratuity. he even has to file low earnings occasionally to get a check at all. its bad enough that they cut everyones paychecks into fractions, but then they cut their hours to avoid benefits. its the same sad story in every department, but only for the locals who have been there for years. a lot of these new people that are brought in are making great money!

United States

#35 Apr 28, 2011
isnt justice planning on purchasing veronica apartments to house the foreign labor?

United States

#36 Apr 30, 2011
he is a great man with a big heart
got work

Kinston, NC

#37 Sep 8, 2011
J.J. cut out the cancer. Obviously some of you will not accept the change. So go hunt and cut some wood and leave the Hotel to the experts, with the experience.
Oh really

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#38 Sep 19, 2011
Cancer? Then the treatment was more like chemo than a scalpel. It killed off SOME of the cancer and a lot of the good people who did their jobs very well along with it. A lot of the cancer is still there. Apparently, knowing how to play the political game with these people is more important than actually knowing how to do the job.

You'd best hope JJ doesn't buy YOUR place of employment. You'd find out very quickly how he really does business. A boot licker will take your job too.
Folks From Far Away

Princeton, WV

#39 Sep 19, 2011
hmm wrote:
isnt justice planning on purchasing veronica apartments to house the foreign labor?
Dang, I an't never seen so many Asians, Mexicans, and what the heck ever else in WSS in all my days! Justice rules! Bring on all the out of the Country workers and screw the locals, thats whay I'm sayin! Sometimes I think I'm in China Town in San Fran some days!

United States

#40 Sep 20, 2011
We ate at a local establishment last night in White Sulphur, and for the first time we were outnumbered by "visitors" employed at the hotel. Sort of creeped me out!

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#41 Sep 20, 2011
I'll bet the owner of the establishment loved it!

Carrollton, GA

#42 Jan 28, 2012
Kmiec has a lot to learn. Too bad that JJ can figure it out sooner before Kmiec drives the property completely into the ground.

Covington, VA

#43 Jan 29, 2012
He lives on property!! down at Howards Creek Development!! wonder if he's paying to stay there in that nice big house??

Marlinton, WV

#44 Jan 29, 2012
omg wrote:
He lives on property!! down at Howards Creek Development!! wonder if he's paying to stay there in that nice big house??
I seriously doubt it, probably just like CSX taking JJ for everything he can. Hopefully JJ will realize what he is doing to the Greenbrier before it is too late. It is already in the tube for losing

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