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Waynesboro, VA

#1 Mar 15, 2011
Please feel free to voice your concerns, disgust, opinions, or your advice for those of us working at The Greenbrier who are barely surviving and what you see in the future for this so called great place! Thank you

Statts Mills, WV

#2 Mar 15, 2011
Could you be more specific as to why you're barely surviving. I'm just curious and not trying to be smart. Are you living beyond your means, rent, raising kids.

The future is one devoid of any unions. Big Jim will slowly break them down. You'll be at his mercy, and your health insurance premiums will continue to spiral upward. Salaries will stagnate. Basically, if you don't like being treated like a third world peasant then try to find another job pronto.
Two Cents

Hillsboro, WV

#3 Mar 15, 2011
I work there and my opinion is to quit all the whining and go to work and do your job and go home. If you don't like it QUIT!! Go find something else where you will get paid decent money and have fairly decent benefits. Go ahead.
king of prussia

Charleston, WV

#4 Mar 15, 2011
go work at wal mart or a gas station and make more money if your unhappy. be grateful to have a job think of all the japanese people would love to be here right now

Statts Mills, WV

#5 Mar 16, 2011
While I can understand the sentiment of many of you folks saying things like, "just be glad you have a job, etc." I don't entirely agree with your logic. Okay, so our standard of living keeps dropping like a rock. Our country is bankrupt, both morally and monetarily. Our nation is awash in third world immigrants(illegal aliens) and big business is in cahoots with government (fascism) at the expense of the working class and you people keep saying "just be happy"??? I'm sorry, but I'm having a damned hard time of having my lively hood stolen from me. Yes! I said stolen.

Stop ALL foreign aid NOW.

Stop All corporate welfare NOW.

Redirect American tax payer money back to local towns to fix critical infrastructure and put people to work.

This will create enough jobs for everyone.

We can slowly phase out most social welfare.

This will stimulate the economy and we'll all be the better for it.

Waynesboro, VA

#6 Mar 16, 2011
Very well put!!!! I do like my job when I do get to work!!!! I have picked up a second job to cushion this lay off! I do not live beyond my means and I get so sick of seeing foreigners getting to work most everyday while the American sits at home on low earnings!

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#7 Mar 17, 2011
At one time a job at the Greenbrier was prestigious. You could get a loan anywhere with that job as your reference. Times have changed, the economy has changed. The Greenbrier is not a secure job or career. People are scared. Most of the older workers have no other job experience, and no other options. We all have family and roots here, homes and community ties, we are scared to leave the only thing we know. Why should we just shut up and take it. I also love my job, I love bringing a check home to my family, I love my little house, and my 2 older vehicles. I don't live above my means. My house payment is only $500.00 a month, both vehicles are paid for. My bills are barley paid on time, cause $10.50 an hour will not stretch far. I have to put groceries on the table for a wife and 2 children. Let's be honest, gas and groceries are a luxury these days. I think it's okay to be concerned,and scared, we have the right. You say get another job if you don't like it. That's the problem, I do like my job, I just need more money. I need a raise. The government needs to look at the economy here. Why are children obese, it's cheaper to feed them bad food, then to buy good fruits and veggies. So go ahead, tell me all I'm doing wrong, but I'm happy in my little house, with my wife and 2 kids. Go ahead tell me to move, and get a better job, but I don't want to leave. I'm just like a lot of others, I'm scared, today might be the day my job is gone due to contracted labor. I just needed to vent. Thanks

Statts Mills, WV

#8 Mar 17, 2011
Hey Livingginwss,

I feel your pain and I empathize with your plight. We're all in this together. Try not to worry to much and just take each day one day at a time. That's really all any of us can do.

There are things you can do to help, such as: getting rid of your cable TV. That will save you 50$-100$ dollars a month. I haven't had it since 1994 and I don't miss it one bit!

Cell phones and landline. Get rid of one or the other, you don't need both.

Buy food in bulk instead of small packaging.

Make a list of your monthly expenses and see where you can start cutting back.

Good luck and God bless! I have a family too.

Princeton, WV

#9 Mar 29, 2011
It's the new American way. Be happy with your stagnant or shrinking wages. Be happy that your 15-20 year old car still runs since you can't afford to replace it. Be happy to eat cost cutter hamburger helper. You could be starving and living on the street.

The "problem" is that the "complainers" have lives and roots and probably have mortgages, car payments and kids to raise. How dare they have the nerve to complain that the savior of all things good, who rode in on his white horse with promises of work, prosperity and better times for all has done a 180 on nearly every stated goal.

It's going to get worse until he stops hemorrhaging money. The "official" number was $10 million lost last year. They will continue to throw money at stunts like the Holyfield "fight", blame the rank and file when they fail and slash the payrolls further to compensate. Which means of course, firing the old and hiring fewer, younger, cheaper replacements most likely from out of state or out of the country.

But we should all be happy... Smile and bend over. It's only just begun.
I Saw

Princeton, WV

#10 Mar 29, 2011
I saw this morning myself a clown from the Greenbrier. Jeff dressed as a woman up at the house on Tuckahoe road that women are building and a tv crew there. He is degrading women dressed in a pink maid dress and wig. I can't imagine Jim Justice letting this go on it sure doesn't help the image of the Greenbrier it shows he has working for him a man that has no respect for women. Watch channel 6 news tonight and see for yourself. He was trying to get his message over that women can't do anything and the house tells a different story

United States

#11 Mar 29, 2011
Well, I'm going to try and make this quick and painless.

We've allowed this treason (YES-Treason!) to happen to us by the criminal elite in Washington DC. Both political parties are culpable for the treason that we're experiencing in the form of millions of illegals taking our jobs etc.

NAFTA and Gatt started the ball rolling during the Clinton admin. Dem. president and Republican congress rammed these treaties through and made them law! This has allowed manufacturing to outsource our jobs overseas.

The point: Stop trusting politicians, quit voting for the two main parties. I know this is falling on deaf ears, because most of you people still believe the canard that Democrats are for the working people. LOL!

We know the Republicans suck with all their corporate welfare, but it's time to admit that the Dems. do too.

You can't trust the government to watch out for your interests. They are against the working class and for the financial/capital classes. The politicians are our enemy, don't believe a damned thing any of them say.

I Saw

Princeton, WV

#12 Mar 29, 2011
excuse me the man's name was not Jeff. It is Mick
J Justice questionable

Marlinton, WV

#13 Mar 29, 2011
You wonder if Jim Juctice is a communitiy saviour, by purchasing the Greenbrier and surely saving everyone's job.... Yeah thats right he saved them alright, right in the hands of internationals, He or the head man he has, has gotten rid of most of the community and brought in his people either from Nemacolon or Sea Island, or one of his prospective basketball players (parents) or someone in NCAA Basketball, what the commuity doesn't know about JJ is he brings in others from other communities, just like it always has been money will get you more money, even if you are dirty at it. I know we should be thankful that we have a job, and I am but look around and see who is left. Concerned community man wonders??????????

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#14 Mar 30, 2011
Are you finally ready for a union. It's your fault this is happening to you. Your union has a right to put a stop to this, under the contract. All union workers should get a severance pay for the 2 years left on the contract, if they are let go. Tell your union to get off their duffs and do something, or strike for breach of contract, and false union representation. Call in the National Labor Union. Or go down to the local office in large #'s and put your union house in order. They have always worked for the Hotel--it doesn't matter who owns it. The union is a joke, but you let it get this way. Doesn't anyone ever ask, why the whole Bostic family runs the union. Do you ask who's $ are they using to take all those nice trips. Face it, don't complain unless you want to do something. What are you waiting for. Strike against your union. Oh!! I know, can't do that, you don't have time. Wake up people, it's your union you need to be mad at, they are worthless. Then if you don't do something, be mad at yourselves. Call in the news camera's JJ loves to be seen, and heard--see what he has to say about this--see what your union has to say. Just do something!!!!!
I Saw

Princeton, WV

#15 Mar 30, 2011
When Peg was in over the union she would NOT have stood for the things I hear are happening up the on the hill THANK GOD I am retired!!!!!! So like the post before this one get onto the union

United States

#16 Mar 30, 2011
The union has become as worthless as tit's on a boar hog!

There are ineffectual.
Get out

Princeton, WV

#17 Mar 30, 2011
For all of you in the snake pit, time to get out. Don't like your job, wages, benefits, wife, education, weather, life? Go get a new one. This is America, like it or not. Land of the free and home of the brave. If you don't like Jim or his regime, maybe it's time to leave. News flash: Jim bought the hotel out of bankruptcy, not because it was profitable but because it was a smart business move. The previous team, union and employees ran it into the ground. Cry about fights, celebrities, golfers or out of town hires all you want. Even without an increase in the last four years, I made more in the past year than ever before. Cry about the "treatment" by upper management? The only thing I have seen is hard working people trying to save the disaster Jim bought. I see a leader who doesn't put up with the non sense or crap from anyone including the union veterans. Cry about Jim hiring from the outside? Get a life. The Homestead is hiring at 20% less than I am making now. Time to sleep: I want to go to work in the morning.
buttered bread

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#18 Mar 31, 2011
We all know what side your bread is buttered on. You have not paid attention to anything written. We like our work, our homes, our families, our community. Stop the your plea for the man, so he bought a Hotel and saved everything. That has nothing to do with the union, sitting on their duff, not doing their jobs. So go to work this morning for your Jim, the rest of us have a reason to care what the union is doing to us, why pay union dues.
Have Faith

Conyers, GA

#19 Apr 1, 2011
I work in Atlanta Ga I will not mention the co. name but we were at one time the best and cleanist palce to work in Ga.
Then our company deceided to hire immigrants. It has now become a cesspool of filth, nastiness and deseases. We have had four cases of TB since we started hiring them. They are lazy and unclean. They all think that freedom means that everything in America is free.
I think that Jim Justice is an intellegent business man and will check out the pros and cons of hiring immigrants. The cost of keeping them and fixing their problems is not worth the money you would save with cheap labor.

United States

#20 Apr 1, 2011
Two Cents wrote:
I work there and my opinion is to quit all the whining and go to work and do your job and go home. If you don't like it QUIT!! Go find something else where you will get paid decent money and have fairly decent benefits. Go ahead.
its kinda hard to go back to work when you are only scheduled 1 day a week. not to mention the $60 low earning i am allowed. but working the one day f**ks that up so i only get about $37.50

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