Bedbugs: Open Letter to Kay Management
tenant now

Upper Marlboro, MD

#21 Aug 29, 2011
whoo kay need 2 get it 2 gether, but the counties and the state need 2 b held accountable 4 not doing anything.

College Park, MD

#22 Oct 29, 2011
I am thinking about moving to Kaywood Gardens and want to know if there is a bed bug problem there? It is located in Mt. Rainier MD under Kay Management.

Philadelphia, PA

#23 Jan 17, 2012
I agree with Kappa. I too currently live in TOTH and saw a mouse in my apt over the weekend. I DONT do uninvited wildlife! I've only been there a short time (less than 7 months) and I have had more notices on my door about exterminations than I can stand. When I looked at this place, of course I was assured that rodents/bugs were not an issue...I should have follwed my first mind. I cant forget to mention the "break in" notices, both car and unit AND the car jacking that also took place.
I lived at Top of the Hill for 2 and a half years. During that time I experience bed bugs( that was treated) roaches closer to the end of my time there sept. 2010. And mice during the last year there. They made some attempts but the problem continued. Not to mention the employees, the office staffs have the worst attitudes ever in customer service. If you call in a maintainance request they take for ever to take care of the problem it literally took them months to fix my sink claiming they had to wait for parts. I eventually moved out to stay somewhere a lot cheaper. Now I did decide to give the company another chance at a different property. Called the number on the website. The person at the call center was very helpful in providing all information and setting me up with and appointment. I get the an hout later and the office agent basically tells me the rate thats shown on the company website is wrong but that she doesnt have any apartments and the call center( who wrks for the company) is wrong all the way around. Honestly I think im done with this company or at least the MD area. They seriously need to do better screening when hiring people.

Laurel, MD

#24 Jan 28, 2012
Has anyone successfully got rid of bed bugs through Kay Management? Is it possible?

Washington, DC

#25 May 15, 2012
Anonomyous wrote:
Has anyone successfully got rid of bed bugs through Kay Management? Is it possible?
One of the tenants at Kaywood recently threw out all furniture, bed, dressers, nightstand, sofa, etc on account of bed bugs! That's one way to do it.

Greenbelt, MD

#26 Jul 25, 2012

Greenbelt, MD

#27 Jul 25, 2012
I have been living at a Kay Apartment building and they are the worst! The incompetence and apathy towards our problems are ridiculous. Do not rent here!

Greenbelt, MD

#28 Jul 25, 2012
There are drugs on the premesis and people coming and going out of our building. Not to mention the pounding of base from our neighbor's music at night. The manager Victor Michelena told me that is "ambient sound" that is in the apartment. What an AH.

Greenbelt, MD

#29 Jul 25, 2012
There are thugs living at Manchester Towers. I'm talking they look menacing and as if they will rob you on the elevator. There are other tenants that are fine, but there are also, foul mouthed losers living here. I did not sign up for this. Manchester Towers you are a disgrace and take people's money without taking care of our needs.

Greenbelt, MD

#30 Jul 25, 2012
The only way to deal with these people is to move. Sorry to say, but that's what we all have to do, and stop renting from them, and watch them go out of business. And how convenient, we can't post "offensive" material here. All I want to do is curse out the staff and managers at our apartment building!! And they would deserve it.
Tony T

Washington, DC

#31 Jun 13, 2013
I Have a bed bug problem at Top of the Hill Apartments in Temple Hills Maryland. Called the rental office 3 times after getting hung up on twice. Their response was to just live in the apartment for another week then someone will come out and inspect then schedule for treating. Hum, lay in bed bugs for at least two more weeks not happening. I will just have to move and have them reimburse me and I am also filing a complaint. I wish they had to live in the apartments with the problems then we would get faster results. Terrible!!!!!!!!!!
Plooks HB

Washington, DC

#32 Nov 16, 2013
Kay Management is not considerate of their tenants at all. I live in Kenilworth Towers and they made a party room directly over one of their apartments. I know for a fact that the tenant that live above it are constantly being disturbed when it is being used. The parking situation is a nightmare. Also the water bill situation is very unfair, because you pay what the tell you to pay for water and not what you use.I would never recommend this complex to anyone to live in. And also they are always finding a reason to go into your apartment. No privacy !!!

Montgomery Village, MD

#33 Apr 30, 2014
I live on walkers choice in the rental office said that I have to pay 250.00 to treat the bed bugs. I wont to leave my lease is not up til October.

Silver Spring, MD

#34 Jun 1, 2014
I live at White Oak Towers and Kay Management is ridiculous... though Grady isn't much better. Perhaps it's not the company but individual employees (or groups of them) at individual locations, though I've had problems at 2 different Grady complexes, and I can see here quite a few Kay Management complexes listed with complaints specifically about the staff/management.

I've sort of been hoping to find somewhere better to move to, but everywhere else in the same price range in White Oak, Rockville, or the greater Silver Spring area, seems to be just as bad. Moving any further isn't really an option for me due to disabilities and money... and what sucks is, I know it could easily be worse living somewhere else than where I am at now. I got lucky and my neighbors are relatively quiet, but roaches and the random arson fires in the trash chutes / frequent fire alarms for other things (including kids being bored it seems) are just a few of the reasons I wanna GTFO.

Philadelphia, PA

#35 Dec 6, 2014
I have lived at top of the hill for over a year. Roaches were a huge problem last summer in the trash rooms, trash chute and lower level apts. I love my apt but the building itself, tenants and management are awful. When you request maintenance the answer is usually "we can't do anything about that". The maintenance people are too busy smoking their cigarettes, drinking coffee and having social hour or in other apts seducing female tenants. There is supposedly no dogs allowed but there are numerous dogs living on site. Some days the elevator and stairwell smell like dog and dog shit. The hallways always smell of weed, enough to get you high if you stand there too long. People do laundry and throw their used dryer sheets and lint on the floor. There have been times where someone has vomited all over the entryway floor and left it for the cleaning lady to take care of. The quality of people they are renting to is ridiculous. Young party kids with no respect for anyone or anything. It is widely known that 3206 apt 107 is the place to go to buy your drugs. The fire doors have had the alarms removed and are used for entry and exit from the buildings so really these are not security buildings and there are always strangers walking the halls or sitting in stairwells not to mention the constant solicitation that goes on even though it's posted at the driveway that it's not allowed. Car windows are busted out, where's the security that is supposed to be in the lot from 10pm to 7am? He shows up once in a while but definitely isn't around all night and definitely not every night.

Hyattsville, MD

#36 Apr 25, 2015
Don't rent a apartment from Kenilworth Towers, managed by Kay Management. They are rodent infested. The place is noisy and management doesn't care. Preferential treatment is given to Hispanics because the resident manager is Hispanic and she allows them to break all the rules. I think this place is breaking a lot of real estate rules so I'm going to call the landlord and tenant commission to have them investigate.Kay Managements can't be trusted. DON'T RENT FROM KAY MANAGENT COMPANY. You will be sorry if you do!

Phoenix, AZ

#37 May 14, 2015
i have the same problems at kay apartments, who owns this place, i want know the names and their adresses if possible, im living now only for revenge

Hyattsville, MD

#38 Jun 2, 2015
I miss Cornell Butler dearly -- he used to be the manager at Wayne Manchester Towers and he was the best property manager Kay ever had -- really set a precedence for showing concern for you while balancing his responsibilities to Kay. He treated you as he would want to be treated. He retired years ago and my experience with Kay has never been the same or even close, in fact the total opposite.
LMR from hyattsville

District Heights, MD

#40 Aug 1, 2015
you got that right, kay management is lower then low. They don't care about their tenants. They only want their rent money. I pay a high water bill and it's only me in my apartment. Someone needs to look into the company. I don't know who's in charge but they need to put these apartments in the NEWS.

Fort Collins, CO

#41 Sep 17, 2015
I lived Kay apartments at Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, MD for two years and moved out because of multiple problems Kay management was unable to resolve. Kay management is less than average apartment that deserves less than one star in all measures. Let me start from the positive: maintenance crew are generally respectful and works hard to satisfy their tenants. Even though most of the problems are above their limit, they at least listen and try their best to resolve. Due to suspicious criminal activities, there is 24/7 police patrol in the community; it’s up to you to call it positive or negative.
The negatives are limitless, but my review is only those happened to me. The neighborhood is extremely crowded and there is no privacy in the entire southwest community. There are more than two families,(each family have multiples kids) allowed to live in most two bedroom apartments. Children play next to your door and throw objects to your window. Every night a group of adults sit on a stage near to my door to smoke different stuff which I really don’t know what and drink beer. Every morning I have to clean the leftover of their smoke and empty bottles from my area. One night around 9PM a drunken guy came out of next door and starts to urinate near to my stage where children and mothers sit and play day time. My complaint to the office mad no change. The management has biased attitude against all races and origin of country except Hispanics.
I cleaned and vacuumed the carpet before I vacate. The carpet was completely clean and literally no stain on the carpet,(because I had additional over carpet on the living room and kitchen). The management sent me a bill of $360 for “stain cleaning”. I talked to Cande Marbley, the lady who evaluated the condition, and she said if a tenant vacate before 4 years, the management charge carpet replacement fee regardless its condition or it has to be exactly the same condition as it was given. I don’t know how to keep new carpet EXACTLY the same condition after one stay over two years. I have been living in apartments for many years but never seen such unprofessional and greedy company.
They renew the rooms with the cheapest possible materials with unexperienced contractors. All window PVC flashing (the plastic secure a window and protect heat/cold leak), falls off the second week of my rental. I requested maintenance five times within the two years and finally I sealed ALL my windows with plaster. The strong odor under the “new” carpet implies the poor condition of the property.
Bugs and mice are a major problem in the complex. Multiple times I request help to the office to eradicate roaches and control mice. Maintenance crew tried to stop the exponential grow of roaches and mice everywhere in the kitchen. They gave me useless sticky board to trap mice’s and has no success. They sent professional exterminators twice but no solution. The professional guy finally told me that no matter what they clean my room, there is no way to guarantee unless the entire neighborhood is treated the same way. I have higher degree in science and I am aware of disease directly transmitted by rodents and bugs. You can check yourself at the Center of Disease Control (CDC) website: . When I moved out of the apartment after two years, bugs damaged most of my stuff and I end up throwing my beds, two couch, dresser, and most of my kitchen utensils.
Since more than two families’ lives in one apartment and the management have no problem to give parking permit -keep in mind the biased attitude on other races- there is a HUGE parking problem after 9 pm and weekends. If you have a car and work late hours, this is not a place you like to live.

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