Women Claim Child Sexual Abuse Agains...

Women Claim Child Sexual Abuse Against Church

There are 104 comments on the NewsChannel5.com Nashville story from May 13, 2008, titled Women Claim Child Sexual Abuse Against Church. In it, NewsChannel5.com Nashville reports that:

A few former members of a church said they were sexually abused as children and the church did nothing to stop it.

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Springfield, TN

#82 May 20, 2008
Sometimes, the truth has to come out, whether or not someone who was involved is dead. It sounds to me that you are apparently not considering all of the matters in this situation.
And do you know what else is unfair?- when children and minors are sexually abused and nothing is done about it until something like this has to happen.
sick wrote:
Do you know what really makes me sick is when people keep making accusations againt a man who is dead and cannot even defend himself, half the people making comments didn't even know the man. A little unfair to me.....

Springfield, TN

#83 May 20, 2008
I hate to see it, but of course it was going to happen- the information you and others like you, Mr. Alan is all being filtered and tainted so that it will be perceived EXACTLY the way that these leaders and ministers want you to see it. Perhaps, if you'd consider leaving your anger and predisposition to favor a church affiliated with yours at the door, you might find more truth than you bargained for.
Bro Alan wrote:
I really can't believe that anyone is taking any of you serious. What happened to our basic rights under the Constitution? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to due process under the Laws of our great country? It's despicable that people like these women can slander someone openly in the media and there is no accountability. It makes me sick that all of you who have posted here have forgotten the Godly principles that this great land was founded upon.
It's also very apparent that you are trying to pressure this outstanding Church into giving you a payoff. I am a minister in this Body of people and for the most part, I have not found a more upright group of people anywhere. I have seen this type of behavior from people before and this is a classic example of extortion. The things you are saying about this being a cult are completely unfounded. It's also quite obvious that someone has been coaching you to attack the people as a whole to distort the real issue here.
You keep saying that you were forced to call Bro. Mears to ask permission to do anything. That is false. I've known Bro. Mears for almost all of my life and I found him to be one of the kindest, most gentle men I've ever known. I've known Bro. Steve Farmer and his wife for many years and he's never had anything but a good report from anyone who's know him. We do not force anything on anyone. All we do is try to preach the truth to the people and then if they accept it or not is up to them.
Finally, Bro. Paul Mears was not part of that church's Ministry and hasn't attended there for years. How can you hold someone responsible (Bro. Farmer) who had nothing to do with it? If Bro. Paul Mears did this then he should be held accountable. But the only reason (over 20 years later) you are going after the church is to get money. If you were really interested in justice and not financial gain you would file a criminal complaint against Bro. Paul Mears, not a civil (monetary) complaint against the church. This alone shows your true motive.

Sikeston, MO

#84 May 21, 2008
the gospel assembly free is not the same grop as the body you people take th names from the body and put them in with the gospel assembly free and call it all the same when infact it's not the same at all

Sikeston, MO

#85 May 21, 2008
you say steve farmer is lying when in fact you probably dont even know steve farmer you just want any reason to say that hes lying and this is a cult and thes people ae being brain washed people like you just look for any reason to try to discredit a church and any of the people that go to one

Brentwood, TN

#86 May 21, 2008
Are you sure this is the truth, did you ask the man before he died?
It is unfair when minors get hurt, but the person who hurt them needs to brought to justice not someone who can not defend himself.
Anonymous wrote:
Sometimes, the truth has to come out, whether or not someone who was involved is dead. It sounds to me that you are apparently not considering all of the matters in this situation.
And do you know what else is unfair?- when children and minors are sexually abused and nothing is done about it until something like this has to happen.
<quoted text>

Clarksville, TN

#87 May 24, 2008
why don't all of you go to a real church,where they worship God and study the Bible, and you would not be in this mess....Not a cult..........

Houston, TX

#88 Jun 5, 2008
jessica wrote:
why don't all of you go to a real church,where they worship God and study the Bible, and you would not be in this mess....Not a cult..........
What is your suggestion?

Louisville, KY

#89 Jun 5, 2008
Why the church wrote:
Shouldn't the parents take some responsability in this? Why should the church be held liable for something that two men did over 30 years ago? Should I go and sue Mapco for gas prices soring, should I sue Kroger for rising food prices? NO....should the church be sued for Paul Mears abusing Mrs. Morrell and Ms. Mears? For Carlos Cruz "molesting" Mrs. Beita? After all, all he did was touch her thigh.
My prayer is that you wake up and quit worshipping Steve and start Worshipping GOD. Say what you want but those of us that are or were GACers know about the controlling ministry and the mind games. If you're the minister and you control all of the members in your cult (and they do!) then you are responsible for "taking care of your flock." The abuse should have been reported to the authorities by the parents but apparently the parents were sucked into the "cult mentality" and were unable to do that so they came to the "minister", Steve Farmer for help and to have the issue resolved. Unfortunately history has taught us in this cult, that "resolving an issue" = "covering it up." Don't tell the authorities, just forgive the "brother" and worse case scenario is that they send him to another church to molest more people.
Furthermore, how dare you say that "he only touched her thigh." Unless you are the victim or the pervert who did the molesing, you should be careful of your comments.
There are too many of us that know the truth about this cult/ "Body" so you're preachin' to the choir. Wake up and see the wrath of God, cause He will see Righteousness done in this situation. Be careful that you be found on the side of God.

United States

#90 Jun 15, 2008
Does anyone that is accusing Steve Farmer and his church actually know anything about them? These alleged abuses took place much before Steve Farmer came to be pastor or even high up in the church. I notice that every time someone brings out the truth and takes up for him and what is right the only reply anyone has to say is "you 'People' are an evil cult." Careful, you might want to get your facts straight before you make yourselves look even more simple minded. Oh and since you that are so against Steve Farmer appear to be oh so terribly witty and better than the members of that church I'll mention "I have no affiliation with that church" because I'd hate to be the center of your ingenious accusations. You should stop spending so much time trashing other people's churches and find your own, along with a brain capable of originating better phrases than the overused "evil cult."
Neighbor of Paul Mears

Nashville, TN

#91 Jul 10, 2008
Has Paul Mears been legally charged? There are many young children living in the neighborhood that he is in. Some of us are very concerned and would like to be more informed.
bro malone

Dallas, TX

#92 Nov 27, 2008
An ex-GAC memeber wrote:
<quoted text>
This is exactly what my ex-GAC minister would say-
"The church is wonderful-No one is forced to stay..."
Which is why I can't walk into a church without having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
No, my pastor didn't force me to stay-
She just convinced me I would burn in h-ll if I ever dared leave her leadership.
If anyone would like the full details of abuse in 'The Body' or Gospel Assembly churches-
go to: www.gospelassemblyfree.com
Where were these grandchildren's parents?This entire business smells like extortion!This x-member[?] made two mistakes in describing us;we do not believe in an eternal hell somewhere very hot and we have NO women pastors.[dust off your king james for some real shockers]Ihave known all these people mentioned and I know that good humans sometimes do evil things,but "hear-say" used for proof will not stand up in court and cannot destroy the good life lived by cornelius mears.The love of money-----.
sick of it all

Hendersonville, TN

#93 Jan 29, 2009
What about the lives of the good people that were destroyed by the evil things? I'm glad Bro. Malone posted what he did. He only shows how sick this group is. Didn't you all know that you can rape a child and still be considered good humans? What does it take for this group to consider someone just evil?

Charleston, WV

#94 Mar 24, 2009
listen up....when mears was in bandian, ca. now the city of industry, as a child I went to his,(mears) church, that had wooden benches for seats, then he moved his flock to san gaberial gosbel, a church that again was white, and big....I was there when Brother po-tear was assistant pastor suddently left, then I happened to find him in the basement of the church, where he told in this darken room off the side of the kitchen, that mears had ordered some members of the church who owned a mortuary, to go up to Oakland, where he was and drugged him and brought him back in a casket...Brother po-tear, to those who knew him was a very sweet and nice old man who loved, and really loved Jesus, then told me to get my mom and I out of the church before we were killed....I was nine when I last talked to mears....I knew benny morris of phoenix who had camp meetings in the dessert, with guns all over the walls, at one camp meeting....My mother "died" under suspious circumstances in phoenix, under horrible conditions....When I found this out I was in my 20's....Mears and his wife and daughter and 2 sons have taken people for their money, and killed people to keep them from leaveing...that church in tn. run by steve farmer and mears daughter is a fraud....the Jesus "only" brand of church is a cult, years later I found the true way of serveing Jesus, and it ain't with a cult....My mother and I fled the church years ago, then I left my mother to find my self in life, without "mommy"....I was rideing with the Hell's Angels for awhile, then in my late 20's I found Jesus at teen challenge, where I received the holy Spirit, yet my past hurts, when I thinks of the "christian" babysitter" who hit me on the head with a hammer, and refused to feed me, and the time wilfred turingtide, in a bathtub, tried to get me to play with his cock, as a young man...and the beatings with a baseball bat from connie mears for know reason at all
[email protected]
white house tennessee god

Springfield, TN

#95 Apr 30, 2009
look this is a cult. you have to ask the preacher to throw a birthday party, you have to ask to wear make up, and everything else you have to ask for. here in the real world where i live i answer to one person when i get up me. hey andrea amy and darlene how are you 3 doing. btw people these 3 people own sonic in white house. oh yeah i hate to say it but this cult will follow that curch around if it moves. this isnt a church group this is a cult plain and simple and to the point.

Since: Jul 08

Springfield, TN

#96 May 2, 2009
How much longer are you all going to cry about this? Get over it and move on with your live's.

Utica, KY

#97 Jul 8, 2009
Who is Steve Farmer ? And is he originally from Franklin, KY
My father was wise

Hammond, LA

#98 Jan 15, 2010
I am coming into this discussion very late , but want to say this I am third generation product of "the body". I grew up primarily in Bro. Cornelius Mears church. Although we were taught to respect the church my father never let himself or us be ruled by Bro. Mears or any other minister. He decided what was best for our family. We were required to attend services until our teen years and then the decision was ours. My father was a scholar and he thrived on studying the bible as did Bro. Mears. I recognize several of the names in these posts from my past affiliation. Many, probably because of their blind trust, were somewhat "royalty" in the services and were given special privledges in the services while they condescendingly looked upon my family with disdain. My father has passed on now, but if he were still here I would call him and thank him for guiding my siblings and I to love the study of the Bible, but keep man and church in its place.

Since: Jan 10

Hammond, LA

#99 Jan 19, 2010
sick of it all wrote:
What about the lives of the good people that were destroyed by the evil things? I'm glad Bro. Malone posted what he did. He only shows how sick this group is. Didn't you all know that you can rape a child and still be considered good humans? What does it take for this group to consider someone just evil?
This group seems to value their money more than their children. They "disfellowshiped" two long term members for inappropriate use of church funds, but allowed perverts to mingle for years.

Reno, NV

#100 Mar 19, 2012
I was lead to clyde patton in 1982 after recieving the lord on my bed.I told thr lord that i am not going to a minister or preist or church if i cant talk to you nobody can.When i said ok lord i beleif you died
on the cross and resurructed from the dead three days later i had a spirtial experience .When i was saying it i did not know it was true when i was done i did know it was true.I asked the lord if there is a group of people that are your people lead me to them.I reciverd the fire baptism in one of there serives.I was only with them maybe 3 years total and know about a lot of there problems clyde patton was a good pastor and built a good church.The nigth of his passing the holy goast told me he was passing and i came out of a back slide the same day.The church in houston is very strong in the faith.If i am right bro patton accused tm jolley in 1963 and there was a spilt.They are very dogmatic about anyone saying something bad about like most of the world is They are not complete and can be pridefull and abusefull like any other group or even gang a big trick of the devil.I am thinking of coming back and seeking god again and it was my choice to stop doing so.It does not mean i have to fellow ship in one of there churches to be part of the body

Memphis, TN

#101 Apr 22, 2012
I would like to know why so many of GAC members are and have experiences this same horrible nightmare! No matter what state or city it seems that GAC Ministers has done this same thing! and for years coverer it up. For some reason the church members still "follow" and are being "brai washed" by the ministers of these churches!
The Iuka and Greenville Minister has done this same thing. Now the church in Greenville has been closed for a few years. But what! now some of the members have moved to Iuka and still refuse to accept the fact this man has lied and done these horrible things. Members are leaving right and left, but some are still clueless to the fact.

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