Dear West Virginia Friends,

Time is quickly running out to avert the fiscal cliff and prevent taxes from rising
for middle-class Americans.

Here is the truth: We could solve this crisis tomorrow if Speaker Boehner would just
pass our Senate bill that cuts taxes for 98 percent of Americans. So why won't the
House Republicans do it?

You guessed it. They still refuse to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their
fair share. They are ignoring the economists. They are ignoring the will of the
American people who voted in November to stop tax breaks for the richest among us.
But they cannot ignore you -- if we make our voices heard right now!

Will you sign my petition to House Speaker John Boehner urging him to immediately
pass the middle-class tax cut bill so that President Obama can sign it?


If House Republicans refuse to act, it is our middle-class families who would pay
the price -- they could see their tax bill go up $2,200 next year. That's what the
House Republican leadership is willing to risk to protect the Koch Brothers and
Sheldon Adelsons of the world.

But thankfully we are starting to hear more Republican voices of reason, like Rep.
Tom Cole, saying we should join together now to cut taxes for middle-class
Americans. We need to make sure the Speaker Boehner and the other Republican leaders
hear this message.

Will you help? With only days left before a deal must be reached, they need to hear
from you right now.

Will you sign my petition to House Speaker John Boehner urging him to immediately
pass middle-class tax cut legislation and send it to the president?


If we were in an argument and I gave you 98 percent of what you wanted, wouldn't you
grab it?

That is exactly what Democrats are offering. Unfortunately, Republican leaders like
House Speaker John Boehner are so obsessed with protecting huge tax breaks for
millionaires and billionaires that they are willing to endanger our middle-class
families and our economy. Well, we cannot let that happen.

Will you click below to sign my petition to House Speaker John Boehner now and urge
him to immediately pass our middle-class tax legislation and send it to the
president to sign?


Thank you so much for standing with me, with President Obama, and, most importantly,
with our middle-class families.

In friendship,

Barbara Boxer Democrat
U.S. Senator