Wheelersburg Animal Hospital

Minford, OH

#81 Aug 7, 2012
Big J wrote:
Dr. Collins works 5 hours a week Dr.Myers is good too I belive Dr. Myers was an associate of Dr.Collins in 1995 thru 1997 Dr.Myers left WAH let his Ohio licince exspire the licince number 7023 he bought the clinc last year from Dr.Collins after coming back his Licence mumber for the stat of Ohio is now 9400 Again Dr. Myers is good too.
Dr. Myers was a vet in nashville for 10 years

United States

#82 Aug 25, 2012
I think all they care about is the money they do not care about your pet they are RUDE!!!!!!!!!!

Marion, OH

#83 Aug 25, 2012
confused wrote:
i juat have one question? if your kids were sick would you really care how much it cost you? my pets are like kids to me,and i will pay whatever i need to pay to make sure they are healthy and treated well. i dont live there anymore,but my parents and friends do and they all take their pets to W.A.H. the docs are very well educated(as you must be to obtain a license). so they really cant be any less educated than any other place. i recommend them highly.
I'm not complaining about the price I would pay any amount when it comes to my pets and their lives MY complaint is that they are Very. Rude and seems to not be Very caring towards animals now in my opinion being in that field that should be # 1 I don't care how long u have been a vet or were u took your schooling if you don't care or act like yoU don't care and don't have a heart u have no business being there
Always Amazed

Columbus, OH

#85 Sep 28, 2012
petmommy wrote:
I would never take my animals to Wheelersburg Animal Hospial after the vets refused to come in on a weekend to treat a cat that was hit by a car. The vet on call said it wasn't worth the time. Granted the cat wasn't mine but I wanted it treated since some a**hole hit it and ran. Thank god Scioto Trail Animal Clinic vet cared enough to come in on a weekend to put the poor thing to sleep.
Knowing the ethics and training that goes into obtaining a veterinary license I somehow doubt they said it wasn't worth the time.. I would say you didn't want to take financial responsibility for the animal since it wasn't your and you have to understand that veterinarians have the same amount of debt and responsiblity as their human counterparts but make roughly 1/3 the salary when they get out of school...Veterinarians time is worth just as much as any other profession.

Wilmington, OH

#86 Sep 28, 2012
You animal loving people are crazy... Stop spending money animals. You probley make 7.00 and hour barely make ends meet and kids don't have shoes but if a sneezes you run it to a doctor!! What is wrong with you people?? Wake up times are getting rough stop spending money on animals. Take care of your family. Don't come back and say you do take care of your family. Because if you are spending money on animals then that money could have been used for something else.
Always Amazed

Columbus, OH

#87 Sep 28, 2012
doglover3 wrote:
<quoted text>I'm not complaining about the price I would pay any amount when it comes to my pets and their lives MY complaint is that they are Very. Rude and seems to not be Very caring towards animals now in my opinion being in that field that should be # 1 I don't care how long u have been a vet or were u took your schooling if you don't care or act like yoU don't care and don't have a heart u have no business being there
Dog lover you are correct in that most people would pay whatever it takes for there pets in most circumstances, but you would be amazed at how that attitude would change if the outcome is not what they want. I have heard a lot of comments about rudeness and attitudes of not caring and would say that any legitamit complaints should be addressed to the owner. You have to remember veterinarians are people as well and in an area like southern ohio where you have to see a large quanity of patients due to demand and the shortage of veterinarians you have to remember that although 90 percent of your client base is kind and grateful, there are for lack of a better word a lot of assholes that just wanted to say you charge to much and all you care about is money...If that was so I assure you that no sane person who cares about making money would ever go in to veterinary profession. People of southern Ohio and rural communities accross America are spoiled to ole doctors not keeping up with the times and charging unrealistic prices just so they don't make people mad...Try visiting any veterinary clinic in a suburban area or city and see that office calls rival doctors offices at 46 to 50 dollars. The veterinarians that chose to practice in the rural areas for 25 to 30 dollars per office call are no less educated but have to work three times as hard as there urban counterparts just to make a living to feed and support their family just the same as anyone working at the A plant, hospital, or any other industry in the area. The only thing is that their paycheck isn't always guranteed like some of the bigger companies because it depends on how pet owners view the value of their pet and to what extent they care for them. You have to remember a veterinarian is only human and medicine is no guarantee. Animals will die no matter what the person careing for them does....It is usually the lack of communication between the parties involved that usually leads to bad reviews like the ones posted here. Plus just because you don't get the outcome we would all like doesn't mean everything done can be free. You don't see the hospital stopping billing just because their patient died while on the operating table. I guess the point to this long post is don't be too quick to judge with only partial facts....Not everyone tells the truth to why they had a bad experience in the first place and only spin their side of it.
Always Amazed

Columbus, OH

#88 Sep 28, 2012
Love my pets wrote:
I would suggest going elsewhere! Too many bad experiences with vets there. I'm very picky with my animals. I have no children & therefore I'm fortunate that I'm able to spend more on my pets health care. I only started taking my pets there 2yrs. ago because it was closer to home & what I thought would be a less traumatic trip for my pets (they hate traveling).#1 the staff, including the vet socialize too much in the hallway, making the wait time for your pets very rough (approx 15-25 minutes once your in a room), then another 15-20 minute wait for each procedure to begin(blood work, shots,etc)another 20 minutes to get paperwork after the doc sees your pet.Routine shots, & yearly check up take over an hour & most of it is wait time. They only spend about 10 minutes with the pet! They have the office fully staffed but everyone prefers to bs than do their job. They have one sweet young lady upfront that appears to care for the people & animals more than anyone else. I believe she does it all there, front desk, phones, rings up your bill, takes you back, gets your meds, etc. she must be exhausted! The vets I've mostly dealt with our Leslie & Ryan. Well, Leslie has a horrible snotty attitude & Ryan, well let's just say he misdiagnosed the lump on my puppies neck (which he caused when giving her a puppy shot).The older gentleman vet had to see her, draw fluid then admit it was the other vet's fault & gave my puppy antibiotics to dissolve the lump. All of which I was charged for their "admitted" mistake.Which they were going to remove surgically until I advised their mistake then they fork over for the procedure. Hmmm, suddenly, antibiotics would make the lump go away! And it did in 3 days! I've always been on time or early for appointment....they're never prepared. I understand emergencies....they're first but when the place is empty & they're just gossiping,then I think it's rude! They're there to take care of pets, gossip should be done on their own time. As far as the prices, they're very cheap. But remember, you get what you pay for! Between the misdiagnosis, typo errors on the patient's charts( allergies marked incorrectly, & weight marked incorrectly causing improper dosage of meds, all of which I kept advising & was promised they'd be updated but never happened!), long wait to see vet, get bill, & check out, plus the horrible bed side manner of the vet, and a stressed beloved pet that is terrified of the vet but loves the front desk girl, I'd say the experience as a whole was terrible. And needless to say after this last visit, I won't be taking my precious pets there again! Vet staff needs a lesson in manners, customer service, and compassion. Then, & only then would it be worth going there. Your pet deserves better care!
Hey Love my pets..Just reading through these posts and wanted to address a few things...First my vet has given my dogs shot before and they will for a vaccine knot or granuloma or what ever it is they call it...Most of the time they resolve without any treatment at all with enough time...I see two things wrong with your situation...One is the other vet threw the other one under the bus by not explaining that that may be a side effect of vaccination and that no one can ever predict. Two, knowing that my vet gives vaccines under the skin in the rear legs or sometimes in the neck the vet might have not put that together with vaccines. He may have missed diagnosed it as I don't know what was said in the room but I would rather my vet misdiagnose a vaccine lump and not miss a cancer that would be more serious..I have heard the same comments on Leslie but have no personal experience so will not comment..

Wilmington, OH

#89 Sep 28, 2012
retard animal lovers if obama get elected you won'e have enough money to feed you own kids let alone feed a bunch of stupid animals!
Robbin Loop

South Webster, OH

#90 Sep 29, 2012
They have always gotten us in every time we have called and the staff was great!! And as far as the fees I'm not sure what others charge but I don't think they are high at all. And if they have raised I guess I can understand because everything else has gone up.

Jackson, OH

#91 Feb 24, 2013
chis wrote:
<quoted text>Dr. Myers was a vet in nashville for 10 years
He was there longer than that he moved wen he was n his 20s
Bull Terrier Breeder

Powell, OH

#92 Mar 1, 2013
I have been here twice and very pleased with both experiences. I breed Bull Terriers and have previously been to my local Vet up north only to need a second opinion on a situation. I went here and was explained in full detail what was going on. Dr. Harnetty went above and beyond helping me with not only what was going on in with this situation but also answered a couple important whelping questions not related. I would recommend any and everyone to go here. Think about it. Their prices might be getting higher but these are our pets which are like kids! The service they are providing is way more important than the price in my opinion. My short conversation with Dr. Harnetty was worth the cost of my meds and vet bill I received for that visit. With that being said, Thanks again Dr Harnetty.

Ironton, OH

#93 Apr 1, 2014
we took our two dogs there to be spayed and neutered they said it would be 100 bucks for both, ended up paying 300 bucks, will never go back!
loyal customer

Brookville, OH

#94 Apr 3, 2014
They are wonderful to all animals under all circumtances. I have gone there for years. They have always treated me with special care and are perfect to my dogs! I suggest you check prices at SHAWNEE ANIMAL talk about prices being HIGH!, Here's the way I look at it, people will go where they feel the best care is being done for there ur baby and will continue to go there. Everyone has a choice to see any vet they want. So instead of trying to start trouble just keep your opiniont and go else where.Of course if you really think about it, is there really a to high of a PRICE you would pay to save your animal? I know I have no LIMIT with money when it comes to my animals? Just smile and be happy your animal loves you and you have one.

Proctorville, OH

#95 Jul 19, 2014
All I have to say is great vets! But the lazy women at the front desk needs to go. Very rude to the customers, who walks in to get medication, or what ever they may need. They don't even honor people appointments. When you call to make a schedule appointment there always filled up. What a lie! I called from my cell number and I was in the car, out front of the WAH. I just walked in with my animal, guess what they had openings. Hmm! Like to know who owns this place, because I would let them who how awful those women are.
tartan yard

Proctorville, OH

#96 Jul 19, 2014
I agree. The doctors and the price is great! But it's the ladies in the front are horrible!!! I can't stand the tall skinny blonde. She has a smart mouth on her. And then you have the fat lady that sits in the front office, all she can do is walk around. I'm like everyone else, the owner needs to know how these ladies are doing and treating the customers!

Lyndora, PA

#97 Aug 13, 2014
There prices are CRAZY!! And when my dog had to have surgery they were rude and obnoxious!
Wally West

Walla Walla, WA

#98 Dec 10, 2014
My wife and I came home one night to our dog that was able to get into our pantry and eat a lot of bad food. Our dog literally could not get up and we had to rush her to the animal hospital where they had to pump her stomach. My was very worried that she wasn't going to make it because we didn't know how long she was lying there on the floor. Luckily our dog will be okay.

vulgar vic

Pittsburgh, PA

#99 Dec 12, 2014
I heard people here put peanut butter on their peckers and let Ole yeller tongue it

Portsmouth, OH

#100 Dec 15, 2014
Had bought a Chihuahua and wasn't informed about her being sick... Bought her anyway because I knew that I was able to give her a better home and the proper care. Immediately took her to WAH and Dr. Meyers examined her prescribed meds and we were sent on our way. He was very professional and caring, stayed in the room probably 20 minutes answered my questions and gave me advice. Overall price was 85$ including 3 medications. I really like this vet.

Omaha, NE

#102 Jan 16, 2015
David Green wrote:
What does everyone think about the Animal Clinic?
My opinion is they don't care about the pets just the $Money$ they have raised the office visit and if you don't call in for an appointment and just walk in they charged you extra. There prices are getting ridiculous. A lady i work with said she took her dog in there to get it's nails cut they cut them to short and the dogs nails started bleeding an it was in pain she said she wasn't taking her dog there anymore. Whats your thoughts? Have you had any bad experiences from there?
I think it depends on the doctor really. I think that there are a lot of pet hospitals that generally care for the well being of animals. You are always going to find someone that is doing it for the money, but I don't think they can last very long at a hospital because a lot of decisions are life or death for the animal. I speak generally when I say that they are concerned for the animal to the degree that they don't want it to die. http://mybalboavet.com

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