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#1 Oct 31, 2012
Dealing drugs in Miller Manor ryan,ashley heroin,Trista is a major oxy dealer for years and ruining our community i i have yet to see one thing done they arrest people for cutting tires but you can deal drugs in Tristas lot all day most people dont live here who sell here my family has been stopped and asked to buy drugs and also asked if they had grugs to see wheres Donini

Marion, OH

#2 Oct 31, 2012
Trick no good hoe. I got something for u "skywalker" lol I do knw who u.r
cry me a river

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#4 Nov 1, 2012
So let me get this straight.... Someone is tired of the horsesh*t low-lives and reaches out in an effort to put an end to the lawlessness that is apparently taking place, and then some self-serving egotist responds with some more horse-sh*t as if to defend being a worthless douche nozzle.

I guarantee you that there are more of us concerned about the plight of our community than just the original poster.

Drug dealers and miscreants can't threaten or intimidate all of us.

The fact that they've rationalized "snitching" as being wrong tells the tale. "snitching" on people that are doing wrong will never be a bad thing. No matter how hard druggies and thieves cry about it.

I'm a grown-ass-man and if I so much as suspect foul play you can bet your sweet ass that I'm passing that information along and probably calling the cowardly druggies and thieves out on their misdeeds in the process.

If you don't want to take responsibility for your piss poor judgement, don't blame me as if I've done something wrong by pointing it out or shedding light onto the matter.

If you can't reside on this planet without intentionally causing harm to another in some way, shape or form then you shouldn't be here, period.

Shape up or ship out!

Marion, OH

#5 Nov 1, 2012
Miller Manor is nothing more than a burg projects that needs to burn to the ground, nothing but LOW LIFE NON WORKING SCUM yes u know its true, do us all taxpayers a favor and OD please

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#6 Nov 1, 2012
thanks for the defense they try to intimidate you up here into thinking your not safe or your family if you tell which it does worry me that my family may not be safe if i let them know who i am i have reported them maybe their in the process of getting these people that whole block except 3 or 4 apartments where that trista girl lives all have big time drud dealers in it

Marion, OH

#7 Nov 1, 2012
lol all I'm saying is if u have a problem with me let me no.topix .. tho for real tho? Be an adult I don't need this bullshit. Lol and as far as living where I do. I love my apt. Haha n ppl who live here do work. And u actually scared ppl r going to try m harm u if u let it be known who u r?? Get real... lames

Terre Haute, IN

#8 Nov 1, 2012
Hope Trista AND her hubby woop youfr ass! Snitches are no good. Best get packin your suitcase....

Marion, OH

#9 Nov 1, 2012
Drugs are a problem EVERYWHERE. I know when I moved into my neighborhood 25 years ago it was a really nice place for your children to grow up. For the past 5 years or so the drug dealers have moved in & people steal anything they can. It's very sad.

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#10 Nov 1, 2012
Hey i know the person who uses star war analogys some times whats funny is they live right across the street
herion dealer
#11 Nov 28, 2012
Shirley day is a herion addict as well as dealer but she doesnt live in scioto county no more....

Marion, OH

#12 Nov 29, 2012
if you people know who is dealing and afraid to turn them in because of what they might do to you or your family call the drug hot line where you don't have to hive your name. or report th to hud if yoi deal drugs you can't live in government housing.
i know one

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#14 Nov 29, 2012
The biggest one is the fatass who opened a tattoo shop where earth moon imports users to be,he sell to children and anyone he can. He sell drug stuff right in his shop .he smokes drugs openly out side for us all to see. Why don't someone do something about him.

Wilmington, OH

#15 Nov 29, 2012
You know it is so funny thay Rachel is the one that started this thread. I'm sure everyone knows thay she did and she isn't to smart talking about they won't arrest people for dealing drugs but will arrest someone who cuts tires on a car. You should have just same your name Rachel cause everyone knows your old man is the one who cut someone's tires. She wants to rat on someone for dealing drugs but what would happen Rachel if they got busted cause then you would not be able to buy your drugs to get your fix or have someone walk over there and buy them for you not too smart on your behalf girl. It kills me how people are so jealous that they will rat on people when they do the same damn thing and everyone knows they do. But they don't want mommy and step daddy to know because he is a detective. I know everyone knows who the rat/ rats are just thought I would just thought I would throw that out there.

Wilmington, OH

#16 Nov 29, 2012
She called her self sky walker cause she was so high when she posted this that she thought she could walk in the sky.

Hartland, MI

#17 Jan 2, 2013
Trista is a nasty twofaced hoee thats never gonna amount to a dang thing. U were trash in school and ur trash now and prolly be trash the rest of u life. I feel bad for ur halfbreed babies they deserve a better mom than u bc ur a teal shittty mom and u know it. All u do is run ur mouth and try to start shyt with everyone lile u own these apts. I cant believe ur happy to be living in these trash holes. You would yhink ud want better for ur kids than living in these run down ghetto trashy apts. How can u be content with living here oh hats right bc ur trash just like all the ppl who live and bum and suck ppl dry. Ur a nasty fat hoee who will never amount to fkn nothing. Ur a trifflin p.o.s and u know it. And for ur man hes no better if not worse than u r. How bout grow up and be a real mom to them halfbreeds and quit thinking ur kool bc u sale drugs bc its not cool especially when ur kids are involved in it. Dont u see that or are u always to fkd up to realize whats important in life bc babygirl its not being a a fkn drug dealer. But i guess when they kick ur door in and take ur babies and arrest ur asss for doin what u do and being a pathetic excuse for a mom. Ur were a cuntt in school u r one now and ull always be trash and everyone knows it and u cant hide from the truth bc the truth always comes out especially when u "think" noone sees what u do. Grow up u trifflin bytch and take care of them kids before theyre sent to the zoo where they should be. And for being scared of u. Hah thats funny u think ur a hardasss but deep down inside ur a sad excuse for a human mayne one day u will OD and noone will have to hear ur big fat mou. Every single day.. buh bye bytch cya around

Hartland, MI

#18 Jan 2, 2013

United States

#19 Jan 9, 2013
Loll. U got alot to say behind ur screen name... bitch!!!!!

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