Barnes Behind Bars Part 3: Wheaton Sp...

Barnes Behind Bars Part 3: Wheaton Speaks Out About Pastor in Prison

There are 32 comments on the KSAX Alexandria story from May 10, 2010, titled Barnes Behind Bars Part 3: Wheaton Speaks Out About Pastor in Prison. In it, KSAX Alexandria reports that:

Early this year the reign of Danny Barnes as Pastor at Thy Kingdom Come Church in Wheaton ended.

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Tempe, AZ

#1 May 10, 2010
What was this?

The title of the story says "Wheaton speaks out about Pastor in Prison"

So why didn't the reporter ask anyone in Wheaton about the pastor???

This was just another excuse for the reporter push his belief that Barnes is justified and Wheaton is racist.

Oh and we get to hear stories of unconfirmed cross burning and Danny comparing himself to Jesus.

Great journalism here.

United States

#2 May 11, 2010
Kiekow; I am ambarrased for you and your station. You showed no professionalism in research or objectivity on this story. Do you even have a dictionary? Look up sociopath, discernment, balance. Then apply these to this joke of a story. I am afraid your credability on ANY story in the future is in question.

Elbow Lake, MN

#3 May 11, 2010
I can't believe that you would glorify this idiot and his followers. This woman that you talked to has had 4 different kids by 4 different fathers. She has been a drug user for more years than I can remember. I am not from Wheaton, but from the small town she lived in prior. Her kids were poorly taken care of and were eventually taken away by her own family members and then one of their fathers stepped in and took the boys. She is not a credible person for anything. Shame on you. The only victim here was that poor little girl and she should have been taken away from Sherry at birth.

United States

#4 May 11, 2010
Horrible report.

Congrats Kiekow and KSAX, you gave a convicted multiple felon the publicity he craves. You gave Danny Barnes exactly what he wanted, a forum to spew garbage out of his mouth and claim racism. There was nothing racist about his time in Wheaton. Nobody cared about his skin color, what the town cared about was the new wave of crime this man brought to a small quiet town. You let this kidnapping, pimp, attempted murderer compare himself to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr on your station and you should be ashamed. Jesus never pistol whipped people and head butted cops. King Jr never sold women, beat men with pipes and stabbed people, but Kiekow and KSAX let a lifetime compare himself to two polarizing figures. Then, to make matters worse and show you lack of professionalism, you get a guy who does not live in Wheaton, or at least nobody knows he does, to tell Wheaton's side of the story? And you interview a Barnes church member to confirm racist acts around the church? Great source Kiekow, try a little harder next time. Wheaton is not racist, they just don't like criminals destroying the town and claiming racism when they get caught. Other African Americans live in Wheaton, work hard, and get along with everyone. This is not a matter of racism, it's a matter of law and order, neither of which Barnes understood or abided by. Kiekow, this is obviously your first story fresh out of college, I suggest you try to make a name for yourself by doing a factual story, not something totally one sided.
Down South

United States

#5 May 11, 2010
What ever happened to responsible journalism???? Apparently KSAX forgot that important lesson from school....Barnes is in Prison, end of story. Forget about him and lets move on to something about beating a dead horse!!!!! Barnes is not the martyr MR Kiekow believes he is ...he is a sadistic, arrogant sociopath who needs to feel important to the people he frightens because deep down he knows he is nothing! Barnes behind bars, stupid title, stupid story. Next time you try to do a story on a convict do a little more research first!

United States

#6 May 11, 2010
kiekow: : It would totally appropriate for you to publicly apologize to the community of Wheaton. Prefferably at the same news time slot you presented this trash.
Lifelong Wheaton Res

Wheaton, MN

#7 May 11, 2010
Danny Barnes is Crazy!! He claims to be like Jesus, he is far from it! He deals with his parishioners with threats and promises of violence if they do not follow. The feelings that Wheaton Residents have for him have absolutely nothing to do with race. Danny loves to use the race card. Apparently he believes it will give him sympathy. We all pray to god not to have him come back to our community...we don't want to bear that cross anymore! I do believe that God did send him here to teach us how to deal with hypocrites who try to tell us they are holier than others. I have had to deal with Danny and he can be a very menacing figure. I stood my ground and then had to deal with his loud,obnoxious, disrespectful disposition. If he doesn't get his way he acts like a spoiled child.

West Bend, IA

#8 May 11, 2010
Such poor reporting. No purpose for this "series" and obviously little concern with ascertaining the truth. What can you say about a person who admits on tv she shot up drugs a few nights ago. That is beyond dumb and yet you take her word that there was a cross burning. The voice for Wheaton is a person I have never seen or heard of. How did you even get his name? from Danny? And then to let Danny have the opportunity to threaten the town in the last spot is just deplorable; a laugh out loud moment, for sure. The man is an amoral person, who chose God as his latest con trick. Is the town as happy to see him gone, as Danny speculates? Oh my yes, he finally spoke the truth.
so angry

Montgomery, MN

#9 May 11, 2010
This is such a bunch of crap. I am really sick of people (media) coming in to our community and parading Danny Barnes as the next Jesus Christ. This guy is a manipulating creep and if you can't see that you need your eyes checked.

United States

#10 May 11, 2010
If you can't see by now this guy is a con man who thinks the world revolves around him then you don't know your head from your fore pointed contact. I agree with pervious posts, you aired this person comparing himself to 2 of the most influential people in history. As far as I'm concerned that was a slap in the face for them and I am appauled it was aired like this. If you truly want to know what this man is like you need to talk to the average person on the street in Wheaton and I can just about guarantee you you will not hear one good word about his conduct or what he was doing in Wheaton come from any of them. The only people who I have ever heard say anything good about this man, that know him, are the people he brought to Wheaton and yes I'm going to say it "brain washed" to think he was the almighty himself and a good portion of them believed him and when some finally realized what he truly was he kicked them to the curb. Racism!! B.S.! this has nothing to do with Racism he cannot take responsibility for his own actions and can only justify his consequences because Wheaton is racist!! it is a pure load of crap. What he is sitting in prison for never even happened in Wheaton!! This is not about a community, whom was just fine until this person showed up, it is about a megalomaniac who got what he deserved, he should've gotten more. I'm going to stop there but you get my point. This was the worst report I have ever seen.
is this working

Providence, RI

#11 May 11, 2010
my post didn't post

Providence, RI

#12 May 11, 2010
I have some legitimate questions for the reporter of the story. These are serious, not to bash you:
1. When reporting the story, why did you not say why Danny Barnes is in prison? You said "forcefully removing a member of his church from a house where he said drugs were being used." To anyone who doesn't know the facts, it sounds like a reasonable thing to do, i agree. But the facts are, Danny and a couple others, armed with guns, broke a window and entered the home and physically removed his son-in-law at gunpoint. Where there drugs being used there? Danny says so. But was convicted by a jury (a big stone county jury, not a Wheaton jury) of kidnapping assault and battery. A judge sentenced him to prison.
2. Why did you not interview the victims of Barnes' crimes? Seems like a logical place to find an opposing viewpoint to Barnes' opinion that it's okay to physically assault people if you're a pastor who thinks it’s for their greater good.
3. Why did you not interview any Wheaton people? You describe Denny Clough as someone "who has lived in Wheaton" but the Wheaton people posting on here don't seem to know who his is or whether he lives there. Wheaton is full of business owners, established residents young and old, Pastors and Priests who don't have criminal records, and others who might give credible insight into why the community has a problem with Barnes. You could have even challenged them on the issue of race, which obviously would be a factor at some level in any town that is 99.2% white.(Easy fact lifted from census info that would have been interesting to raise in the story as well but I digress) You spent the time to set up the interview and drive to Stillwater prison to talk to Barnes, which I assume took some time and effort. Why not spend the same time and effort to find a credible person or two or three in the community affected to hear the other side of the story? But the only rebuttal you allow the town of Wheaton is from Denny Clough, and only on the issue of whether or not or in what context the N word may or may not have been used.
4. Did you consider looking at crime numbers or at least calls to service for the Wheaton Police and Traverse Co Sheriff, to see if the numbers rose while Barnes was there. That might have been interesting information in the absence of an interview. Did unemployment and welfare claims go up in the years Danny brought people to town? Or is it possible the economy there improved? Wheaton has an economic expert named Harold Bruce who might have spoken to the effect on a small town when a few dozen more people move in, which could help Danny’s argument on his helping the community.
disappointed part 2

Providence, RI

#13 May 11, 2010
5. Did you consider challenging Barnes’ knowledge and credentials as both a Pastor and Drug abuse Counselor… and did you considering exploring the possibility Barnes is simply obsessed with the attention? You’ve had a couple of his former parishioners/patients vouch for him as helping them out but then they admit they do drugs once he’s gone. Is it possible instead of rehabilitating, they instead grew dependent on Barnes? And is it possible that’s just what he wanted? Is it possible the reason he decided to become a preacher is not because of his love for and desire to serve God, but because he craves the attention and his ego feels really good when people “follow” him? Are parishioners and other observers willing to vouch for his faith and say his preaching helped them become closer to God? Are his methods proven to get anyone off drugs for good or do his tactics of fear and violence only put it off while they’re in his presence (the mirror saying ‘”that’s wrong”)? Did Barnes ever consider formal training on how to keep people off drugs and rehabilitate? Before he left for prison did he actually give guidance to those people as to where they can go for help, or did the shepherd simply leave the gate and say good luck? Danny says God sent him to Wheaton. How effective is Danny at spreading God’s word, or is he better at spreading Danny’s word?
6. Did you consider challenging Barnes when he compares himself to Jesus and MLK? On the surface, those statements should offend anyone who admires either man. What would Danny have to say to get you to say,“whoa, whoa, whoa… just a second now. WHAT?”
7. What is your news station’s policy and your personal feeling on reporting rumors? Danny apparently told you about the alleged cross-burning, which supposedly happened while he was in prison, so he heard about it second hand? The mother of the dead little girl supposedly knows about it but did she see it or just hear second hand as well? If anyone really saw it, why didn’t they they call police, snap a cell phone pic or collect the charred remains for evidence? You report the police department doesn’t know what you’re talking about. So in the face of absolutely nothing more than loose rumors, why do you report it?
All right. That’s it for now. Just some questions that came to mind when watching these stories.

Minneapolis, MN

#15 May 11, 2010
This series literally boggles my mind. I don't understand how the facts can be so blatantly misrepresented. Barnes uses God and accusations of racism to get away with his antics.

I especially liked part one where clergy should have the right to break and enter and harass. Ridiculous.

Good job bashing an entire town in favor of a man in jail. KSAX should be ashamed of themselves.

Alexandria, MN

#16 May 12, 2010
I think this story was meant to outrage people. To blow our minds that they're are actually nuts out there like Barnes & to be aware of them! I mean really - when they interviewed Manson - he said all sorts of twisted stuff that outraged people - but it also made them aware of just how crazy he was! I'm sure the town of Wheaton won't forget him after this & he won't be welcomed back into the community for the right reasons - not for his made up ones!
That story just made me see that guy for who & what he is - a total nut job!!! Hang in there Wheaton - you're a great community!!
a person

Alexandria, MN

#17 May 12, 2010
Great job KSAX-TV. You are willing to tell the stories that need to be told.

Elbow Lake, MN

#19 May 12, 2010
Only this is not a story that needed to be told. glorifying a criminal who compares himself to Martin Luther King and others is not needed. Quoting a known drug users opinion is not needed. Little girls getting murdered in a "church" is not needed. What is needed is an apology to the community of Wheaton and then maybe some more college courses for this so called journalist.

Alexandria, MN

#21 May 12, 2010
is this working wrote:
my post didn't post
I for one would love to hear from some more Wheaton residents - what was their take on this? I heard KSAX welcomed people & even asked for people to do interviews & they declined because nobody wants to be on tv! Pretty hard for this reporter kid to interview Wheaton people if nobody will call them & give him the interviews everybody is screaming for him to do! Step up Wheaton residents - give up some interviews then! Let's hear, as the great Paul Harvey use to say..."the rest of the story!"
wheaton guy

Cedar Rapids, IA

#22 May 12, 2010
Is it strange to anyone else that he hates wheaton so much when it was Bigstone county that sent him to prison?

Tempe, AZ

#23 May 13, 2010
It's the job of the reporter to seek out people to interview to balance his story. I could understand they don't want to talk when he takes Barnes' side on every story he does, but still he should try harder.
Local wrote:
<quoted text>
I for one would love to hear from some more Wheaton residents - what was their take on this? I heard KSAX welcomed people & even asked for people to do interviews & they declined because nobody wants to be on tv! Pretty hard for this reporter kid to interview Wheaton people if nobody will call them & give him the interviews everybody is screaming for him to do! Step up Wheaton residents - give up some interviews then! Let's hear, as the great Paul Harvey use to say..."the rest of the story!"

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