Bill Windsor Lawless America Revolution

Bill Windsor Lawless America Revolution

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Nov 11, 2012

Bill is videoing cases of domestic abuse, child abuse, Judicial abuse and GOVERNMENTAL CORRUPTION.

Now is your chance to tell your story!
A Lawless America Nobody

United States

#3 Jan 2, 2013
Don't accept any imitations. For the real truth:
A Lawless America Nobody

United States

#4 Jan 2, 2013
This is what Bill Windsor has to say:
Nikki Antonion

Ridgewood, NJ

#5 Jan 2, 2013
Bill Windsor is not what he says- he promised all these moms he would film them- in some cases took their money- and in the end pulled all videos and threatened to call the women's abusers- this is unethical- cruel- and people need to steer clear of the lawless group- they are wolves in sheeps clothing- they are aligned with the fathers rights militia groups- not "good dads"- mother haters
Iva Sue Bridgman

Plano, TX

#6 Jan 2, 2013
What does Bill Windsor have to say and how does he treat battered mothers? Read for yourself! ...
And then there is this from the Lawless America main Facebook page:
Scroll down the Lawless America page to find the deliberate encouragement of criminal harassment, it starts, "A Friend has advised: The American Mothers Political Party page can be reported to Facebook as a hate page. This person reported them today. If enough people report them, then they will be shut down!"
This is not libel, because every word is true and backed up by Bill Windsor and Lawless America in writing on the Facebook page and the Lawless America Website! If you are a battered mother and this man approaches you for your "story"; RUN for your life to the nearest police station and report him for harassment.
Bill is a Liar

United States

#7 Jan 2, 2013
Do not give your info to him if he get MAD at you he will post all your info to the people that support him, some being rapist and pedophile. Look if he was a good man and not a criminal. He would not have ever done that. Good people do not give people info to the world endangering people family and children, very sick Bill.

Newark, CA

#8 Jan 2, 2013
Bill got angry with a woman for angrily asking to be deleted from his public contact list for his Lawless America group.

He has now crossed the line because his feelings were hurt she didn't ask nice, and he has published at least 2 articles on his LawlessAmerica website with her PHONE NUMBER and told people to call her.

He is instigating harassment and stalking of a woman in a wheel chair who is a survivor of Domestic Abuse.

He is not a man, he is a coward and a bully and is trying to incite people to attack this woman and now others. His current hit list is also published.

Avoid this group, and Bill Windsor.
From Bill WIndsor

United States

#9 Jan 3, 2013
That's not the truth.

This is just part of the story:

Let me respond to several questions.

TRUE: I have filmed alleged sex offenders (male and female), their spouses, their parents, and their friends. If you read back over the last year, you will find that I always stated that anyone who comes to be filmed will be filmed, and they were. I also stated many, many times over the past year that (a) anyone featured in the movie will be fully vetted,(2) anyone named as a bad guy by those filmed will be given the opportunity to be filmed and take a polygraph test, and (3) all filmed are expected to provide evidence (to include sworn affidavits, polygraphs, etc.). Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am sickened by child abuse, especially sexual abuse. Anyone who claims anything to the contrary is a liar and a hater. I can't make instant calls on who I feel is telling the truth and who isn't because there is usually a lot to consider that can't be considered in an intensely-bust one-hour interview. I have made some personal evaluations, and I can say without doubt that "conceited" sex offender Mike DeVoe is innocent, in my opinion.(See MaryAnn Lubas video, his Mom.) I can say without a doubt that Beth Berryhill should not be on a child abuse registry. I believe Wayland Matthew Fox and Mike Conti, and they agreed to take polygraphs. Too many to mention....

TRUE: I have offered to film ex-husbands and ex-wives. It is and always has been standard operating practice. I have been contacted by both women and men asking to tell their side of the story, and they will be given that opportunity. I have been contacted by ex-husbands of some of the members of the American Mothers Political Party, and I have offered to film them. I have also been contacted by literally thousands of ex-wives, and I have interviewed at least 500 so far.

TRUE: If I felt that someone's story was simply unbelievable, or if someone filmed lost credibility, I removed them from the movie. Approximately 25 fell into that category. There are now approximately 50 who have been removed from the movie, and most of the newly-removed seem to support either a mother or father group that seems to me to be opemly malicious against the opposite sex. Those removed represent approximately 3 percent.

FALSE: I do not obtain the rights to anyone's story if they are filmed by Lawless America. The release is very clear: I simply get exclusive rights to the film that I shot, which is the way all professional filming is done.

TRUE: I will respond to all requests to remove the YouTube video upon request by anyone who fears that it could cause them problems or risk. I have honored these requests, but I am not waiving any right to use anything filmed in the movie.

For more go to
From Bill WIndsor

United States

#10 Jan 3, 2013
The American Mothers Political Party should be overjoyed when they learn that all of their members will be in a movie...just not Lawless America. I'm going to do a DVD release movie exposing them and their members and other groups that masquerade as something they are not.
From Bill WIndsor

United States

#11 Jan 3, 2013
Here's some more of the honest truth:


Carlow, Ireland

#12 Jan 3, 2013
Nikki Antonion wrote:
Bill Windsor is not what he says- he promised all these moms he would film them- in some cases took their money- and in the end pulled all videos and threatened to call the women's abusers- this is unethical- cruel- and people need to steer clear of the lawless group- they are wolves in sheeps clothing- they are aligned with the fathers rights militia groups- not "good dads"- mother haters
Mind providing proof he took money? Oh wait, there is none because it is yet anothervlie made up by the AMPP for their own gains.
Rita Amunrud

Otis Orchards, WA

#13 Jan 3, 2013
This documentary would make no sense if you did not film accused people. That is the root of the problem. People are being falsely accused by the government and railroaded by their over whelming judicial abuse of power. Now we have groups who had died out or lost momentum who would like to attach itself to Lawless America to revive themselves. Exposure is the power the people wield with the advent of the Internet and this movement is the impetus of good positive change while others just spread hate.
Glen Gibellina

Sarasota, FL

#14 Jan 4, 2013
lawlessamericaflorida's Space
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November 11, 2012
382990_166138593481638_1874526 881_n
I IGLEN GIBELLINA am a single Father, who believes one person can make a difference in shaping the world with the ideas we believe in. I have learned you can’t wait for someone else to “do something” it must start with YOU, with ME. No matter how small, we all have something to contribute.
I have been into the Family Court system nightmare in the 12th Circuit court of Manatee County for over 10 years. 2002DR3254 I am appalled at the lies and incompetence this agency has been allowed to operate under. I will now fight for reform and accountability in this corrupt system.
Too many families are damaged by incompetent social workers, greedy guardian ad litem’s, Judges, Referee’s and High Conflict attorneys that fuel the destruction of family life for the other side of WINNER TAKE ALL mentatlity. Foster children are killed every day in the US. Because a CPS worker says it’s “in their best interest” to be taken from their home. There needs to be a complete over haul of Family Courts that hear these cases. Our children are the most important thing in the world. Their care and well being should be at the top of everyone’s “to do list”.
All elected officials, at every level, in every State must educate themselves on the problems families face once in “the system”. The financial hardships, unnecessary outdated “classes”, real determent kids must deal with in the aftermath. We must make uniform laws across States, share information and the exchange of ideas. The veil of “secrecy” must be ripped away. It is not for family’s anonymity, it keeps those who fail these kids protected.
We must make sweeping changes, start to focus on ways to support and strengthen families, removal should be last option not first. Parents must be involved at every level. When I hear about big lawsuits or new “committees” to study family issues, it seems every one forgets to include the family. There should be a we are ALL working together, not an Us vs Them attitude. When there is “real” abuse, trials should be fair and swift. Long terms served for convictions for crimes against kids. It is our job to make sure these issues are addressed and kept on the forefront EVERY DAY.
I do believe like any other job, there are good social workers, and guardian ad litem’s. I just haven’t ran into any of them yet. But for those who do care, you must speak up and call for change. Tell your Legislatures, media and officials what you need to do your job. I would gladly love to work with any one who has ideas, time, money, or just the common goal of creating a system to protect those who really need protection BUT assist and protect the rights of those who don’t. Too many false accusations and unfounded claims are allowed in Social Service reports and Juvenile Court records.


Glen Gibellina

Divorce to a personality disorder is war and there are disordered attorneys who also have no conscience. I hope that one day we will all be able to heal and join together to stop the legal torture of vulnerable citizens.
Without a dispassionate and objective justice system based directly on the Constitution there can be no justice. Individuals must know they can have justice despite income or condition. Without these conditions being met no free market is possible. We provide tools for the accomplishment of this, the true justice, enacted by the people.


“Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.”
― George Burns

Panama City, FL

#15 Jan 4, 2013
What does this prove. Words mean nothing.
Truth remains

Podolsk, Russia

#16 Jan 9, 2013
funny how those who have committed crimes and lies are always out there defending their selves.
he seems to be making excuses for his hatred of women especially domestic violence survivors.
Nikki Antonion

Ridgewood, NJ

#17 Jan 19, 2013
Blind followers--- fathers rights cult-- that is what bill windsor is a part of-- he eats pie place to place- panhandling-- is there not a post that anyone attending a rally in wash should give him 10-20 dollars each? So he can raise $16 k?
You gibellina are

Orlando, FL

#18 Jan 19, 2013
One of those mra of which we speak. You may cry your sob story to pedo lover bill (his OWN words so no slander here) but many of us check things out. Your docket shows you fie motions against your ex and before that is even heard you file a new one. You tried getting out of child support many times. One day this 'man-hater' (hahaha detect note of sarcasm there) will fly on down to the Sarasota courthouse and read these volumes and volume of paperwork for myself.

United States

#19 Jan 21, 2013
Bill Windsor fights for Women, Men and Grandparents:
Loryn Ryder

United States

#20 Feb 2, 2013
Bill Windsor has re-re-victimize my child and I as well. :(

United States

#21 Feb 2, 2013
You probably deserved it, but Bill would never intentionally hurt a child in any way.

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