Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group places billboard in NYC, other cities planned

Nov 24, 2008 Full story: 41

The Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group is dramatically expanding its nationwide advertising campaign with the placement of billboards in some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

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Rowlett, TX

#1 Nov 30, 2008
Given the fact that ibuprofen kills about 3000 people every year and medical mistakes kill about 500 people every DAY, don't you think the efforts here might be more wisely spent warning people of the very real dangers of modern medicine?

Check out the Dept of Health and Human services web site on "Medical Errors" and look at what they term the 6th (at it's lowest estimate) leading cause of un-necessary death in the country.

And be sure about what they are talking about. They are not saying medicine doesn't save lives and they are not referring to difficult cases. They are talking about mistakes. MISTAKES! ERRORS!
Stinky Pinky For U

East Granby, CT

#2 Dec 2, 2008
I don't give a happy crappy what they say I will never give up my chiropracter and I stay away from M.D.'s. Au naturel all the way baby. Those M.D.'s give out "medicine" that's nothing but POISON. We should put up a billboard about that.

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Dec 2, 2008
Given the fact that chiropractors claim to be able to cure everything from bed wetting to allergies to diabetes, all by using bogus treatments like activator and nucca quackery, it is reasonable that the scientific community considers most of them to be quacks.

The fact that medicine makes mistakes is totally irrelvant to anything chiropractors think do, or say.

Chiropractic students learn from day one to bash medicine at every turn.

And then, when chiroquacekrs are truly sick, even they run to their MDs. Of course, they know to keep their ignorant mouths shut while the MD is treating/saving them. But then its back to their offices to continue the bashing.

Look, chiroquacekrs are not the brightest bulbs. I'd feel sorry for them if they were not ripping people off.

The chiropractic diaper is full. It needs to be emptied.

Rowlett, TX

#4 Dec 2, 2008
Wisdump - "The fact that medicine makes mistakes is totally irrelvant to anything chiropractors think do, or say."

Can't you be the least bit original? Quit quoting TEO from that goofy web site.

And of course it is relevant nim-wad. The fact that medicine kills so many and makes so many deadly mistakes is the very reason why so many look to chiro and other alternative treatments. Not to mention the failure of many medical treatments for many different problems.

Anti-chiro zealots cannot separate the deaths of 500 per day due to medical errors and mistakes from that which they defend by being so anti-chiropractic. It simply cannot be and will not be. With every rant about the "quackery" of chiropractic, you will get a reminder of the "accidental" harm done to the public thru the killing of 500 people everyday due to medical mistakes.

How many people have died needlessly due to medical mistakes since you have been posting on this forum Wisdump?

Over the past year, 365 x 500 = 182,500. Just over the past year. Add to that the number killed by cross reactions of drugs, side effects of drugs, pharmaceutical errors and prescriptions incorrectly filled, missed diagnoses, lack of treatment due to lack of funds, sleep deprived doctors in over run ER's in the county hospitals, etc, etc and the number probably doubles or triples.

Wisdump - "chiroquacekrs are not the brightest bulbs"

Chiropractors are not the brightest?

You have not one chiro on this forum who has made any claim to be able to cure bed wetting, allergies and diabetes. Help yes, absolutely. Cure, no.

Anyone who reads your posts Wisdump knows you are a fat, fat liar. You just hope to reach the truly ignorant masses, is that it? Or are you looking for the anti-chiro equivalent of fundamentalist terrorists, to somehow brainwash into your kind of thinking (if you could call it that)?

You could just be acting and seeing just how stupid you can be and thus for you this is just a video game, and Chirotalk is for your buddy Neo.

I think a bit of both.

You should give it up and try something else. You've probably already tried p0rn, right?

Wisdump - "it is reasonable that the scientific community considers most of them to be quacks."

Please ding-a-ling, most of the medical community is anything but scientific. Get real. And most of the medical community doesn't consider most chiro's quacks. Ask around. I meet and work with a very large number and meet new ones all the time who do not. Some of the ones you mention are viewed by even chiro's as quacks. They are every where in every field.

Your broad brush smacks of how you tried to be one of those and finally pulled his/her/it's head out of his/her/it's a$$.

I really get tired of repeating that and will thus just cut and paste for you.

"Truly sick" I don't think you have a clue what that actually means.

"Scientific community" You definitely don't know what that is. Your "speak" says it all. No science in there AT ALL.

Total maroon.

Mountain View, CA

#5 May 16, 2009
I'm sorry you feel that way. Can you please tell me why chiropractic has a 59% satisfication rating by consumer reports then? this is a survey, by actual people...random survey.

Seattle, WA

#6 May 16, 2009
Spine 2008 (Feb 15); 33 (4 Suppl): S176–183

Cassidy JD, Boyle E, Côté P, He Y, Hogg-Johnson S, Silver FL, Bondy SJ

Centre of Research Expertise for Improved Disability Outcomes, University Health Network Rehabilitation Solutions, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada.

STUDY DESIGN: Population-based, case-control and case-crossover study.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate associations between chiropractic visits and vertebrobasilar artery (VBA) stroke and to contrast this with primary care physician (PCP) visits and VBA stroke.

SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Chiropractic care is popular for neck pain and headache, but may increase the risk for VBA dissection and stroke. Neck pain and headache are common symptoms of VBA dissection, which commonly precedes VBA stroke.

METHODS: Cases included eligible incident VBA strokes admitted to Ontario hospitals from April 1, 1993 to March 31, 2002. Four controls were age and gender matched to each case. Case and control exposures to chiropractors and PCPs were determined from health billing records in the year before the stroke date. In the case-crossover analysis, cases acted as their own controls.

RESULTS: There were 818 VBA strokes hospitalized in a population of more than 100 million person-years. In those aged <45 years, cases were about three times more likely to see a chiropractor or a PCP before their stroke than controls. Results were similar in the case control and case crossover analyses. There was no increased association between chiropractic visits and VBA stroke in those older than 45 years. Positive associations were found between PCP visits and VBA stroke in all age groups. Practitioner visits billed for headache and neck complaints were highly associated with subsequent VBA stroke.

CONCLUSION: VBA stroke is a very rare event in the population. The increased risks of VBA stroke associated with chiropractic and PCP visits is likely due to patients with headache and neck pain from VBA dissection seeking care before their stroke. We found no evidence of excess risk of VBA stroke associated chiropractic care compared to primary care.

Brooklyn, NY

#7 May 16, 2009
Simple. Several reasons in fact.

Chiropractors treat simple, uncomplicated and limited conditions. Thank goodness. Most of these conditions resolve on their own. Indeed, some chiropractors actually perform a helpful service when employing generic manipulation when necessary. But those are far and few between.

Chiropractors, on the whole, spend a portion of their time "befriending" their patients. Nothing wrong with that. It gets them a higher approval rating.

Most importantly, most "lay" people have no idea about the bizarre and actually ineffective treatments that most chiropractors use. How could they?

lastly, heck even massage therapists get 99% approval ratings. Chiroppractors rely on these so called "approval" ratings. When questioned about chiropractic efficacy and lack of research, they always respond, as this chiropractor did above, "well, people like us, so it must work".. Chiropractors have no idea why that kind of thinking gets them nowhere with the critical thinking crowd.

Those are the facts. the chiropractic diaper is full. It needs to be emptied.

Mc Lean, VA

#8 May 16, 2009
Do they ask you over at you cult, to bow down and worship their spines

I would not doubt it, as you are a very well trained disciple

You are clearly an idiot with absolutely no clue about what you are talking about

You use propaganda and as Dr. G stated nazi tactics to intimidate and put fear into the people that disagree with you

You need to clean up your diaper as it stinks pretty bad and is filled with fraud

Everytime you post we know it is you because is really stinks when you keep letting out your fraud farts we can smell you coming miles away

Now break free of your cult because you have been brain washed into a belief system that is creepy to say the least, next thing we will probally hear from you is how aliens exist and are studing to be chiropractors on mars

Man you make me laugh as I cannot help to ask you again to do what you are trained to do, you know what I am talking about, come on just say it one more time and be a good little follower ok say it "YesMan"

Now empty you fraud diaper and clean yourself up

Brooklyn, NY

#9 May 17, 2009
Any time you'd like to debate any of the more than 20+ bizarre chiropractic treatment techniques, let me know.

Until then, you are free to engage in ad hominem attacks. It only proves my point at how ignorant chiropractors are.

United States

#10 May 18, 2009
Wisdumpy at it again?

Trying to scare people away from the safest form of medicl care in the world?

Why don't you go back to your sites and post on them as you posts at these sites are way way down due to the fact you and you fraudsters have been exposed and people know that Chiropractors get them better

Chiropractic is the safest form of medical care in the world

We are Primary Care Phsicians after all

I hope wisdumpy gets checked for VSC as he is apparently has severe nerve blockage

He needs help and only a Chiropractor is capable of determining if he has a VSC

Now say it "YesMan"

Brooklyn, NY

#11 May 18, 2009
"chiropractic is the safest form of medical care in the world"

Ha Ha

Of course there is nothing "medical" in chiropractic.

When it comes to "care". Every chiropractic technique is frauduent, and ineffective so "care" is irrelevant.

"Safe" is relative. Clicking on spines or putting blocks under hips as sot chiropractors do is "safe". Ineffective but safe.

Except of course when a quack chiropractor delays getting a person their necessary medical care because of their ignorance. Remember, chiropractors never get experience examining or treating truly sick patients.

But I'll ask, you say that chiropractic is safe "medical care". What disease do you claim to treat?

Hmmmmm? Simple question. Ha Ha Lets hear your BS answer.

United States

#12 May 18, 2009

Stop waisting taxpayers dollars collecting welfare and get off your _______ and stop complaining that Chiropractors are successful and you are not

I think you need a diaper change as you stink a mile away again, Maybe your fellow robots or you new master will change you diaper for you

You have to be the worst ad hominem attacker in the world

Go back to the site you came from as your posts at these sites are way way way down, so way down that you are here crying to us all

Say it, I command you to robot "YesMan"

Go back to college and figure out how to say something besides "YesMan"

Get a life and have your spine checked for VSC as you have a nerve blockage from somewhere

Brooklyn, NY

#13 May 18, 2009
I'm not the one who is saddled with student debt. You are. I'm sorry you got involved with such a scam field. but there is a way out.

First, you must stand and admit you are a quack. That you were uneducated and unsophisticated and got sucked into the cult that is chiropractic.

First you must stand tall and empty your chiropractic diaper.

United States

#14 May 18, 2009
Very good young ctalker disciple

You are learning the way of the no force dummy

Many Chiropractors enjoy a 6-7 figure salary

While you cry out to everyone to help change your dump diaper

Get a life

Stop your ad hominem attacks

Stick with what you have been trained to say, you are an expet at this, go ahead and say it for us "YesMan"

Great Job say it one more time, "YesMan"

That is sooooo funny

Wilmington, NC

#15 Jun 3, 2009
Wisdom wrote:
Given the fact that chiropractors claim to be able to cure everything from bed wetting to allergies to diabetes, all by using bogus treatments like activator and nucca quackery, it is reasonable that the scientific community considers most of them to be quacks.
The fact that medicine makes mistakes is totally irrelvant to anything chiropractors think do, or say.
Chiropractic students learn from day one to bash medicine at every turn.
And then, when chiroquacekrs are truly sick, even they run to their MDs. Of course, they know to keep their ignorant mouths shut while the MD is treating/saving them. But then its back to their offices to continue the bashing.
Look, chiroquacekrs are not the brightest bulbs. I'd feel sorry for them if they were not ripping people off.
The chiropractic diaper is full. It needs to be emptied.
Unfortunately your mouth needs to be wiped out with soap for saying such libelous things. Most chiros I know in my area understand the role and value of medicine. Virtually all of our patients are on something. I could certainly rationally be debated that there's far too much medication being prescribed. And it is dangerous! Most of my colleagues routinely refer to MD's so patients may begin meds to help stabilize their pain so we can try to fix 'em. The majority of us have figured out that it's great to have good relationships with MD's and it's certainly helped my practice. There is an element in medicine which is still trying to crush us but it's not the majority of medicine.

Wilmington, NC

#16 Jun 3, 2009
Let's see, rapid motion introduced into spinal vertebrae (the adjustment); what does it do?

1. releases fibrous adhesions in facet joint capsules producing greater range of motion
2. improves disc nutrition via extracellular fluid absorption
3. proprioceptic nerve facilitation effect, densely packed in spinal joints and deep spinal muscles and ligaments which form a loop to the brain, thereby improving balance, posture (any 60-80 year olds listening?
4. Adjustment cause the firing of type'b afferents nerves in spinal cord which help modulate and diminsh pain sensations
I could go on but this is just a smattering of peer-reviewed literature supporting the use of spinal adjusting for a variety of reasons.

Brooklyn, NY

#17 Jun 3, 2009
OH really "gbird", you "could go on"?

Since more than 50% of your fellow quackers say they can click vertebrae back into place using a spring loaded dental instrument called activator, instead of "going on", please provide just ONE, double blind,randome controlled sudy taht supports the outrageous claims that "activator" chiroquackers make.

No need to to go on, just provide one.

Then when you admit the fraud that activator is, I'll expose another chiropractic techique as being fraudulent. Maybe I'll expose AK or hio or logan basic.

You want to do the old chiropractic two step?.... show some evidence from generic manipualtion studies and then claim that "chiropractic" works? You won't get away with that scam here.

Though some chiropractors manipualte spines, generic manipulation is not a chiropractic technique.

The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.

And stop with your vague claim that you can cure imablance in the elderly.


“Want Truth?”

Since: Dec 07

South Carolina

#18 Jun 4, 2009
As wisdum always says, this research is bogus because it was done by chiropractors or says you cant use anyone elses research because it is not chiropractic. That is like saying you can break a rock into two pieces by dropping it off of a high building "but heavens no" you cant do it by carefully chiseling it in half.

Research is done for the greater good!
Research is shared among all professions, there is no copyright on the findings!

Last time I checked it is all about improving the human body and how it works.

Saint Paul, MN

#19 Jun 4, 2009
Wizz-dumpy doesn't have a clue what "research" is- just likes the way the word sounds. The poor fool must have looked it up in Botty's basic grammar book, and it said: "Use this word in every sentence, and people will think you are smart." Poor, pathetic, Wizz-Dumpy!!

Brooklyn, NY

#20 Jun 4, 2009
Engage in ad hominem attacks all you want.

I'm still waiting for just ONE, legitimate double blind random controlled study that "activator" (a chiropractic spring loaded clicker used by more than half of ALL chiropractors) is good for anything.

Just one. Or you can call me names again. Its exposes your quack claims better than I can.

Hey, this should be easy for you quacks. A chiropractor here claimed that he can cure colic. Granted colic almost always goes away on its own over time, never the less, just show me one legitimate DB RC study where colic was cured by chiropractic.

Just ONE. Take your time.

But first empty your chiropractic diapers, you've been defrauding the public long enough.

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