Grief Over Gun Permits --

Grief Over Gun Permits --

There are 313 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Oct 8, 2007, titled Grief Over Gun Permits -- In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

James Goldberg was never in trouble with the law, never even had a traffic ticket.

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Laurence Ardi

Amherst, NH

#22 Oct 8, 2007
It has been a progression of gun prohibition in Connecticut ever since Attorney General Blumenthal announced that Connecticut's Gun Control Act, created under Gov, Lowell Weicker's willful adminstration as a revenge against gun owners for not re-electing him to the US Senate, was "Constitutional". It truely is not so. The judge who heard the case issued a twisted decision and then was rewarded with an appointment to a "plum" seat in another venue. Now we find Connecticut entering further into a police state mentality heavily supported by gun prohibitionists in the General Assembly. Keep in mind that
the rights of law abiding people are rapidly shrinking while the criminals could not give a hoot about our laws in the first place. Chris Dodd told the Rockville Fish and Game Club years ago that if hey did not like his stance on gun control they could vote him out of office. Braggadoccio in the face of a growing resentment which will now deny him his "rightful" place in the White House. The chickens will soon come home to roost in this whole matter and the power of the 2nd Amendment will prevail!


#23 Oct 8, 2007
butane wrote:
I hope I don't have a problem obtaining a permit when I try and get one.
That Chilli's employees was way too much of a paranoid, ignorant freak. I could see if Goldberg actually pulled the gun out, but the fact that he was reaching for his wallet and simply happen to show it is not reason for concern.
What if somebody notices you placing a gun from your holster into the center console or trunk in your car?
This state is screwed. The guns are over regulated, so citizens have a hard time defending themselves in all the home invasions and other random attacks that happen all the time.
Screw it, if you really need a gun, just buy one illegally - since its obvious trying to do it "legally" is a huge problem.
Well if you buy a gun illegally you will be breaking the law.
You will however be morally right.
The Bill of Rights,of which the 2nd Amendment is part of, are Fundamental Rights aka natural human rights,bestowed not by man,but by rhe Creator.


#24 Oct 8, 2007
bwana wrote:
The state police have been doing this for years...the fact that they are well known to 'settle cases'(that have been on the waiting list for over a year or two, ON THE DAY OF THEIR SCHEDULED hearings, shows everyone that they had NO BASIS for the REVOCATION in the first place... It is their 'arrogance' and their attitude that "only the police should be allowed to carry sidearms" that is the REAL problem.....their 'threatening' people has to be made to stop...
State Police Troopers have to take an Oath to uphold the Constitution.
I guess Oaths and the Constitution don't count for much anymore.


“Angel of Justice”

Since: Jul 07

military town,usa

#25 Oct 8, 2007
Another Pure form of Govt./State Gun Control.......Only the Illegals have RIGHTS.........
Hot Shot

Newington, CT

#26 Oct 8, 2007
Let me see now, walks into a restaurant with camo pants and a t-shirt to conceal his firearm? A t-shirt? Use your head and properly conceal it and you won't have any problem. Virginia Tech ring a bell?


#27 Oct 8, 2007
Beth Loomis East Haddam wrote:
Correct. Everyone should keep a 1,000,000 volt Taser on their nightstand. Perfectly legal and hassel free to buy and use, in your home.
<quoted text>
Buy a good quality cap and ball revolver like the .45 cal.Ruger Old Army.It is not considered a firearm,but classified as an antique.Therefore no paperwork,Id,permits etc.are required to purchase this gun.It's as easy as buying a loaf of bread.
Of course you can't carry it though.
Quick Draw


#28 Oct 8, 2007
This sounds like an issue for George Gombossy of the Hartford Courant. Yes indeed, mis-management and arrogance has always been a part of the licensing division of the State Police. There is never a simple way to get a gun permit in Connecticut. That department thinks they're GOD.

Although I have a problem with this gentleman showing a firearm while he's working, two wrongs never make a right.

Mahwah, NJ

#29 Oct 8, 2007
I agree that the arrest was absurd, and I wonder how many people have noticed the trend lately of non uniformed cops carrying THEIR weapons openly, swaggering down the street. Seems these boys and girls have watched far too many CSI shows. It used to be plainclothes or off duty officers had to keep their weapons concealed but now.. just last week I saw some jerk Weston cop parading around Norwalk hospital with his weapon and badge on his belt like Clint Easwood. There was some kind of class or event at the State LOB last year and all you saw were these idiots dressed in plainclothes strolling around showing off their guns & badges again.


#30 Oct 8, 2007
Hot Shot wrote:
Let me see now, walks into a restaurant with camo pants and a t-shirt to conceal his firearm? A t-shirt? Use your head and properly conceal it and you won't have any problem. Virginia Tech ring a bell?
Here is a bell for you to ring.
If there was a person carrying a gun that day in Virginia tech,that nut would have been stopped.
If there were no such thing as permits the Virginia Tech nut would have gone to Canada to do his thing

Harwinton, CT

#31 Oct 8, 2007
"We have tried to involve the governor's office to have him removed, but the statutes [on appointments] tie their hands," Susan Mazzoccoli, executive director of the civilian board, wrote in an e-mail to an employee of another state agency."

Sounds like a Nazi in a skirt to me.

Hartford, CT

#32 Oct 8, 2007
James Goldberg couldn't be in better hands with Ed Peruta researching the situation. I live on the Glastonbury/East Hartford townline but am originally from Wethersfield. Knowing the Goldberg family and knowing Ed Peruta, I am certain somehow James will prevail as the winner in this situation. Hmmm, after the fact can you say "lawsuit"? Perhaps, James you can own your own security company which will be well deserved by the time this abhorrent situation is straightened out. Just remember, right, wrong or indifferent, patience is a virtual. You will prevail.
mike the tax payer

Manchester, CT

#33 Oct 8, 2007
this is ridiculous!

I thought it was bad enough when it took the town of Manchester 6 months to issue me a permit (despite the state law saying it should only require 8 weeks)
richard watrous

Shelton, CT

#34 Oct 8, 2007
Glad to see the spotlight being put on the DPS. My wife's permit was pulled ~10 years ago because she only has the use of one arm due to a stroke she suffered. Went before the Board to no avail. One of the members did mention how "nice" she looked in her outfit. Totally un-professional.

Haddam, CT

#35 Oct 8, 2007
This guy being arrested (unless there are other contributing facts that are not listed) is obscene. The fact that the waitress is an idiot does not constitute a breach of peace. The officer should have taken the entirety of the situation into consideration. The mere detection of the presence of a gun is not evidence of a crime. If this guy was drunk, intentionally exposed it to intimidate someone, waived it around, etc. that would be different. But this is crap police work.

As far as the state police weapons and permits folks go; It's a shelf job for morons and misfits. You have retired part-timers and the occasional dolt who's too hazardous to keep on the road. What else can be expected? These monkeys should be what they were meant to be: Highway patrol or retired.
Edward Peruta

Wethersfield, CT

#36 Oct 8, 2007
Hot Shot wrote:
Let me see now, walks into a restaurant with camo pants and a t-shirt to conceal his firearm? A t-shirt? Use your head and properly conceal it and you won't have any problem. Virginia Tech ring a bell?
Virgina Tech in fact is mentioned in his revocation file of James Goldberg, but there is no mention of the incidents much closer to home, ARE YOU AWARE OF THE CHESHIRE AND MERIDEN HOME INVASIONS?

The fact that NO Concealment is clear, there is no mandate to conceal in the law, The permit is issued to carry and states on same, "State Permit to Carry a pistols or Revolver".

The word conceal or concealment appears nowhere in the gun laws of Connecticut. For anyone who cares to check, google this "OLR May 21, 2007-R-0369 Summary of Gun Legislation" and read for yourself.

You will see a reference to "MATURE JUDGMENT DICTATES", but the phrase is NOT found in or required by the law, and somehow ended up on a state website.

To refresh your memory, search for these stories.

CHESHIRE, Conn.-- According to police, on July 23, two men took Dr. William Petit, his wife and their two daughters hostage for hours in their Connecticut home. During the horrible ordeal, they forced the wife of the doctor to go to their local bank and withdraw cash and lots of it. After that, it got worse. The killing began, the wife of the doctor strangled and killed, the couple's daughters killed by smoke inhalation after the home was doused in gasoline and set on fire. The only survivor, the doctor. He was badly beaten but miraculously survived the attack.

MERIDEN, Conn.-- Meriden police said a man was attacked in his home Sunday morning by an intruder who made off with the victim's wallet and car.

Officials said police responded to a report of a home invasion robber at about 11:05 a.m. at a home on the 1100 block of North Colony Road. They found the man who lives at the home had been assaulted by an attacker who entered the house by breaking a window.

Avon, CT

#37 Oct 8, 2007
god is there anything the state police haven't taken over ??? go back to the highways where you belong - can't you do one thing well instead of trying to do a bunch of things half-ass ... disband the agency and staff the highway patrol unit properly - then specialized units like a major crime, aviation, a limited fire marshal role (not elevator & carnival inspections), properly staff the auto & narcotic task forces ... things like firearm and sex offender registry, polygraph, homeland security, background checks should be civilian units - eliminate the resident trooper program unless a town is under state receivership (currently none) its just a welfare program for rich town and steals away personnel - combine the casino unit and the liquor agents into one unit, combine the dmv truck inspectors and any troopers that really want to do trucks and combine them into a seperate unit as well, eliminate the special weapons unit and have the towns form regional units - many have already & most want nothing to do with the csp anyways because they always try to take over the scene ... 100 years ago local governments were not ready to handle these issues - today it's not a problem ... go to the state police union website - they are proud that they prevents local police officers ON DUTY both out of town on offical business from being able to prevent and enforce misdemeanor crimes ... and why ? "because there are already too many cops" .... are you kidding me ?


#38 Oct 8, 2007
I don't think the waitress is to blame. We should understand her concern. Having said that, after the officer comes out to investigate, has encountered a rational calm party, who can in fact produce the required paper work to show he legally can carry and no other "breach" of anything has occurred, the initial fault lies strictly with him. The secondary issue of how and how long it takes to correct the clear mistake of the officer involved is separate and indefensible by the review board. Equally insulting is the apparent efforts of the board to remove one of their own because????? he's upsetting them because even he can't jump ahead of the ineptitude of the board he serves on.

Plymouth, MN

#41 Oct 8, 2007
Hot Shot wrote:
Let me see now, walks into a restaurant with camo pants and a t-shirt to conceal his firearm? A t-shirt? Use your head and properly conceal it and you won't have any problem. Virginia Tech ring a bell?
I frequently carry with an IWB holster wearing jeans and an untucked t-shirt. You would never know that I was carrying.
I think your statement assumes some facts that were not presented in the article. As an example, the t-shirts that I wear hang a bit lower. If I was to wear a tight, shorter t-shirt with an OWB holster, it certainly would not conceal as well.
I agree that concealed is concealed, but this girl freaking out at the site of a pistol in a holster is just crazy. She actually thinks that it would pop out and go off by itself.

Manchester, UK

#42 Oct 8, 2007
Rich wrote:
<quoted text>
...The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED
So this entire incident was in fact illegal.
This law was drafted in a time when the U.S. was a rural colony under British rule, so people could "protect" themselves from "invaders", and really has no relevance in today's modern society. The United States would probably be a better place as people wouldn't feel a sense of "entitlement" to own a deadly weapon


Since: Aug 07

United States

#43 Oct 8, 2007
Thank you for your concern. They are legal in CT for in home use only. That is enough for me. However, due to what happened to Mr Goldberg, I may think about getting a Rotweiler instead. I am not a very lucky person. I can see it now.....I tase a home invader in my bedroom, in my pj's, and get arrested for a Class D Felony.

Again, I appreciate your concern and taking the time to inform me.
nameless one wrote:
Beth please know the law
Sec. 53a-217. Criminal possession of a firearm or electronic defense weapon: Class D felony.(a) A person is guilty of criminal possession of a firearm or electronic defense weapon when such person possesses a firearm or electronic defense weapon and (1) has been convicted of a felony,(2) has been convicted as delinquent for the commission of a serious juvenile offense, as defined in section 46b-120,(3) knows that such person is subject to (A) a restraining or protective order of a court of this state that has been issued against such person, after notice and an opportunity to be heard has been provided to such person, in a case involving the use, attempted use or threatened use of physical force against another person, or (B) a foreign order of protection, as defined in section 46b-15a, that has been issued against such person in a case involving the use, attempted use or threatened use of physical force against another person,(4) knows that such person is subject to a firearms seizure order issued pursuant to subsection (d) of section 29-38c after notice and an opportunity to be heard has been provided to such person, or (5) is prohibited from shipping, transporting, possessing or receiving a firearm pursuant to 18 USC 922(g)(4). For the purposes of this section, "convicted" means having a judgment of conviction entered by a court of competent jurisdiction.
(b) Criminal possession of a firearm or electronic defense weapon is a class D felony, for which two years of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court.

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