How long before Ct. corruption is exp...

How long before Ct. corruption is exposed?

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New Milford, CT

#1 Jun 28, 2013
The Whitey Bulger trial is giving a great view into how criminality works within the system that is supposed to protect us. With the crooks running Ct. here for so long there should be no problem with a 20+ year long RICO indictment.
US Tyranny

Anonymous Proxy

#2 Jun 28, 2013
You are correct.

The connection between FBI and criminals is apparent in this trial. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Dig down deeper and you'll begin to smell the overall rot of the government, in general.

"A fish rots from the head down."

A good website explaining this rot:

New Milford, CT

#3 Jun 28, 2013
There's not to far to dig here in Ct. It's really frustrating when the New Haven U.S. Attorney is in on it too.
Probate Court Victim

East Hartford, CT

#4 Jun 29, 2013
Oh myd.. The New Haven U.S. Attorney is in on it too?
What exactly is the Whitey Bulger trial about?
I didn't research it yet....
and gangstalking, that is a MAJOR concern in the state of Connecticut, especially for beneficiaries of wills in this state.
There's literally dozens of people, especially, & their famlies, pets & life savings which are being destroyed by corrupt, unethical Probate Attorneys in this state.
It's not just going on in Darien, CT or Wethersfield, CT either.
It's happening constantly in East Hartford too.

Wouldn't advise using F. Leone on Connecticut Blvd for a Probate Lawyer either.
He's been very dishonest, unethical & verbally abusive to many beneficiaries of wills in this area.
He's got no regard or respect either for sick people or disabled people either. Pretty sad, but it's true.
They need to take East Hartford off the map for a town to file a complaint about Probate Issues on.
Let's face facts here, that's the town where you file a report about complaints on Probate issues. The probate court has been the WORST probate system in the Nation for decades now!
Find a better town to file complaints too.

Please start writing Governor Malloy about this issue, on the probate system.
Do you think he's got any concern that the people in the state don't even want to retire here anymore?
He did seem concerned about the folks in Newtown, but to be forced out of your own home, your family left you, after they died, certainly isn't ethical at all!
They ought to start selling license plates with the word, "Unconstitutional State" on the license plate in this state!
I'd buy one.
Probate Court Victim

East Hartford, CT

#5 Jun 29, 2013
I just looked at that FightGangStalking website & found some VERY disturbing facts:

"Hastings’ death comes at a time when the credibility of agencies like the FBI and the NSA is at a low point to say the least. Generally, no one investigates the FBI except the FBI, so it’s almost impossible to know what they’re really doing. When the U.S. Senate investigated the FBI in the 1970s the Senate discovered that the agency was stalking people and even hiring mafia members to carry out crimes.

The DOJ has announced that Michael Hastings was not [officially] under investigation. That’s probably true, but was he being “gang stalked?” ;

And one of the stories you referred to here has been "removed" from the website Washington News too!:( strange....
I'll tell you something you start looking at the East Hartford website here, and you'll see many cases where innocent people ARE being stalked & gang-stalked too... and this occured AFTER one of their family members died & they were left their place!
Did you ever read the Topix forum in Darien, CT US Tyranny or CTM?

There was a poor innocent lady whose family left her their home after they died, and she was literally FORCED out of her own house, left to her by her family by a VERY VERY corrupt, unethical Lawyer, in Darien, CT and she & her son were stalked for YEARS, even in states they were forced out of, outside Connecticut!

This state is such a cruel, corrupt state! They don't want to bother to enforce basic safety Laws in the state, but they INSIST on your following stupid, ridiculous laws that put your life in danger & violate your basic civil rights too!
I hate the state of Connecticut now! It's such a creepy, dangerous place to live! You have NO civil rights, if someone want to torment you, or harass you & you're a beneficiary of a will in Connecticut.
Don't hire F. Leone for a Probate Lawyer, you'll regret it.

New Milford, CT

#6 Jun 29, 2013
If you recall Newtown had Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital there. The real horror story from committing people to using them for sex toys in the 40s and 50s. The big houses that line Rt. 25 by the old town hall were hotels, and who will believe a crazy person getting raped as a treat for vacationers. Judge Hall, probate judge forever , stayed at her job even when she needed plastic braces on front and back just to sit up. So was it the power trip or protecting the files until death? Several lawyers including Ragusa and Barbara Kershaw , family law, will sell your family down the river to get in better political graces with all who run probate there. In both Probate and town hall training for who takes over is very select, they want to know their replacement will be as corrupt as they are. It is crokked enough in the entire state system that the family court statewide is being sued. With the stranglehold these crooked politicians have on the media here, you won't hear to much about it.

East Hartford, CT

#7 Jun 29, 2013
You know what CTM, you don't hear much about police corruption or corruption amongst politicians/lawyers on the TV anyway!
You call the TV news media & they simply refuse to hear your complaints about all the corruption you're noticing with your own eyes & ears.
Connecticut must have the MOST Lumpy Rug in the Nation, b/c all they WISH to do is sweep crimes & corruption under the rug!
It's unbelievable how such an expensive place to live in, is SUCH a corrupt state!
What do people who pay taxes in the state pay for anyway?
To have their Civil Liberties violated & their life & liberties put in danger??
Who's running this state anyway? The Mafia?!?
Sure seems like that's definitely a possibilty,

Did I read also, that some of the FBI actually hired the Mafia to harass or abuse "whistle-blowers"?
This is shocking... No wonder there's been a large number of Ghosts in this state.
Many people die a strange & cruel death here!
US Tyranny

Toronto, Canada

#8 Jun 30, 2013
Another excellent source on the U.S. government's modern-day COINTELPRO against its' citizens:
US Tyranny

Berlin, Germany

#9 Jun 30, 2013

"...."gang stalking", "gang stalking" groups and "gang stalking" methods reasonably describes an ongoing, active, covert, nationwide program that is in effect today, and, based on my investigations and experience, has been in operation since, at least, the early 80's. These programs are using the codenames Echelon Program, Carnivore System and Tempest Systems."

"....This makes the F.B.I.'s former COINTEL program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison."

East Hartford, CT

#10 Jun 30, 2013
Interesting links here US Tyranny.
I was reading your links and came upon this letter:
"From: Keith [klab[email protected]]
Sent: 05 January 2013 10:51
To: Kenneth Westhues
Subject: Mobbing and Mass Shootings

I have read some of the work that you and your colleagues have
written exposing the nexus between community mobbing and rampage
shootings. I wonder why, given the quality of the work exposing this
link, you and your colleagues have not made a media statement regarding
the alarming increase in violent mass shootings. It seems that some of
your books are being priced out of the market in the U.S. I also
understand that the media is largely controlled, and, that it is no
accident that the causal connection between mobbing and violence is
being "missed" by the MSM. However, you could comment about the trend
on your webpage, and, also publish an open letter about it. Sandy Hook
captured the attention of the U.S. and the world. I believe that your
work is too important for you not to weigh in promptly on these events.
You would be deserving of a Nobel Prize if the attention you brought to
the issue stopped one future massacre.


Keith S. Labella, Esq.(licensed in New York)"

Governor Malloy said he was very concerned about the shootings at Sandy Hook.
Do you think he's got ANY concern at all, for the innocent victims of horrendous crimes & abusive being badgered & tormented & abused by gangstalkers who are obviously in bed with corrupt Probate Lawyers in this state?
I'm hoping that's Gov. Malloy IS concerning for the innocent beneficiaries of wills in Connecticut who've had their lives torn upside down after their family member died, and they were put into their will.
I see so many instances of previously friendly people who were nice to a Beneficiary of a will BEFORE they moved into their home which was left to them by family.
These gangstalkers think they have the "right" to violate an innocent beneficiary's civil rights on a daily basis, put their lives in danger by trying to run them over on a public walkway or a sidewalk, and even scream & swear at them & then "threaten" to have the innocent law abiding beneficiary arrested, when that beneficiary is doing NO wrong at all!
I wonder just WHERE someone could go to reveal all these evil elements that are occurring to people in Connecticut, that people would actually pay attention to, in the United States or the World?

Governor Malloy made it look like people were "so" concerned about innocent people getting hurt or killed in this state, but face facts here.
Beneficiaries of wills have been mistreated, threatened with arrest (when they weren't doing ANYTHING wrong at all, abused, gangstalked, forced OUT of their home left to them, for decades now in Connecticut!

Governor Malloy, will you PLEASE correct the corrupt Probate system in this state?
People want to leave this state in droves now, since it's such a dangerous place to retire to, or even move into, due to the corruption via the probate system here.
Go online and look up a Yale Professor named John Langbein, he's written about this corruption in the probate system for some time now.
Did you hear about the innocent man in Bakersfield, CA who was bludgeoned to death by 8 sheriffs, because he was intoxicated?
Why does the Police State think they're Judge & Jury now, when they certainly are not?
I'm starting to really mistrust the entire Police Department in this state, but after hearing these nightmare stories, in the whole nation!
Maybe we ought to start another Revolution in this country, since the government and the police think they have the right to mistreat & abuse the public, but expect us to pay them large salaries.
Living in this country now, is like living in the Pre-Revolutionary War days!

Second Exchange:
Disabled Advocate

East Hartford, CT

#11 Nov 16, 2013
One of the worst Probate or Personal Injury Lawyers to use is Frank Leone, out of E. Hartford.
He'll insist if you disabled, you cannot even set foot in your house you grew up in, after your family dies, even if you're the only child in your family too.
He'll also insist if you're disabled & are left your home, you grew up in, that you sell it immediately, after your family's death, just because you're disabled!

Where is it, in the law books, that Disabled people do NOT have a right to live in the house they inherited?

My gosh, it's so shocking just how abusive, cruel, unethical & corrupt the state of Connecticut has become, yet, it calls itself the "Constitution" State.
What is so "constitutional" about allowing hundreds of people to violate Disabled people's basic Civl Rights in Connecticut, especially East Hartford?

Did you NOT hear about the lawsuit that's being filed against the town of East Hartford, about a police brutality issue. The police officer was sent to a 12 year old disabled boy's home, simply because the boy wanted to spend more time getting dressed to go to a Court Hearing about him not going to school.
The police officer, Officer Tinsley, actually put the young 12 year old disabled boy into a HEADLOCK and badly injured the boy, making the boy HAVE to go to the Hospital because the cop BADLY INJURED the 12 year old DISABLED BOY'S head & neck!
Gosh, the town of East Hartford is NOW being sued for $20 million for that lawsuit, YET, the town put that same police officer, Officer Tinsley BACK on ACTIVE DUTY!

What a creepy & dangerous town East Hartford is! That's probably you see SO many For Sale signs in that town. It's not a safe or friendly town to live in, and it's one of the MOST expensive towns to pay property taxes in too, with the 4th highest Mill Rate in the State!

How'd you like your property taxes to keep going up over & over again, because the Town Officials or the Chief of Police will NOT expose the Police Corruption that goes on there, and actually STICKS UP for people who break basic safety laws, including the Police themselves?

I certainly wouldn't want to buy a house in that town, considering the circumstances that exist now in East Hartford.

They never either ACKNOWLEDGED just how or WHY that boy who fell in the pool, & died, in East Hartford High School, happened either.
The boy fell into the 10 foot deep section of a Olympic sized pool, when he did NOT even know how to swim in the first place!

Who on earth would just into a 10 foot deep part of a pool, when they did NOT know how to swim in the first place???
I've been wondering for months & months now, if someone didn't just push or shove that young 15 year old boy into the pool on purpose.
I find that so sad.
East Hartford is NOT a safe town to live in, if you are a young boy, pre-teen or teenage either, or a disabled person or an elderly man either!
An elderly man was actually beaten up in his own home a few years ago, in East Hartford by an unethical police officer who INSISTED he had stolen a car, when he never did in the first place & broke into the elderly man's home too.
Disability Advocate

East Hartford, CT

#12 Nov 18, 2013
The town is definitely NOT a safe town to even WALK in, let alone live!
We've seen MANY irresponsible Putbull dog owners who either DELIBERATELY LET THEIR DOGS RUN TOTALLY LOOSE in their yards & even allow their Pitbulls to run OUT of their yards & let the Pitbulls to try attack a Disabled person, who's just walking their dog on a leash!
We've even seen a young lady walking a Pitbull w/out ANY leash or collar at all down a crowded neighborhood, & let the Pitbull run ACROSS a very wide residential street & charge up to another defenseless Disabled person's dog in the town of East Hartford.
This wasn't too far away from the head of the town council's home either!
WHY do the politicians & public servants claim they're doing a "fine job" when they neglect constant & REFUSE to enforce basic safety laws?
Maybe the Mayoor LeClerc does NOT care about the safety of her town's citizens, especially
Disabled people's safety & their basic civil rights, but dead or badly injured people are certainly NOT going to be able to pay taxes in East Hartford, if they're badly injured or killed by a vicious dog running loose or run over by dangerous drivers at a Stop Sign or a Pedestrian walkway.
If you like to take a safe walk, I would not suggest you walk in East Hartford, for you'll be putting our life in danger doing so!

You'll be putting your dog's life in danger too, b/c there is WAY too many irresponsible Dog Owners in E. Hartford, Connecticut who think they got a RIGHT to run loose & attack your innocent dog being walked on a leash
Sad Resident

East Hartford, CT

#13 Nov 18, 2013
I find it so sad that a state that helped us during the Revolutionary War would think it's OK to keep letting so much police corruption, local government corruption to continue for years & years.
Why would they call a state with so much rampant corruption to be called the "Constitution" State when the public servants violate many citizens of the state Basic Civil rights?
Did you hear about the drunk driver, who stopped at, what was it, Meriden? to ask the police for help, & who was tasered by the Police & died?
That is sickening!
Damn it, the cops are not judge & jury.
Police are supposed to be law enforcement officers, not crime enforcement officers!
Ugggh! They've hired the worst people possible to be Police Officers lately in many towns in CT.
How did the abused Hispanics in East Haven FINALLY get the FBI to come to East Haven & arrest those 4 corrupt cops who've been arrested by the FBI?
We'd like to know, due to seeing & hearing about many disabled people & other minorities being mistreated constantly just East of Hartford
Advicate 4 Disabled

East Hartford, CT

#14 Nov 19, 2013
Who does one successfully contact if you are a very Disabled person but you are being harassed, threatened, stalked, sworn at, & totally discriminated against by the very unethical, cruel & law-breaking residents in your town?
Or if the Police are ALSO constantly harassing you, also stalking you with K-9, discriminating against you, & even putting your life at risk if someone's breaking a crime against you, but the Police won't defend you at all in the town of East Hartford?
It dies NO good at all to contact the Dept. of Protection & Advocacy at Weston Street in Hartford because they just REFUSE to help you, claiming that if you tell them your basic civil rights are being violated, those people answering the phone at that agency will NOT help you at all.
This has been going on too, in tiown of Department East Hartford for several years now too.
the Mayor of the town falsely claims it is
both a friendly & safe town, when it's actually NEITHER for Dusabled folks!
Disabled residents cannot even safely walk in their own backyard because there are Huge & also dangerous dogs right next to their property whose owners let them run TOTALLY loose without a tie-out chain, an electric fence, & or a fence on a daily basis in East Hartford!

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