Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1418164 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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United States

#872521 Mar 12, 2013
Obamacare was estimated to cost 900 billion now its estimated cost 2 trillion!! The latest report release today by IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family, Unions that supported Obamacare now scrambling to deal with increase cost, reduce benefits, Donna Brazile asking why her Premiums have gone up, California/Florida preparing for Doctors Shortages what the facts are showing Liberals/Democrats sold the American People one Big Lie!!

New York, NY

#872522 Mar 12, 2013
LIES 16-We need the Patriot Act and NDAA to protect America from Arab terror cell and domestic terrorists like Patriots and gun-owner extremists, Ron Paul supporters, vets and returning vets and tax protesters. The only ones that these legal unconstitutional abortions protect are the criminals in the USG that are using the false cloak of national security and the law to provide a complete block to their exposure and prosecution. The only real terrorists are in the USG, American Intel and their assets, and those that pull their strings.

17-The surge in Iraq has work and almost all opposition to democracy there has been eradicated. Actually, the situation was temporary and has now deteriorated into a civil war. Iraq has been essentially bombed back into the Stone Age, the country gas been de-industrialized and ruined, and millions have been either murdered or driven out. And technically as a recent Investigator General’s report has shown, all the many billions spent to rebuild Iraq have been wasted. Essentially America has lost the war in Iraq and its soldiers have paid a horrendous price for this illegal war of acquisition which was somebody else’s war in the first place (Israel’s war).

18-We have to bail out the Big banks because if we don’t the whole financial system will crash and this would be the greatest disaster for America in History. If we bail them out prosperity will return to America. Baloney, these two monstrous multi-trillion dollar bailouts went exclusively to large Wall Street banks, foreign Banks and a few select favored Corporations. None of the money went to the American people that the bailouts were supposed to go to. In fact Paulson changed his mind a day after receiving the bailout to use the money some place other that what he requested it for in the first place.

19-Obama’s new health-care plan is being set up to provide affordable health care for all citizens. Many experts have said that it will double insurance rates, raise overall health care costs, put far too much money in the pockets of big pharma, and provide a means for the USG to get into the bank accounts of the citizens. Some see it as creeping socialism, Soviet-style and a huge hidden new tax on Americans.

America’s Biggest Liar ?
20-Bernie Madoff was a single aberration in the Wall Street financial system. He has stated in a recent interview that the Wall Street Banks had to know what he was doing and implied that this type of Ponzi scheme is standard in many wall Street firms.

21-Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seal in his hiding place in a midnight raid and his body was buried at sea as dictated by Islamic practice. This operation was ordered by President Obama and is considered a great victory for him. It has been well established that Osama Bin laden (aka Col. Tim Ossman) was seen going in and out of the Pentagon many times, was considered a strong American Intel asset, had Marfan’s disorder and either died from Chronic kidney disease or was killed in a bombing in 2001. It is now considered very dangerous to work as a black op in any capacity for the USG because they eat their own like mama guppies when they are done with them or want to cover something up.

22-The Federal Reserve must continue to provide money to Americans on a continuing basis as a Qualitative Easing every month in order to bring back prosperity to the American economic system. The money is almost exclusively going to the big Wall Street banks and foreign banks to counterbalance huge debit balances to cover any expected derivatives bubble. None of the money has been going to American consumers who seem to be experiencing constantly rising costs of all consumer costs.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#872524 Mar 12, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, is drawing attention as a potential Republican candidate for president come 2016, part of a new generation of GOP leadership.
But ladies and gentlemen, Rand Paul is also a bit of a nut. The deep streak of paranoia that he displayed for almost 13 hours on the Senate floor last week would, in ordinary times, disqualify him as a party leader, let alone a potential president. But sadly, these are not ordinary times.
Let’s start by admitting that the stunt itself was a nice piece of political stagecraft. The one-man, TV-friendly filibuster gave Paul the opportunity to play Jimmy Stewart, a lone hero standing up in defense of the Constitution. It’s the type of role that Paul covets.
However, if you’re going to grandstand on the national stage like that, shouldn’t you have something sane to say?
America needs patriots like Rand Paul with the courage to stand up to the imperial dictator in the White House.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#872525 Mar 12, 2013
TSM wrote:
CBC leaders complains Obama snubbing black candidates for whites, If they hadn’t notice Obama first four years in office never visited a black neighborhood sent Biden to NAACP convention, Maxine Water asking her constituents for permission to go after Obama for High unemployment among Blacks, now explain why should Obama show Respect when over 90% of Blacks Voted for this Clown!!
Obama is a Harvard graduate and Goldman Sachs tool who gets to party down with Beyonce and wants no association with the peasants.

Orlando, FL

#872526 Mar 12, 2013
Ewwwww... Veteran's Today, huh? The "Clandestine Community? Woooooo, scary stuff! Silence the terrorists in the US Gypsum company, I get it! It's like Pat and Mike meets Tom Cruise! Oh, man, am I gonna do damage with this silly shit!

New York, NY

#872527 Mar 12, 2013
We need to pass major new laws to restrict guns in order to keep people safe. More guns in the hands of properly trained law abiding citizens have been proven to reduce major crimes of violence. Conceal carry laws have worked well to accomplish this in the states that have adopted them and these states require classroom training and live shooting training too. It is a known fact that the cities and states with the most severe gun laws have the most organized crime (are the most mobbed up) and have the most violence. Severe gun control and gun grabbing is strongly related to high violence. DC is perhaps the most corrupt city in America, even more so than Chitown, NYC and LA due to its crooked politicians who are almost all sociopaths and serial liars. Most come in of modest means and leave extremely rich with many millions.

25-The second Amendment was included by our Founding Fathers to protect the rights of hunters to use guns for hunting. No, it was included to protect American Citizens from any Government tyranny or foreign invasion.

26-Homeland Security needs to buy a lot of ammo because its officers and agents need it for frequent target practice. Baloney, it is buying two billion rounds to use against American Citizens they define as “domestic terrorists” which is just about anyone that believes in the American declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

27-Homeland Security needs 2700 armored personnel carriers which are IED and mine resistant in order to protect American Citizens from terrorists. Baloney. The USG needs these to stifle dissent and to serve its own needs as the biggest domestic terrorists in America which is what the USG is.


No one likes to face the tragic reality that their Government is based on lies and is using the Law as a shield to protect itself from exposure, or that it is using ”national security” to keep its crimes secret, or that the major mass media is dispensing its propaganda which is little more than a constant stream of perpetual serial lies. But folks need to face this hard truth and expose it in a civil fashion with friends and family and in their community of associations.

Fortunately we now have the world-wide Internet providing many excellent daily sources of independent, alternative news. So far major USG efforts to fully restrict and censor these alternative bnews sources have failed. If “we the people” exert enough pressure against any such proposals in Congress, any censorship and prevention of such sites can likely be avoided.

The bottom line is this: a well informed society is the only means of changing things. Truth that is discovered and disseminated to the masses is the first step in stopping all the USG RICO serial and capital crimes by the USG, a government which has obviously been hijacked by the offshore Banksters from the City of London Financial District, the major international corporations they serve, and those old black nobility family families behind the curtain that pull all the levers, the true Wizards of Oz. Unless folks wake up and become informed of these BIG GOVERNMENT LIES, change things inside the beltway, and establish a new administration based on truth, getting any honesty from the USG is about as likely as pigs flying.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#872528 Mar 12, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yes, Michelle Bachman; the one who lived off the government who paid her to take in foster children, and her gay ass husband Marcus probably got a tax incentive to open his pray away the gay clinics. What a couple of jokers those two were, and you, dummy that you are, liked her! She and her family also received a farm subsidy. You're an idiot.
lily is typical of leftwingers who preach for homosexual rights, yet use homosexuality as an insult.


Orlando, FL

#872529 Mar 12, 2013
You mighta just got a temporary reprieve, carol. DEBIL jus' find some white ass he want mo' than yours. Take a break.
lily waxman raton fl

Pompano Beach, FL

#872530 Mar 12, 2013
waxywaxturd wrote:
I'd like to apologize right now. I insist on projecting my problems with alcohol on various members of this forum when the truth is one of the reasons I am confined to this institution is Alcohol! And alcohol is the tip of the iceburg. There are many reasons I sit in this diaper which I won't go into but drinking is still one of my biggest downfalls!! I am bitter that I can't drink anymore so take the remarks with a grain of salt.
Truth is I do kill for a highball!!!
Wistfully and warmly,
Not Surprized (the chubby Obama worshipper from an embarrassing hidden location.)
Not Surprized! ROTFLMAO!

Orlando, FL

#872533 Mar 12, 2013
Ok, wait a minute. Carol, get back in here. There are about 4 of these guys and three of them are here. I rescind my earlier release order, carol, now go get Debil a beer, an' PUT SOME CLOTHES ON for christ's sake...

New York, NY

#872534 Mar 12, 2013
Much is said about class warfare in contemporary America, and there’s justifiable anger at the impoverishment of much of the middle and working classes. The Pew Research Center recently dubbed the 2000s a “lost decade” for middle-income earners — some 85% of Americans in that category feel it’s now more difficult to maintain their standard of living than at the beginning of the millennium, according to a Pew survey.

Blaming a disliked minority — rich business folks — has morphed into a predictable strategy for President Obama’s Democrats, stripped of incumbent success. But all the talk of “one percent” versus “the ninety nine percent” misses new splits developing within both the upper and middle classes.

There is no true solidarity among the rich since no one is yet threatening their status. The “one percent” are splitting their bets. In 2008 President Obama received more Wall Street money than any candidate in history, and he still relies on Wall Street bundlers for his sustenance. For all his class rhetoric, miscreant Wall Streeters, particularly big ones, have evaded big sanctions and the ignominy of jail time.

Obama enjoys great support from the financial interests that benefit from government debt and expansive public largesse. Well-connected people like Obama’s financial tsar on the GM bailout, Steven Rattner, who is also known as a vigorous defender of “too big to fail.”

The “patrician left”— a term that might have amused Marx — extends as well to Silicon Valley, where venture capitalists and techies have opened their wallets wider than ever before for the president. Microsoft and Google are two of Obama’s top three organizational sources of campaign contributions. Valley financiers are not always as selfless as they or their admirers imagine: Many have sought to feed at the Energy Department’s bounteous “green” energy trough and all face regulatory reviews by federal agencies.

Hamden, CT

#872535 Mar 12, 2013
Democrats/liberals upset they can't tell people how large a soda they can have so now they are banning sharp utensils - no more knives.

Everyone must eat with "sporks".
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#872536 Mar 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
lily is typical of leftwingers who preach for homosexual rights, yet use homosexuality as an insult.
Because they're hypocrits, hiding in the closet. Kinda like you.
They vote against gay rights, marriage and the most vociferous are usually gay themselves.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#872537 Mar 12, 2013

What a photo! Look at Lauras eyes and what about George!
new yawk

Buffalo, NY

#872538 Mar 12, 2013
OK, I'll give you that. Can't argue with what's In The Windows.
But, there is another option.
It could be "someone" using her Screen Name. Consider that.

IF Not, then don't know what's up with the Jamestown, NY addy.

Majority strongly states she hates "NewYawkshitty".
Why she would choose a NY IP -**And "write" with an awkward
"put-on" New Yawk Couch quite often ... Who knows. Who cares.
But she's far from her beloved KINtucky.**And out of her element.

She also claims she leans left. < I'll need to find that post >.
But still, there is that other option to be considered.
"Another" using her Screen Name; mimicking her strange style.

But, we are not the same poster. Rest assured.
leosnana wrote:
<quoted text>Oh, you "two"! <rolls eyes, shakes head> This is where I got it.
You can read (perhaps an unwarranted assumption on my part) through and find Methmouth Majority posting most of Saturday with a New York ip...kinda' thought s/he was crazy Jane, but the "tribe" has a thousand clowns, so what-ev...
TheIndependentMa jority
Jamestown, NY
It were easier for dem to spell den ophthalmologist?

Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Rand Paul is a Republican senator from Kentucky, what's up with Yoo's calling him a libertarian?
Homer 2016

Bethlehem, PA

#872539 Mar 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
"Fundamentalist Christians" is a much better description than "religious right", given that many are not Conservatives at all. If they were reliable voters, the would be running buses directly from church to the polls, just like the black churches, dragging along everybody in sight.
Fundamentalists have absolutely nothing in common with the Roman Catholic Church except the abortion issue. In all other respects, they detest Roman Catholics. They prefer Black Liberation Protestants over either Catholics or Mormons.
Fundamentalists deserve the bad publicity they receive for taking every word of the Bible literally.
If you ever get rid of the Christian Fundamentalists in the Republican party there will be like 10 of you left.

Hamden, CT

#872540 Mar 12, 2013
"The military has stopped production of a new medal for remote warfare troops as it considers complaints from veterans and lawmakers over the award, a government official said Tuesday.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a review of the Distinguished Warfare Medal, which was to be awarded to troops who operate drones and use other technological skills to fight America's wars from afar. Announcement of the review is expected at a Pentagon news conference later Tuesday."

Read more:

New York, NY

#872541 Mar 12, 2013
OBAMA can't keep his home city safe how can he make AMERICA with his plans look at CHIcago;The baby who was shot TWICE: Tragedy
of Chicago girl killed in hail of bullets as father changed her diaper - just months after she survived being shot in her mother's womb
Family of Jonylah Watkins say she was shot in the liver, lung, bowel and leg
Father was changing six-month-old's diaper when the gunman attacked

Jonathan Watkins was also shot and is in serious-to-critical condition
Baby survived an attack on her mother Judy when she was still in the womb
Mrs Watkins was eight months pregnant when gunman opened fire in street

Read more:
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Hamden, CT

#872542 Mar 12, 2013
Defense Secretary Chuck Bagel has ordered a review of the Distinguished Warfare Medal, says should be replaced by Distinguished Liberal Surrender Medal and awarded to liberal that places USA and allies most at risk. Following France and then having Benghazi event earns high points, especially when incompetence exposed.

Buzz around Washington is that left is doing this so Obama can get another Nobel Peace Prize. Hillary a runner up!
lily waxman raton fl

Pompano Beach, FL

#872543 Mar 12, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Because they're hypocrits, hiding in the closet. Kinda like you.
They vote against gay rights, marriage and the most vociferous are usually gay themselves.
Not drunk, like you?

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