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#133 Sep 10, 2013
___An Excerpt

"We will now be commencing "Operation National Security Agency" in retaliation of your disrespect for the privacy of people worldwide. You cannot expect to covertly SPY ON PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG under the guise of pre-emptively fighting terrorism when you failed to stop the Boston bombing and expect consent. YOU ARE OF NO USE TO ANYONE EXCEPT TO THOSE IN POWER and who wish to keep it, at the expense of every citizen's PRIVACY that they are ENTITLED TO UNDER THE CONSTITUTION of which you show no respect for.

OpNSA will be unforgiving in its work and will leave no stone unturned, just as you do for all of us. As of this moment, people around the world are beginning to WAKE UP and, consequently, stand up to your data mining agenda. You will soon understand for yourselves what it is like to be spied on and your personal information be stored, available for all to gaze upon.

We are officially calling on all citizens of the Internet, all Anonymous participants and all activists to take to their computers, take to their streets and take to all available outlets to let their voices be heard on this issue. Violations like this will NOT be treated with apathy. Anonymous has been proven to be a powerful force for good, and even more so, a nemesis to tyranny and injustice.

You thought you could INFRINGE ON OUR PRIVACY. You thought you could WIRETAP PEOPLE who have NO REASON TO BE OBSERVED. But best of all, you thought you could get away with all of it."

***lol. they sound pretty pissed-off

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#134 Sep 11, 2013
Greg wrote:
<quoted text>
The reason they are being gangstalked to start with is because they are beneficiaries of their family's will and the corrupt, abusive Probate Lawyers & Judges in this state don't give a Toss about the beneficiaries of a family's will!

This is NOT the reason people are Gang Stalked.

It is true, there are numerous reasons a law abiding citizen is Blacklisted, and then becomes a target of surveillance, harassment and psychological "torture".

However, what you have described is reminiscent of nothing of what a true TI (Targeted Individual)experiences when Blacklisted.

The overall explanation for Gang Stalking can be found within the morally-compromised system of enforcement in this country (FBI,CIA,DOJ,DEA,DIA,NSA,etc.) that has, continually, proven its' arrogance of being above the law.

One should only have to educate oneself regarding the information that is now public (Edward Snowden/NSA) on the U.S. government's penchant for spying, controlling its' citizens AND the world population, at large.

With all due respect, nothing you've described is an indicator of Gang Stalking. Were your life have been put in ruins by the controlled tactics of Gang Stalking, you would have mentioned that, as well.

Gang Stalking is the continuation of the FBI's, Cointelpro. It has never ended. Please, educate yourself on this crime by the U.S. government.

Cointelpro 2.0, as "we" are calling it, can be seen as the overall suppression and oppression of citizens by a corrupt police-state government and its' tax-dollar-funded corporate/war/spying machine.

And, useful-idiot "neighbors".

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#138 Sep 12, 2013
GANG STALKING (Cointelpro 2.0)
___A Naturalized Target's Retort

You keep saying "real victims, real TI"s.

Who are you to question who is and who isn't what you call a "TI". Do you know what other people are going through? And if you know, you must be one of those cyber-crooks that cyber-stalk everybody. Do you know what it's like to have dozens, hundreds of people following you everywhere, invading your privacy and corrupting, including your own family, convincing them that what they do is ok?

Do you really know what it's like to have your neighbors stalking you the second you walk out the door, spying on you with infrared cameras and using their own kids to bully you and letting them know when you walk out the door? You don't. Because otherwise you would't question or judge what others post.

I come from a culture of corrupton, a country that is a member of the European Union but has no equal rights like other countries. Why? Because of such people, because of criminals, thieves, gypsy culture and others.

I love my country but I am ashamed of the people that consider themselves patriots and destroy and terrorize their own co-nationals.

When you will know these things you can speak for others.


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#140 Sep 13, 2013
GANG STALKING (Cointelpro 2.0)
____What's That, Again??

Gang stalking is about money and power - but not about lawyers. Most gang stalking victims don't have much money - and even if they did, harassing them is not going to deliver money to any lawyers.

The money is being made by the federal government contractors (the intelligence/defense/security companies)- like the one Edward Snowden worked for - who make money by spying on Americans.

If you read mainstream news sources you will see that private intelligence and cybersecurity is a more than $50 billion per year industry. That's part of the money. The other part is the money at stake for the corporations who also hire those firms to protect their interests - they don't just work for the government.

But most importantly, gang stalking is a counterintelligence operation overseen by federal agencies (FBI/CIA/NSA/DIA) to monitor the public. They spy on dissidents - like Occupy Wall Street and others just like they did in the original Cointelpro.

Individuals targeted by gang stalkers should never talk about some vague group ("they" "them" "gang stalkers" etc.)- it's the federal government. None of this could continue without their approval.

Now - because of Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Barrett Brown, Michael Hastings, Ted L. Gunderson, Julian Assange, etc.- Americans are starting to realize that the fed's and their crony contractors are a bunch of rats.

This has nothing to do with lawsuits or freemasons or space aliens - it's a counterintelligence program - just like the Stasi (state police)of East Germany - to control people so they won't challenge the rich and powerful and corrupt bastards who run the major corporations and the federal gov't.

If you want to see the detailed explanation, visit FightGangStalking.com

***are you starting to get it, now?

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#141 Sep 13, 2013
GANG STALKING (Cointelpro 2.0)
___An Open Letter To The Police

To Whom It May Concern:

I am one of many concerned citizens who have become starkly aware of certain criminal matters that are ongoing in our community and abroad. I am a target of these crimes and I feel that they are not being addressed by the police as they should be. I am far from alone in feeling this way.

I will get right to the point by asking you some pertinent questions that need to be answered:

1) Why do your police officers continually deny any knowledge of what is commonly referred to as 'gang stalking','organized stalking', or 'cause stalking'?

2) Why do your officers continually deny knowledge of 'watch lists', which are being used excessively to blacklist certain individuals under the guise of anti-terrorist laws.

3) Why do your officers refuse to investigate these organized stalking crimes when they are reported to them by those who are being targeted?

4) Why do your officers not seem at all concerned that they are coming under greater and greater suspicion by the targets of these crimes, who feel more and more certain that the police are involved in assisting the perpetrators and even orchestrating or otherwise directing their targeting activities?

5) What are you doing to assure that 'community watch groups' and 'police agents' are not targeting innocent people in these crimes, using the power you have entrusted in them?

6) How does a targeted (blacklisted) person go about determining if they have been placed on police 'community notification lists' or 'watch lists', and how do they go about having themselves removed from such lists?

7) What is the full extent of these lists, i.e. how many people are currently listed, how widely are the lists distributed, to whom are the lists distributed, and how often are they distributed?

8) What sort of information, confidential or otherwise, do you share with community watch groups and police agents regarding certain individuals of interest to you?

9) What are the procedures that are involved in a 'threat assessment' when a person makes claims of being harassed, threatened, or abused?

10) What sort of 'threat assessment' teams or investigative parties exist outside of the Police Department, and who are they?

11) What is the extent of the 'investigative advice' that you provide for any investigative parties that exist outside of the Police Department?

12) Is a person who has a criminal record eligible for training by the Criminal Harassment Unit, if so requested? If not, why not?

I hope that these questions will be answered promptly and satisfactorily in order to ease growing suspicions among the public about police methods and conduct.......

More at:


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#143 Sep 13, 2013
___Hidden World Growing Beyond Control

"Top Secret America" Washington Post Investigation Reveals Massive, Unmanageable, Outsourced US Intelligence System.

An explosive investigative series published in the Washington Post today begins, "The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work."

Among the findings: An estimated 854,000 people hold top-secret security clearances. More than 1,200 government organizations and nearly 2,000 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in 10,000 locations.

Interview with Washington Post co-journalist, Bill Arkin and preview of, Top Secret America.


PBS Frontline
___9/11 To The Boston Bombings

Private Intelligence Firms: starts @ 27:00



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#147 Sep 15, 2013
___Why They're So Upset About Edward Snowden

‘Hey, check this out,’ Faulk says he would be told,‘there’s good phone sex or there’s some pillow talk, pull up this call, it’s really funny, go check it out. It would be some colonel making pillow talk and we would say,‘Wow, this was crazy,’ Faulk told ABC News.”

If that’s the way NSA analysts could deal with U.S. military officers in Iraq—fellow cogs in the system, fighting on behalf of U.S. imperialism—how much respect do you suppose they have for you and your privacy? For your security from their searches, their violations?

But the main issue is not your protection from phone-sex interlopers, but protection from those who want to DO YOU HARM.

The FBI’s “Counterintelligence Program”(COINTELPRO), active from 1956 to 1971, collected information through wiretaps and other means with the specific objective of destroying civil rights and left-wing organizations.

One of its stated missions was to use surveillance on activists to release negative personal information to the public to discredit them. In many instances the agents succeeded, and they ruined lives. And their abilities to do so pale in comparison with the abilities of Obama’s NSA.


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#149 Oct 18, 2013
___by Mathew Feeney

Watchdog organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had sought for years to expose the extent and depth of federal surveillance, but their efforts were largely stymied by the very walls of secrecy they were trying to breach.

After Snowden’s revelations proved that Clapper was a liar, Clapper attempted to justify himself in a June television interview by suggesting that “collect” doesn’t mean the same thing to him that it means to ordinary Americans.“Collect,” Clapper claimed, doesn’t mean intercepting and storing data about telephone calls; the data are only “collected” when the agency goes searching through its vast databases looking for specific calls.

“The NSA has turned the Internet into a giant surveillance platform,” declared renowned tech guru and Harvard Berkman Center fellow Bruce Schneier. Metadata collection that tells spies where a person went, who he spoke to, what he bought, and what he saw equals surveillance.“When the president says,‘It’s just metadata,’” he means,“Don’t worry, you’re all under surveillance all of the time.”


Dallas, TX

#151 Nov 10, 2013
Here's a thought....sound familiar?

"When the feds recruit useful idiots to participate, here is what they DON'T tell them:
'I'm a federal contractor with a secret clearance working as a surveillance role player on a counterintelligence operation commonly known as Gang Stalking. We want you to assist us with psychologically terrorizing this person as part of a secret illegal unconstitutional operation involving tactics such as those used by the original FBI Cointelpro operations and the CIA's MK Ultra program and the communist Stasi.'

Instead, they can just flash a badge and tell them there is an "investigation" and they want them to assist (as good citizens)- and to not say anything - and that if they DO say anything, they could potentially be charged with interfering with a federal investigation."

***Will you be my "neighbor"?


Austin, TX

#152 Nov 10, 2013
___Green Day

Don't want to be an American Idiot
One nation controlled by the media
Can you hear the sound of hysteria?
Subliminal mindf*ck America......

***CrAnK iT uP!

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#157 Nov 11, 2013
___"The Worst Is Yet To Come"

ABC News

Several more current and former National Security Agency insiders, inspired by American fugitive Edward Snowden, have come forward as whistleblowers with details of the shadowy agency’s operations, according to an attorney at a whistleblower protection organization.“I think the government hopes to chill speech by employees in the national security and intelligence fields, especially those at the NSA and CIA, but the unintended consequence is [that] more and more whistleblowers are coming through the doors of the Government Accountability Project (GAP),” said Jesselyn Radack, referring to the organization where she works as the National Security and Human Rights Director.“I think courage is contagious, and we see more and more people from the NSA coming through our door after Snowden made these revelations.”


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#158 Nov 11, 2013

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#159 Nov 13, 2013
___They Might Be Giants

***CrAnK uP iT!

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#160 Nov 13, 2013
When Will You Die?(Lyrics)
___They Might Be Giants

I'm so tired
Of your lies,
And the evil things you're doing behind my back
Are the crimes that you have never committed.
I doubt it.
Sometimes I wonder when will you die.

You're Insane.
You are bad.
You wreck everything you touch,
And you're a sociopath.
There's just one thing that everyone's wondering
When will you die?

School children stay at home,(Yeah)
And all the banks will close.(Yeah)
Each Year we'll mark the date (Yeah)
On which we celebrate (Yeah)

I know how,
I know why.
I can picture every part of your comeuppance except
For the one remaining
Piece of the puzzle
Which is when you'll die.

This is Dan,
And that's Dan,
And there's Marty on the drums to complete the band
And I am John,
And he is also John,
And all of us are wondering
When you're gunna die?

Still you live
You go on,
But your running up the clock,
And if we knew how long.
I'll be counting down the days until the lovely one
On which you're gone.

On that promised morning
We will wake and greet the dawn.
Knowing that your wicked life is over,
And that we will carry on.
We'll exhale,
We'll high-five,
We will know at last how great it is to be alive.
We'll be lining up, and buying tickets,
And then we'll be jumping up and down on your grave.

You're Insane.
You are Bad.
You wreck everything you touch,
And you're a sociopath.
And the only way to mitigate
Would be to know the date
You're scheduled to vacate.
When are you going to die?
Look me in the eye
Tell me when you'll die.

***This goes out for all Targets of Cointelpro 2.0.(How f u c k I n g perfect are THOSE lyrics?)

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#161 Nov 24, 2013

Americans curious about the sinister nature of secret federal law enforcement programs should watch a documentary film released earlier this month about one of the victims of Cointelpro.

Jean Seberg, the subject of the documentary, was a talented and well-known movie actress whose accomplishments included a highly-acclaimed performance in Jean-Luc Godard’s film "Breathless".

Seberg stopped appearing in films suddenly while she was at the peak of her career, having apparently been blacklisted by the FBI for her support of the civil rights movement during the 1960s – as documented for example in "FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Expose" by M. Wesley Swearingen. FBI documents which were later declassified and released to the public under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests showed that the agency targeted Seberg partly because of her financial contributions to groups such as the NAACP.

Jean Seberg was gang stalked by the FBI. Choose a different term for the type of counterintelligence operation involved if you prefer, but the case is a well-documented textbook example of how the tactics are employed.

One of the implications is this: anyone who insists upon seeing incriminating official documents and mainstream news reports before accepting that gang stalking is currently being used by law enforcement agencies, is really saying that he or she believes that gang stalking is no longer being used.

That is an important distinction. Also, while it is impossible to prove a negative, it is reasonable to ask why Americans should assume that the FBI no longer engages in gang stalking. If your answer is that we should believe it because the FBI says that they discontinued their Cointelpro operations, you are saying – in effect –we should believe the people whose crimes involved systematically spreading lies as one of the tactics and who abandoned their operations only when they were exposed by civilian outsiders. Skepticism is a useful intellectual tool, but you have to point it in the right direction.

In August 1979 Seberg died in Paris from an apparent suicide. Her body was found in the back seat of her car along with a suicide note and a bottle of barbiturates. Seberg’s second husband, Romain Gary, publicly blamed the FBI’s counterintelligence operations against her for causing her despair.

Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg


FBI Inter-Office Memo Regarding Jean Seberg and the Dissemination of Lies (to "neutralize" her)
Page 1
Page 2

Washington Post
Headline: FBI Probe of Jean Seberg Found More Extensive Than Reported

Los Angeles Times
Headline: FBI Admits To Spreading Lies About Jean Seberg

FBI Secrets: An Agents Expose
___by M. Wesley Swearingen

More at: FightGangStalking.com

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#167 Jun 3, 2014

http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1... !/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/ derivatives/article_970/ku-klu x-klan.jpg

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#168 Jun 3, 2014

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#169 Jun 7, 2014
Who are you talking to?
Anthony Wall

Colchester, CT

#170 Sep 3, 2014
I can prove that there are psychologists involved, and hate groups, too, involved with shady stuff associated with Ridge road, and the areas, too, tied to police corruption I have proofs of as well. This is also tied to prostitution stuff through time. It all enables obstructionist platforms in the stewardship of that for their own lies, and fronts with title, et cetera. At the same time this also has demonstrable ties to them using hookers, and categorically arranged gossip in the maintenance of the people under the guise of leaders furthered all this, and more unthinkable stuff.
Anthony Wall

New Britain, CT

#171 Sep 14, 2014
CivilRightsAdvocate wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, my this sounds like East Hartford, CT too.
We've heard of women being stalked & terrorized in East Hartford, CT too, even by the police.
This occurred after they moved back into their home, but a very corrupt Estate Attorney kept insisting they could not live in their own home!
They noticed that AFTER they moved back, they were being terrorized, stalked & having their civil rights violated CONSTANTLY in the town of East Hartford.
East Hartford, Connecticut is a very corrupt town. You can look up the Yale Law Professor John Langbein if you don't believe me, b/c Connecticut is known for it's horrible Probate Court system!
And East Hartford, Connecticut is the town where you'd file a complaint if your civil rights were violated by a probate court.
Yet they do nothing about it!
Sounds to me, like some very unethical lawyers are harassing & violating women's rights not only in the town of Wethersfield, but East Hartford, too!
Sounds like the FBI needs to come into both East Hartford, Connecticut and also Wethersfield, Conn, and start finding out just WHAT is happening there, and allowing victims to file complaints to them, the FBI!
they hide from me on facebook like punk cowards. Criminally. These are obstructionist platforms, these towns.

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