Man Dies in Bar Bathroom

Man Dies in Bar Bathroom

There are 66 comments on the story from Feb 6, 2011, titled Man Dies in Bar Bathroom. In it, reports that:

Police were called to Julee's Shooting Star Tavern around2:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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autumn robinson

Danville, IL

#22 Mar 27, 2011
just a thought wrote:
hard to condemn a bar owner for what happens out in public then stumbles into her bar. the fight supposedly started in the alley, he supposedly walked in the door and went directly to the restroom where he was discovered by another patron. anyone with some common sense would realize there may have been other variables involved that may have led to his demise. if a 40+ year old man gets into an altercation in an alleyway on a good day his heart rate is going to go up. now, lets wait till the toxicology results come in and i would not be a bit surprised if there may have been other substances in his system (besides alcohol). assuming this may be the case...elevated heart rate due to being under the influence, add fight to that elevation and bingo! a guy drops dead of a heart attack. now, how was julee or any of her employees to prevent that?
to let everyone know we do not have cause of death yet but what autopsy report we did get back his heart was normal so the cause of death was not a heart attack my uncle rob made and was making bad choices but i do believe those choices was not the death of him so for anybody who cares no one is aware of the cause of death so stop jumping to conclusions and trying to make up your own stories R.I.P. uncle rob we miss you dearly gone but never forgotten
just a thought

Burnettsville, IN

#23 Mar 27, 2011
there were people on this...and other posts wanting her to be shut down when this particular incident happened. thats where my question of how she becomes accountable. just as you dont want people to jump to conclusions about your loved one people shouldnt assume julee and/or her establishment are responsible. regardless of his "cause of death" its never going to take away your pain. and unforrunately this is a small community and people will form their own scenarios as to what "went down" that night. any death is tragic....because there are loved ones left behind who didnt get to say goodbye. they, like you, are left without closure and in some cases such as this, more unanswered questions.

Danville, IL

#24 Mar 31, 2011
He got "jumped" by two people outside the bar. They were calling him a snitch while doing it. He then went into the bar after the shit happened and died in the bathroom
Not there

Morton, IL

#25 Mar 31, 2011
Whatever the hard circumstances of his untimely death, many condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Underwood. May he rest in peace, and may those left behind to grieve his passing also find comfort and peace.
trailer trash

Danville, IL

#26 Apr 5, 2011
can you say "heroine...BAD heroine"

United States

#27 Apr 5, 2011
trailer trash wrote:
can you say "heroine...BAD heroine"
That's the same thing i've heard.

Danville, IL

#28 Apr 5, 2011
How is this guy a good hearted person yet he was cooking and supplying meth to his community. He died because he snitched on his fellow meth worshipers. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. Simple as that. If he wouldnt of been in the drug trade he would still be here. Not Julies fault. If you do meth your gonna die or go to prison. Most likely both. Prison dont seem to do much for these meth worshipers.
another stanger

United States

#29 Aug 28, 2012
These aren't the only horrible stories coming outa that place, this 1 just happened to make the papers!!
Is Julee Gay

Catlin, IL

#30 Aug 29, 2012
I heard a story coming out of that place about this one time at band camp a rabbi, a priest, and a horse walk into a bar. The horse says to the rabbi, "Nay, I don't see the broad-nosed man with skin like molasses in here." The rabbi replies, "Oy vay, I think he got arrested for stealing hubcaps." The priest thought it over for several minutes then suggested they get rum and exchange sex tapes. He really wants to show off his infamous "big nosed, circumcised alter boy's hung like a horse" collection.
Greiselda Honeyfitzgerald

Catlin, IL

#31 Aug 30, 2012
My poor Auntie Ida Mae Chesterfield died because of Julee's Shooting Star. There's no doubt in my mind about it. Ida Mae ran out of the bar one night after the night of karaoke, quaaludes, and anonymous bathroom sex convinced her she made a lousy housewife. She drove down to Anderson Hill where she flung herself off like the trash she thought she was. I told my uncle, "If she made a bad wife before the leap, imagine how poor she'll be now that she's dead!" I recommended he shag her one last time for good measure then obtain a bill of divorce against her decaying carcass.

“The end justifies the means”

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#32 Sep 2, 2012
some of these posts are unreal, lol

United States

#33 Sep 2, 2012
I onse had some anonymous bathroom sex there, sniffing some crack off a friend's willy. Then I rimmed the heck out of him and finished the money shot down the old hatch. When I got home to Mom, she could smell coock on my breath and wouldn't let me eat her, claiming I could get her pregnant. I finger banged the hell out of her.

Danville, IL

#34 Sep 8, 2012
just a though wrote:
my point wasnt made to disrespect mr underwood....regardless of the situation behind his death its still hard to lose your loved one. my point was simply how or why should julee be held accountable for situations beyond her control. i apologize if i offended you or your loved ones.
julies wasnt held responsible for any actions that went on that night ,it wasnt her fault , it just so happened at her bar if wasnt there it would have happen else where
Jules Kweer

Tilton, IL

#35 Sep 8, 2012
Julees can't be held accountable for the hundreds of sex crimes, rapes, whoring, robberies, countless OD'ing, fist fights, thefts, muggings, grand theft autos, child endangerment, DUI's, accident victims, food poisonings, choking on pretzels and dick at the men's room glory holes, and scores of deaths that occur in and near her bar by customers because it's a known fact that every single one was predestined to happen by the Sands of Time and thus, if her bar magically vanished, all of those nefarious activities would have happened in the exact same place at the exact same time by the exact same people in the exact same way even while dressed in the exact same clothes, including the guys with skidmarks down their underwear. Even bulldozing that building down and implementing a successful ban on booze wouldn't change the fact that hundreds of people will get drunk on that spot this weekend and every weekend hereafter. It's a fact, caused by the vortex of Westville's phtantasmagoric (and orgasmic!) intercoursal intersection. Deal with it!

Westville, IL

#37 Sep 9, 2012
Jules, that sure is the truth. Walk into any church or synagogue or a Sunday mornin an youll surely find a meth head getting beat to death after giving a bj in the bathroom to another man for a rock. Come on, just because there are lots of rapes, murders, and druggies there doesn't mean Julie personally supervised each one. Hello! And WidowsSon0000, stop soliciting for your "lick the banana" game. Most guys aren't interested.

Paris, IL

#38 Sep 15, 2012
Stranger wrote:
How is this guy a good hearted person yet he was cooking and supplying meth to his community. He died because he snitched on his fellow meth worshipers. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. Simple as that. If he wouldnt of been in the drug trade he would still be here. Not Julies fault. If you do meth your gonna die or go to prison. Most likely both. Prison dont seem to do much for these meth worshipers.
y do think druggies r at julies hell shes a drug addict too. i feel for the guys family but drugs are being distributed there on a weekend basis. the day crowd is cool but after 9pm all the trash comes in. She has dram shop ins. so i would sue her ass. this isnt the first or last time someone has died or died leaving there. she knows this but doesnt take precautions.
Tyler Fetters

Tilton, IL

#39 Sep 16, 2012
That place is skanky, filthy full of diseased sluts and I'm talking about the waitresses! My Uncle Chris did blow in the restroom with Julee Gay right outside flirting with a man waiting in line. She may not have seen him do it, but there's no way she didn't know what was going on inside there! Come on, Westville cops and State police and Sheriff's deputies, shut this place down before another life is lost!

Champaign, IL

#42 Mar 11, 2013
dont go in bar if you dont like it. andthe workers might think the same about you losers that post shit. get a life!!! sounds to me you admire shooting stars life..

Oakwood, IL

#43 Mar 12, 2013
the workers do think the same about me. my diseased small dick with the open sores gives the waitresses the creeps. the man in the kitchen refuses to blow me unless i pay for both our blow and i spot him a $20 on top of that. incidently stay away from the new blonde girl they got. she gets extra mad if you let one rip as she's going down on you.(the pink sore on the head wasn't always bleeding like that!)

Westville, IL

#44 Mar 13, 2013
Doubt anyone cares what those piece of crap, drunk and crack addicted workers think.

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