Trayvon or George Zimmerman. Who do y...

Trayvon or George Zimmerman. Who do you support?

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Canton, NC

#1 Mar 30, 2012
Tragic accident, or simply a case of Vigilanteism?

Saint Paul, MN

#2 Mar 30, 2012
I support the truth, not the liberal media's narrative they've created, but the TRUTH.
Rev Akiza Forman

United States

#3 Mar 30, 2012
Dey done gone an killed da kid Trayvon fo no good reason. Id not be safe out der fo da black boys to walk aroun da town. Da whites be huntin da black boys. Danville gonna have da hoodie march on da day befo Easter to prottest da killing of po trayvon. Der be mo to tell lader. Peace be wit ya all. Praise da lawd!
Equal Opportunity

Champaign, IL

#4 Mar 31, 2012
What has this tragedy have to do with whites? Mr Zimmerman is just as much Hispanic as he is white. It sounds like some misdirected accusations due to prejudice to me. By the way, Spike Lee called and said he won't be able to make it as your parade marshall. He's too busy cleaning egg off his face along with Geraldo.

Canton, NC

#5 Mar 31, 2012
Yeah, the family that lived at the address Spike Lee sent out should sue him, but then the Black Panthers would probably put them on a "Wanted" poster...
Big Red Booger

Omaha, NE

#6 Mar 31, 2012
Illiterates!!!! Show a little intellect !
Big Red Booger

Omaha, NE

#7 Mar 31, 2012
Just out of curiosity....can you spell "Reverend" correctly?
Equal Opportunity

Champaign, IL

#8 Mar 31, 2012
Rev, as you are a "Man of the Cloth" who grieves for young people senselessly gunned down in tragedies, I'd like to offer an alternative idea to promote your march. Statistics show that more blacks are murdered by their own race, not whites, as is the usual case of your own community. Why not use the march to stop the violence within your own race? In case you haven't noticed, the streets aren't safe for, as you say, black boys as they are being hunted by their own kind. Where's the racism there?
Al Sharptongue

East Peoria, IL

#9 Mar 31, 2012
Now, now, don't go revving up any of the mighty righteous Revs. Dis one here just be doin his illitrat mofo troll act -- just ax him.
Rev Jamal Shard

United States

#10 Mar 31, 2012
I also pasture a church in Danville an ready to hold a hoody march. We be thinking day we will do it the day before easter. The only way to hold the black man down is to get in the ditch with him. We are not going to be in a ditch.
Frank Garrett

Saint Paul, MN

#11 Mar 31, 2012
I sure as hell don't support that drug dealing thug Trayvon.
Equal Opportunity

Champaign, IL

#12 Mar 31, 2012
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity."-Martin Luther King, Jr

United States

#14 Apr 1, 2012
Trayvon wuz an A an B student he just bought skittles fo his lil sista he not do nuthing wrong that white guy zimmerman shooted him because he black you shouldn't be killed because you wear a hoody if he was white this wouldn't happen hello
Polar bearin

United States

#15 Apr 1, 2012
The blacks whack each other and kill children in drive by's all the time and they don't get their dander up. But let another race kill a black and they want to riot. It almost looks like the black community is looking for trouble. Control your own first, you will save many more lives that tooting your horn about this one.
Not a king among men

East Peoria, IL

#16 Apr 1, 2012
Equal Opportunity wrote:
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity." -Martin Luther King, Jr
And he would've known. Correct spelling of "conscientious" is with a "t." (As in "Mr. T" -- a more respectable and honest role model on how to rise from the ghetto than Junior ever was.)

Anyone wanting sincerely to fight ignorance should start with
VonMart Traytin

Tilton, IL

#17 Apr 1, 2012
Dis is a tragedy of justice man. Dat cooda been me out dere.

I be just like Trayvon Martin. I be 17, got gold teeth, I gets suspended from school every year plus as many detentions as he dood. The last time I got suspended, I got kicked outta my momma's home and forced to stay with my daddy for da 10 days just like what Trayvon was doing. I deel drugs and post comments about it on Twitter and Facebook like Trayvon dood.

I'm 6 foot 3 inches tall, I weigh over 180 pounds, and I spend all my time doing da hoes, doing drugs, starting fights on da bus and other places, just like Trayvon.

I got tattooes covering my entire body just like Trayvon. They be out in da open on my wrist and stuff and my momma knowds about it and I be under age and it be illegal and I be getting mo all da time and it allrighty wid her.

I got kicked out of high school my freshman year and placed in a neighboring district for my own good just like Trayvon. And den I got suspended from da new school 3 times but it no my fault. Just like Trayvon.

Just like Trayvon, my reputation is getting killed by da teachers and da cops. Yeah, I start fights, I deel drugs. I get suspended from school (and somehow I'm being presented as an A+ kid even dhough I never do homework just like Trayvon -- how id dat possible? I go to D-Vegas High School and somehow one of my teachers gaves da class 6 homework assignments last semester over a 9 week period where I gets suspended fo 10 days and I only did halve da homework and yet I be still gettin' an A in his class. Strange. I wonder if dat is just like Trayvon?).

Anyway, even dhough it was a Mexican who looked Mexican and had a half-Mexi ghetto accent on his phone call, I'm sure he was guilty of killing Trayvon if I refer to him as really being a white man. Obama is just as white as dat Mexican security guard, but let's not debate dat he's not a white man!

Also, let's obsess over da races of dese 2 men and refuse to consider Trayvon was anything other dan an innocent litta boy, and at da same time dat we have a singular obsessive compulsion to look at dem racially, we must also claim dis isn't about black 'n white, dis is reelly 'bout right 'n wrong.

I don't get it?! Why is it dat Trayvon is clearly a very large, athletic black man who woold be charged as an adult for violent crimes as he was nearly 18, and it always use to be racist to call black men "a boy", but in dis case dats all we r supposed ta do? Being called a boy used to be racist, but not dis time for some reeson.

Dayym, I gets so worked up ova da Trayvon Martin case. Dat coolda been me. Da next time I walk threw a gated community during da rain in da midda of da nite dats completely outta da way from my walk home, and is known as a good place to rob cuz of all da burglaries going on dere, I guess I could be a victim of racism. Someone might dink I has no business being in a place I has no business being in and wonder why I'm casing da condos in da nite in da pooring down rain.

If anyting happens, it'll be about right vs. wrong, not black vs. white, and you will knowd dat cuz all I and my momma and daddy will do is talk about black vs. white issues to the exclusion of all others. If you don't like it, you is a racist!!!

Westville, IL

#18 Apr 1, 2012
Vonmart, dat shoo enuf be da truff. Alls you and me be wantin id a edumchashion and dat white crackur zimmermand an odders out to kill us cuz we be black. If jus aint fitting i tells you. You an Trayvion no do nothing wrong police and whites just kill you for no good reason.
Equal Opportunity

Champaign, IL

#19 Apr 1, 2012
Not a king among men wrote:
<quoted text>
And he would've known. Correct spelling of "conscientious" is with a "t." (As in "Mr. T" -- a more respectable and honest role model on how to rise from the ghetto than Junior ever was.)
Anyone wanting sincerely to fight ignorance should start with
I stand corrected in the spelling of "conscientious". Thanks for the link suggestion even though King's sex life or infidelity have no significance in my attempt to remind those involved in the hoodie march that several factors should be considered to make an effective and positive statement. Mr King promoted peaceful protest as a foremost tool and accomplished much. Also to be prepared with facts about their cause instead of speculation. Undoubtedly, Mr T is a celebrity, but I had hoped marchers could identify with a civil rights leader and would take his preachings into consideration.
Equal Opportunity

Champaign, IL

#20 Apr 1, 2012
I should correct Mr King to Dr King with all due respect.

Westville, IL

#21 Apr 2, 2012
Dat Gorge Zimmerand is a big guy and he killed that po little Tayvon who look like he 12 even though he 17 he jus a small boy. All he wanted was to get some skittles and Gorge stalked him and lynched him jus like the klan used to do. How is that fair? Tayvon jus minding his own business and enjoyin a day off school and Gorge done goed off and kill him fo his skittles and tea. He was jus a boy! Look at hisself!

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