Is Danville a good place to live?

Cicero, IL

#42 Feb 3, 2013
And now it's been confirmed Danville rates as number 1 out of 300 cities for having NO JOBS!!!

Thanks mayor and aldermen! Thanks street trash! Thanks for making things worse when that seemed impossible!
Craig List

Champaign, IL

#43 Feb 4, 2013
I'm looking for a prostitute named Consuela. She gave half the senior class herpes over Christmas Break. I feel much better because I don't have to hide my head in shame since the Math teacher gave me herpes my sophomore year. I won't get excluded from the Easter Break orgies. There is life after herpes!

Tilton, IL

#44 Feb 27, 2013
I was born in Danville il lived here till I was 9 moved to Texas cam back when I was 14 I thought Danville was normal tille I moved and came back the schools here r ran down every very rude people here I've never hated a place so bad if your a country type of person ghetto Danville is not the place for you I hate everything about I'm now 25 and trying to move out of this place so my children do not grow to be gange bangers
Ebonie Washington

Westville, IL

#45 Mar 3, 2013
I feel you is racist. You do not like us black people. Danville is not bad because blacks live here. I graduated from the high school last year. They gave me a diploma. Is that ghetto? I can't wait for my daughter to graduate in May. I am so proud of her. She's only 27 years old. She would have completed her multiplication tables in her freshman year. Only racism got in her way. Oh well, I'm going off to get my Aid Check now. Them 40s ain't gonna drink themselves!
tameika hardimon

United States

#46 Apr 9, 2013
Danbil id a goodest place to live it what you make it it aint purrfect nuttin purrfect. I lived in da town my hole life my tree chillin goes to school hey we all gets a check my momma gets payed to watch dem it aint all bad it be what it be. My foth one on da way wins I gaduate wit my high school diploma I be ready to go to DACK I plans on being a dokter or a newse. Dey prepaired me well I gots an 11 on my ACT. Don't let's raceism stands in yo way ya cans be watts eber ya wants my momma telled me dat wins I growing up win she births her fifteenth chile in a week she will prove nuttin keepin her down not eben dat meth charge. Wit my thick ass I noed I shoulda gone out fo football players I allready handled ebey1's balls.
latrena lillard

United States

#47 Apr 9, 2013
Yo no watt be da bastast thing about grouing up in Dinville Illanoiss? No crosswalks. I nevar use one in my life and I can cross the streat any were I like. Cars have to stop for you not the other way eround. I feel like I can walk blindfold in da traffic and I be safe as a june bug on a watermelon.
Hillary Greg

Westville, IL

#48 Apr 10, 2013
I should have been nicer to the colored folk that live out on my Fair Oaks Plantation. I do everything for those ungrateful colored people. They have pubic hair on top of their head and skin like molasses. To bad most can't vote because of all the rapes, robberies, and child abuse they commit to. Don't worry, my colored peeps. I won't hold it against you. Come on over for fried chitterlings and barbeque chicken.

Lincoln, IL

#49 Jul 4, 2013
Stay the away from this town like the plague. I can say from personal experience that this place is overrun with vile scum and some of the worst people I have ever met. Move to a smaller outside community & do not come into the inner city. It is a terrible, awful, dank, shithole with little to nothing redeemable about it. I would say that is only a step up over war torn Bosnia and could easily be considered a realm of hell. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

United States

#50 Jul 21, 2013
Danbill is a great town dawg. I met my first, third, forth, firth seventh eighth an twelff baby daddy when I at Noth Ridge Midle School I dinks I eben got prego on a field trip once. Da poleece allways be rachial profilen like dey done did to Trayvion Mardin dat po defenseless inosunt lil boy juss wantin skittles I show hope dey da sour kind I'd hate to be killed wit regerlar ones. Der is a soshial sacurety office an Link office an Aunt Marthat (not my Aunt Martha at da pen for meth buts a dock ossife) an free breakfast an lunch. Lots of fine men goin to be loy-yours an dockters.

United States

#51 Jul 21, 2013
Lmao !

United States

#52 Aug 4, 2013
Danville is were i raised an born. their is lots of oppertoonitees if you applie youself to being the best you can be. I remember win Mark Danmen's Daddie standed in the doorway of DHS to prevent us colored folk from integrating. President Eisehauer sended in the National Guard to ehllow us to goes there an they made them put collared greens and whatermellon an grape juice on the lunch menu. jimmie dean laws dyed a slow death. Todays colored chillin thanks evybodie owes them don't let hate keep you down. Malcom X sayed it best when he telled us, "Wouldn't you like to be a pepper two."
disillusioned dickie

United States

#53 Aug 4, 2013
I moved my family to Danville to start over after being falsely accused of a crime i didn't commit. Things started bad at first but after my wife got out of surgery for anal syphilic cuts brought on by the gang of violent sex offenders living openly next door, we adjusted to the new reality. Now we love it here. My son fences stolen game systems in study hall at DHS and my daughter just received her first paycheck after aborting a minister's child (per their agreement i am not allowed to name him).
I wouldn't leave Danville even if i didn't have more bestiality snuff film charges involving the Humane Society. My supplier walks by every morning on his way to East Park Elementary. Kudos to his math teacher! There's more to this town than the whiners admit.
Lorie Lee

Champaign, IL

#55 Aug 31, 2013
I's dun tole ya 'n tole ya, Danbil es a gudder plase ta libe den ine taun I's knod. We dood rite bi da collered chil'en. dere's da Boi 'n Gurl Klub, den uv curse dere da chirches keepin' owr yungins frum a'gwanin' astrey. Sho nuff, da sifaless 'n da gonnereah 'n da herps is all comun hear. I reckin dat's my fawlt. Wen I startesed da Lorie Lee Follewship Hows, I gets me a lil randy fer dem yungin's. Mmm-mm, sho nuff, I dood spreeds dizezes all ova da plase. It be worster den da Ten Plages uv Ejeept, mmm-mmm, sho nuff.(Sorreh bout dat!)
Rosie Crider

Crawfordsville, IN

#56 Sep 28, 2013
Danville is a good place to live an raise a familee. Back in middle school all da boys reeleyesed dat dey could give up der rosie palms for Rosie's mouff plus $1.97 an i dont makes change what ya pumps into me I keeps. Dey were reel rascist back den dey made me drop out when I got pregonont dey says I can't go on da sebenth gade field trip my daddy sayed if he hadn't been set up fo rape by his cellie he wood of done gone an made dem let me go my momma allways felled weird cuz her daddy was my baby daddy so her grandchile allso her half sista by anutha mutha. She thinked i shoulda called her my auntie but she my babie.

Danville, IL

#57 Oct 23, 2013
hmaes is my sons pediatrician.

Danville, IL

#58 Oct 23, 2013

Viroqua, WI

#59 May 19, 2014
Holy crap wrote:
Dave, I can't say that Danville is the best place to live, but it isn't quite as bad as you portray it. Yes, there are parts of town that are run down and have higher crime, just as there are nice parts. If Danville has any hope of improving the quality of life of its residents, it is by growth in its working population. The more businesses there are and the larger those businesses get, the more jobs, more employed (vs. unemployed) residents, and more discretionary income to support the businesses, stores, etc... I haven't lived in Danville all my life, but I have been here long enough to know that Danville is not a dead city. When I buy stuff, I buy it in town rather than driving to Champaign or Indy. There are a lot of hard working people here that should take your words as a slap in the face. We are not all on drugs, welfare, etc...

Are there any particular areas that you would suggest are safest? I was hoping for South Danville, St. Joseph, or Oakdale areas, as my husband will be working south of Danville and I will most likely be working in Champaign.

Viroqua, WI

#60 May 19, 2014
Are there any particular areas that you would suggest are safest? I was hoping for South Danville, St. Joseph, or Oakdale areas, as my husband will be working south of Danville and I will most likely be working in Champaign.
Gorillamweqwaken yattaqa

Danville, IL

#61 May 20, 2014
Da Oaks be da safeies palas to be in da sittee. Wite peeps got da methy labs all obar da town dees daes.
Y u gots a boys name? Is u n da saym secks marej? It otay wid me. My daddie transishaneen so he be my mommie ene day now.

I likes to itch my vejina wid a watamelin riyn dureen da passen of da gass. Hopes da sees u n denvelle sum day! We b reel gudder frends!

Danville, IL

#62 Jun 3, 2014
There are crappy neighborhoods in every town. North west Danville is a good area (North of Fairchild and even better North of Voorhees). And no I do not live in Denvale West. No welfare and I bought my own home for a very reasonable price. You don't have to be rich to live in the "good" part. Yes, it is a High crime city but you are going to find thugs, idiots and a-holes wherever you go. It is what you make of it.

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