Danville IS a terrible place to live!
Truth Teller

Milton, WI

#24 Dec 20, 2012
Thank you! Now at least I know that I'm not the only one who sees this town with open eyes.

Its also nice to have others back me up when there are so many idiots out there who try to outright deny the facts.

Danville is a crime ridden hell hole and the politicians and the police spend all of their time trying to hide it instead of fixing the problems.
Truth Teller

Milton, WI

#25 Dec 20, 2012
Say, you sound a little upset with good old Danville, home of the Van Dykes, O'Conner, Hackman, Short & company. Musta been a better town back in their time, huh?
Say, I bet you've warned Meijer's, Kohls, TJ Maxx & company of their TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MISTAKE at coming to SUCH a hellhole!!!!!!!!!! They MUST be IDIOTS (er, like you) to locate and build here!!!!
Say, SO FAR I've NEVER been MURDERED, RAPED, ACCOSTED, MUGGED, ROBBED....Guess I'm lucky, huh?
SAY, WHY DON'T YOU MOVEMOVEMOVE to ROCKFORD, or E. ST. LOUIS?????? HEY, move to SOUTH CHICAGO! AND if you are NOT murdered report back on the heavenly improvement in your blind daily life! You are an EMBARRASSMENT to this town and I'm ASHAMED of you!
Typical reply from an idiot who can't accept the truth of eveything I alleged....even when its backed up by facts which i posted links to.

Meijers, Kohls, and TJMaxx are no stupider than Ames, Steve & Barry's, or any of the other dozen businesses who came to town and didnt last. I could name more but why bother? Youll just deny it anyway.

And its funny you mention S Chicago, and East St. Louis.....the ONLY two parts of the state that even compare to our crime rate on a year by year basis.......even though they're both next door to major metropolitan areas. Tell me, whats our excuse for even being comparable to those areas with a whopping 30,000 people?

Fact is, people like you are just as much of the problem as the perpetrators of the crimes....because by denying the problems you just allow them to go on...and on...and on.
Steve S

United States

#26 Dec 21, 2012
As a former commander for a local police department, I have ample evidence that Danville has crime more akin to a sex offenders unit in a maximum security prison than a town of 25,000. Blacks -- all kinds of kids and adults with unknown fathers -- have over run the local resources. Just yesterday in Lake Shores, a young white woman, out for a jog, got violently gang raped by two black thugs that were enjoying Danville District 118's Christmas break. They enjoyed it by raping and sodomizing her in an alley. Both goons got away, but rest assured denizens, D-Vegas's Comical-News will overlook the 38th reported rape (not to mention the four boys that were forced to orally rape their perpetrator this year), as burying one's head in the sand makes more sense. Crimes such as rapes and home invasions happen so many times that no one cares. The sixth grade boy at North Ridge made to blow the two young men at DHS for giggles will never see anything more than a "heartfelf apology" and intensive probation. Why are all the victims white??????????

Westville, IL

#27 Dec 25, 2012
On da twelff day of Chrissmiss, my true love brought to me ...

12 homes invaded while da white folks slept,
11 gurls walking da street makin money,
10 years my momma has leff till parole,
9 confirmed STDs from my ho-ing,
8 ball fo celebatin wit my homeys,


7 white boys jumped over da pass week,
6 unsolved rapes in da neighborhood,
5 women da Mayor and me double teamed,
4 abortions my sista has befo she 14,
3 da number of years for my sex offender registration,
2 da number to double team white women at parties, and
1 city full of blight, crime, and a corrupt mayor.
armed american

Danville, IL

#28 Jan 13, 2013
The other day...on a Saturday my wife was arrested and my young children were left alone and told to call 911 if I didn't show up .my wife was told it was no big deal just a failure to appear warrant. I was outta town for work and had to drop everything and return home to a wife in jail and two young (12-3) kids freaked out cause some pig told em they'd end up with dfs since they were left alone.this all came about over a missed court date for a child support case we started.on top of that I'm raising two children that aren't mine that I love to death.....when I went through the courts to finally see some money from these sperm donor (and one date raper) pieces of shit they attacked me like I was the bad guy and we even lost full custody of our little guy to the jerrys kid mother$%^&er. So I'm gonna arm myself and move my family and the next time these people screw me again I will react f-danville shithole illinois!
Get Real

Villa Park, IL

#29 Jan 30, 2013
Danville may not be the best place to live but it for sure is not the worst. Go to a city that really is crime ridden and ghetto and you will see that danville is not that bad. Sure the crime rate is higher than some cities that really are bad but that is misleading. There is a lot of crime but nothing like chicago, rockford, east st louis.... Iv lived in many places where i feared for my life and Danville is not one of them. There are only about 1-3 murders a year in Danville which is nothing compared to a really bad place. Some small neighborhoods alone have more than that monthly. Again its not the best place but for sure not the worst.

San Leandro, CA

#31 Feb 25, 2013
When i was very young around 7-8 i moved to Danville...i am now 21 and boy am i lucky to have moved away from that dump. I lived there for only a year but the memories there are anything but good. The first day i moved there i was bullied. Thats the first taste of such a bad place. Months later my neighbor murdered her child! I was a nit curious and decided to do a little research on this place to see how its became over the years. And i thought it was horrible then! Now im lucky enough to live in beautiful california where i was born and raised...thank the heavens!!

Westville, IL

#32 Feb 25, 2013
Instead of da lan of milk and huny, Danbil id da land of crack and whorres$

Danville, IL

#33 Mar 30, 2013
Heyy Mr Truth...Although I dont believe Danville i the best place to live ...I cant help but notice ur in MAYWOOD.....being raised near Maywood..Imma have to say I WOULD DEF LOOOVVVVEEEEEE TO STAY IN DANVILLE
Larshion Dye Sugs

United States

#34 Apr 28, 2013
Danbill id da dangest best town in da hole wide world. I moved frum Chiacgo wit my Momma in 99 when I was 14. 2 years lader I begins middle school an happy as can be. My two baby mommas dat year, Kyquishara and Vanillisha was real good to me dey have arses as big as a baboon an coconut chestes dey liked to like my banana like dey swining fromvine to vine in da jungle. Da poleece did goes affer me cuz I black dey rested me leaving a friends house den da friend axted like he don't know me or ever seen me. My two kids now on disability dey bout as smart as da weed plant I gots growing in da back meth lab. My son Goriillantae Chimpqwanzaa got dissed by teecher fore being black wen the system planted burglar toolz and the teechers car keys in his locker and da dna ebidence in dat tree year old white slluut.
truthofdanvillea rea

Langsville, OH

#35 May 23, 2013
If your stickers expired 6-7 cops show up...if 3 people are murdered in broad daylight nobody sees a thing and if your son or daughter are murdered in the county they either don't open a case or they remain cold case for years..small nearby towns are as bad..barney and andy were better lawmen..than the ones where we lived previously...no evidence collected after a young man found dead the chief of police made an assumption and murderers walk free...danville has hundreds of drug dealers the guilty know the system and live free, dress in new clothes, drive new cars and the wrong people get harassed...dirty govt. stick together attorneys will defend killers if they have money if your family killed and they have no money the attorney won't help

United States

#36 May 26, 2013
Danvile be da most racest town eber. Eber. Dey goes affer ya cuz da collar of yo skin an nots da contenn of yo carextur. Won day a racess white teachur cused me of takin her purse up at deehs. Now I telled her she no sawed me do dat an da asst principul backed me up cuz she looked like me. I did takes da purse buts dats not da point how dat racess crazy cracker cusing me she didn't cuse da whites in da class why dat I tells ya why it cuz she wants to innslav us ya my mama didn't rayse no ideut.
not born here but raised

Danville, IL

#37 Sep 14, 2013
look i'm not the type of person who normally posts on these boards, but I happened to run across this posting. while some of your points are very accurate, they are also the opinion of one person. not everyone who lives in Danville feels this was. yes crime has gone up , and yes the town is worn down,but that's due to the moral of Danville's people going down as well. If there were more people in the community willing to give it time, and stand up to crime, and clean up out streets, we may see a change. It starts with a few and when many believe things can happen. As elders we should show our young people compassion and teach them there is more then crime, that they do have opportunities to be greater then what they have been given. I have a two year old that will teach no matter where you live it is you that makes the community better. instead of trashing this town, how about going out and helping someone. I can not speak for others, but there are many people who are striving to make this town better.
I grew up on lake street and on east main just down from those murders, as well as I knew all three victims, but we cannot let past events dictate our future, we can look back at those events and help us learn, heal, and move on to make our community better for our future generation. That's what I will do and I will help guide my son and family to be compassionate and help others instead of verbally bashing a community that needs help.
born in a manger

Tilton, IL

#38 Sep 17, 2013
The youths of this town need a good butt pounding. That will learn them to respect the community. Yes the town is in decay, rapes and murders are commonplace, arsonists are all over town, corruption rules City Hall. It's true, the place is a dump and social diseases infest most of our cracked out toothless hookers. But look on the bright side: no teeth equals no biting.
Thus, we have something to be thankful for. Come this Thanksgiving, I'm offering up a chance to stick my ginormous schlong in every hole to educate the men and women into hedonistic pleasure like you've never felt before. Meet me on the corner of Bowman and Voorhees at midnight to know the feeling of a wild wilderbeast in heat!

Danville, IL

#39 Oct 23, 2013
wtf is this? lol

United States

#40 Oct 26, 2013
Why is Mayor Eisenhauer always on the golf course during the work day? Who is that little blond that rides with him?

Westville, IL

#41 Oct 27, 2013
a must read for the residents of vermilion county
after the last 4 years of the local boys harrassing my family, it's time to speak out and inform the illinformed and brainwashed that
OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT as i have always stated!
I'll remeber 09/19/09 the rest of my life as do my family including my now six year old son who witnessed these five deputys brutally attack beat taze us while cuffed all for calling the third shift patrol captian corrupt, as he prove by his actions, he is! 414 vermilion and roselawn

Westville, IL

#42 Oct 27, 2013
IamJackswastedlife wrote:
I lived in Danville along time then went out & saw the world, I must say it is a first world shithole with a very weak infrastructure & alot of borderline retarded people(I believe the term is ignoramus). The police are corrupt, there is very little to do that is considered "constructive" and it is overall a sad place that has atrophied with American comparisons to poverty. It is not worst then the worst cities in America but for the size of it's population it is a fucking dump.
I agree completly with every word you said

Crawfordsville, IN

#43 Nov 17, 2013
Where can I get help for my meth addicksion? I woke up with some dude pounding my rear for payment, and I must say it felt good to have that 19 year old stud buried deep in me hard as a rock while my wife rimmed the heck out of him, I need to get better so I can point out the corruption in America. After I had him pound my rear a second time against my will and serviced his hairless friends, gobbling those snakes right down, I want to tell you about that horrible, sexy, naughty captain.

Bourbonnais, IL

#44 Nov 26, 2013
Evidently you people have to much time on your hands. By the looks of some of the posts I would say that a lot of you need to g back to school and learn how to speak and how to spell. I jus happened on this by accident and couldn't believe some of the stuff I read. I hope you find better things to do with your time.

Merry Christmas!

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