What kind of Sick Piece of human garbage would actually demand the church to revoke a Babys Blessing??? Well I know of a piece of garbage like that- he lives right here in springville, works at stouffers and pretends to be a devout and dedicated Morman.Of course he married a young lady of the church and sexually, mentally and physically abused her.When she became pregnant- he decided he wasnt ready to be a a father, so he said it wasnt his ect- LIED to the church said he was destitute and had no monry or home so the church being good set him up in an apt here in town. This pig wasnt there when the baby was born- put into the icu and almost died. When momma actually filed for divorce because the PUKE wouldnt pay child support, he pulled all kinds of crap- Always lieing- forever pretending even to the police that he is a victim- BUT the VILE piece of filth had the nerve to go to the Bishop and demand the babys Blessing be revoked because the baby dosnt carry his name, and because his mommie said the church HAS to revoke it! HOLY MOLEY!! I cant wait until everyone sees for themselves what a piece of trash he is- and they will very soon now- His lies are catching up with him and peoples eyes are finally being opened- everyone has told theri wives to stay away from the madman- everyone is begining to see whayt a strange and freaky person he is- His days are numbered- the church has opened its eyes and want him to seek help- if he refuses he may end up excommunicated as he is a sexual abuser and that goes against the church for those who refuse to ask forgiveness and repent and seek counseling. I dont go near Taco Bell in fear he will be there- spewing his lies as usual and trying to get people in trouble with is lies and psychotic behavior. BTW- Reason baby dosnt have fathers name is -Cheapo refused to pay the 20 bucks to have his wifes name changed legally- even said he was thinking of taking her familys name!! Dad denied baby was his until paternity was done, he was mad he was going to have to pay child support- wanted to know why she couldnt just go on welfare!!- even tho he was married to this girl prior to the pregnancy.Bought himself new clothes and made his wife wear HIS old socks when she needed socks and bought himself new ones!!He is a total abuser and looser and was born and bred and graduated HS in Westville.Total piece of human waste, not even garbage!