White Girls who date Black Guys

Monticello, IN

#249 Nov 5, 2012
I just looked and my picture and he is so right man I sure as hel don't look black you know what man I am far from a trayvon..

I am definitely black though I even have the black people hair and this guy say i'm not black.. i'm lookin at him like well he's kinda right and wrong..

my dad looks more black and is black looks like typical black..

he's really good guy though he did used to be ascientist though he hangs out with a lot of white people and it's one of the reasons why I did because I didn't realize that I was black..

and then also for some reason I went to a school where i was pretty much the onlyblack person..

Monticello, IN

#250 Nov 5, 2012
naw i'm just saying my dad gets laid more than me my dad is gets laid so much it's ridiculous..

maybe I don't know what the heck I knwo what i did wrong.. Ijust lack um.. common sense I mean..

I did get laid before but it was like I mean I CAN get laid from I mean I had a white friend wanted me to lay with a white girl with him but I was too tired and worn out..

Monticello, IN

#251 Nov 5, 2012
why do you have to find unknown black guys..

Monticello, IN

#252 Nov 5, 2012
go know a guy first..

London, UK

#253 Nov 8, 2012

Riverside, IL

#254 Nov 12, 2012
Has anyone else noticed that the "racists" in this thread seem to be better educated than the other posters?

If you're going to call people ignorant because of their views, might I suggest you at least write your post in Microsoft Word first so you can make use of the spellcheck option? It's a little hard to take people seriously when they can't even speak (or type) the language.

Oh...and you're all trash.

Westville, IL

#255 Nov 12, 2012
Da wrassist is not edukateed. Dey reawwy dumb. My teachers at DHS larned my good bout social justice and why Obama be da bestest man fo da job. Dey give me da fillings to improve my self steem and self confedence so dat i can get a vouchers to move me an my tree babies out of fair oakes.

Albany, NY

#258 Dec 14, 2012
It's not racism if its true.

Let's be honest, the VAST, VAST majority of black men in this country are players; they have zero paternal skills and very few have what it takes to support a family, even if they wanted to...which they generally do not.

Having a black man's baby is like buying a car from a door-to-door salesman; once the "transaction" is complete, you'll never see that dude, again.

Albany, NY

#259 Dec 14, 2012
Whenever a black dude breaks out the "Yo, baby, you know you is my world" t0 stupid white chick, there's gonna be some nasty black-on-white humpin'.

Most black dudes are uber-pimpy a$$h01es.

Albany, NY

#260 Dec 14, 2012
Is there any other race that view pimps as people with status?

Every other race views pimps as the lowest form of life, but the black community holds them in high regard, much like gold teeth, spinners and 5hitty music.

Yulee, FL

#261 Feb 25, 2013
I'm only 14 but I wanted to see how big of a issue this is in life now a days. This is literally pathetic. My bestfriend is black and when I look at her I don't see color. I see a great person who sticks up for me when I'm down. I have come to love her family and I'm white and know that black people can be good people, but white people can be white trash so before you judge look in the mirror and realize your not perfect. White and black people are the same if you can see past the color.
Wonder why

Tinley Park, IL

#262 Feb 26, 2013
Annabel wrote:
I'm only 14 but I wanted to see how big of a issue this is in life now a days. This is literally pathetic. My bestfriend is black and when I look at her I don't see color. I see a great person who sticks up for me when I'm down. I have come to love her family and I'm white and know that black people can be good people, but white people can be white trash so before you judge look in the mirror and realize your not perfect. White and black people are the same if you can see
past the color.
Wait until you have a few more years under your belt little girl. Don't be stupid enough to think your "friend"'s family doesn't see a spoiled white girl when they look at you. Don't believe me? Go date a black guy and ruin any future you might have. I've known over a hundred black people. you know how many were inherently good people? About 14. The rest were criminals and didnt give a crap about anyone but themselves. Wanna see something crazy? Google " African American crime rate". Now try to explain THAT. The worst part? They'll ACT like you're their buddy until it mildly inconveniences them....then youre just another stupid racist honky cracker
Wonder why

Tinley Park, IL

#263 Feb 26, 2013
How many white people rap about f***ing hoes and b*tches? 4 or 5? Flip the question around. Half of black musicians? Wow....lotta respect for their mothers and sisters being shown there. What a great culture they've built. I wonder why they have the highest unemployment rate, STD rate, incarceration rate, and the lowest graduation rate. Way to go homies. Im sure civil rights leaders are sooooo proud.

Westville, IL

#264 Feb 27, 2013
Annabel, that tumor in your squirrel size brain has really wreaked havoc on you, poor girl. The one good black family you know will one day be different. I guarantee if you and the neggrress got stranded in Detroit or Fair Oaks, the other Danville chimps would lift their knuckles off the ground, drop the bananas, and rape and kill you in a heart beat. The problem is, it might not be in that order. They have a herd mentality, even the one family of chimps married in Danville.
Jessie Jackson Juneyah

Danville, IL

#265 Feb 27, 2013
Dat's chimptastick!

Port Arthur, TX

#266 Apr 8, 2013
[white boys cant please a woman mexcians good at oral sex asians to small stop hating on us

United States

#267 Apr 8, 2013
Dat cuz my hole so big I need tree bucks in me at onse and wit an extra one to lift my folds. Sinse I only look for cok size I don't worry bout affer I prego he neber talks to me again and who cares bout jobs, personality, disease free, not drug addict, IQ bove fiffy when dey good in bed. Neigh!

Belleville, IL

#268 Apr 13, 2013
This is one of the most sickening of threads I have had the pleasure of viewing in all my years. It's sad that so many people find hatred for just one color along with following of stereotypes. Now I will agree, the crime rate for African Americans is high, but they're not the only ones. To assume that a black man is a player, or rapper, or doesn't give a shit because of his color is to assume that just because a person is homeless means they're dumb or has no job. We all view people through looks, where in reality if we were to try personality we would all be in a better position today. Hating a color person is by far one of the most childish,retched, and inexcusable things of this generation. Not only is it sad but have you ever took the time to think abou the ones that are good, and how many others of your race might be exactly the same as some of the people in their race. Notice I said SOME, because in all nationality it's multiple people from every race who commit the same acts, crimes, and stupidity against humanity. I guarantee that if you were to go into an anonymous chat room and just talk to someone and have a friendly conversation you would like them because you have an positive out look on them and not their color. Now after doing so perhaps it's a black person, now you want to hate but then you realizes something, this person wasn't talking ignorant or stupid, I fact I enjoyed their company. Racism is a deseases carried on through generations and passed on to our youth, we the parents, grandparents, teachers, and adults are the people who have the tools to mood and shape children into who they will be Tommorow. If we teach our children to hate each other how will any of us unite In a time of need? If you were starving or maybe not even that but critically injured and needed to get to an hospital would you rather die than take the help from a colored man? Even though they went out their way to rescue you from certain doom? Or maybe not even you but your child. This is the question we must ask ourselves, is hating a color really doing anything, besides enabling me to be an ass. Finally racism is also dangerous it's a very good way to get beaten and or killed in public places, not to mention hazing. Like I said before us as people have the power to mood children of Tommorow, do you want your child to live a life of hate? Or do you want them to get along with others and rise in life because believe me, if you can't learn to accept others, their help and their personalities then life is sure as hell going to be tough to make friends, get a job, a relationship or even basic everyday activities like going out to eat, shopping, or even taking a stroll in the park.

United States

#269 Apr 14, 2013
Wow, you're a tard. Crime is much higher among blacks than white or anyone else. As an aside, most homeless people are dumb and lazy. How many engineers, lawyers, and doctors do you know that are homeless? How many people work too much and are homeless? You've drank the kool aid one too many times. Most aren't saying tey hate or are stereotyping. Outside of political correctness, there are cold, hard facts that prove what you want to feel is wrong. Leave emotions out of it. The war is over! Get help!
i love white women

Repton, AL

#270 Apr 16, 2013
WoW wrote:
Wow your not shy are you?
u good

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