Death Of Dog Spurs Planned Protest

Death Of Dog Spurs Planned Protest

There are 260 comments on the WJW Fox 8 Cleveland story from Mar 9, 2010, titled Death Of Dog Spurs Planned Protest. In it, WJW Fox 8 Cleveland reports that:

The shooting death of a family dog by police in Westlake is now causing and outcry from the public.

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Cleveland, OH

#1 Mar 9, 2010

United States

#2 Mar 9, 2010
Another westlake cowboy. He needs to be off the street.

Chesterland, OH

#3 Mar 9, 2010
I have a golden retriever and a yellow lab and they are the most sweet and gentle animals I've ever owned...
That officer is out of his mind if he thinks that that is ok...I hope the planned protest goes well. It's one thing to kick a dog away if you believe he's a threat but to kill the dog?? The lab was probably wagging it's tail and barking like, " Oh look a person!!" I hope that officer is taken off of parole of the streets.

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 Mar 9, 2010
Good lord... Should the officer of waited until the dog bit him . Give me a break.. yes the dog was on his own property but this officer did not know the dog or its temperment. The dogs should of been secured and this would of not happened so blame is on owner not police. The police have to put up with so much for such little pay. Get a life folks and move on. Police are not here for you folks to be so ignorant about this ..The police should not have to keep coming to your homes to check out your stupid alarms that go off for stupid reasons when the police could be out protecting folks from the scum that try to do harm to others. No wonder this country is the way it is . To many bleeding hearts whinning is the problem . Maybe we should protest your ignorance





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dan stolarski

Cleveland, OH

#5 Mar 9, 2010
fire him now, or start a lawsuit against the entire police department.


#6 Mar 9, 2010
way to go cleavland police department picking on the helpless animales, why don't you go after the drug dealers in cleavland and leave the dogs alone. shooting a lab, come on, probably the most docile dog there is. I'm glad we have the cpd protecting our streets from the dogs, it makes me sleep much better knowing this. Don't worrie im sure you will get off with nothen happening yo you, after all, your a cop, and that makes it all right.

United States

#7 Mar 9, 2010
i think the officer in this case should be shot. was he afraid? what a pussy! anyone who know dogs knows a lab only wants to please his owner, and wouldn't hurt a flea. He might have licked the cop to death, that would be the only thing that ***hole had to fear.

Bedford, OH

#8 Mar 9, 2010
Thank you Karen, for stepping up and righting a wrong! Our pets are family members. That police officer should have been looking over the fence and not in the yard himself. The dogs were on their own property. He did a terrible job of investigating why the house alarm went off. His skills demonstrate total inexperience and he was incapable of assessing the situation properly. I hope he is released from his duties, and let a smarter police officer take over the position and represent the community in a safe and humane way. If he made such an insensitive choice this time, what will he do the next time. He sounds like he's trigger happy.

North Olmsted, OH

#9 Mar 9, 2010
OK, Iíve read most all of the postings. I am not a dog or cat owner, I donít love animals but I do like them from aardvarks to zebras. That said, hereís my in-my-opinion entry.

Patrolman Morales: was he the guy that shot himself in the foot while the other WLPD COPS shot & killed a bank robber at Westwood & Columbia Road who was wielding a wooden toy pistol in broad daylight?

Morales: Does anyone know if his papers in order? Did he work for Blackwater in Iran? He fits the profile.

Morales claims,ď the dog executed a full aggressive charge at me, presenting an imminent threat of physical harm ď. I have to wonder where he gets that crap from? Does he get it from Animal Planet? Was he a dog trainer at one time? Has he been attacked by a dog previously? In the dogs eye this Morales guy was nothing more than a trespasser, a stranger on the dogís territory; he didnít even take the time to ď mark ď his spot and he did not have any dog treats in hand - what a fool. I think the fact of the matter is that Morales should have realized that if there were robbers in the house the dog dog had the back yard ď covered ď for Morales and was trying to help out but my guess is Morales figured the dog WAS the robber or was part of the gang trying to rob the house.

Further, Morales says to the dog owner, " I was just doing my job ď. So, Morales is now an admitted K-9 killer. My neighbor has a very elderly dog. The dog will be put to sleep in a human manner but the Vet wants $50.00 to tend to the matter. I have to wonder if Morales, when off duty, makes house calls?

The PD article claims,ď Westlake Police are now investigating the shooting and the doctor's complaint ď. Right-on; once again the fox is investigation the case of the missing chickens from the coop. Hey folks, the boys in blue are a pretty tight group and will go to no end to protect one another, yeah they even lie for each other ( known as committing perjury in a courtroom setting ) and in most every case the police union attorneys stand right behind them; we read all about it in the papers and see it on TV. Unfortunately, COPS are a necessary evil, itís just to bad the rotten ones donít get removed. No, itís not a job Iíd want any part of, I saw enough of it in the Military.

In closing, someone commented here that there was an earth quake and 15 people were killed and questioned why we, meaning those of us who commenter here were not upset about that. Well, for the record an earthquake is an act of God. No, wait, Iím told by a higher authority that God does not micro-manage therefore itís someone elseís fault - it must be Mother Nature, lets hold her accountable and get upset with Mother Nature.

As for the WL mayor, he will have nothing to do with this issue, mayors donít tick off their police force they like all politicians only want to get re-elected. The police force is there to get the bad guys & when theyíre not doing that they are trying to raise revenue for the city, you know speeding tickets and that kind of stuff.

So, thatís my 2 cents and I stand by it. Regards to all - but to this Morales individual shame and I hope your kids ( if you have any ) kick your butt when you get home, someone sure should. I hope youíre looking for work in a new and exciting field in the very near future, the kind of work which does not require a weapon nor the demand of making a logical decision. Maybe you should go to Sunset Memorial Park and apply for a position as a digger because you or any other looser does not belong on any PD.

Kent, OH

#10 Mar 9, 2010
I hope the family files a lawsuit

Morehead, KY

#11 Mar 9, 2010
This guy has been on the force for four years and never had a chance to shoot anybody or anything so he took it out on a dog so he feels like a real man.Hopefully he never comes to geauga county hunting because he would be the guy that shoots anything that moves. We had one in geauga county already we don't need another one.

Cleveland, OH

#12 Mar 9, 2010
Why don't you "get a life"? You are the one who is "ignorant". And why don't YOU give US ALL "a break" and keep your mean nasty comments to yourself!!! Yes dummy, the big bad police officer should have waited until the dog bit him. Yes! Yes! Yes! He would still be standing there waiting because it was a YELLOW LAB!!!!!! If the stupid cop had his gun drawn, he had plenty of time to see what the doggy was going to do. If the pooch clamped on his leg and bit him--THEN he could shoot him. What a wus of a cop. Oooo he is afraid of yellow labs! What a tuff guy! He should be off WITHOUT PAY while this is being investigated. Any cop that would react this way, is a lousy cop. Is that who you want protecting the suburbs? Someone who has that kind of horrible judgement and cannot wait to shoot?! "Good Lord" protect us all from BAD COPS and IGNORANT, MEAN PEOPLE!!! AMEN.

Cleveland, OH

#13 Mar 9, 2010
Bernardo while you're very long winded, you lack many facts....first while Westwood and Columbia is located in Westlake, there were no Westlake Police officers that actually fired at the BANK ROBBER who raised what appeared to be a gun pointing it at the officers. God forbid they defended themselves.
Officer Morales did the same, end of story. A dog unknown to him charged him and he defended himself. He at least has the guts to put on the uniform and go out there. You sit around just bad mouthing Police officers and a mayor of one of the few financially solvent cities in Ohio.
Frankly there's nothing to investigate here. It's very unfortunate but it's life. Maybe Mr Cooke should step up and take responsibility for having three dogs in his residence and letting his alarm keep getting tripped by these so called watch dogs.

United States

#14 Mar 9, 2010
If there had been any training, the officer would have known just to back up out of this dogs territory.
It was a Lab for c***** sake. A lover not a pitbull.

“One Sarcastic Dog.”

Since: Jul 09

Juvenalian Satire

#15 Mar 9, 2010
the officer executed a full aggressive charge at me, presenting an imminent threat of physical harm so i shot him.. if its good enough for the police its good enough for civilians!

Westlake, OH

#16 Mar 9, 2010
what time of day did this occur? does anyone know?

“One Sarcastic Dog.”

Since: Jul 09

Juvenalian Satire

#17 Mar 9, 2010
what if a citizen shot a police k9 acting in the same manner?
Michael A

Cleveland, OH

#18 Mar 9, 2010
The Lakewood Officer that tasered a dog, looks humane now. When will police realize that Dogs are a part of our families.

Ashtabula, OH

#19 Mar 9, 2010
fran wrote:
i think the officer in this case should be shot. was he afraid? what a ****! anyone who know dogs knows a lab only wants to please his owner, and wouldn't hurt a flea. He might have licked the cop to death, that would be the only thing that ***hole had to fear.
It's crazy radicals like you that make me afraid, not Officer Morales. You think that a man should be shot because an ANIMAL was killed. You need to go and talk to someone. Medication may help.

Cleveland, OH

#20 Mar 9, 2010
I cannot believe that officer Morales felt he had a right to shoot a family pet like that...especially being that this was a lab...not a pit bull, not a rottweiler, a lab. Come on this police brutality and the fact that they believe they are so above the law is ridiculous and I hope and pray that justice will be served by a higher power. If the law will protect this criminal because he is an officer that is SUPPOSED to uphold the laws, then I pray that God will take care of it when the time is right.

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