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Elyria, OH

#22 Apr 28, 2014
I love the people of Northridge Christian Life Church, as well. When I left, I made it clear that I was walking away from unscriptural teachings including but not limited to shunning ("disfellowship") of former members (including family members), exclusivity, isolation, and legalism. I extended a hand of love and friendship, and was flat out rejected or completely ignored. I know that is what they are being taught. To my friends who remain, open your eyes and realize you are being misled by a shepherd who will readily reject and discard the one, including you! Does this line up with Jesus' teaching of the lost sheep? I know you are taught that you are safe within an "ark." The problem with that teaching is that no one was meant to stay in the ark! From the old testament through the new, we are repeatedly told to go forth! Jesus told us to seek the lost, love the unloveable, be a light, be salt, feed the hungry, go! You cannot fulfill these commands of Jesus by remaining isolated within your walls, your "ark." If you truly want to be formed into the image of Christ, isn't it time to look at how he treated people? With unconditional love, grace, mercy, and compassion? While I was there, I heard it said that you cannot separate the sin from the sinner. I am unspeakably thankful that Jesus didn't say that about me! We are all sinners,aren't we? Jesus died once for all, and exclaimed, "It is finished!" There is nothing left to pay. Come out into the light, and go forth, and love!

Foley, AL

#23 Jul 28, 2014
Anonymous man wrote:
This church hurt me so bad, I know this is not right for a Christian to say but I hope the pastor and his wife go to hell. They have caused divorce, shunned their own children and told children to forget their parents. They lie to the pore people trapped in the church and say people that have left the church follow satan now. They are cruel and inhuman. They tore my family apart and tore me away from my friends. They have ruined my life. I hate them so much. I hope the pastor reads this and thinks about what he has done.
I write all of this from experience, I used to go there. I wish I never did.
. I agree I have family still in the church

Foley, AL

#24 Jul 28, 2014
Wow , so sad. I have family still in the church and I pray that the oldest son will leave , I guess they can not have cell phones or computers. Kids today will have to be exposed to them as they grow older how do they go to college or have a career? It is so bad, we are all hoping the oldest will get on social media and look us up on Facebook, thank you for sharing it gives us hope !

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

#25 Jan 11, 2015
Whosoever Believes wrote:
It has taken me over a year to gather the courage and my thoughts to write this. First of all, know that I'm not writing this in a spirit of accusation or bitterness. I simply want to relate my experiences and the results of my choices to provide guidance. If you are attending this place and read this, this is not an attack. I want to provide as much information as possible so people can make informed decisions of their own free will as God intended.
I grew up in this place and knew nothing different for over 20 years. I was taught that the only relationships I should have should be with others in the same place or affiliated churches (Lakeview Christian Life Church for one or others in Columbus and Maine). These churches were considered to be the only churches with the "truth". Authority is extremely controlling. It was also very legalistic. Legalism was hidden behind a "just as" doctrine that held people to unattainable standards. Books, movies, music, entire genres were prohibited from the pulpit. Clothing/modesty rules were very specific and strictly enforced. There was no room for free will. It was do it this way or you are wrong and will be reprimanded.
Love was conditional. If you were "strong", according to their standards, you were held up as an example and applauded. They left no room for weakness. You were simply reprimanded for not being strong.
Scripture was twisted and cherry picked such as 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Do not be unequally yoked to unbelievers". They used this scripture to prohibit marriage simply because one party spoke in tongues and the other didn't. One was considered born again and the other wasn't. Never mind that both parties grew up there and attended in the same capacity and were both and still are both dedicated believers.
I saw people shun my parents when I was still "in" and experience it now that I'm out. When my brother and parents left, shunning them was flat out not an option in my heart. One thing that made me angry before I left was how people treated me as if my family had died. I wanted to shout "They're not dead! They're still alive and faithfully serving God" When my husband and I (then dating) made the decision to leave I was immediately left for dead. Not a single person reached out to me. Literally NO ONE. My husband on the other hand was bombarded. Calls, texts, visits, can we talk, can we pray, remember the good times etc. Rumors were spread. The hardest thing after I left, and it still is, is the complete lack of closure. People as close as family to me never even said goodbye. One day we were like family and two days later nothing, to this day. I just can't understand it. I literally get the same feeling when I try to think about infinity as when I try to understand their shunning. Unfathomable is the best word I can think to describe it. I would give almost anything to restore relationships with family and friends that I love.
They do it everywhere, my friend. They did the same in Brazil. It's a place that destroys people's families, people's lives. I've been there too. Pray that the Lord himself gives you "closure". Do not expect others (that one day loved you), to come to you and ask for forgiviness. But forgive them anyway. Ask God to show you what is the pain that you are feeling and how to fix it. And, if you want, pray that the Lord open the eyes of your friends/family that remained in the Church/Cult - whatever it is. But protect yourself revealing your pain to God and let Him fix it. Do not let emotions make you sick or cry or whatever is not good for you. Know that the Holy Spirit loves you and already said that even if a mother abandoms her child, God will not abandon you. Feel free to live a good life without this cult's ghosts. God bless you. You are not alone. As you and I, there are people even in the other side of the world that have experienced the same we have. But God is a great healer! Be blessed!

Independence, OH

#26 Jan 18, 2015
no name wrote:
it sounds like a new modern day cult run away as fast as u can
I agree. Thanks for exposing them.

Pittsburgh, PA

#27 Mar 4, 2016
This church is pure evil. They force you to agree to. My family is in ruin. Am not alone. I was always having b.j. praying over me to change to their way of life. I never accepted those prayers. While b.j. would pray over me, I would be praying for God not to listen to her. She was upset with me because I didn't their way of life. How dare they ruined so many families, marriages destroyed. I am thankful for leaving the cult. From the very first time I was there, knew this was a place that took Jesus off the throne and put there. I would not want to be them on Judgement day. The Bible states that they will be judged for all their evil ways. When we get to Heaven, wish there were bleachers so all those who were destroyed by them, be able to cheer on the Lord for their rewards should fit their evil ways. All we can do is to pray for the eyes of the left people who are still in the cult.

Praise God for His mercy endures forever. I'm free! We might be broken, but Jesus stretches out His hand to welcome us back. Please pray for those who are committed Christians, to pull them out of that cult. Open your hearts and let Jesus surround with the love we never experienced. Jesus is real. Jesus is my Savior. I will praise God for the rest of my life. Praise God, we can get out of this mess and begin to see the full love that God has for you. Just remember, God always has an ear to listen. Amen and amen.

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