That's what he says, But it isn't true. This is a ploy to get republicans to put up what cuts they would for both entitlements , They have already done that with the Ryan plan, The same plan Obama called mean and nasty. The same plan Dems said would drive grandma off the cliff and let little kids die. Go back to when welfare reform was signed into law by Bill Clinton. The media said how bipartisan the dems were and Bill Clinton. The day it was to be singed into law Bill Clinton stood up there all red faced pointing and wagging his Lewinski screw finger at the TV, Vowing that once his dems took congress back Most of what he signed into law, Would be removed. This is the same thing Obama will do. Plus he will say okay Repubs you want entitlement reform, Then you better let me have tougher gun control laws. I say the Repubs that are truly Repubs and not bought off RINO repubs say to Obama.How about you put that work for welfare clause back into the law that you removed unlawfully .How about you cut food stamps and many SSI programs where parents get huge checks for their kids being deemed addh whatever they call it now lol.The thing is, Obama is lying out his teeth when he now says he is for entitlement reforms and cuts.He just robbed medicare by almost 1 trillion bucks as he slammed repubs for wanting only 65 billion in cuts to entitlements. Do the math 1trillion Obama took from medciare and seniors to pay for his Obama care which has yet to fully be implemented .They are touting Obama giving back some money from his salary. Chump chimp change indeed. He took a $7 million Hawaian vacation not long ago.Meanwhile Obama and Jewish forces are trying their best to get a race war between Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics.