Stop China! - don't buy Chinese made ...

Stop China! - don't buy Chinese made products

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Stop China

Chicago, IL

#1 Apr 26, 2009
Are you sick of our government selling your kids' future and freedom off to the Chinese government?

I know it is very difficult these days to avoid these products, but try TRY try the best you can to avoid buying Chinese made products. They are planning to take control of our country, and when they do you can kiss freedom goodbye. They are cunning and sly and will tell you they only want peace, but have no doubt that they are aiming for supremecy.

It's not the individual Chinese people:
It's not the Chinese people per say - it's the Chinese communist goverment. The individual people may be kind and diligent, but the government uses them as extremely low-paid slaves to seduce the money out of the other continents. Many who come to live in the USA have come here to escape that evil Chinese government.

There is only one way to shutdown this ego-maniac Chinese country and that is to not buy Chinese made products. Look at the labels on ALL the products that buy and when they say "Made in China" - put it back on the shelf. If we don't all come together for our children, then the future will be something like "The peoples republic of America" instead of the United States of America.

Stop China so our kids have a tomorrow.

United States

#2 Apr 28, 2009
They are banning USA pork now and many other products. We should ban ALL products made in china.

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Apr 28, 2009
that makes sense...the only reason we as a country survive is because of our international the mentality of people amazes me
Double idiot

Chicago, IL

#4 Apr 28, 2009
We don't survive because of international trade you moron. We boost the economy of the international community by doing the trade. They are scraping us dry, and you want to keep handing them your paycheck? You are obviously a double-idiot. When they are done bleeding us clean, they will come to conquer. If you don't stop paying them to conquer you, you will wake up in a communist prison camp, moron.

Rockford, IL

#5 Apr 28, 2009
hahahaha youre obviously didn't get a degree in economics....go to school tardo.....if we didn't trade with anyone else...we would go right back to 1775....christ...get a clue
Back in 1775

Chicago, IL

#6 May 3, 2009
1775 would be better than the Red Army taking over. Get a clue idiot.

Jacksonville, FL

#9 Jun 1, 2009
Our family has stopped buying China products!- therefore we're no longer supporting the Communist country.
And yes - we're getting along just fine.
As long as Americans buy China - they certainly can't complain about lost jobs in America.

Chicago, IL

#10 Jun 6, 2009
Same here...we refuse to buy chinese products anymore. It takes some shopping around, and the prices are usually higher, but we are not going to pay the communists to take over our country.

Shenzhen, China

#11 Jul 10, 2009
stop buying products will only prove that you are a completely idiot. I don't know why you are so hostile to china? why not living your peaceful live? ask your self
wot a lovly war

Sydney, Australia

#12 Jul 21, 2009
They are buying land all over the world to feed their army. Don't let them buy your assets.

United States

#13 Nov 3, 2009
i already joined the anti-chinesse-products-buying campaign. chinesse economy is force upon extremely cheap labor and i am not o.k. with that. also if we continue trading with that kind of regime our economy will continue on in recession.
Peter nichypor

North Hampton, NH

#14 Nov 3, 2009
If a company is "Un-American" and outsources its production and labor, "Boycott" them... Noone puts a gun to anybody's head and forces them to buy anything... Look closely at the "Made In" labels and decide if it is worth it to assist these companies in shutting out the "American" worker... Be a real "Patriot" this "Christmas" and every day, give our country a gift by stopping your dollars from swelling the coffers of those who prosper from cheap foreign labor at our expense... We American consumers "DO" hold the power through who "We" decide to buy from... Don't be "Un-American"...

Mumbai, India

#15 Nov 19, 2009
It's interesting to read these arguments as a non-american/non-chinese..
The chinese currency is so undervalued that the argument of adam smith that certain countries should expertise in certain products being good for overall world economy seems to hold not much water.
Just wait for a few more years,the chinese will catch in manufacturing even the hi-tech goods that americans are so proud about and because of low wages in China it again would be at a fraction of American price. Better avoid buying chinese now itself.

Union, NJ

#16 Dec 2, 2009
I refuse to buy anything made in china. I get buy just fine. By buyin chinese good we are enablin a COMMUIST couNtry to fight us, freedom and democracy. So take a stand and support our country

Columbia, MD

#17 Dec 3, 2009
I went to China this past year and was quite taken aback by how they treat their own people. The place is corrupt, highly polluted and frankly a disgrace to the human race and civilization in general. I have since stopped purchasing goods made in China. I tried to buy holiday cards recently from Target and was horrified to learn that all the cards they sell are made in China. I went to another store (Borders) and found many cards made from democratic, civil countries. Lobby Target to stop selling Chinese made goods.

Tucson, AZ

#18 Dec 15, 2009
I am a young patriot, a rebel, and this country may not be perfect, but we have it damn good here. I used to be an Anarcho-punk idiot and all I would talk about is how this country sucks, then I got real. Anyway, I say f*ck China. Everything they make is disposable GARBAGE. PURE TRASH. Watch the WalMart Movie and you will see the poor people of China working their lives away so American kids can play with Barbies---all made in China today or Malaysia. Don't support those nasty, filthy Communists, worse than any politician.

Tucson, AZ

#19 Dec 15, 2009
*And when I say Rebel, I don't mean Confederate, I mean Daniel Shays from the Revolutionary War (go look up Shays Rebellion)...a REAL FUCKING AMERICAN who thinks of everyone, who thinks of FREEDOM for ALL...and what is know is, when you buy Chinese products, you are putting yourself and your country into debt. I don't want to sell my soul to anyone, and you are selling your soul to China when you buy that junk. And it is junk...that is why there is no such thing as "doing a good job" anymore, no craftsmanship, no more nothing of value. CHINESE MADE OBJECTS HAVE NO INHERENT VALUE...they are negative space.

Shanghai, China

#20 Dec 15, 2009
lots of 'made-in-hongkong' are actually produced in red china. funny 'made-in-china' for markets outside mainland china with better quality than those made for mainland chinese people.

Chennai, India

#21 Dec 17, 2009
Worst will happen ,if we don't understand the mentality of Chinese entrepreneurs.They will do anything to market their product,and particularly clever in killing the business of competitor,and to woe the wholesale buyer ,they will do all sorts of tactics. Americans satisfy and stay,as their government,and dollar is so strong,but a country will grow or atleast stay economically ,only the internal manufacture,job creation ,marketing runs hand in hand. Not by importing and trading,it sure leads to weakening of main pillars of inter-economy.
if we go to internet and by viewing their prices,the new entrepreneurs ,thinking of starting a production of some product in their nation,will stop further proceeding or even thinking of it ,because they cant purchase even required quality raw material with that price, chinese supply the product.
They have cheap labor,low taxes,almost no corruption,and very cheap electricity. we also must sacrifice a percentage wages,government must reduce taxes and encourage small entrepruners and help in marketting,and lot of help to job creation.
Not by giving free money,allowance,food token,etc.
Nowadays people with money ,think and earn or loss thru government approved great gambling SHARE MARKET,online trading, online paper gold these things are going to create job.stop it or reduce it .Government just support it because they get huge tax amount everyday as per volume ,whether the gambler gains or losses.

be American, buy American
and be Indian buy Indian
except life saving medicines and equipments.

Grafstal, Switzerland

#22 Jan 25, 2010
f**k the chinese government/regime. the try to conquer the world. the next will be africa.

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