Gov. Kasich signs "new day" budget fo...

Gov. Kasich signs "new day" budget for Ohio | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 57 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Jun 30, 2011, titled Gov. Kasich signs "new day" budget for Ohio | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Republican Gov. John Kasich signed his name tonight to his first state budget a two-year, $55.8 billion spending plan that its champions and its detractors agree represents a game-changing document for government in Ohio.

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Disappointed voter

Columbus, OH

#41 Jun 30, 2011
Two Term Kasich wrote:
Looking forward to the next 7-1/2 years, Gov. Full speed ahead!
Either your stupid or on his payroll!!!
Disappointed voter

Columbus, OH

#42 Jun 30, 2011
Delhoghe wrote:
Does anyone get the feeling that working class people are no longer needed in Ohio? I might as well pack up and move back to Michigan where I'll at least be impoverished among my family. And how on earth can we justify having citizens of Ohio judged by a jury of their peers but imprisoned by a corporation? Why should we spend public funds to try criminals and then send them to private prisons? Why not let the corporations employ police officers, judges, juries, and prison guards to make even more profit from the suffering of others. Kasich is a fascist in every sense of the word and conservatives know it and agree with it. There are no freedom loving patriots in the Republican party of Ohio. And you can stick me with all the nut ratings you wish to. I don't care.
I agree. All true. The republican party are propaganda artists. Do not believe anything they say. They have a hidden agenda and other motives than what they promise. It's been evident within the last 6 months with Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersy, Indiana.
c Payne

Ashland, KY

#43 Jun 30, 2011
Joebody wrote:
And Kasich helps his buddies steal the turnpike and 5 prisons from the people of Ohio.
These politicians and CEOs all belong in prison!
I work in one of the prisons being sold. Almost 400 other families are also victim of this tragedy. This prison sits in Scioto county with its 13.1% unemployment rate and a hostile job market looks us squarely in the eye and does not blink. This is unconscionable and fiscally unwise. We were employed at the largest, newest, most secure and most state of the art institution in the entire Juvenile prison system in the state of Ohio. Because our options and opportunities in Scioto county were so bleak, we were a capable and dependable work force who valued and cherished the job at this prison and did our duties, challenging as it was, in a way that preserved the physical plant in its pristine condition. It is a maximum security facility that is only 14 years old. Because we took such good care of it, we were rewarded for that by this Governor concluding that it was the most marketable and therefore, must be closed. BAM!! There goes our jobs! Thanks everyone for the intervention! Thanks Mr. Niehaus for not responding to our numerous attempts to implore your assistance! Thanks to you free press for all the coverage on the taxpayers behalf! Thanks Governor for the reward of a job well done while eliminating very needed jobs though your lipservice says you intend to create jobs!
The typical day for the juvenile correctional officer went something like this: He gets assaulted or urine/feces thrown on him/her or a 20 year old inmate in for homicide or rape spits in his face yet he gets in trouble when he physically responds because after all, that inmate is a juvenile child according to the system. In fact, he constantly gets into trouble with management because the juvenile inmates constantly lie on the officers and it is guilt for the officer until proven innocent over a process that takes months. But these officers came in and walked that beat daily so they could go home and provide for the families.

Yea....thanks to so many who never helped those officers in their just fight to keep this prison, which was bought and paid for by the taxpayers of Ohio, open!!! Thanks a lot!!!

The only one that did try to help was representative Terry Johnson but the Governor and Tom Niehaus wasn't having it.

Dayton, OH

#44 Jun 30, 2011
Now that this has passed the kasich believers will see the reality of how he has given our state away and the only one to benefit will be his friends.


Can anyone explain to him that the cities that he passed the budget buck to are part of the state of Ohio?

I think he knows all of this and does not care. he knows he will not be a 2 term Governor. He is rich and now it is time to pay back favors to the people who made him rich,

Dayton, OH

#45 Jul 1, 2011
Thanks again Republicans for giving no choice in which party I vote for next election. Really.... Guns in bars & drilling in state parks? I guess those of us living near state parks will be drinking contaminated water from fracking. Well at least he slashed collective bargaining so there will be less cops to police the redneck bars.

Dayton, OH

#46 Jul 1, 2011
John Thorpe wrote:
Funny. Everyone complains that the politicians do nothing, then when one of them rocks the boat a little the name calling begins.
"Rocks the boat" hahaha more like rape everyone on the boat, set it on fire and set off in the life boat.
Way to Go Ohio

Dayton, OH

#47 Jul 1, 2011
Joe wrote:
<quoted text>
What color is the sun in your universe?
I hope you frequent the bars Joe.

United States

#48 Jul 1, 2011
Grow some balls ya liberal chimps.

Columbus, OH

#49 Jul 1, 2011
Remember when the Dispatch said they couldn't understand the state budget when it was first proposed? They still don't understand it. They keep uttering the Rethug claptrap about an 8 billion dollar hole in the budget and that was never true. There's plenty of one time money which was terrible when TED did it but perfectly acceptable when our current chimp governor does it (and I did mean chimp not chump). Comeon Dispatch, with the benefit of hindsight explain the smoke and mirrors behind this budget.
Shoddy at Best 5 is SB5

United States

#50 Jul 1, 2011
Two Term Kasich wrote:
Looking forward to the next 7-1/2 years, Gov. Full speed ahead!
WHOOPS....look out for that....**C R A S H**....ICEBERG....*&$#@%^$ %...nevermind..!!!!

Cincinnati, OH

#51 Jul 1, 2011
This means more taxes on the individual ........ Johnny Boy Kasich is helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer . Just follow the money , The Rich have had major tax breaks and Corporations are paying fewer taxes than they did in the fifties along with the out-sourcing of jobs and the off shore headquarters + all the lobbyist fighting for more and more tax cuts . Ohio schools 1 thru 12 need money , Don't let Ohio Schools fail the young folks in rural Ohio . This is a tragedy and morally wrong .

Reynoldsburg, OH

#52 Jul 1, 2011
So if he wants to cut costs, what about only using one pen when signing bills/laws. This is an unnecessary expense for tax payers.

United States

#53 Jul 1, 2011
Butland is still $8 billion short on his last budget.

Reynoldsburg, OH

#54 Jul 1, 2011
Well we are all celebrating the 4th for the rememberance of the guys and gals that fought for this country for years and the ones who are doing so now ..........Politicians are smearing there name I feel ffor them to feel they are doing good for USA ........But we have no jobs cause Politicians are fighting in the WhiteHouse for power to be greediy for themself ......NOT for the USA.....Pliticians have to remember WE PAY there paychecks if there is NO money for taxes how do they get paid?????

DUHhhhh OH yes just borrow from China .........We have a BIG IOU with them ...We should be ready to eat with chopsticks soon LOL

United States

#55 Jul 1, 2011
Characteristics of a narcissist –

¬Appears interested in Ohio’s well being but is really not.
-Lack of empathy for others.
-All ideas,‘plans’, projects, are taken from other people or ‘buddies’.
-Impatient and restless.
-Will cheat when they can get away with it.
-Sense of self-importance.
-Feel rules do not apply to them.
-Always using ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘my’ in a conversation.
-Will purposely cause an argument so as to protect their ego.
-No sympathy for others.
-Extremely critical.
-Feels superior to others.
-Will lie if it serves their best interest.
-Will lash out in anger if criticized.
-Will commit crimes without remorse.

What Ohio Governor has 99.9% of these same characteristics?

'New Day' budget? How ridiculously funny!

Naperville, IL

#56 Jul 2, 2011
I'm sure the entire state will be MUCH safer now. Thank goodness the third of Ohioans who own guns,(4.4 guns, each, on average) can be official "police helpers" and help protect the public. More guns certainly mean greater safety and I, for one, certainly feel safer than someone who went through the STRICT process for securing a concealed carry permit which includes such stringent criteria as being over 21 and being a trained marksman (oh wait, scratch that second one). Now I can now proudly go to bars, malls, and stadiums without that *constant* fear that I always felt and I can finally stop thinking,“this place is pretty good, but you know what would make it BETTER? A GUN!" Thanks Kasich!

United States

#57 Jul 2, 2011
A job well done by our Governor. He was hired to do the heavy lifting Strickland and the Democratic Ohio House wouldn't do last time. Now Ohio is back on track. After little Barry and his socialistic agenda lead by Sherry Brown are voted out in 2012 Ohio will be in the lead to prosper during the coming economic expansion.

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