There is no doubt the death of Konner was and still is a tragic accident. But one must put the emphasis on accident in this case. I have read several reports ans am a resident of Plains but have been struck by some of the facts that have been omitted.

Two important facts are that there was a illegally parked boat on the street where Konner and several small children were playing. There were also no adults outside while these children were playing in the street. The driver had slowed down while watching the children on one side of the street when Konner darted out from behind the boat. It was a accident and nothing more.

As far as the charges are concerned I would urge Mr. Cleveland to think about the families of the 2 people his wife killed or her x husband she stabbed.

There were many factors that played out that tragic day resulting in a sweet innocent child losing his life. There is plenty of blame to go around. From the Meade County Sheriffs office with their complete lack of presence in Plains to the adults allowing children to play unsupervised in the street to the driver but once again it must be pointed out this was a accident.