RI Budget Proposal

RI Budget Proposal

There are 179 comments on the WPRI Providence and Rhode Island story from Jan 7, 2009, titled RI Budget Proposal. In it, WPRI Providence and Rhode Island reports that:

Gov. Don Carcieri proposed an emergency budget plan Wednesday that would slash state funding for cities and towns, raise taxes and delay paying a legal settlement over a deadly nightclub fire to close a massive ...

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Pawtucket, RI

#21 Jan 8, 2009
As for the night club fire reward/ why should we have to pay for that? It was the owners fault and the doormans fault, and the man who lite the fire and the place was to full.
For crying out loud.
Sue and Sue and then we are broke.
Not a liberal

Providence, RI

#22 Jan 8, 2009
What a juxtaposition:
The late great Senator Pell, born to great wealth, nevertheless worked tirelessly for the good of all, especially the less fortunate, & is now just laid to rest with much tribute.
Donald Carcieri, retired with CEO wealth, bored, then persuaded by CEO cronies to become Governor, does little except to help CEO's, and tiresome for the rest of us, especially the less fortunate, is now just causing unrest with much tribulation.
taxed out of RI

Woonsocket, RI

#23 Jan 8, 2009
I would like to know if the Governor is among the state taking a cut. I sincerely doubt it. I agree that teachers and fire personnel should contribute to their benefits. But fire workers deserve respect they put their life on the line, even if it's one fire a month they are out there. Maybe you would have more respect if it were your home on fire with people you care about inside. Shame on you.

Cranston, RI

#24 Jan 8, 2009
it's about time state workers know what the rest of us are going through...I hope it goes through...it makes me so mad every time I hear how they don't want to pay for this or contribute to that!!! about time they join the real WORKING world.....

Providence, RI

#25 Jan 8, 2009
It's about time the state workers, teachers and other public unions pay their fair share of healthcare expenses and get wages that are closer to what the rest of us pay. I can't affort to pay their insurance when I have to pay for my own.

Woonsocket, RI

#26 Jan 8, 2009
I didn't hear a word about the Exective or Judicial Branches getting cuts? You ignorants who think all state employees make sooo much money and reap the benefits never pushed a mop or dug dirt for the state. You don't look at the small guys on the bottom, you only think of the high paying state employees sitting next to "the Don".
He wants to get on an even scale with the private sector, then pay all the low man & woman on the totem pole the same rates as the private sector. Speaking of the private sector, I didn't hear a positive note from "the Don" about bringing in companies and helping our unemployment rate.
I agree change needs to be made but not by bulling or not showing some self sacrifing for "the Don" and the state hierachy who have coffee with him.

Exeter, RI

#27 Jan 8, 2009
Taxed out wrote:
Hey, proud union firefighter.
Get a real job, pay your fair share and you might get a realistic view of life. You guys are worse than the teachers. I must say, that you do a fine job of shining up old engine no. 9 and drinking coffee. Love your cute hat, boots and turnout coat too.
Remember that the next time your house catches fire or you have an accident. Remember 9/11???? Ingrate.
Smarten up there

East Providence, RI

#28 Jan 8, 2009
You are all morons! If you cut Minimum staffing at thre fire depts and you need them to respond to your house or car accident for assistance you will now have to wait for longer response times. And yes some one will die waiting then you will be the first to sue the State and City for doing such a thing. Second keep a cop and fireman till there 59. How many 59 year olds can keep up with the young criminal activity and drag person out of a fire? Lets cut the bus monitors, remember the 80's the reason why they were put on the buses. Because bus driver's ran over kids and they died. Next it is the fault of the cities and towns why there pensions are in trouble employees pay 9% of there pay and the cities don't invest it like there supposed to but they spend it for poolitical hire. Will the general assembly be changing their pensions which they get after 10 years as well as all mayors, any govenor that lasts that long? Probably not we know they are exempt.
Common Sense

Barrington, RI

#29 Jan 8, 2009
The past is overwith, the pay and benefits of the past are overwith. We are done. The federal, state and local governments are BROKE. There is NO more money!

The proud firefighters, the strong Police officers and intelligent teachers will have to realize the gravy train has come to a stop and it is time to cut costs from the top down or your city, town or this state will go bankrupt. You will be on the unemployment line with the rest of us.

RI should have taken these steps 25 years ago and we wouldn't be in this mess today.

One school, one fire and one police dept for the entire state. One contract for all services.

Nassau county Long Island has one police dept for every city and town on Long Island and is BIGGER than if we merged every PD in this state.

Face the facts people, this is not a joke we are just about finished financially.

There are only three things you can do, raise taxes, sell property or cut costs. If someone has a better idea I would love to hear YOUR plan.

I can barely afford to keep my home now. Things need to change and change now!
smallest state

Providence, RI

#30 Jan 8, 2009
The State must run like any pvt company. If a bussiness runs in the red how does it survive? Hats off to the govenor to see that. Now to convince all the open pocket members of the General Assembly.No more sweet heart deals.... on the backs of the taxpayers.How much did the flowers cost for the openning day at the state house??? Another waste of money$$$$.

West Warwick, RI

#31 Jan 8, 2009
I have to agree with the proposed budget cuts. The state workers are the worst money wasters. Get a job in the real world. Many state workers (and I've known quite a few) couldn't do an honest days work if they went to work in the private sector. They have their "union" protecting them with big salaries and perks with little work.

Take a look at the State plowing trucks. They park for hours waiting for the first snowflake to fall. Probably at an overtime wage.

Providence, RI

#32 Jan 8, 2009
i agree that the state and city workers have it too easy and should have to pay for health insurance and retirement. us private citizens cannot afford to "take care of them and ourselves" anymore
Cousin Warwick Ri

Providence, RI

#33 Jan 8, 2009
Same old story. Mis-managed Govt and astronomical out of control budget. And they said Buddy Cianci was a thief. Yea Right ! So Here we are in a delema, where do we get the money to pay for our states officials Screw ups, Hey!!! Stick it to the people, Why not, thats the norm isn't it?? That doesnt take any thought at all ! Yipee !
We elect or political leaders hopeing they will be inovative and logical with decisions effecting the people of Rhode Island. Now we the people have to bend over because of there mismanagement.
And putting the burden on the state workers isnt the answer either! What's the answer? There being paid to come up with the answers. Give me a six digit income and I will be happy to oblige.
cuts both ways

Wethersfield, CT

#34 Jan 8, 2009
I would rather take my garbage out every other week to save tax dollars.I would rather have volunteers from the schools PTO's be bus monitors to save tax dollars.I would like to see all employees,from the governor through the legislature to the highest ranking officials in municipality government pay for a portion of their health care to save tax dollars.I would like to see the tax on cigarettes raised another dollar.I would like to see some top management positions streamlined,why do we need so many heads of departments throughout the state and local governments? If were going to get out of this huge deficit we are all going to take a hit somewhere.The horse has left the barn,its to late to shut the door.Lets get our financial house in order,which means you will see a tax increase on your property, then we can get this state moving in the right direction.

Rumford, RI

#35 Jan 8, 2009
Now everyone's taxes are going to go up the sky. I think it is ridiculous what his plans are...
response times

Wethersfield, CT

#36 Jan 8, 2009
The average taxpayer does not care about response times until the time they call 911 and their told "we are waiting for an out of town rescue to respond because all the cities rescues are busy".Then it's "what,you mean there's no rescue from the city coming"?Sorry sir or mam,but our manning was taken away.That's OK though you have 2 other kids who are still alive.
another union firefighter

Lincoln, RI

#37 Jan 8, 2009
most cities and towns are dealing with the trickle down effect of budget cuts and a dwindling economy. however, let it be your loved one who lives in the neighborhood of a closed or understaffed fire station. 3-5 minutes without air equals brain damage or death. minimum manning keeps the community and firefighters safe. that is why the National Fire Protection Agency has manning guidelines. i believe i deserve what perks i get for the job i do. can the naysayers deal with the blood, guts and pediatric deaths that we see regularly? i do it because i love my job and i'm good at it. walk a day in my shoes!
Fred the Baker

Warwick, RI

#38 Jan 8, 2009
Why doesn't the Governor lay off the people in his office first! Why not lay off some of the Secretary of States employees as well! You do not need 4 people in the Secretary's office making $100,000.00 a year. If State and Municipal Employees need to be laid off then the Governor should lead by example and give some of his highly paid staff the pink slips too!!!!!
Stop the scare tactics

Pawtucket, RI

#39 Jan 8, 2009
Who said cut the rescue personnel? The rescues are very busy. The fact is that most fire dept have become large EMS agency's who fight an occasional fire..........There are plenty of cuts that can be made in the fire house as well as every other agency in this state
Burr Union member

Providence, RI

#40 Jan 8, 2009
I am a state employee, a tax payer, a parent. I am tried of the governor constanly putting down the hard workers (state employees,town & city workers, school teachers, fireman policemen) when they goes bad who does the governor go to for help ? The "workers" (the above mentioned) so the governor want to cut staffin minimums of fire trucks (he is a now a professional fireman !)who keeps or roads safe sanding and plowing while the governor is fast asleep.
I wish the governor would stop picking on all of us, we are the nuts and bolts of the workforce.
The people who think (state,school and municipal workers) are lazy come do our jobs for six months ! and by the way state employees have taken a burden already (no pay increase this year a pay cut) everything else is going up but our pay checks !!
Give us a break even you people in the private sector..........you get tax relief !!
What needs to be done is that the governor needs to stop pointing his finger toward the "average worker" policemen, firemen, state and municpal workers etc.. we are all human and it "hurts us" when he disrespects our jobs".

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