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Troy, OH

#22 Jul 1, 2012
keep writing that way we can continue to help u

Highland, MI

#23 Jul 1, 2012
you learn what you live and it sounds like the child has been watching some thing he shouldnt have been watching

Mount Orab, OH

#24 Jul 2, 2012
Where did I say he was molested? You're so ignorant it boggles my mind. I didn't say I didn't have money either, I said money is tight like most people. No one watches porn in this house, let alone in front of a child you freak. His father hasn't paid a cent on child support and he doesn't pay for his insurance. I provide a home, utilities, food, clothing, etc. for my son and his father doesn't do shit for him so yeah, I will be claiming him on my taxes. I don't even know why I'm even bothering replying to someone who is obviously severely lacking intelligence. Your comments are full of plain stupidity.

Mount Orab, OH

#25 Jul 2, 2012
He pulled my boyfriend's head down a few MINUTES after he had gotten home from spending the weekend with his FATHER @ judge. Please stop with your ignorant comments.

Grand Blanc, MI

#26 Jul 2, 2012
you said he was bruised all around his gentiles
you said he pushed your boyfriend head toward his privates
you said your husband was sexually abused when he was a kid

so what the hell are you trying to say
people just hate it when they get cault in lies

United States

#27 Jul 3, 2012
i have one question why was the boy friend takeing the childs pull up off isnt that your job.why is it that boy friends are always involved in the personal care of some other mans child hear a lot of that in cinc on tv he-ll with the tax money be a mother.

Mount Orab, OH

#28 Jul 3, 2012
My boyfriend has been his dad and he calls him his dad. He's been in his life and was the one that stepped up. We live together. There really are some ignorant people on here.

Mount Orab, OH

#29 Jul 3, 2012
"Judge" and "silly", you both spell like you haven't graduated kindergarten. You're obviously trolls that have no life other than sitting on a gossip forum writing ignorant comments.

"CAULT in lies".. really? Instead of commenting people telling them what to do, how about you go get an education so you can get a job and stop living off the system while you loaf around online.
lord have merssy

Milford, MI

#30 Jul 3, 2012
why would you let your child call a live in boyfriend dad ? when he leaves will he call the next one dad? why confuse a child

Mount Orab, OH

#32 Jul 5, 2012
It stupidity of some of you really makes me feel sad for this county. He's going to be his stepfather idiots, and he's been more of a dad to him than his biological father. We live together and aren't some little teenagers who have new significant others every few months. We didn't teach him to call him that, he did it on his own and my child is allowed to make that decision. He is an amazing man and if for some reason we don't stay together he will still be in his life. I don't even know why I bothered answering that idiotic response.

It's a sad world when people act like the mother is the only one that is supposed to do for the children. You must have had really shitty dads or none at all.

Thanks for looking at any and everything besides the actual problem/reason for this thread in the first place.

Mount Orab, OH

#33 Jul 5, 2012
It = The*
To Lioness

Branchland, WV

#34 Aug 15, 2012
I wish you the very very best of luck. I had to fight for my children also. Unfornatlt my exhusband won. He was very abusive to our children and myself. I did not hire Allen Foster. I hired Greg Carroll and he tryed in the beginning. I also hired David Grimes. I was not happy with his representation either. I want to be honest with Judge Spencer lives in his own little world. He only cares about himself. There are current complaints made against him. Judge Slutter is a little better in my opinion.

Lewis Center, OH

#35 Aug 16, 2012
Lioness-- I had my issues with Alan too. In my case I had him represent me for me to obtain legal guardianship of my husband who became very ill and in nursing care for 6 years now.

In the very beginning of this mess I found out that I had to read the Ohio Revised Code to find out my rights on my issues. Some stuff he wouldn't even touch and when I did find out my rights and exercise them he got pissy with me and threatened to take my legal guardianship away. Right then and there I went to Judge Spencer's office and my request to pay Foster in full and seek another attorney in writing. My paperwork was approved in 15 minutes. I obtained another attorney and have been happy with their work for 6 years now.

I don't like Foster and tell other's to steer clear from him. When he threatened me I knew it was time to end his legal representation of my husband.

I read your brought tears to my eyes. What he did was horrible.
#36 Aug 16, 2012
Alan just wants to do things his way and he doesn't care about the best interest of his clients. It's sad the amount of stories I've heard about it. I'm going to court for the supervised visitation which shouldn't be hard. Now that I have all of that going, my plan is to go after Foster every way I can. I haven't filed the grievance yet because just thinking about the way he did me made me angry and stressed out for the rest of the day. Now that the child abuse situation is being handled, helping Karma find it's way to Foster is my mission.

I'm so glad you were able to get other counsel! I'm in my twenties, never went through a divorce and didn't know too much about my rights/the law since it's different in every state. Unfortunately I was ignorant and thought because he was a judge he knew what he was doing. It definitely taught me a lesson in life.
ATTN Curious

Delaware, OH

#37 Aug 16, 2012
Curious, have you filed a grievance? If so, you should. It will definitely help bring karma to A. Foster. I'm working on mine right now. If more people who have gone through these kinds of situation would take action it would help put a stop to those who believe they're above the law.

Here is a link that has the Ethics and Conduct Rules for Ohio Judges and Attorneys:

On that same page is a link that says "Filing a Grievance", click that and then print the complaint form. Once you complete it with any document copies, etc. mail it to the address listed.

Cincinnati, OH

#38 Aug 17, 2012
My story is not as extreme as yours but I was screwed over by Alan as well. I hired him to file my divorce and represent me against my ex husband who was abusive towards me and had a serious drug and alcohol problem. He had also been in and out of jail repeatedly. Anyway, after we finally got in front of the Judge over my case, my ex made a simple comment, "isnt it a conflict of interest for foster to be my wifes attorney when he is also the judge in charge of my probation" Foster got a huge smile on his face and said, he's right. So my case was continued, and I went to Foster to get my money back to hire someone else and could never reach him for about 2 months. so i went to court with no representation, never got my money back. think he should have known he would not be able to represent me, he knew the e was on probation and for what. so yeah, he SUCKS!!
To Sorry

Delaware, OH

#39 Aug 17, 2012
Yep, sounds just like him. When I confronted him and asked why he'd NEVER call me back after me calling millions of times and having his secretaries tell me that he'd call back... he simply said, "you should have made an appointment". Really? I need to make an appointment just to ask you a question, you're too lazy to pick up a phone? If that was the case his secretaries should have told me to make an appointment.

Carroll, OH

#40 Aug 22, 2012
Yea. I am not happy with him. No, I haven't filed anything against him either. I just found another attorney walked away from his hot mess. The new attorney, who I obtained 6 years ago, has been fantastic and helped me tremendously on the guardianship issues. I do remember when I had to be bonded Alan took me to a particular insurance company there on the block and they wanted to bond me nearly $600. I went to another insurance ON MY OWN and got it for about $300. He wasn't too happy about that. I guess he didn't realize that even tho I am female, I'm not dumb. I'm a pretty smart cookie and I guess he didn't realize that. It was just sad that I had to the legal research on my own how to be the Rep Payee of my hubby's state disability check. I ran the paperwork on my own too on that. One of the first things he told me when we had our first meeting was that I had to stop spending my hubby's money. Uh, I was a stay at home mom with no income on my own other than my hubby's. How the hell was my daughter, step son and my daughter suppose to live?! When I told him how the money was spent one of the things he said to me is that I had stop feeding our horse with hubby's money and it was HIS horse. I about nearly smacked him in the face over that comment. He ALLEGEDLY accused me of not doing my job of being a legal guardian and made it a point to tell me that all the guys that are walking thru town are veterans and that he is the legal guardian of them. He was trying to hint to me that he would ALLEGEDLY take over the legal guardianship. In Ohio, the legal guardian over a military veteran is entitled to 5% pay of the legal guardianship funds for management. Can you imagine the money he is racking in if he is guardian to that many veterans?
wake up

Delaware, OH

#41 Aug 27, 2012
call attorney general office and complain but good luck he is one of the main money men that bring drugs in this county with all his pets that he keeps out of jail

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