Roy Stricklet

Milford, MA

#43 Nov 15, 2009
Just wanted to say welcome to poplar street neighborhood,we all feel safer knowing you live just down the street now,it seems to be alot quieter already,we appreciate you roy

United States

#44 Nov 15, 2009
Yeah welcome to skidd row we are all glad to have ya... Maybe now peterson's CONDO"S will settle down.

West Union, OH

#45 Nov 16, 2009
Roy, I dont know about you being a good cop, but I know that your a good down to earth person. You bleed red just like the rest of us. And one of these days when the ppl on here that are running there c*ck suckers are in a bind and you show up they are gonna be praying to GOD that you cut them a break. Your just doing your job. BTW, you should know who this is, me, you and my old man ran into you in wal-mart around the end of october. The only ones on here that are running there mouths are the ones that got in trouble for something that they did and there was no way that you could cut them a break. Your not hated the way you think by as many as you think. Your a cool guy that understands ppl. And we dont blame ya for the wal-mart incident, that was a nasty bitches doing. lol Thanks for trying to cut G.F. a break!!!
know it all

United States

#46 Nov 17, 2009
we welcome roy to our neighborhood to better known as skidrow but the person that signed skeeter s name we pretty well know who you are why hurt the peterson family with the mess you make i seen your christmas decor you jumped ahead a month happy thanks giving turkey.
Fed Up

Carlisle, KY

#47 Nov 18, 2009
To the person who was wondering how the people could afford internet and computer and cell phone, I will tell you. They sell drugs on the side and they have no bills (they get their rent paid by hud a check for most of the electric and all medical paid in full and free food and a check to top it off. Why wouldnt they have the money for the great things in life. Personally I agree with whoever said that there should be random drug test for people who get government assistance. That would sure make me as a taxpayer feel a little more fair. I would also like to add a qualifier I am not talking about those few individuals that need it as a STOPGAP meaning something has happened and they do not plan on staying on it for the rest of their natural born lives! I also hate those individuals that are on all kinds of government assistance and go around to all these different organizations to get free things.(again not talking about the people who do not abuse the system) but this is just stupid! So drug testing would be GREAT. Make alot of people get off their rumps. For the people talking smack about Roy. Your retarded. I have personally been on both sides of the law, did bad things in my youth and now as a responsible adult sorta friends with the law. Even when they were doing their jobs bustin my ass as a teenager. I didnt hate them, it was I that had screwed up, not them. Im not saying that there arent crooked cops out there, but overall you have to have faith in the system.

Miamisburg, OH

#48 Nov 18, 2009
yall just some plays hatin punks act like u dont ever do anything wrong. there is not 1 perfect person on this earth im sure roy has skeletons in his closet we all do so dont act like u dont.and as far as people being on welfare,that is cause its the second poorest county in ohio no jobs and no opp.ppl get into drugs cause there is nothing else here unless ur 16 yrs old and a bunch of pimples theres micky d,s or a senior citizen and be a door greeter at walmart most ppl dont fit that crytearia.THIS PLACE IS A BIG i dont blame ppl for what they gotta do to make it here.Its a dog eat dog world only the strong survive.AND THATS REAL!!!!!!
know it all

United States

#49 Nov 19, 2009
in responce to fed up ihope you didnt think my husband spent 40 yrs. of his life working just to retier and end up on welfare we pay our bills when they are due our home is for sale its not paid for by hud what i want to know if you were so upset about welfare why did you use the cheif of police name to speak your peace about people on welfare he works dont he ,yell i remember when you were on the wrong side of the law so does every one else, speaking of a rump do even go there,
aint skeered

Miamisburg, OH

#50 Nov 19, 2009
pedo watch wrote:
Anyone else know anything about this want a be police officer
hmm i can give you two words about old roy douche and bag put them together yeah thats right douche bag
You go

Miamisburg, OH

#51 Nov 19, 2009
douche·bag [dsh bàg]
(plural douche·bags)
1. medicine syringe for vaginal cleansing: a syringe used for washing out the vagina
2. offensive term: a highly offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's appearance or character (taboo)

Hey Roy
This is a good comment,Just look at it this way at lest every girl you date there Vagina will be clean. Aint skeered "You must Be where is your name" and its scared Every guy needs to be like you. LOL
adams co is crazy

Miamisburg, OH

#52 Nov 19, 2009
I think Roy does a great job, and there are 2 others in the dept. that enforce the law equally as well, regardless of community status. Word of advice folks: Keep your nose clean, don't break the law and you'll soon figure out that Roy and a couple of others actually have the towns best interest in mind.

Staten Island, NY

#53 Nov 19, 2009
aint skeered wrote:
<quoted text> hmm i can give you two words about old roy douche and bag put them together yeah thats right douche bag
Only thing is you ain't got the nads to say that to his face. AND YES I think you are scared, big time chicken s**t
lots of laughs

Miamisburg, OH

#54 Nov 28, 2009
u all are just jealous of roy cause hes good looking and sexy. hes a good cop and always been. i think u guys are saying that cause u got busted by him.

United States

#55 Nov 30, 2009

United States

#57 Dec 2, 2009
Loving is 2qt2gonder. People on hear look like a bunch of jackasses. They could at least use punctuation and TRY to spell correctly. LMAO

Since: Nov 09

United States

#58 Dec 2, 2009
its call a freedom of speech

United States

#59 Dec 2, 2009
bigmama420 wrote:
its call a freedom of speech
See what I mean???? Your absolutly right. People have the freedom to talk, type and probably look like a dumb hillbilly, but I also have to freedom to speak my opinion of that. See how that works both ways???

Since: Nov 09

Dayton, OH

#60 Dec 2, 2009
well if say i am a dumb hillbilly ur wrong i came from the city so get it right i am dumb city folk but ur words don't bug me you won't say it to my face.

aka big Marie

Cincinnati, OH

#61 Dec 2, 2009
i've known roy a long time and have found him to be a very nice guy and willing to give u a break if ur honest with him. i've seen him take kids to wal-mart and buy christmas presents for them when otherwise they wouldn't have had christmas so think before u write

United States

#62 Dec 2, 2009
hey u want to talk about cos lets talk about the fine seaman police (not) Chuck crawford or his buddies they do more drugs and crimes then anyone in Adams County

United States

#63 Dec 2, 2009
lol its suppose to be cops not cos damn P gets stuck

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